Sex dolls are a common type of intimate toys that give a lot of realistic pleasure. Such products occupy a certain place in the rating of best items for sexual satisfaction: they give a lot of positive emotions because the design is wonderful. Each item is made of the modern material that is smooth and delicate just like human skin.

Last Updated: Mike Several positions in our list have been changed. We choose beautiful flat-chested Celeste ($2,099) as Top1, because her cute figure will give you wonderful satisfaction. The second place goes to Whitney ($1,499), this black-skinned doll will excite those who like exotic intimate games. Ivy ($1,099) takes the third place, because this sexy beauty will grant you new sexual experience.

Why Celeste is Top1?

Celeste looks very cool! Her beautiful tender body is slim, while small breasts make this doll especially attractive. If you like girls with such type of figure, then this temptress can become yours.

The model is made of quality materials, and inside there is a strong steel skeleton. Low weight and good design made this product the most popular in this category. Celeste will be your obedient love slave and you can try different intimate poses and games.

In this review:

Top 11 Flat-Chested Sex Dolls for Wonderful Erotic Satisfaction

Many men have erection problems or difficulties when communicating with women. These dolls can solve many of these problems – you will get a full-fledged erection and a real orgasm without fear and embarrassment. In your bedroom, there will be only you and your sexy flat-chested beauty.

Quality sex dolls are the embodiment of male fantasies. Each item is made with special attention to satisfy even the most demanding customers. You will find stunning, realistic designs that will allow you to experience the pinnacle of erotic pleasure.

1. Celeste – Perfect Sexy Nymph for Your Satisfaction

A seductive beauty can have a slim body and small breast. Celeste is a beautiful sex doll with a young body and a pretty face. Touch this delicate skin and you will enjoy spending the night with this beauty. This product is made of quality materials: a smooth TPE coating and a durable steel skeleton.


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Attractive girls with thin bodies excite many men; even women buy these goods. Modern society says that slim body is beautiful and sexy, and if you agree with this, Celeste will be an excellent choice.

This intimate toy features an affordable price and low weight. With it, you can realize all your erotic fantasies. If you have erectile problems, such a wonderful sex doll will make you excited. The company has provided for every tiniest detail and also offers to change certain elements per request. Create your unique sex goddess!

Celeste will provide:

  • Realistic design and reasonable price from a reliable manufacturer.
  • Medium height, thin body and cute face.
  • Steel skeleton and high-quality coating.
  • Some details are subject to change at an additional cost.
  • There are three holes for penetration.

2. Whitney – Let Your Erotic Wishes Come True

Do you want to spend a night with an exotic dark-skinned beauty with a slim body? Whitney will give you this opportunity. This sex doll has a stunning design and very realistic appearance – you will like her smooth skin. If the usual sex does not satisfy you, add something new and piquant to your intimate life.


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Whitney has a steel skeleton and various inserts to assume any pose. This will allow you to make your night varied and unforgettable. If you have not tried all erotic poses yet then this is your chance. This sex doll will be available for all your sexual fantasies.

High-quality coating material makes this product very delicate, like real skin. Long curly hair and a pretty face complement the overall design. The company offers only the best beauties for men, women or couples to experience a new type of erotic pleasure.

Whitney is about:

  • Great price and realistic appearance.
  • Slim body with small breast and thin legs.
  • Black beauty for your intimate games.
  • Inserts in the steel skeleton for bending the limbs.
  • Three holes for different types of sex.

3. Ivy – Cute Girl for Exciting Intimate Games

A gentle and cute sex doll with a beautiful body is the dream of any man who likes to dominate in bed. Such beauty can be yours, look at Ivy. Her smooth skin is made of a high-quality modern coating material, and inside there is a steel skeleton with special inserts for bending.


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A cute face and medium height complement the image of a seductive young nymph, who is waiting for your caresses. Such model can be an excellent choice for the first purchase, and careful care will allow you to use the product for several years. Try new types of sexual pleasure: the doll has three holes for penetration.

The company creates certain items of such intimate toys, but also offers to change some details in the design. If you want to try new poses in sex or get new bright erotic emotions, then Ivy will be glad to help you experience a stunning orgasm.

