Sex is a wonderful activity, but sometimes it just doesn’t last long enough. Whether it’s due to you being too tired, having to deal with a lot of stress, or simply being too horny, the result remains the same – your session ends a lot earlier than you would’ve liked and there has to be a delay (however small) before you can continue again. And this isn’t something you want to subject yourself to.

So the question of increasing your sexual stamina then arises. Doing that is possible and there’re even special toys available just for that. However, it takes time to improve your endurance and the stage where you wait for the results to appear might be frustrating. But there’s also another way of making your bedtime sessions last longer and I’m talking about delay sprays. With them, you can forget about your sex ending before you want it to.

They’re either sprayed or applied to the penis and their function lies in reducing the overall sensations you feel. As a rule, they contain a topical anesthetic such as benzocaine or lidocaine, and they can also help deal with premature ejaculation. It’s easy to use them, they’re condom-friendly and they’re also effective, allowing you to see the difference and, more importantly, feel it. And since they’re topical anesthetics, you can use them regularly without any worry. I’ve made a top list for you to help you pick the best delay sprays and have tested several products myself – and read the reviews about the others.

Last Updated: Mike Several positions in our list have been changed. The best delay spray, in my opinion, is Dynamo that works in just 10 minutes and lets you extend your pleasure greatly. The second place goes to Sliquid Ride BodyWorx, with its natural ingredients and aiding to your erection potential. And the third position is taken by Strength Marathon, which is effective and safe.

The reasons for Dynamo being the best

So what makes Dynamo the number one on my list? For starters, it has a really good quality to it and it’s simply an excellent product. It absorbs into the skin quickly and you’re then ready to go in no time. Its smell is also good and isn’t off-putting by any means – there will be nothing to distract you and your partner from the pleasing sensations. And while your penis will be numbed, the spray won’t completely eliminate the sensitivity.

The amount of anesthetic it contains is very mild and there’re also ingredients in it that improve your erection. It doesn’t burn and one bottle can last you a long time, as one spray should be enough to achieve the result you want. You can also use it during oral sex – just wipe it off to ensure it doesn’t get into your partner’s mouth.

In this review:

Top 16 Delay Sprays for Noticeable Results

If you plan on using a product that’s supposed to help you last longer in bed, you need to make certain that it’s going to be safe for your skin and won’t cause irritation and burning. This list contains the best examples currently available on the market, so making your choice should become easier for you once you look through it. Thus, let’s get right to it and start on the list.

1. Dynamo – Strong and Safe

Dynamo is a concentrated male desensitizer that you can use without any worry and that’s also going to bring noticeable results. It’s pretty basic in nature – apply it onto your erect penis and your erection will then be numbed, which will make it possible for you to go harder and longer. The spray has a high concentration of lidocaine (13%) and is also clinically tested and FDA compliant, so you can get more satisfaction and know for certain that you’re safe.

Dynamo Strong

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This product can also help treat premature ejaculation and your performance is going to be improved with it. The bottle is childproof and, therefore, you don’t have to worry about it causing any sort of harm. And it does exactly what it says it would – you will last longer with it, but your experience isn’t going to be deadened in any way. Follow the instructions and the results won’t disappoint.

You will probably need some time to figure out the dosage that works best for you, so it’s a good idea to start with one spray on the head. If you feel that this isn’t enough, add another spray and repeat the process until the right amount is reached. Once it is, you’re good to go and there’s nothing stopping you from experimenting and getting the most out of your intercourse.

With nothing in the way, you can try out different positions and various tempos, and be sure about the play continuing for as long as you want it to. And when you feel like it’s time to call it a night, you can simply wash Dynamo off and finish the session. The spray bottle minimizes the mess, you’ll be able to experiment more and it also won’t cost you a lot, so there’s basically nothing to dislike about this desensitizer.

The reasons behind Dynamo’s success:

  • Clinically tested and FDA compliant;
  • Safe and effective;
  • Noticeable results;
  • 13% lidocaine formula;
  • Can help treat premature ejaculation;
  • Prolongs the performance;
  • Non-irritating;
  • The bottle is childproof;
  • Works as described;
  • Doesn’t make the penis completely numb.

2. Sliquid Ride BodyWorx – Natural and Effective

Sliquid Ride BodyWorx makes your sexual performance better and assists you in lasting longer during your bedtime play. The natural ingredients are used in this spray and you only need to spritz a little of it before sex to get what you want. The product is formulated with numbing benzocaine, so your penis will be desensitized and the ejaculation will be delayed. 3 or 4 squirts to the head and shaft should be just the dose you need.

Sliquid Ride

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There’s one thing you need to keep in mind before using it – if your partner is pregnant, you should refrain from applying this spray. And you also need to stop using it if any irritation occurs. Apart from that, there’s not much you need to worry about – the product is condom-safe and vegan-friendly, and works exactly as it should. Getting used to the numbing from this desensitizer doesn’t take long and you will hardly notice it once the sex starts.

