We carefully studied the most popular models of sex dolls, which boast great quality, wonderful design and popularity among the customers. This top is the result of carefully choosing among the stock of largest companies that supply excellent models within different price categories.

All models in this top can be called affordable and most humanlike. Each sex toy is made of the best available materials, so you can opt for several types by the desirable criteria.

Last Updated: Mike Several positions in our list have been changed. The most realistic and inexpensive model is Whitney ($1,499). If the price is not an important aspect for you, consider Francine ($2,499) and Zara ($2,299). All manufacturers strive to make their products lifelike, and even use robotic technologies to satisfy all the requests of their customers – they also offer some of them for sale.

In this review:

Top 11 Black Sex Dolls Looking as Realistic and Hot as Possible

If you want to get new emotions and spend the night with a beautiful attractive mulatto or black girl, then such sex dolls will be an excellent choice for you. This is a great opportunity to make your intimate life brighter and more intense – imagine this beauty in your bedroom! You just won’t fall asleep tonight!

Each model looks very realistic; there are ones with dark or chocolate-tinted skin. Invite this beautiful girl to your bed and you won’t forget this night. Each model is made of the best materials; inside, there is a metal skeleton with bending inserts. Thus, you can try different poses and discover a new world of pleasure.

1. Francine – Improved Silicone Model

Francine, a beauty with ebony skin and a slim body will not let you sleep today. You will go mad with this pretty girl, whose face looks very innocent. This doll is made of the highest quality materials, so you will enjoy touching her realistic body.


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Such dolls belong to the luxury category; this is almost a living girl. Her complaisant character and impeccable body will belong only to you; you don’t need to deny yourself this pleasure.

To make your night perfect, try new poses with Francine. Her bending skeleton will allow you to try something new and give yourself a night of incredible satisfaction. If you like slim girls with exotic appearance, Francine can become an excellent choice.

This seductress with delicate ebony skin will make your night unforgettable; according to this review, she knows how to provide genuine pleasure.

Francine features:

  • Affordable price for the amazing toy.
  • Light weight, despite the solid steel skeleton.
  • All holes for different types of sex.
  • Quality metal skeleton with inserts for bending the body.
  • The coating is made of TPE, an improved version of silicone.
  • Possible to try different poses (bending inserts of the skeleton).
  • Humanlike appearance of a black sex beauty with a slender body.

2. Thick Zara with Big Booty

Luxurious thick sex doll Zara arrived from an exotic country; she is looking for a sex partner to spend an incredible night with. If you love plus size women, this realistic doll with lush forms will be your best choice.


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Look at her ebony skin and body with big breast and buttocks – not everyone likes this body type, but many do prefer the mouth-watering forms. It is not a robot – Zara is made of quality material that does not cause allergies and does not deform in warm water. The doll will become your intimate toy, so that you will not be alone.

This thick brunette with black skin and seductive lush body will help you realize your hidden erotic fantasies. Do not refuse the pleasure of experiencing new sensations and giving yourself unearthly satisfaction together with a wonderful high-quality doll at an affordable price.

Zara features:

  • Attractive face
  • All holes for all types of sex
  • Folding solid skeleton and bending limbs
  • Affordable price, excellent quality of materials
  • Lush appearance with big booty and ebony skin
  • Quality coating material TPE (soft like skin)
  • Hypoallergenic material does not deform in warm water

3. Whitney – Skinny African Lady

Look at this hot seductress! Her beautiful body and sensual face look perfect. This exotic beauty will change your intimate life – you will enjoy this type of satisfaction. Here you will dominate, and the submissive girl will fulfill all your wishes.


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If you have long dreamed of trying new poses, then this time has finally come. Whitney has a bending body; its strong skeleton allows you to bend all the body parts. If you want to spend a night with this black beauty, do not hesitate.

The body of this sex doll looks very natural; high-quality coating can be confused with live ebony skin. Touch her body and feel the tenderness of her hair. If you like slim girls with small breasts and slender waists, then Whitney is created especially for you.

Whitney benefits:

  • High-quality coating material
  • Durable skeleton with folding inserts
  • Attractive appearance
  • Relatively inexpensive price
  • Ability to provide three types of sex
  • Small breasts and slim young body with ebony skin

4. Destiny

This doll can become your sex partner; you do not have to stay lonely. Meet Destiny, this dark-skinned beauty looks very attractive.


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Her magnificent body with lush breasts and elastic buttocks will please you immensely. You will want to spend a night with this realistic doll, she can realize all your intimate dreams, touch her tender body – the material is of the highest quality possible.

