A penis milking machine is the most powerful and interesting device for masturbation ever invented. The choice of automatic masturbators is rich, and every user can find something appealing.

To guide you through the huge sex toys market, we have evaluated our Top-24 penis milking machines and masturbators according to their functions, customization options, power and reliability. Enjoy reading and choosing your future favorite device! We read user reviews to make sure those things bring positive emotions only and aren’t challenging in use. Some of the models from our chart would be great for beginners and solo experience, others are equipped with more intricate features.

Last Updated: Mike Several positions in our list have been changed to reflect the latest developments. Kiiroo Onyx or Max 2 would be great for more or less advanced users. Tip: Unlike the vast majority of masturbators from our chart, Fleshlight Launch (5th place) doesn’t confine the choice to one silicone vagina only – it’s compatible with other Fleshlights (except for Flight, Ice, Turbo, Quickshot, and GO products). The Quickshot version is available here. So you can enjoy a huge variety of different textures. Besides, the device is easy to maintain and clean.

In this review:

Top 24 Penis Milking Machines – The Secret of Mind-Blowing Solo!

To guide you through the mire of the sex toy market, we have selected 24 most outstanding male milking machines and masturbators. For example, Lovense Max is compact, but has the whole gamut of cool features, such as Bluetooth connection and vibration. It can be used for solo sessions or together with a partner.

1. Kiiroo Onyx – an Excellent Blowjob Machine with Interactive Features

One of the most elegant penis milking machines from our chart, Kiiroo Onyx, is lightweight and ergonomic – you might store it at home or take with you on a trip. The strong side of this automatic masturbator is versatile connectivity. Want to play with people online? Need to enjoy 2D or 3D/VR content while jerking off? It’s possible with this device! Kiiroo Onyx even synchronizes to some encoded video games! Level up your masturbation experience!

Kiiroo Onyx 2 Discreet

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(more photos are available)

What’s inside the case? Onyx has a large silicone vagina with 10 rings for maximum penetration and pleasant massage. The gadget simulates all kinds of sex. The sleeve’s insertable length is enough for the vast majority of users. The gadget reaches 140 strokes per minute, so you can make your way to the mind-blowing finish very quickly. Don’t forget to buy a water-based lube and clean the sleeve when you’re done – it’s easily removable.

Options of Kiiroo Onyx:

  • high stroking speed (up to 140 moves);
  • connectivity with the Net, VR, video games;
  • great insertable length;
  • stylish design.
  • no lady orifice or butt imitation;
  • no vibration;

2. Lovense Max – A Budget Pick

Need something compact and powerful? Then the Lovense Max 2 milking machine is exactly the thing! This device is equipped with everything for mind-boggling masturbation: a pump with adjustable suction and three speeds, a vibrator with several modes, and even Bluetooth connectivity with your smartphone. Lovesense app will add zest to your sessions: it can be synchronized with other Lovesense devices even if those are miles away! Use these masturbators simultaneously with your partner to strengthen your ties and connection.

Lovense Max 2

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(more photos are available)

Advanced technologies are encapsulated in a small stylish white case that won’t take much space. You can easily store it in a drawer or take it on a trip. Don’t worry about the wires as well – the device is charged via usual USB. What’s inside the case? The Lovesense automatic masturbator features a soft, delicate sleeve with numerous bumps inside to caress and tease your member. The silicone vagina is easily removed and cleaned. With its ~8 inch insertable length, it will accommodate the vast majority of men.

Features of Lovense Max:

  • long-distance control via Bluetooth and application;
  • integration with other Lovesense devices;
  • pump with suction control and different speeds;
  • vibrator with several modes;
  • USB wire;
  • textured silicone vagina with lady orifice.

3. F-Machine – A Classic Device

This kit rather reminds of a tool kit, but don’t let its complicated look confuse you. Inside the compartment, you will find everything for mind-blowing masturbation experience. The main unit allows reaching the overwhelming speed of 180 strokes per minute, and there are three sleeve sizes (M, L, XL) to fit any penis girth.

F-Machine Tremblr

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(more photos are available)

Tremblr is a true find for advanced users because it allows for easy customization of your solo experience. First, it boasts numerous suction/speed/vibration mode settings, which allows you to enjoy tens of masturbation patterns. Secondly, the toy comes with a wireless remote control to adjust its modes, so it’s great for couples too. It’s equipped with an electric cooling fan to prolong its service life, and yet doesn’t make much noise. If you are ready to pay for high-quality sex toys, this monster won’t disappoint you!