Most importantly, it works like a charm and you don’t have to do much should you feel like it’s time to finish. Simply wash it off and then continue with the intercourse as normal. It should also be mentioned that Sliquid Ride BodyWorx has a lubricating quality, so your experience will be made even smoother because of it. The spray is worth every penny and you shouldn’t regret buying it.

You get a decent amount in the bottle and, since you only need to use a bit of it, it’s going to last you for quite some time. You can also team it with sex toys – for example, an elastic cock ring. And your partner is sure to feel the effects and relish the pleasure – try this spray out and see for yourself what it can give you. There’re also instructions included, so there won’t be any guessing game involved.

What makes Sliquid Ride BodyWorx a good purchase:

  • It will work just as it should;
  • Made from natural ingredients;
  • Effective and fast-acting;
  • Condom-safe and vegan-friendly;
  • Simple to use;
  • Great quality;
  • Extra lubrication;
  • Almost immediate effect;
  • No smell;
  • Not sticky.

3. Adam & Eve Extra Strength Marathon – Be in Control

Adam & Eve Extra Strength Marathon gives you maximum erection control and makes it possible for you to go much, much longer. Spray it onto the head and shaft of your penis, and you’re all good – the product’s special extra-strength formula will do the rest and ensure gentle numbing and soothing. You will see the results in just 5 minutes, so you won’t have to delay the proceedings longer than you have to.

Strength Marathon

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This desensitizer is also condom compatible and there’s enough of it in the bottle for dozens of applications. It can be used whenever needed and there’re no special preparations required for that. Enjoy longer sex and tremendous satisfaction, and go until she starts shaking. And know that your orgasms are going to be stronger, too – that’s how good this spray is.


  • Erection control and enhancement;
  • Makes your stamina and performance better;
  • Works on contact;
  • Absorbs fully in just 5 minutes;
  • Can be used with condoms.


  • Too strong for some;
  • Some say there’re no results at all;
  • Takes a little longer to take full effect than some people have patience for;
  • The spritzer bottle isn’t a good fit for some;
  • The bottle isn’t big enough for some.

4. Adam & Eve Go Long

Adam & Eve Go Long is a delay spray that can assist you in making love all night long. Literally – you can achieve these results with it if you please. Your sexual stamina is also going to improve, so you’ll be able to get more out of your every intercourse and give your partner more, too. And this will make your sex life even more satisfying and fulfilling. Apply a dub to your penis and feel a pleasant numbing sensation engulfing it.

Go Long

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With this desensitizer, you can forget about having to restrain yourself and hold off your orgasm – it will do the work for you and you can concentrate on more important things, like trying different positions and exploring your partner’s body. You will stay harder longer and will also have more control over your erection, and the product is perfect for those times when you don’t want to just have a quickie.


  • Greater thrusting control;
  • Keep things going for longer;
  • Works fast;
  • The numbing agent makes deep throating easier;
  • Noticeable effects.


  • Too sticky for some;
  • Some units are defective;
  • Some people say it doesn’t work at all;
  • Spreads around pretty easily;
  • Can cause a slight burning sensation.

5. Lovehoney Stay

Lovehoney Stay is a delay spray that’s going to act fast and reduce your sensitivity. Thus, your intercourse will be prolonged and you’ll be able to enjoy your partner for however long you want. The product’s amount that needs to be used isn’t huge – apply 1-2 sprays to the head of your penis 5-10 minutes before the sex starts and there you go. Reapply as required and indulge in all the benefits that it can give you.

Lovehoney Stay

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The desensitizer comes in a pump bottle that can be carried around with you and it’s also exceptionally simple to use. The liquid is clear and absorbs easily for quick results, and there’s a fresh smell to it, as well. Pump her up and down or let her ride you – whatever you decide to do, you’re sure to be able to relish the process. Get ready for strong orgasms and complete satisfaction, along with the cooling sensation and a lot of pleasure.


  • Apply 1-2 sprays for results;
  • Travel-friendly;
  • Works fast;
  • Nice smell;
  • Last longer and enhance your orgasm.


  • The spray could be a wider mist;
  • Sticky residue makes masturbation after application difficult;
  • Wide spray angle;
  • Doesn’t work at all with some people;
  • Some say there’s an unpleasant tingling.

6. Promescent Standard Metered

With Promescent Standard Metered, you can significantly improve your performance in the bedroom and see just what you can get out of your every intercourse. Control your orgasm and enjoy your partner for however long you see fit – there will be nothing to distract you from your experiments. Try out different positions and tempos, go hard or go soft and be absolutely certain about your sex not ending before you want it to.

