17 Best Cheap Sex Dolls Reviewed (Jan 2021) – For Affordable Sexual Fantasies

Having carefully studied all models of dolls from different manufacturers in an affordable price range, we were able to share these results. Not all quality items cost huge money; there are quite realistic models featuring high-quality materials, excellent functionality and low price.

Cheap dolls have helped to save many couples from divorce, and there are numerous grateful reviews to prove it. Buying an intimate toy is not a shameful or immoral act, it’s a way to make your sex life better and beat loneliness.

Last Updated: Mike Several positions in our list have been changed. The most popular TPE dolls from the inexpensive price category are Mari ($899) and Lana ($1699). These models are more realistic and have earned many positive reviews. The third place in the most popular and affordable items could be for Bunny ($1,599).

In this review:

Top 17 Cheap Sex Dolls for a Lustful Date

Sex dolls are not just toys for intimate entertainment; they are realistic beautiful girls who will become your friend and partner. If you are a single man, then such a beauty will become your sexual friend, and you can unhesitatingly realize your erotic fantasies.

Such a wonderful doll can serve as an excellent toy for lesbian games too. If you are a married couple who have lost the old passion, this product will help you to return it – without betraying your spouse.

Many models are stunning girls with impeccable bodies, beautiful faces, slim figures, built-in robotic systems and ability to assume any position. Doesn’t it sound magical?

1. Mari – Best Overall Choice

Despite the relatively small price, this cute toy from OVDoll looks very realistic and tender. Her sweet face attracts many men who want to become a teacher for his partner.


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(more photos are available)

You will be able to show your new girlfriend new intimate poses, Marie will be glad to satisfy all your requests. It is created for fun and love.

The material of the doll is of quite high quality, despite the affordable price. You can bend her body and enjoy the softness of her lush breasts and the tenderness of her thin waist.

Marie looks very small, graceful and fragile, but her large breasts show that this temptress is not so innocent.

This beauty likes to attract attention and to be loved in bed. Try to realize all your intimate dreams and Marie will be your ideal partner.

Mari features:

  • Relatively good price
  • Flexible limbs and fingers
  • Medical silicone-based material TPE
  • You can change some details (for an additional price)
  • Ultra light weight, long hair and large breasts
  • Metal frame
  • Complete with different accessories and clothes
  • Special structure of the vagina for greater pleasure
  • One of the best cheap Japanese models

2. Angelia – Runner Up

Sex dolls are very popular goods among men. Many prefer Asian appearance; maybe these dolls look more youthful and attractive. Their childish faces with a naive look and beautiful seductive bodies drive men crazy.


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(more photos are available)

Everyone wants to have a sex partner, who looks like an inexperienced young girl with a slender body. Angelia is a toy with pleasant appearance, small height, perfect body and red hair.

Many people call red-haired girls the most passionate, don’t you want to check it out? Angelia will be your partner, together you’ll be able to try different poses and discover new aspects of satisfaction.

Quality silicone makes the body of this intimate toy very realistic, touch it and feel the tenderness of this material under your skin.

Angelia features:

  • Relatively cheap
  • Quality silicone + metal skeleton
  • Flexible body and limbs
  • Different poses and types of sex (there are all the holes)
  • Possible to select some parts (for additional price)
  • Low height, slender body and attractive face with Asian appearance

3. Lana – Also Good

This seductive beauty with a not very expensive price will allow you to get a neat night of love. This is not just an intimate toy; it is a luxurious young princess with a delicate attractive body.


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(more photos are available)

You do not need to seduce this girl or give her expensive gifts. She will love you every day and every night. Touch this body – you’ll like its tenderness and softness.

The doll is made of the quality material that looks like real live skin. This is an improved version of commonly used silicone.

Lana is a beautiful girl with a realistic body and a pretty face. If you love being dominant in bed or want to try new intimate poses, spend a night in the company of this beautiful red-haired woman with an innocent face.

Lana features:

  • Opportunity to get all types of sex
  • TPE coating + metal skeleton
  • Hypoallergenic material, even for sensitive skin
  • Ability to choose some details of the doll’s design
  • Chic face, slim body and attractive shapes
  • Attractive soft breasts, thin waist and elastic buttocks
  • Different kinds of sex and different poses (bending body and limbs)

4. Bunny

Bunny looks very exotic with dark skin and full lips, but many people like to experiment and try something new. This allows you to get a new emotions and sensations.


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(more photos are available)

If you like Bunny, then look at her delicate skin, which is made of excellent TPE. This is a new improved version of silicone that allows to make the doll’s body more life-like.

Bunny has a fragile body with delicate attractive shapes. You will enjoy spending time in bed with this sultry beauty.

Bunny features an affordable price and durable metal skeleton with inserts so that you can get any position in sex. There are three holes for all types of intimate entertainment.