It does not cause allergies and does not deform when exposed to warm water. You can take a bath with your new girlfriend. This product is like a real girl, she is polite, young, beautiful and submissive.

You will not want to leave the bedroom; this beauty is waiting for you on your bed. Now you will go home after work with thrilling anticipation – Destiny is waiting for you at home.

You do not have to buy flowers and expensive gifts; this temptress wants only your touches and love.

Destiny features:

  • Quality coating material + metal skeleton
  • Acceptable price for premium category
  • Pretty young face with playful mischievous look
  • The material does not cause allergies and is resistant to water
  • It’s possible to get different types of sex and try new poses
  • Attractive African-American appearance with beautiful slim body
  • The skeleton includes inserts, so that the body and limbs of the doll can move.

5. Elena

Maybe you want to add piquancy and spend a night with an attractive mulatto? Such girls can be called exotic. If you have not yet found your partner for life and pleasure, get acquainted with Elena.


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This is a lifelike toy with a seductive body and a beautiful face. Her skin is very tender, it has the color of chocolate – don’t you want to try? The realistic material used here is TPE, which does a much better job than silicone to make the sex doll’s skin almost like a living girl’s.

If you want to try new emotions and experiences, spend a night with Elena. This toy will become your good friend, she will help you to get rid of loneliness.

The price completely corresponds to the wonderful design, good quality and attractive appearance.

This is one of the most popular intimate dolls with black skin – now you have the opportunity to make perfect purchase.

Elena features:

  • Realistic face and a seductive body
  • TPE coating + metal skeleton
  • Low height, slender body and light weight
  • Adequate price for a quality product
  • Attractive soft breasts, thin waist and elastic buttocks
  • Different types of sex and different positions (bending body and limbs)

6. Kamara

If you want to try something new, spend a night with this slender beauty with a black skin. This beauty is of average height, has a lush bosom, a thin waist and elastic buttocks.


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Her beautiful face looks very attractive, and the body is seductive and sexy. Many married couples lose intimate attraction to each other, while former excitement deteriorates over time; they want to be together, but they think about adding piquant notes to their intimate life.

A sex doll made of high quality materials, which features realistic appearance and affordable price can be the best choice in this situation. Many women prefer to spend their time with other women – they also sometimes buy this model with a black skin.

It looks very exotic, just like a girl with Japanese or Mexican appearance. Kamara is a unique model, its amazing body and soft skin will appeal to any buyer.

Kamara features:

  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Impeccable quality and best details
  • Appearance of the doll is the work of experienced designers and artists
  • Solid skeleton with inserts for bending the body and limbs
  • Possibility to get anal, oral and vaginal sex (there are all the holes)
  • Pretty face with a black skin and an astonishing hairdo
  • Slender body with big boobs, a thin waist. Middle height.

7. Jada

Jada is not just a pretty product; it’s an attractive and sexy beauty with a luxurious body and a seductive face. Such dolls are in great demand among married couples who want to bring the former passion and excitement back.


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Everyone wants to have a partner and not to be lonely. This model madee of quality material with a realistic body and beautiful appearance is the best solution. Look at her seductive plump lips and her magnificent body – it is waiting for your caresses and touches.

Do not deny yourself the pleasure. Today’s night can become magical for you, an opportunity to try a new kind of satisfaction, to get a new type of enjoyment.

You do not need to buy diamonds or flowers for this girl, Jada will be happy with your love. The material of the doll is of high quality, so it does not cause allergies. Be assured – you’ll get a quality and very realistic sex model with a delicate skin.

Jada features:

  • Quality material and solid skeleton
  • Flexible body and light weight
  • Beautiful face and seductive body
  • Delicate coating material
  • Affordable price despite good quality
  • African-American appearance with chocolate skin tone
  • Holes for anal, oral and vaginal sex

8. Esperanza

Girls with dark skin can look very affectionate and attractive, but not all black girls are passionate and experienced in bed. Meet Esperanza, a beautiful sweet and young sex doll with a realistic appearance of a naive adolescent beauty.


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You will love her beautiful slim body, with a delightful face. Look at her beautiful face with puffy lips, curly hair and big brown eyes. Esperanza is your opportunity to experience new incredible emotions and feel a new type of pleasure.

Sex with a doll has a different type of excitement, here you will dominate and decide what to do. Do you like it?

This product knows how to give you pleasure and help to get rid of loneliness. The realism of the model and its best materials are the most important criteria for choosing this intimate toy.