Promescent Standard

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Depending on the amount of the spray you use, it should last you for about 20 nights. The investment in it is a good investment, as it will help you get even more enjoyment out of your sex life. And when you’re ready to finish, you only have to wash the desensitizer off and then continue as normal. You and your partner will see the difference and you’re very likely to want to experience something like this over and over again.


  • Last longer in bed;
  • Really works;
  • Good quality;
  • Safe;
  • Enhances the erection.


  • Isn’t effective enough for some;
  • Isn’t good enough for some.

7. STUD 100

STUD 100 helps to delay your ejaculation and give your partner more enjoyment. It contains lidocaine 9.6% W/W and has great quality to it, being manufactured to medical standards in a certified UK factory. Using it is easy and the recommended dosage is 3 – 8 sprays. The overall amount you need depends on your sensitivity and you can also apply the desensitizer discreetly, without anyone seeing.

STUD product

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You need to spray the product on your head and shaft approximately 5 – 15 minutes before the intercourse, since it requires time to dry and become absorbed. Once you’re finished, you need to wash the spray off and that’s basically that – there’s nothing else required from your side. And if you feel like the session has been going too long for your liking, you can always wash the desensitizer off and then finish – you’re the boss here and you decide how things are going to go.


  • Helps delay ejaculation;
  • Great quality;
  • Manufactured to medical standards;
  • Easy to use;
  • Noticeable results.


  • Isn’t effective enough for some;
  • Doesn’t give the needed results to some.

8. Doc Johnson Oral Spray

Doc Johnson Good Head Deep Throat Oral Anesthetic Spray is a flavored anaesthetic product made in the USA. There’s a soothing agent in it and you only need to use a small amount of spray to get the desired results. It will be a great value for your money, but you need to keep in mind that everyone is different, so the results may vary according to that. Benzocaine (5%) and glycerine (33%) are active agents here and they’re going to give you just what you need.

Oral Spray

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Or, more specifically – they’re going to suppress your partner’s gag reflex and make it possible for her to go down longer on you. She wouldn’t feel a thing and the deep throating will also become much easier. As soon as the product is sprayed a couple of times, the throat numbs in no time, so you won’t have to wait long to be able to partake in the experiments you want. Looking to add some new colors to your oral? Seek no longer, here they are.


  • Cherry-flavored;
  • Gentle anaesthetic;
  • Extended nozzle for precise spraying;
  • Works very well;
  • Quick to activate.


  • A bigger range of flavors would be great;
  • Taste is a bit strong to begin with;
  • Doesn’t last long enough for some;
  • The bottle isn’t big enough for some;
  • Some say the nozzle is short.

9. Doc Johnson Sta-Erect

Doc Johnson Sta-Erect is a lidocaine-infused spray for men that’s meant to be used externally before sex. For needed results, apply 3 or more sprays to the head and shaft of the penis (make sure not to go over 10) – that’s basically it. If you want to ensure your play session lasting longer, you’ve found just what you need for it. The product is tasteless and odorless, and is also non-toxic.

Sta Erect

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With this desensitizer, you can be certain about the lack of any side effects and it also comes in a very discreet box, so you can just keep it in the bathroom without anyone noticing. The instructions are easy to follow and the application process is easy. It doesn’t make the woman numb and men are still able to feel everything – it’s just the climax that gets delayed. The bottle is big, so you won’t have to buy another one for some time.


  • Tasteless and odorless;
  • Non-toxic;
  • Easy spray application;
  • Discreet and works brilliantly;
  • Doesn’t make the woman numb.


  • Spray bottle seems wasteful to some;
  • The bottle is too small for some;
  • No printed instruction leaflet inserted;
  • Some say the feeling it gives isn’t nice;
  • No effect whatsoever for some.

10. Swiss Navy Endurance Rx

Swiss Navy Endurance Rx is a spray that provides quick results and is also very strong, so you can be sure about lasting longer if you decide to use it. With this product, you can enjoy everything sex has to offer to the fullest and not worry about having to restrain yourself from orgasming. Go as hard as you want and try out all the positions you want – your night is sure to be hot and memorable.

Swiss Navy

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Using this desensitizer is easy – just spray it on ten minutes before penetrating your partner and it will then help you delay the ejaculation. The product is safe to use with or without condoms and applying 3 sprays is usually enough to get the needed results. The overall quantity required may vary and is unique to every individual. Let your arousal take you away with it and ride the waves of pleasure at your total leisure.


  • Quick results;
  • Very strong;
  • Go much longer;
  • Don’t be distracted by having to restrain yourself;
  • Easy to use.


  • Just doesn’t do it for some;
  • Some find it to be too strong;
  • Isn’t good enough for some.

11. Doc Johnson Proloonging

Doc Johnson Proloonging is a desensitizer that’s going to extend your bedroom play and help you find new horizons. No longer do you have to limit yourself in any way while pounding away on your partner – go hard and fast, and do so without any concern of finishing earlier than you would’ve liked. The new positions and various tempos are waiting for you, so get to trying and this product is going to assist you with it.