Bunny features:

  • Reliable solid skeleton
  • Relatively inexpensive price
  • High-quality coating material
  • Attractive African American appearance
  • Slim body and small neat chest
  • Opportunity to get oral, anal and vaginal sex

5. Naoko

Many people think that sex products are vulgar and unethical; nevertheless, modern technologies made them very realistic.


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(more photos are available)

For example, Naoko is a doll made of high-quality TPE with a metal skeleton, very tender body and a beautiful face. This toy can become your intimate partner or friend.

There is a built-in speaker inside; the doll can utter pleasant and exciting phrases. Not all men have found their ideal companion for life, while even some married couples have less passion and attraction to each other.

Such products as Naoko help to solve these problems – this girl diversifies the owner’s intimate life, and helps him or her make many erotic fantasies true.

Not all the models are priced highly – there are items like this, combining impeccable quality, perfect appearance and affordability.

Naoko features:

  • Low height and light weight
  • Beautiful face and body
  • Built-in speaker for speech and sounds
  • All the openings for different types of sex
  • Bending body to try different poses
  • Elastic buttocks, lush breasts and slender waist
  • Excellent quality of materials and affordable price
  • One of the most realistic models in this price category

6. Rie

This young nymph looks like a real girl who has a seductive body and an innocent face. The low height makes this item especially lovely, because it looks like a young inexperienced girl who wants to learn more about the art of love.


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(more photos are available)

Tell her about it, show Rie your abilities and she will grant you an unforgettable night of enjoyment. Such dolls are not very expensive, but they can imitate a live woman perfectly.

The skin material is very delicate and realistic. Unlike the previous model, this doll looks more youthful and innocent ― a treat for those who want to play a teacher and like to dominate.

If you like middle-sized breasts and slim body, Rie will be an excellent choice. She looks great, if you take off her clothes: you will immediately want to touch her body, face and hair.

Rie features:

  • Inexpensive cost, despite the quality silicone and metal skeleton
  • Low height and light weight
  • Bending body, moving eyes, arms and legs
  • Possibility to get different poses and types of sex
  • Young face, long hair, slim body and seductive breasts
  • The client can choose some details of the doll and some parts of its design

7. Just a Model

If you are looking for an inexpensive doll and want to find a more realistic model that will look like a live girl, than this is your choice.


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(more photos are available)

The toy does not have a specific name – once it’s yours, you can call her as you like. The quality material of the outer layer looks very natural, it is pleasant and smooth.

You will not feel the difference – she will become your real sex partner. If you like low height and a slim body with big breasts and elastic booty, then choose this model. The cost is not high, yet the quality is impeccable.

Of course, you can find a more beautiful doll – but this one was in the last year’s top-3 in the category of cheap models. Such products are economy class, but many praise them for quality.

The doll features:

  • Good TPE coating
  • Low height, attractive face and seductive body
  • Different types of sex, flexible body
  • Thin waist, large breasts and elastic buttocks
  • Sturdy metal skeleton but light weight
  • Beautiful brunette with long wavy hair

8. Meisa

Meisa is a realistic sex doll that is created to implement all your erotic fantasies and make you feel at the pinnacle of amazing pleasure. Don’t be shy – try new poses and get new unmatched sensations.


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(more photos are available)

It’s not just a product for sexual gratification; it’s the real blonde beauty for your intimate life. Meisa can bend and assume different poses, even if you want to try all the Kama Sutra positions.

Now you have this opportunity – this cheap doll will help you. Her tender skin, beautiful attractive face and lush forms will arouse anyone. It is made of high-quality material, despite her relatively small price.

According to many customer reviews, this is one of the best choices in terms of value for money.

Meisa features:

  • Beautiful face with magnificent seductive forms
  • Blonde with a big breast, can offer different types of sex
  • Relatively inexpensive price, despite the quality of TPE
  • Attractive puffy lips for incredible oral sex
  • Realistic body able to assume different poses
  • Body temperature control
  • Light weight despite the metal skeleton

9. Vahina

A chic brunette in your bed – does it sound like a dream? Now it can become reality. Look at this doll! Her beautiful hair, attractive body with lush forms and realistic face look very sexy.


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(more photos are available)

This luxurious goddess of love can now become your intimate partner. Do not miss your opportunity to try new poses or relax in the company of this sweet beauty. Such toy looks very realistic thanks to quality materials.

Many couples and single people have already been able to appreciate the outstanding qualities and beauty of such dolls. You do not need to wait for your ideal partner – choose Vahina and brighten up your life.

With this lifelike toy you can try something new and experience new emotions.