  • striking speed (180 strokes per minute);
  • 3 sleeve sizes;
  • various speeds, suction and vibration modes;
  • remote control.


  • expensive;
  • no mobile app;
  • not suitable for taking on trips or storing discreetly.

4. RoboFuk Adjustable – Erotic Fantasies Made Reality

In the world of sex toys, purchasing a sex machine is a true commitment to your pleasure. The RoboFuk sex machine is a truly universal sex toy that can be used by both men and women. The thrusting sex toy comes with two attachments – a dildo and a pussy.

RoboFuk Adjustable

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(more photos are available)

Before using this sex machine, you can find the perfect angle and height for yourself, as the arm is completely adjustable. With the help of either a mounting bracket or a suction cap pads, you can ensure that the machine doesn’t move around when you use it.

The dimensions of this particular device are 25 x 12 x 12, which is just quite a compact size for such a powerful sex machine.

The hands-free masturbator is made of body-safe TPE and doesn’t contain any latex.

The features of RoboFuk Adjustable:

  • Arm of the machine can be rotated 360 degrees to find the right angle and height;
  • 2 attachments (a dildo and a pussy);
  • Great size that offers power but is not too large;
  • Mounting bracket and suction cups to ensure that it stays in place;
  • High-quality and durability.

5. Fleshlight Launch

Fleshlight Launch is a device that can, without any doubt, be called one of the best interactive sex toy for men on the market. It’s automatic and can give you up to 180 strokes per minute. Lube up, sit back, and relax, while Fleshlight Launch works its magic on you. You can use almost the entire collection of brand masturbators to vary your masturbation experience (except for Flight, Ice, Turbo, Quickshot, and GO products). The Quickshot Launch version is available here.

Fleshlight Launch by Kiiroo

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(more photos are available)

Many men want to last longer and to get as much pleasure as possible. With the help of the Stamina Pack, this dream can become reality. The Fleshlight Launch toy offers its users either just the automated experience or an opportunity of getting more from the interactive world – games, webcams, videos and even virtual reality.

The unit has several speed modes and stroke length settings – they are adjusted with one button. It’s ideal for stamina training and getting maximum out of masturbation experience. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a novice or an advanced user: this thing brings pure joy and helps to train stamina at the same time. Unlike some large penis milking machines, Fleshlight Launch is very lightweight and compact – it can be stored discreetly without problems.

Key features of Fleshlight Launch:

  • access to the variety of content – virtual reality, encoded videos, webcams, and more;
  • innovative touch control system;
  • body-safe;
  • VR goggles compatible;
  • rechargeable;
  • can give you up to 180 strokes per minute;
  • can be used with FeelMe.com;
  • isn’t heavy;
  • sleek design;
  • great for solo and coupled play.

6. Milker Automatic

Want some varied experience? This penis milking machine features two cylinders for different styles of masturbation. One has 9 inches of insertable length, and is great for classic jerking off. The second one would be great for teasing your cock or head of the shaft. Both cylinders feature silicone insights for a tight grip and lifelike feelings. Designed for powerful stroking and sucking, this stylish device will make all the work for you – just connect the hose to the cylinder and switch the thing on.

Milker Automatic Deluxe features

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(more photos are available)

The kit comes with a locked chest with 2 keys, so it’s ideal for discreet storage. The best thing about this automatic masturbator is the ability to control suction. That’s a great choice for users who aren’t into vibration, but need more lifelike experience and achieve better orgasms with suction. Note that you should use water-based lubricant with ABS silicone vaginas.

Options of The Milker Automatic:

  • two cylinders for different kinds of stimulation;
  • advanced suction control;
  • comes in a discreet compartment;
  • can be bulky and inconvenient in use due to hoses;
  • no vibration;
  • overpriced;
  • no Bluetooth connectivity.

7. Tenga Zero Flip Hole – Enjoy Tremendous Textures and Sensations

Tenga Zero Flip Hole is a device which is very easy to use and doesn’t require much effort from your side. You only need to lube up, put your penis inside of it and enjoy tremendous textures and sensations. Want to add even more to your self-stimulating experience? Turn on the vibration and see just what this toy is capable of giving you. Don’t be surprised if you’ll then want to repeat the session again (the non-vibrating version is available at a much lower price here).