Johnson Proloonging

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Using the spray doesn’t require much from your side – apply between 3 – 10 sprays to the head and shaft, let 10 minutes pass and then start playing, getting everything you possibly can out of the session. You won’t have to stop unless you want to and even that is easy to achieve – just wash the product off with water and then finish, letting the explosive orgasm take you away with it.


  • Desensitize the penis and make your pleasure longer;
  • Odorless and flavorless;
  • Free from parabens, glycerin and sugars;
  • Body-safe;
  • Spray bottle for easy application.


  • Isn’t good enough for some;
  • Doesn’t work with some;
  • Results may vary in general.

12. Doc Johnson Mint Oral Spray

Doc Johnson Good Head Deep Throat Mint Oral Anesthetic Spray is flavored and contains a soothing agent, as well as a local anaesthetic. Its active agents are benzocaine (5%) and glycerine (33%). There’s no need to use a lot of it – a small amount will do the trick just fine, so the product is going to last you for a while. And it also provides a great value for your money, but you need to be advised that results vary from person to person.

Mint Oral Spray

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Using this desensitizer isn’t difficult by any means. Spray it into the throat or another area with just one spray and that’s it. You’re then free to partake in experiments with your partner and can indulge in them freely, without holding anything back. The product’s taste shouldn’t be off-putting to you and it also needs to be pointed out that it’s cruelty-free. So start using it and see for yourself just what it can give you.


  • Deep throat spray with gentle anaesthetic;
  • Extended nozzle for precise spraying;
  • Cruelty-free;
  • Mint flavor;
  • Vegan-friendly.


  • Isn’t condom-safe;
  • Isn’t effective enough for some;
  • Isn’t good enough for some.

13. Maca

Maca makes it possible for you to last longer in sex and prevent premature ejaculation. With it, you can increase your load, lengthen the duration of the orgasm, and generally make things even more enjoyable than they were before. Your partner is sure to see that something has changed and she will very likely respond to it positively. With your improved stamina, new horizons are waiting to be opened.

Maca Colorless

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If you were searching for something to help you postpone your intercourse ending, you need to seek no longer, as you’ve found what you’ve been looking for. Apply it to your penis 20 minutes before the sex starts and feel the overstimulation of your penis skin lessen. Adjust the doses and find the perfect combination just for you – you don’t want to go overboard when using the desensitizer. Spray evenly, so your skin fully absorbs it, massage the area and you’re good to go.


  • Battle premature ejaculation;
  • Last longer in bed;
  • Control your orgasm;
  • Increase sex drive;
  • Colorless and odorless.


  • Doesn’t bring the needed results to some;
  • Isn’t good enough for some.

14. Peineili

Peineili is a tried and tested delay spray which can be combined with light penile massage to give you great results. This product comes from one of the most respected brands in the industry and you’re sure to notice things change with it. Your sexual pleasure is going to be extended, your play won’t end before you want it to and you’ll be able to give your partner just the attention you want.


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Shake the container well before use and then apply the desensitizer to your penis 30 minutes before you’re about to start. Spray it over the head, base and on the shaft, massage the whole area and you’re then good to go. For best use, wash the penis thoroughly, dry the whole area and also increase the dosage if necessary. Everyone is different, so you need to find the amount that works just for you.


  • Prolongs the erection;
  • Minimizes the penile sensitivity threshold;
  • Safe to use and zero numbness;
  • No side effects;
  • Colorless and odorless.


  • Doesn’t give the needed result to some;
  • The quality isn’t good enough for some.

15. Fairy Dew

If you’ve ever had the fantasy of popping the cherry of your partner, you can bring it closer to reality with Fairy Dew. With just one push, her vagina will tighten up and you can then penetrate it as if it were virgin. The product’s good lubricity ensures things not being dry or even sticky, and you’ll be able to enjoy everything you want without any unnecessary effort.

Fairy Dew

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Using this spray, you can add something new to your bedroom play and get even more out of it. Penetrate her hard or be as gentle as possible – Fairy Dew is going to assist you with that either way. And you can also be certain about the change being noticeable to you both and you experiencing the new sensations. The product will be a great addition to your drawer and can also be a tremendous first purchase.


  • Just one push per session;
  • Feel like your partner is a virgin again;
  • Good lubricity;
  • New sensations;
  • Freedom to experiment.


  • Just doesn’t do it for some;
  • Might seem pointless to some;
  • Isn’t effective enough for some;
  • Isn’t good enough for some.

16. VigRX

Using VigRX allows you to extend your pleasure for however long you want and keep things going until you, yourself are ready to finish them off with a bang. And not only you can last much longer with this spray – you can also watch her orgasm and continue pounding on her, knowing for certain that your play won’t stop before you do everything you wanted. Your sex life is going to become even better and you’ll be sure to notice the results the product brings.