Vahina features:

  • Metal solid skeleton with articulation
  • Skin material – Thermoplastic Elastomer
  • Different types of sex in different poses
  • The body looks very attractive with a lush breasts and slender waist
  • Medium height and beautiful face with dark hair
  • Relatively affordable price
  • Very easy to wash with warm water
  • You can choose the color of her eyes, skin, hairstyle, nail design and type of pubic hair

10. Rita

Do you feel lonely and do not know how to spend the night? Say hello to Rita. This is a luxurious doll with a realistic body and a beautiful face.


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(more photos are available)

Her slender body waits for your touch, gentle skin and silky hair will add to the enjoyment. Such products are made of quality materials, despite their relatively low cost. Rita looks great; this is almost a real girl, who will belong only to you.

This inexpensive doll will be your intimate partner or a good friend. This is maybe the best way to get rid of loneliness. A sweet, attractive student with a big soft chest, thin waist, elastic booty and an innocent face will become your girlfriend and will love you.

Do you want to teach her some novel sexual experiences or do you want her to make your erotic fantasies come true?

Rita features:

  • High-quality TPE with a strong metal skeleton
  • Moving body for different poses
  • Possible to have different types of sex
  • Built-in speaker for sounds and moans
  • Beautiful young appearance with a seductive body
  • Innocent face of a young inexperienced girl
  • Unique heating system – the doll becomes warmer from your touch

11. Rina

Many men want to spend the night with an innocent, naive and sweet girl. This model shows vulnerability and tenderness of a girl who looks like a small fragile nymph.


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(more photos are available)

Rina is a realistic sex girl of small height and with lush forms. Her full boobs are soft, her waist is slender and face – gentle.

Want to spend time with this young beauty, who can provide different poses and types of sex? If you want to try something personal and erotic, then Rina will help you. Her beautiful body is waiting for your touch, and her gentle face will look only at you.

You can choose the color and appearance of her hair, make-up, length of pubic hair, type of feet and vagina.

This cute beauty will become your affectionate and obedient partner in bed; just show her new positions and you will get a night of passion and pleasure.

Rina features:

  • Beautiful blue eyes and blond hair
  • Low height and magnificent breasts
  • Skin material ― TPE
  • Ability to choose different parts of the doll
  • Different types of sex (there are all the openings)
  • Inexpensive price despite good quality
  • Solid skeleton with flexible inserts

12. Yin

A beautiful young girl with an innocent face and a seductive body attracts men. Yin is a charming sex toy, featuring high quality material for a low price.


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(more photos are available)

She is gentle and affectionate, you will like touching her body and spending night after night with her. This sex partner can be your reliable friend, you will want to hug her and take her to bed or watching TV.

This is a versatile model with long service life. Despite the low price, these luxury dolls look like real women that will only belong to you. Yin will never betray you; she will not cheat and will not leave.

She will not ask for gifts, toys, clothes or jewelries – she will just give you pleasure and joy every day.

You will be pleased to come home in the evening and see this beauty in your bed. If you are tired, then take a warm foamy bath and take your new girlfriend there.

Yin features:

  • Quality TPE material and delicate body
  • Small height with large breasts and elastic buttocks
  • Metal skeleton with bending inserts for different positions
  • Light weight
  • Relatively small price and excellent quality
  • Opportunity to get different types of sex and try different poses
  • You can choose her hairstyle, makeup, eye color, nail shape and type of vagina (at additional cost)

13. Kaori

The Asian girl always looks gently and innocently, do you want to spend the night with her? Kaori can be your companion of intimate life. Her gentle face looks very arousing and realistic; just touch her and feel an incredible desire.


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(more photos are available)

This beauty is made of high-quality silicone, so its body is very soft and smooth. It will be an incredible night! Many married couples decided to diversify their intimate life and chose this amazing sex doll.

It’s not cheating on your partner ― it will be fun for the both of you. Maybe you also want to try something new and feel new emotions?

Kaori will be your solution in this situation, so give yourself a perfect opportunity to enjoy her attractive body and feel elasticity of her buttocks and softness of her breasts.

Kaori features:

  • The doll is designed by fashion stylists
  • Quality silicone coating, just like real skin
  • Good price and very light weight (12 kg)
  • Low height, soft breasts, thin waist and arms, elastic buttocks
  • Innocent young face with Asian appearance
  • Solid inner skeleton has inserts for bending arms, legs and body

14. Diana

You can create your ideal partner – select some of the details and you will make your own goddess. This sex doll is called Diana; she looks wonderful, but some of her parts you can be tailored specifically to your taste.


Check Price on My-doll.com

(more photos are available)

This is a realistic gentle and beautiful item that will be your good friend and intimate partner. You can choose any pose; the body of the doll is flexible. Her low height, a young face and seductive body will excite anyone.

Do you want to teach this innocent baby the art of love? Now she will belong to you – you can realize numerous erotic fantasies to get incredible pleasure. This slender body with lush breasts was created for utter satisfaction.