Ivy features:

  • Medium height, reasonable price and beautiful design.
  • Tender body with small breasts and thin waist.
  • Dark long hair and a bending skeleton.
  • Three holes for different types of sex.
  • There is an opportunity to try different intimate positions.
  • Some design elements are subject to change (type of vagina, eye or skin color).

4. Jinx

This stylish blonde with a slim body and short hair can be your ideal partner for sex. The doll boasts excellent design, high-quality coating materials and a sturdy internal frame. If you like this type of figure, then this model would be an excellent choice even for the first purchase.


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This blonde beauty can make many different sexy tricks – give her a chance to show them to you. Allow her tender body to touch your skin and you will instantly experience pleasant excitement. Sex with such an intimate toy will give you new emotions, and you will get a stunning orgasm.

Jinx loves to play and she likes to do different poses – inside there is a steel skeleton with inserts in the spine and limbs. The product is very durable, and you can still bend the body to experience wonderful excitement and to try all positions.

Jinx will provide:

  • Reasonable price for high-quality toys.
  • There are all holes for penetration.
  • Some parts can be changed.
  • Pretty blonde with a slim body.
  • Stylish appearance.

5. Blair

Do you want to spend a night with a beautiful slim blonde who has an attractive skinny body and small breasts? Then look at this seductive young beauty who can realize all your erotic dreams. Blair knows how to satisfy a man and grant a terrific orgasm.


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This beauty has a very thin waist, a pretty face and a small ass. This doll will be an excellent choice for those who want to get novel erotic sensations. Therefore, such products are popular among couples who want to diversify their sex life.

The seductress Blair can take different poses, if you want to try the entire Kama Sutra. The long-haired blonde has a solid steel skeleton and a bending body to give you more natural sex. The coating of the toy is made of an anti-allergenic material that does not deform in warm water. If you want to create a romantic atmosphere, then take your princess to the bath.

Blair is about:

  • Slim beautiful body and pretty face.
  • Long blond hair, slim figure and small breasts.
  • Good price for quality materials and realistic design.
  • Oral, anal and vaginal sex is possible.
  • Bending body for all Kama Sutra poses.

6. Rosalyn

Rosalyn is a beautiful brunette with curly hair and a slim body. This temptress looks very luxurious. You can experience a stunning orgasm and try different poses with this quality sex doll. This product has a steel skeleton and low weight.


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No need to be lonely – beautiful sex dolls with wonderful appearance are available for everyone. You get an excellent model with a beautiful body and face for a reasonable price. Rosalyn can realize all your erotic fantasies, while sex with this toy will surely diversify your love life.

Such dolls are intended not only for single men, but also for couples and women. Everyone can make his sex life brighter and spicier – try this type of sex; this product has all the holes for penetration. Feel this tender body, it excites and gives positive emotions.

Rosalyn features:

  • Reasonable price and realistic design.
  • Skin and eye color can be changed.
  • Three holes for penetration.
  • Low weight, but durable skeleton of steel without alloys.
  • There are inserts for bending the limbs.

7. Melania

Hot brunette with skinny body and sparkling eyes will seduce any man who loves luxury girls. This sex doll looks amazing – her slim waist, beautiful hips and small breasts ignite the sexual desire. This is your chance to experience new intimate pleasures, because here you will be the master.


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Your dutiful beauty will fulfill all your erotic desires; you can even try all positions. Inside the product, there is a steel skeleton, which makes this toy very durable, yet not heavy and rather flexible. Touch this smooth body; the cover material is very realistic.

The company offers to change some details, such as skin color or type of the vagina. We advise you to choose a removable one, because it can be used as a pocket male masturbator. Use a lubricant for intimate penetration, although the doll’s material is hypo-allergenic and safe even for the most sensitive skin.

Melania will provide:

  • Realistic appearance with a beautiful face and attractive body.
  • Quality materials and slim figure.
  • Three holes for different types of sex.
  • You can change some elements for an additional cost.
  • Luxury design for the most sophisticated users.
  • Impeccable intimate toy at an affordable price.

8. Francine

This slender girl with black skin can become a new page in your intimate life. She will off you to try new incredible sexual sensations to make sex more pleasant. Francine has a beautiful slim body, while touching her skin will be very pleasant.


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If you like small breast and thin hips, this sex doll will be the best choice for you. Exotics and sex – it will be unearthly satisfaction for anyone willing to have wonderful and enjoyable sex. Her plump lips and mouth are created for penetration – try different types of sex with this black beauty.