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And you’ll notice them quick – the spray is going to work in 10 minutes. It’s formulated with benzocaine (a mild anesthetic) and absorbs into the subcutaneous layers of penile tissue, which then makes the nerves in the area to be less sensitive to stimuli. Once that happens, your ride isn’t going to end for a while and you’ll be able to enjoy it without having to restrain yourself from anything.

You should also know that while one spray prolongs your sex, two give you twice the effect, so you can go even longer if you so desire. Use it whenever you feel like it – the product is always there for you and doesn’t require any special preparations. You also don’t need any prescription to buy it and it’s very discreet, so your secrets will be kept between just you and your partner.

With VigRX, you get quality and the possibility of your intercourse going on and on, with you deciding when you want to release. Spray it on your shaft and glans, rub it into the penis until fully absorbed, wait for the aforementioned 10 minutes and that’s it – you’re fired up and ready to go. It works just like it should and you can also contact the manufacturer in case you have any questions. All in all, it’s a great purchase and it shouldn’t disappoint you.

The advantages you get with VigRX:

  • Make your intercourse longer;
  • Extend the pleasure;
  • Finish when you want;
  • Watch her climax;
  • Increase your stamina;
  • Improve the performance;
  • Body-safe;
  • Condom compatible;
  • No need for a prescription;
  • Guaranteed results.

Additional Information on Delay Sprays

From time to time, you might need some help with your performance in bed. The reasons for this may vary – you might be too stressed out or too excited to really concentrate on anything. The result, however, remains the same, with you or your partner (or you both) not being satisfied enough and having to go to sleep without getting everything you wanted. And if you just aren’t able to finish, it doesn’t necessarily mean that something is irreparably wrong.

However, it might lead to your partner feeling bad about themselves and this is not something you want to happen. There might also be instances of you finishing so fast that she’s not even able to relish the process for long enough, yet alone experience the orgasm. This, again, can lead to the mood being ruined and the day after that might end up being affected, too.

So what can you do to stop yourself from climaxing too fast and ending what might have been an exceptionally hot night prematurely? Well, there’re different methods for that, including sexual stamina training, but right now you want to get something that will give you immediate results, right? And this isn’t something unrealistic. As a matter of fact, you can achieve just that. And how do you do it? By using delay sprays.

A Closer Look

Those are specifically designed to help you last longer in bed and you’re almost certain to notice the effects after you use them. Why “almost”? Well, everyone is different, so what works for some might not be such a good choice for others. Certain sprays might even end up being too strong and you won’t be able to orgasm for a long while, so that’s something you need to keep in mind before choosing one.

First off, you need to find the dosage that will be right just for you. If you don’t apply enough, you won’t see any difference. And if you spray on more than you need, your climax is going to be delayed indefinitely and this is likely not what you want to achieve. Sure, you can wash off the desensitizer at any time and finish as normal, but why subject yourself to having to stop during the hot sex? There’s absolutely no need for that.

And you also need to be advised that there’s a certain danger of your penis going limp if you use more product than your body needs. So take your time, don’t rush and start out small, with just one spray. If you feel that that isn’t enough, add another one. Repeat the process until the necessary amount is reached and, once that happens, it’s probably a good idea to stick to it.

Caring and Experimenting

But there’s room for new things, too. Say, you want your night to really last long and try some things you’ve been thinking about for a while. Various positions, various surfaces, various tempos and various kinds of sex – and all of this in one session. How are you going to be able to assist yourself with this? Again, by using a delay spray and also increasing the dosage. Just make sure not to go overboard with it and everything will be fine.

The fact of you not being too proud about having to use any additional products might also come into play. But look at it from a different angle – you’re taking concrete steps to deal with something that have been bothering you. You’re actually doing things to address the issue and you don’t just put it away and say “whatever”. And using desensitizers actually helps you in the long run, as your stamina gets improved.

Your endurance, along with the performance, becomes better as well, so you’ll eventually be able to go longer in bed without having to aid yourself in any way. The time required for that varies, but the result is there, waiting for you. You just need to keep at it and, sooner or later, you’ll be successful in reaching the peak that you were aiming for. And your partner is very likely to feel the results, too.

Of course, it might be a bit surprising for them when you decide to use the spray for the first time. But know that it’s not just done to prolong the time of your intercourse – you also do that to give them more and let them take out more of the session. You caring about your partner’s pleasure is great, so there’s nothing you need to be ashamed of. And there’s also the fact that a good product can change the direction of things completely.

And not just change them randomly – they will become better than they were before. Should the desensitizer be used right, you’ll be able to go on, and on, and on until she’s shaking from the orgasms she has experienced. Your night is pretty much certain to become memorable and this is probably not something you want to just pass by. So apply the spray, concentrate on your sensations only and forget about all the rest.