With Diana you can have different types of sex; the toy has all the necessary openings. Touch her delicate skin and try the softness of her boobs – can you still resist taking her to the bedroom?

Diana features:

  • Light weight of the doll model
  • Possible to have different types of sex
  • Bending body and different poses for sex
  • Quality silicone coating and metal skeleton
  • One of the most popular sex dolls from this price category
  • Young face, large breasts, slender body, short height and small plump lips
  • Choose her skin color, eyes, hair, nipple and clitoris color, removable or fixed vagina and the color of nails

15. Wakana

This wonderful doll can replace a real woman. She will not ask for expensive gifts, will not go hysteric, cheat or behave badly. This is the perfect partner that will become your friend.


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(more photos are available)

You can try new erotic positions, realize innermost fantasies or play role-playing games. Wakana will be your innocent, affectionate student, so teach her everything you know about pleasure. This doll is made of quality silicone, it’s nice to touch.

Every detail is developed by specialists with special care. To make the satisfaction more real, the lifelike doll has different openings for anal, vaginal and oral sex.

The tender beautiful face of a young girl looks very natural; her thoughtful tender look will please any man who returns home very tired from work.

Every day a sweet affectionate and submissive girl will wait for you to make all your intimate dreams come true.

Wakana features:

  • Different types of sex and different poses
  • High-quality silicone coating
  • Lush breasts, beautiful young face, gentle look, slender body and elastic buttocks
  • Sturdy metal skeleton and bending body
  • Light weight despite the metal base

16. Ursula

Seductive young girls boasting attractive appearance are the erotic dream of many men. This is normal if you want to spend an unforgettable night with a beautiful attractive girl.


Check Price on Redroomdolls.com

(more photos are available)

Ursula will be happy to become your partner; this is a realistic sex doll made of high-quality silicone and she can also assume different poses. You can try something novel in sex to experience new incredible emotions.

Such dolls are very similar to real women; they have all the holes, soft bodies, attractive shapes and innocent sweet faces.

Ursula is a beautiful young girl who can become your sex partner for various intimate games. Such a girl will be an ideal partner who will love and want only you.

Ursula features:

  • Different poses, bending body
  • Quality silicone + metal skeleton
  • You can have different types of sex (there are all the holes)
  • Low height, young innocent face and attractive body
  • Inexpensive for a very realistic doll
  • Ability to choose the color of the skin, eyes, lips, hair, nails, tattoos, pubic hair and the type of vagina

17. Lina

A doll for intimate entertainment can look luxurious and amazing. Meet Lina, this is a realistic toy with exquisite appearance, beautiful face; her body is tall and attractive.


Check Price on Mysiliconelovedoll.com

(more photos are available)

Such items are not just a product for sex; they are loyal friends and reliable partners. You can tell her all your secrets, hug her and watch an interesting film together. Such dolls are created not only for fun in bed, but also for getting rid of loneliness.

You will be pleased to cook dinner on your own or will you be happy if a beautiful girl is sitting next to you at the table?

Lina has a tender body, long dark hair and beautiful eyes. You can make her wear seductive clothes or make an exquisite hairstyle. This beauty will be your friend, so you will be happy to return home every evening after work.

This doll model will be a good choice for lesbian pleasures too. She will be waiting for you at home!

Lina features:

  • Beautiful exquisite appearance
  • Metal skeleton with bending parts
  • Super high quality silicone + metal skeleton
  • Comparatively inexpensive (there are dolls for $4-8 thousand)
  • Possible to have different types of sex in different poses
  • Slender body, high height and seductive shape
  • Hypoallergenic material, no deformation

A Few Things To Consider

Beautiful attractive dolls with realistic appearance are a dream. If the company offers great models at an affordable price or for sale, this will be a good opportunity to buy a delightful intimate partner.

Such models can look incredible, and for an extra cost the client can customize their appearance and shape.

If you cannot buy a product with its full price, then there is a section with cheaper models (on sale) in the catalog of any company. The brand makes temporary discounts, so customers can purchase an excellent doll with a discount of 25 or even 30%.

If you want to secure your purchase, order additional packaging (box). Companies carefully pack the goods, but the box will allow you to transport the product to your home more reliably. Most often, this service is chosen to deliver robotic dolls.

The TPE material is an improved version of silicone; it is a more refined soft coating. If we compare these materials, each has its own advantages. This list offers inexpensive lifelike girls for up to $2500. People also buy silicone dolls quite willingly, these models cost less, but there are also some expensive ultra-realistic ones among them. Their appearance is more youthful and innocent.

You can get advice on sex doll care products. This is important because the material of the toy may become dirty and you do not want any bacteria there. All dolls are designed for intimate fun, so you need to wash and dry all the holes in this product thoroughly.

Photos of dolls that you see on the site are the work of experienced professionals. Check with the company whether you get a toy with a set of clothes and accessories or without it.