Francine has the top position in different ratings; this product is very popular among many men and couples. Have you seen such a sweet girl in real life? Now she will be with you every day and you can have regular and incredibly pleasant sex.

Francine is about:

  • Black beauty with a slim body and a beautiful face.
  • All holes for oral, anal and vaginal sex.
  • Good price and top-quality materials.
  • Exotic looks and seductive body.
  • Solid skeleton and realistic design of each element.

9. Virginia

Do you want to get sex from a beautiful slim dark-skinned beauty? Meet Virginia – this sex doll looks like a real live girl. Her striking appearance, thin body and smooth skin will be the pinnacle of pleasure for you. This intimate toy will fulfill all your erotic desires.


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The fit figure of this model looks very realistic, as the manufacturer made each element with perfect accuracy. The price is fully consistent with the high quality of the materials used for making this item. You get a great product with all the holes and a delicate coating.

Virginia wants to play with you, so let her do it. Touch her smooth skin and let all your intimate fantasies come true. The steel skeleton has special inserts in the limbs so the doll can take different erotic poses. It will be very bright and unforgettable sex!

Virginia features:

  • Beautiful athletic body and pretty face.
  • Steel skeleton and high-quality TPE coating.
  • Black beauty with three holes for penetration.
  • Light weight and realistic details.
  • Good price and reliable manufacturer.

10. Denise

Modern girls like to look stylish and have a slim body – Denise does it too. This beauty has a slender body, long dark hair and a pretty face. You will enjoy spending time with this seductress; she will show you many sexual positions so that you get a wonderful and exciting pastime.


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The beautiful body of this model looks very realistic; its good coating material is very smooth and gentle. A solid skeleton makes this toy very durable, but you can still bend the body. You will be the main person during sex, and this submissive beauty will be your slave of love.

The doll has an affordable price, and you can even catch a discount of up to 50%. This item appeared in many ratings, because many men like her beautiful body. Lesbians also love to relax with this great intimate toy.

Denise will provide:

  • Good price with the ability to get a discount of almost 50%
  • Realistic design and quality materials.
  • Anal, oral and vaginal sex.
  • Slim body and medium height.
  • Long dark hair.

11. Marie

Do you think that Russian girls are very beautiful, tender and sexy? Spend a night with Marie. This slender beauty will give you new erotic sensations and a great finish. The doll is made of advanced materials with a steel skeleton inside.


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The thin body of this model looks very pretty – small breasts, slender legs and thin waist. If you like to dominate, then this item will be the best choice for you. Also, this doll can assume different poses and give you an opportunity to have oral, vaginal and anal sex. This is a wonderful intimate toy at an affordable price that can become yours in a couple of clicks.

Marie is in demand among those who buy such product for the first time. The steel skeleton does not make this item heavy, while the inner inserts allow you to bend the body as you want. Get awesome emotions and try to fulfill all your erotic dreams if you haven’t done it yet.

Marie is about:

    • Beautiful appearance of a Russian girl with a slim body.
    • Reasonable price and high-quality materials.
    • Three holes for penetration.
    • Bending skeleton
    • Smooth skinny body with a small chest and a pretty face.

Additional Information

The main criteria of our choice are the first positions in sales ratings of reliable online stores. The list includes only the most popular products with excellent quality, impeccable design and affordable price. If you like flat-chested beauties with delicate skin and innocent faces, then our rating will be very useful for you.

Each item in our review features a realistic design and a beautiful young body. Such models look very cute, and many men like to spend time with them. You can become a guru of love and pleasure with this sex toy, and she will grant you amazing erotic pleasures.

Such goods are bought not only by single men, but also by married couples and lesbians. Anyone who feels lonely can acquire such a beauty not only for sexual satisfaction, but also to have a partner.

It will be very nice to come home after work and see this doll in your empty apartment, you would be very glad that she is waiting for you.

Every detail of such toys is perfectly shaped in order to deliver maximum realism. This is the best choice for erotic pleasure, because you get a natural orgasm and novel sexual experience. Each model can have different design, shape, color, hairstyle and other details. Many companies offer to choose the appearance according to individual preferences.