Trusting and Consulting

And sure, you can also go to the doctor and speak about all your problems, but this, again, requires time and there’s no telling how many visits you might need. That’s why using delay products and stamina training units is a really good bet if you want to enhance your sexual performance by yourself. There’s no need to become a victim of the circumstances – pick the right desensitizer and you will be all set.

Sure, some of them work better than others and some don’t work at all, but you shouldn’t let potential disappointments discourage you totally. Certain manufacturers are only in it for the money and they don’t really care about you improving your sexual health, but not all of them are like that. There’re those that actually care about their customers and want to help them the best they could, and the sprays from them are the ones you need to be searching for.

The products that can be trusted are included in the list above, but there’re also other ones that can give you great effects. Searching for them might take some time, but the end result will be worth your effort. To make your choice, read the reviews, ask around or, should you have time for it, consult a doctor. Whatever you decide to do, don’t just pick the very first desensitizer that you come upon – unless, of course, you know for certain that there’s no danger in doing so.

What You Get

If you use a good spray in full accordance with instructions and find the right dosage, it will work just like it should and your intercourse will then be prolonged. Still, you also need to keep in mind that it’s there to assist you – not do everything for you. So you need to put in the effort and be ready to last just as long as your penis does. The product can only take you so far and you shouldn’t expect miracles from it.

Still, the advantages that desensitizers give are noticeable and you won’t have to look hard to see the difference. Here they are:

  1. A lot of the sprays are capable of helping you go longer in bed and be able to pound on your partner for the extended period of time.
  2. As has been mentioned above, there’re no miracles involved – many products are designed to reduce your sensitivity and that’s what helps you postpone the orgasm. This can play to your advantage and can also play against you, including your sensations being less intense. Not all of the desensitizers are like that, but this kind of scenario is possible, too.
  3. You can even use the spray to stop the premature ejaculation right when it’s about to happen, but you need to act very quickly to achieve that result. If you aren’t fast enough, you climax and have to wait to start again.
  4. The products of this kind can be applied without anyone knowing, but your secret will most likely be out as soon as you penetrate your partner. More often than not, they will feel the desensitizer being there, so consider that before making a decision to use it.
  5. All in all, it’s entirely possible to improve your performance with sprays if you’re also willing to put in the work. If you are, your efforts won’t go unnoticed and you’ll be able to just go and go. And the orgasm you experience in the end is very likely to be much stronger. Try it out and see for yourself.

It should also be mentioned that delay products themselves can’t help you eliminate premature ejaculation completely. This is the job for prescription drugs and also the good old-fashioned practice. The longer you keep at it, the better your results become. Just make sure to pick a certain routine and stick to it, or else you’ll have to start from the beginning over and over again.

Techniques and Control

If you’re looking for something with a little more staying power, it’s suggested to get a good handheld or automatic masturbator. Yes, you’ve read this absolutely right – these toys aren’t only designed to give you pleasure, there’re certain health benefits to them, too. Practice your pump in the meantime and you’ll eventually be able to reap the rewards.

There’re a lot of techniques that can help you control your erection more effectively. As a matter of fact, there’re so many things available on the market today that you’re very likely to find one for your particular needs. And while it may take you some time to learn how to use masturbators to improve your performance, you’ll eventually get to it and will then be able to demonstrate your progress to your partner.

Going back to delay sprays, they’re easy to use and some of them can be applied just 5 minutes before you’re about to start your intercourse. Spend that time enjoying the foreplay with your partner and then get on the fun. Once you see that you’re going longer than you normally would, it means the product did the trick and you can now enjoy without having to hold yourself back. Experiment and let your imagination guide you.

And even though your partner is likely to feel the desensitizer, there’re some of them that are completely discreet. So there will be no distraction to speak of and they will be able to focus solely on their pleasure. And since you now can go longer and your erection is also improved, this is exactly what you want. Get cracking and enjoy everything you can come up with, knowing for certain that your play won’t end until you want it to.

A desensitizer can really make a difference when it comes to delaying your ejaculation and getting full control over your orgasm. If you find just the right spray, all the doors become open to you and your nights become hotter and even more fulfilling. It’s not something that’s completely out of reach and can’t be achieved – quite the contrary, this is an entirely manageable task and there’s not much required from your side to be successful with that.

See the Results

There’s also the fact that products of this kind can be freely taken with you wherever you go. And that also means more room for experiments – have you, for example, ever dreamed about getting it on with her in the garage? You can use the desensitizer to enhance your experience and this is just one of the possible scenarios that are now available to you. Your imagination is the only limit here and you don’t have to confine yourself to anything.

After all, you’re the one to decide how you’re going to go about adding spray to your sex. You can use it at the right moment without any unnecessary hassle involved and the results you’ll get might just surpass your expectations. You should also know that products of this kind are condom compatible, so you don’t really have to make serious changes to the way your intercourse goes.