Tenga Flip Hole Zero Vibrating

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(more photos are available)

For best results, it’s suggested to use the device with generous amount of your favorite water-based lubricant. There’re 5 vibration functions at your disposal, so you get a wide array of sensations to choose from. And the best part is, cleaning the toy is an absolute breeze, thanks to its innovative book-like design. And it’s also semi-transparent, so it’s possible for you to watch yourself penetrate.


  • Internal textures for strong-yet-soft stimulation;
  • 5 vibration settings;
  • Strong vacuum;
  • Easy to apply lube and clean;
  • Semi-transparent.


  • Standing it up to dry;
  • Quite loud;
  • Charging dock is a little flimsy to connect;
  • A bit heavy;
  • Splashproof only.

8. Fun Factory Cobra Libre II – Luxury Male Vibrator

Fun Factory Cobra Libre II opens up new ways of experiencing pleasure for you. It doesn’t just simulate some kind of sex – this luxury silicone vibrator pin-points your glans and frenulum for the erotic sessions that will leave you astounded. The stimulation the device provides is targeted and the orgasm you’ll get in the end is going to be powerful. And you might just want to experience it again.

Fun Factory Cobra Libre

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(more photos are available)

The toy is fully rechargeable and waterproof, and there’re two powerful motors inside of it that are exceptionally quiet. However, it doesn’t make the sensations any less strong and the vibrations they deliver are deep and pleasing. Lube up the flexible soft opening, insert up to 3.5″ of your penis inside and then switch on the vibrations. Several speeds and patterns are at your disposal, so flick through them and find out which one is the best for you.


  • Powerful;
  • Incredible stimulation of the head and frenulum;
  • Exceptionally quiet;
  • Rechargeable and comes with USB charger;
  • 100% waterproof.


  • Opening is a little small for some;
  • Charging time;
  • Can’t be used while charging;
  • Could be a little longer.

9. Kiiroo Titan

This male milking machine was designed not just to massage the user’s shaft – it serves to boost stamina. Feel free to customize your masturbation experience: the device features 9 vibrating bullets that can be activated separately. There are several modes with targeted vibration. Masturbation has never been so lifelike and yet so unbelievably intense.

TITAN by KIIROO masturbation experience

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(more photos are available)

Despite being a real monster with powerful vibrating units, the stylish device is quiet and compact. It can be taken on a trip or stored in a drawer. It doesn’t really look like a vibrator, so you don’t have to worry about discreetness. There’s one more great advantage: Kiiroo Titan can be connected to other brand toys and to the user’s PC or smartphone. Use it with your partner, or enjoy adult content synced with your masturbation session. Going solo has never been so interesting!

Kiiroo Titan offers:

  • compact and lightweight, suitable for discreet storage;
  • connectivity with PC and mobile devices;
  • 19 cm of insertable length;
  • different vibration modes;
  • use time of 30-40 minutes only;
  • no suction control;

10. SOM Rocket

Think your hands are quick enough? You haven’t tried SOM Rocket yet! This Japanese robotic masturbator is a real monster when it comes to the rate of strokes: it can make from 90 to 180 thrusts per minute. Who wouldn’t like such a treat?

SOM Rocket robotic masturbator

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(more photos are available)

The masturbator is intended to be put between user’s legs when he sits or lies down – the masturbator angle is adjustable. With the speed controller, the user can select a convenient rate of strokes and personalize his experience.

Despite looking a bit bulky, this penis milking machine is easy to maintain. It’s enough to wipe the construction with a cloth, and the soft silicone masturbator can be removed for washing. No special cleaners are needed. The onahole is textured: it features multiple dots to reach maximum penetration. Afraid you’ll spoil the silicone masturbator? Don’t worry – you can order additional items with the unit (though they are pretty expensive).

SOM Rocket’s insertable length is about 10 cm (evidently, it was created for Japanese and Asian audience mostly). Although it’s not much for men with medium-sized and large members, mind-boggling speed of this gadget compensates for everything. If you don’t mind finding a convenient place for storage, this automatic masturbator is a perfect choice!

Key features of SOM Rocket:

  • 90-180 strokes per minute;
  • manual speed control;
  • removable textured onahole is included;
  • SOM lubricant is included in the kit.

11. Puchi SOM

Another example of durable Japanese technologies, Puchi SOM is a more compact version of its SOM Rocket model. This male milking machine has two stroking speeds controlled with the help of the back switch. The unit is small enough: 10 x 14 cm (4 x 5.5″). It can be easily stored in some discreet place. The masturbator is easy to use – put it between your thighs and you’re good to go.