Reasons to trust us

Our rating is based on the careful analysis of information on products, materials, stores and prices. We explore all aspects of the intimate goodsmarket and select proven bestsellers in certain categories. This review will help you make an excellent purchase and enjoy your sex doll for a long time.

Each model in the rating boasts a flawless design. Flat-chested beauties look incredible, so you will be definitely pleased with the purchase. Read the description, compare the products and find your ideal sex doll for intimate satisfaction.

Advantages of flat-chested dolls

These seductive sex dolls are designed to give maximum erotic pleasure, so every detail here is carefully created by skilled professionals. You can be sure that all used materials are absolutely safe for your skin and general health.

Any product needs care, which is especially true for these sex dolls with holes for penetration. Here you can find the storage and care information to make your intimate toy serve for a long time. Almost all models have three holes, so each of them must be thoroughly washed and dried before and after use.

Flat-chested girls with slender bodies look very naive, tender and young. Such beauties are preferred by many men, even those of more mature age. A perfectly-shaped skinny body makes the toy more realistic and attractive.

If you like to dominate in the bedroom, then this bodytype will suit you more than others. Such sex dolls weight less and have great appearance. Their lovely innocent faces make them look more submissive and naive. If you want to become the first man in her life, then choose among these young beauties with a small booty, thin arms and a flat chest.

Sex with them will be a great intimate experience for you. It will be an incredible pleasure to become the first man whom this attractive slender beauty will know. You will be the master in bed, and she will realize all your erotic dreams.

Some common shortcomings

There are certain drawbacks that you should know. These are minor design flaws, different nuances of materials, care, price or purchase process. Such moments will be useful for you if you do not want to make a mistake when purchasing a sex doll.

  • Each model may have certain specifics stemming from the material; it may require certain type of care.
  • Almost all dolls of this type have an average weight, while others – from 40 kg.
  • Do not use detergents with different chemical additives, so as not to damage the coating of the toy.
  • Some companies offer dolls with a removable vagina. This is an additional paid service, but it will simplify the cleaning.
  • Do not leave the product to dry on its own, some parts may remain wet.
  • If the doll has natural or artificial long hair, you’ll have to wash and dry it.
  • Not all types of such intimate goods are very expensive. You can find a realistic high-quality sex doll from 1000 dollars.

How sex dolls are made?

First, specialists make a 3D model. Then they create a cast of soft material to shape the future doll. Sometimes manufacturers offer customers to choose a design or give a photo of a real person – this service is very popular. After creating the skeleton (it may be the same for all dolls, albeit different in height and proportions), the face is designed.

When all the elements are created, the workers join all the parts into the finished product. After that, the intimate toy needs painting and adding such small details as nails, hair, holes for penetration, etc. When the doll is fully prepared, it passes a set of tests for functionality and safety.

Using a sex doll

Wash your beauty before use – this is important because the product was shipped in a box. Washing will also help make the toy warmer and more pleasant for sexual contact. You can get different types of sex if the doll has all the holes.

Use a lubricant or condom so that friction during penetration does not cause irritation or discomfort. Such products are created not only for satisfying your intimate needs, but also for preventive purposes. Those who have problems with erection use dolls for better performance.

The holes are located in the mouth, vagina and anus. They are created with maximum realism; it can be quite elastic and tight for more sensual sensations during penetration. Not all the models have three holes, so check it before purchasing. Silicone and TPE are rubber-based, so use a lubricant.

Some items may have all necessary cleaning tools in the set. Each doll has a long service life, however, it depends not only on the materials, but also on your care. The steel skeleton makes the dolls more durable, but the product would be rather unstable. Your beauty won’t be able to stand or sit without a special prop or pillows.

Warming up

It will be more pleasant for you to have sex if your intimate toy is warm. You can wash it with warm water and pour it into the holes to raise the temperature. Do not use very hot water, because the coating material can deform.

Material and structure

Companies use silicone or its other version – TPE. Sometimes it may be SuperSkin or other variants. The material is very important for an amazing sexual contact. We have chosen the online stores which thoroughly ensure that every intimate beauty they sell will grant exquisite pleasure.

Such materials do not always differ in price. Super Skin is arguably the most expensive one, but TPE or silicone also look wonderful and smooth. The structure of these materials includes very many tiny pores, so it is very important to wash such dolls thoroughly.