Esperanza features:

  • The product cover material is TPE, better then silicone
  • There are holes for anal, oral and vaginal sex
  • Realistic appearance of black beauty with slender body
  • Affordable price despite good quality
  • Opportunity to try different poses (bending inserts of the skeleton).
  • Young beautiful face with black skin, a shade of chocolate.
  • Slim body with soft, delicate skin

9. Anna

Look at Anna, this is not just a doll, it’s an impeccable model with a realistic body. If you want to make your intimate life more diverse and piquant, then choose a model with an Asian or African appearance.


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Anna has a black skin, a pretty face and a slender body. Just touch her delicate skin; you will want to touch it every day. Anna is a sex toy with an affordable price and quality materials.

Inside, there is a steel skeleton and inserts, so that the doll has bending body parts. This will allow you to try different poses and feel new emotions. Perhaps you have hidden intimate fantasies, today all your erotic desires will become real.

This doll will be your friend and make your nights unforgettable. Do not deny yourself this pleasure – put this beauty in your bed.

Anna features:

  • Attractive face with plump lips
  • You can get different types of sex
  • There are all the holes
  • Relatively low price for quality material
  • Beautiful luxurious appearance with very bright makeup
  • Quality material with solid skeleton (there are inserts for bending the body).
  • Slim body with average breast size, thin waist and tight booty.

10. Celia

Luxurious dolls look perfect. Don’t think that this is a simple intimate toy; it can surprise you immensely.


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Look at Celia, this beauty has a black skin, but not of the darkest black. You will like to touch her tender body. The whole design of the doll is a quality work of artists, so the body, figure, face, make-up and hairstyle look very natural.

You do not need to go to bed alone, Celia will become your friend. The toy is created not only for sexual entertainment; many buy it to be their friend, a partner.

Are you watching TV alone tonight? Do not do this – invite Celia to make your company. Take this sex model in your bath; its material is resistant to warm water.

Celia will be your good friend and you will be very happy with the purchase.

Celia features:

  • Tender body looks like real skin
  • Nice face with cute curly hair
  • Quality material + steel skeleton
  • Flexible body
  • Opportunity to get different types of sex
  • Pleasant dark shade of skin for those who love exotics
  • Beautiful body with a slim figure, large breasts and a thin waist.
  • Comparatively inexpensive price (category of cheap, but high-quality models)
  • The material does not deform and does not cause allergies

11. Denise

Realistic doll Denise is the dream of any man. This beauty looks very stylish; you will like her luxurious slim body and beautiful face with big eyes and lush lips.


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(more photos are available)

This toy has no bad details: all of its design is the quality work of experienced artists. If you want your nights to be incredible and unforgettable, invite Denise.

Look at her plump lips, they promise a lot of superb pleasure. The model is an entertainment not only for men, but also for women or couples. This is a perfect opportunity to get novel experiences in sexual relations.

The doll has all the necessary holes so you can try different types of sex, while the girl will not stop you. Give yourself a night of incredible excitement; this can end with unearthly pleasure and satisfaction.

Denise features:

  • Quality material + metal frame of the toy
  • Different poses (bending solid skeleton)
  • The price of the doll is one the most affordable
  • Luxurious face with lush lips and big eyes
  • Body with attractive figure
  • Delicate material with pleasant elastic coating

A Few Things To Consider

Such a unique intimate toy as a sex doll will give you a lot of new emotions. You can try new poses and realize the most hidden erotic fantasies. You do not have to feel awkward and shy; the girl will be your submissive and faithful partner. Read the model’s reviews carefully.

Modern technologies allow to create realistic models based on the work of experienced artists and designers.

To make a great purchase, you need to know some principles of choosing such an unusual product. Such models can have many functions and this should be taken into account when reading reviews – you can buy it cheaper depending on the optional add-ons.

Different companies offer different sets of services and additional products. Here are a few tips to help you not only to buy an excellent quality doll, but also to purchase some care products for it.

Every product needs care so that you can extend its lifespan. For example, wash the doll, wipe off stains and remove greasy luster. To do this, there are certain tools for different materials: powders, napkins, detergents, delicate washcloths and more. Some reviews describe the process and products for care. If the doll has natural hair, you need to wash and comb it. You should not leave doll’s hair wet.

Some companies suggest changing parts in the exterior of the doll. The client can choose the face design, eye color, shape and size of the breasts, hair length and color, nail shape, type of vagina, nipple size and more. These services have an additional price, but it will allow you to create a unique beauty of your dreams.

If you want to make delivery of your goods safer and more reliable, then you can order a strong box. Each doll is packaged with foil (each limb), but a strong box will be an additional guarantee of safety.

Most products are made from silicone or its improved version – Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE). Some of them could be bought for sale. Both of these materials look quite realistic, but silicone dolls (or intimate robots) are more resilient, while TPE allows to move their body more naturally.