And, most importantly, the desensitizers are just effective and do just what they’re supposed to. Their nature is pretty basic – apply some to your penis and extend your play that way. What you do with the added time is completely up to you and your partner. If you want to, you can also use the sprays while masturbating. And they don’t involve any long-term health implications to speak of if you decide to make them a regular addition to your sex life.

Of course, it’s OK to be skeptical of products that make big claims of adding time to your sexual performance. And there’s only one way to find out – try them out yourself and see what happens next. The worst that could happen is them not making any difference and even that will probably be due to the fact that you were unsuccessful in finding the right delay spray for you.

The truth of the matter is, they do bring concrete results that you’ll be able to notice and that happens thanks to lidocaine or benzocaine they contain. Those are specifically designed to be absorbed by the skin of your penis and if you’ve ever used a numbing cream which contained either of these components, you can draw the line to how the desensitizers work.

Keep in mind, however, that you shouldn’t apply normal benzocaine or lidocaine cream to your penis. Delay sprays are formulated to be safely applied to the head and shaft, and they are exactly what you should be using. Otherwise, you risk doing damage to your sensitive areas.

The Pros and Cons


  • Make your intercourse much longer;
  • Extend your pleasure;
  • Finish just when you want and not a moment earlier;
  • Increase your stamina;
  • Improve your performance;
  • Body-safe;
  • Can be used with condoms;
  • You don’t need a prescription;
  • Easy to use;
  • You’re given total control and concrete results.


  • Some are too sticky;
  • Can work for some and do nothing for others;
  • Might spread around pretty easily;
  • Can cause a slight burning sensation;
  • Certain products are simply too strong;
  • Might leave sticky residue;
  • There may be an unpleasant tingling;
  • Not all products come with instructions;
  • Some bottles aren’t big enough;
  • Results may vary in general.

Cleaning the Sprays Off

Speaking of cleaning, there’s not really much you have to do when it comes to products of this kind. Spray them on and wash them off whenever you see fit – and you can also wipe them off with damp cloth. If you want your partner to go down on you, you can also wipe the desensitizer off before that and all will be well.

Something of note, however – if you decide to wipe the spray off with a cloth, you need to make sure you get all of it. This is done to ensure it doesn’t transfer to your partner, as you don’t want to delay her orgasm as well. Sure, it can be a little bothering, since you have to stop your foreplay, but it also prevents unnecessary surprises.

The good news is, such products are designed to absorb into your skin, so you won’t have to spend a lot of time in the shower when you decide to clean them off. Washing your penis before applying the desensitizer might also be a good idea. Store your bottle or container in a temperature-safe environment, and don’t keep it somewhere where it’s too hot or too cold.

Thing is, frozen sprays just gunk up and cease working the way they’re supposed to and overheated ones smell funny and sweat all over the place. So keep them someplace dry and everything should be alright. And that’s basically all you need to know about cleaning and maintaining.

Tips and Tricks

If you want your delay products to give you their absolute most, it’s suggested that you do the following with them:

  • Make sure to use as directed;
  • Let your partner know it’s there if you don’t plan on using a condom;
  • Wash it off once you’re done;
  • Don’t attempt oral sex if the desensitizer specifically advises against it;
  • Wash off your hands if you use them to apply the spray;
  • Don’t go overboard or you risk your penis going limp.

Thing is, you don’t want unnecessary surprises, so it’s best to follow the instructions and use the spray just like they tell you to. If you aren’t sure about it being safe for your skin, gather some information on the ingredients it consists of – if you aren’t allergic to any of them, you shouldn’t have any problems and it will work the way it’s supposed to.

However, you should remember about the possibility of the product transferring to your partner and numbing her in the process. That’s why it’s important for you to warn her beforehand, especially if you are going to penetrate her without a condom. After all, you don’t want her experiencing unpleasant sensations and not even having any idea what’s going on.

Apart from her vagina going numb, it might also feel like it’s on fire. So, at the very least, she has to be aware about the possibility of this happening. Not all desensitizers cause the effects of this kind, but some of them do – if you aren’t sure, it’s best to put a condom on, or else you risk your sex turning into a disaster.

Once you’re finished for the night (or day), you need to make sure to wash everything off. Sure, doing that is easy and doesn’t require a lot of effort from your side, but nevertheless, this is an important part that shouldn’t be ignored. You should wash your penis even if you don’t feel the spray on it anymore – otherwise, you risk rash appearing all over your sensitive areas.

And if the product tells you that it can’t be used during oral sex, you shouldn’t do the opposite, as the consequences of this are truly unpredictable. One more time – don’t do it, no matter how hot things get between you two. Getting certain desensitizers in the mouth can potentially lead to facial numbness, sudden sickness, or even death. So, as has been mentioned above, stick to the instructions and don’t leave things to chance.