Almost all models of sex dolls from reliable large companies look very realistic. Each item has all the necessary components, as well as various small details in the design (nails, eyebrows, mimic wrinkles, freckles, moles, etc.). There are more augmented versions with robotic systems, and it can be said that these dolls really come to life.

Each manufacturer spends a lot of time developing every its model. This is not only the frame design, but also the modeling of the body, face and bending parts. This all is done to give you the most satisfying natural excitement, because the delicate coating material looks and feels like real smooth skin.

Additional sex doll


If you want to buy not just a doll, but a realistic beauty for intimate satisfaction, then you can opt for a sex robot. These dolls have a set of sensors and chips inside to respond to your touch, emotions and movements. Such items have a higher price, but it will be almost a living girl.

Sex dolls can have different vagina types (removable ones can be used as a pocket masturbator). If you want an exclusive design, the company can develop a model by the photo or according to your private preferences. Other additions include automatic body heating to make touching it even more pleasant.


Each doll is thoroughly packed before shipment to the customer. This is not just a cardboard box, but also careful winding of the limbs and a special mount for the head. The product will be delivered with special care, although the toys usually do not have fragile or easily breakable parts.

If you still do not trust the standard package, you can order an additional box made of more durable materials. This service is paid, and many customers use it to transport dolls with a robotic system, so as not to damage the internal sensors.


You can order a doll from the company via the official website. It is fast and convenient because you do not need to go to the store. You can be sure that the specialists will contact you and discuss all the details of the order, payment and delivery. The order interface is very simple and the process doesn’t take much time.


You need to specify the address and the country of delivery for your goods. Some companies offer free shipping and add care and use products to the kit. You can ask to adjust the time and date of arrival of your purchase and choose the suitable one. Almost all manufacturers deliver the goods to all countries of the world.

Sex toys delivery


Many sex dolls can feature very realistic appearance, good-quality materials and an affordable price. Good toys can cost from 2000-3000 dollars. The price can sometimes be lower if it is a small model. In this case, you can buy a super beauty for 1000-1500 dollars. Many companies give excellent discounts – up to 50%.

If you buy a sex robot, the price starts from 7000 dollars. This is not just the cost of developing the model and design, but also the technologies embedded into the body of the doll. Such products are expensive, but they can move, speak and respond to your motions.

A Few Things To Consider

There are some simple tips for use, storage and care. They will be useful to make your beauty serve for a long time. Such tips can be called recommendations from other users who share this on the Internet:

  • Compare several models before purchasing. It is difficult to make the choice immediately.
  • The steel skeleton makes the doll unstable, so you may need a special stand for vertical sexual poses.
  • Slender flat-chested beauties have less weight than other models. For this reason, the price may be lower.
  • You cannot use soap with different additives, you can damage the coating of the product.
  • Many users do not recommend storing the doll in a bag; leave it on a sofa or bed. You will need to wash it before and after use.
  • You can find 2 dolls for the price of one. These are special sets of 2 models.
  • If you want to take your toy to the bath, don’t douse it with hot water. This has a bad effect on the coating material.
  • Do not leave your princess in the sun.

Care and Cleanup

Every intimate toy should have a thorough care – washing and drying. Such products have direct contact with the skin and genitals, so you need to wash each penetration hole carefully. Use special detergents that go with the doll.

If you have not received a cleaning product, you can use usual soap without additives. After washing, all parts of the doll must be dried so that bacteria do not appear in the pores. Do not use napped fabrics, take a simple cotton towel and pay special attention to the holes.


Thorough cleaning is very good. Use soap without additives or a special detergent for these types of intimate toys. Experts advise to wash the doll before and after use to protect you and your beauty from germs. Do not use detergents for other things – you risk damaging the coating.


After each cleaning you need to dry your sex doll paying special attention to the internal parts. Do not use a terry towel that you take to the bath. The cover of the doll has a fine porous texture, so the lint from such fabrics can remain somewhere. Take a cotton cloth and do not leave the product to dry on its own.


We recommend only the best sex dolls from reliable manufacturers that make their models as realistic as possible. This is a new type of erotic pleasure, because here everything happens according to your desires. These girls can’t refuse – only your rules have force in bed.

To enjoy your purchase longer, don’t forget to follow all the tips for use and care. Such products have high quality materials, so you will be surprised by their impeccable qualities.