If you used your hands to apply the product, you need to make sure to wash them afterwards. You don’t want to get distracted, wipe your eyes with them and then feel your eyes burning. All the things mentioned might seem scary, but they’re actually not. Don’t do anything that can potentially be dangerous and you won’t have to spend your time on dealing with what happens then. In general, desensitizers are safe.

And, just like with pretty much everything in life, it’s important not to overuse them. Find the right dosage and stick to it – or else, you might have trouble getting your penis erect. Finding how much you need might take some practice, so eliminate any hurry, start out small (with just one spray) and then gradually increase the dosage until you reach the one that’s best for you. And the end result will be very rewarding to you.

Bottom Line

A good delay spray can shake things up completely and change your intercourse for the better, if used right. And once things do change, you’ll quickly forget how they were before you started using the product. You’ll be able to last a lot longer and also give your partner more pleasure in the process, with your sex life becoming even more fulfilling and satisfying as a result.

Desensitizers and stamina training units can go a long way in helping you improve your performance in bed, so you shouldn’t ignore them. And speaking of, you shouldn’t ignore anything that makes your sexual experience uncomfortable in any way – the longer you put it off, the more of the negative effect it will have and it probably won’t go away by itself.

So if you feel like your stamina needs improving, it’s best to get on it right away. But know that it probably won’t be easy at first and you’ll be tempted to just leave things as they were and quit. Don’t – persevere and you’ll eventually see the situation improving, even though it may seem that all your efforts are in vain and nothing is ever going to change. You don’t have to endure something if you don’t like it – find the right product (or products) and begin on eradicating it.

Some sprays, of course, won’t do anything for you, but it doesn’t mean that you should give up on them completely because of that. The amount of them is such that the right one is very likely out there, waiting for you – you just need to find it. And you will see how being able to last longer in bed will improve your intercourse and what you get out of it.

Every man’s experience is unique and this is definitely something you need to keep in mind when choosing the product for you. Even if it has lots of positive reviews and recommendations, there’s still a possibility of it not doing anything for you. Should that be the case, try turning your sights to other ones, but be careful, as you don’t want to end up wasting your money.

A desensitizer can assist you greatly in delaying your ejaculation and you can easily take it around with you – just like a lubricant. So if you’re out and about with your partner and things suddenly start getting hot and heavy between you two, nothing stops you from finding a quiet place, applying some spray and then getting to it. You’ll have more control over your orgasm and, since sprays generally absorb quickly, there won’t be any additional mess involved.

There’s a reason why products of this kind are popular – they actually work and provide concrete results. And the best part is, you can experiment with them freely. If you don’t like what you’re getting (or don’t get anything at all), you’ll just know that they aren’t for you. They’re not very expensive, so you won’t end up spending a lot of your money for nothing. And if they do work, well, the sky’s then the limit to you and your activities.

After all, a few extra minutes with your girl in bed are never a bad thing. And what about those several minutes turning into several dozen? Go and go until you (or you both) feel like it’s enough and then experience a stronger orgasm. Or wash the desensitizer off and then finish as normal. As you can see, you have total freedom here and sprays don’t hold you to anything.

It should also be mentioned that they don’t cause damage to the sensitive skin and tissues of your penis, so you can use them without subjecting yourself to any unnecessary worry. All of the products have their slight differences and nuances, but that’s to be expected, considering the sheer amount available on the market. And when you find the right one, you’ll see the difference.

So if you need a simple and effective way to increase your sexual stamina, desensitizers are the way to go. The results are very likely to be good and, since you can get them discreetly without any prescription, buying them is easy. Once you spray them onto your penis, you can concentrate solely on your partner and all the sensations, without having to be distracted by anything else.

Your extended ability can help you satisfy your lover and ensure tremendous orgasms for both of you. Your erection will also feel the positive effects brought on by the spray, you’ll get even more enjoyment out of your sex, and your appetite for experiments will grow accordingly. And the mental and physical benefits of the hot night spent together cannot be overstated.

Using the delay spray increases the likelihood of both partners reaching orgasm, too. Your sexual experience shouldn’t be interrupted in any way, so they’re something you need to consider if you’re looking to make your play sessions longer. It’s normal to want to be able to have sex without worrying about it ending prematurely. And it’s also normal to want it to continue for as long as possible.

With products of this kind, you’ll see a significant difference in your intercourse for the better and it will become possible for you to delay your ejaculation without your health suffering in any way. On average, you’re going to last 4.35 minutes longer with them. Sure, this may not seem like a very long time, but since the average sexual session lasts about 7.3 minutes, 4 minutes longer is more than a 50% time increase.

All in all, desensitizers are capable of making your nights great and you shouldn’t overlook them when you think about buying something new for your bedroom drawer. The more passionate your sessions are, the better it is for you both, so don’t pass on an opportunity to make things hotter when it presents itself. Get to exploring and see what you and your partner can come up with with the added time you now have.