Puchi SOM compact version

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(more photos are available)

Inside, there’s a stretchy, soft rubber pussy with a ribbed and dotted structure. It looks quite thin, but don’t worry – you will be able to order a replacement for it. The insertable length is 10.5 cm (4.1″) – not the largest model, but it’s enough to stimulate the most sensitive zones of your shaft. Good news: the unit has adjustable power requirements of 100-240 V, so it’s compatible with sockets all over the world.

Features of Puchi Som:

  • high adjustable speed;
  • soft replaceable onahole included;
  • compact and lightweight;
  • compatible with sockets of different voltage.
  • no suction control and no vibration;
  • should be put between one’s legs – position isn’t adjusted;
  • the manual is in Japanese only;

12. Autoblow 2

What’s special about this automatic masturbator? It features a well-designed stroking system: instead of stationary triggers, there are rings with balls rolling around the user’s penis. Your shaft will sense them through the soft silicone vagina. This updated version provides 50% tighter grip for you to enjoy brighter orgasms. Textured with ribs and dots, this soft pussy will make you roll your eyes with pleasure.

Autoblow 2 well-designed

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(more photos are available)

Although it looks quite sturdy and big, Autoblow 2 is suitable for discreet storage, too. The sleeve is easily removed for cleaning. By the way, there are three sizes of sleeves available for different penis girths! You can also buy a couple of sleeves to enjoy different sensations. This makes Autoblow 2 perfect for every user – no more one-size-fits-all inconvenient models.

Characteristics of Autoblow 2:

  • Several sizes are available;
  • unique stroking system with a tight grip;
  • a case for discreet storage;
  • optimal price;
  • no vibration;
  • only one speed and mode.

13. SayberX

It’s not a secret that many male milking machines don’t feel real due to their fast speed and vibration – sometimes it’s too much. SayberX was made with the focus on lifelike experience: this is a male masturbator with proprietary technologies that deliver realistic sensations. The gadget is perfect for going solo and playing together with a partner. The X Ring and Sayber X apps allow your partner to control the masturbator for you to feel like being together.

SayberX proprietary technologies

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(more photos are available)

SayberX feels real thanks to the skin-like material of the vagina, very soft and textured. Once it embraces the member, you will be drawn to the seventh heaven. According to the manufacturer, you can use any type of lube with their sleeve – a rare feature for masturbators.

One more pleasant bonus is hidden in SayberX app: it shows you the statistics about your masturbation experience. It’s a great feature for figuring out what you like and what stimulates you better.

Characteristics of SayberX:

  • very realistic experience;
  • X Ring technology for better penetration;
  • connectivity with app and other devices;
  • sleek and discreet design.
  • not wireless;
  • quite heavy;

14. A10 Cyclone R1

Those who like intense and fast masturbation should opt for A10 Cyclone R1 Unit Combo. This small gadget is quick and powerful as tornado – it will massage and rub your shaft to reach an unbearable orgasm. Inside, there’s a textured silicone vagina with long nubs for very intense massaging motions. This unit is not for beginners, it should only be used by those who have mastered the control over masturbation speed and power.

Cyclone R1 Unit Combo

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(more photos are available)

If this unit looks too small for you, don’t worry – there are two sizes available. You will surely find a model to accommodate the diameter and length of your penis. The silicone vagina is easily extracted from the case and can be washed without problems. It’s recommended to use this device with water-based lube only.

This model is perfect for use on the go. It’s small and lightweight, and works with AAA batteries – it’s always at hand whenever your member needs a good shake!

Features of A10 Cyclone R1:

  • compact and lightweight;
  • easy to carry;
  • very powerful;
  • textured for intense penetration;
  • Japanese manual only;
  • no vibration;
  • can be short for some users.

15. Cyclone X10

Users in search of maximum customization should definitely like Cyclone X10 automatic masturbator. It has 10 power levels and 10 modes of buzz – overall, 100 types of stimulation! If that’s not enough, you can attach the gadget to the wall or any other even surface: it allows for hands-free masturbation in whichever pose you like.

Cyclone X10 power levels

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(more photos are available)

Being a decent representative of Japanese sex toy market, Cyclone X10 can be synchronized with your computer – you can download free games to diversify your masturbation experience. Aside from it, you can use the machine together with additional cup attachments from the SSI Japan series. A highly textured silicone vagina is also worth mentioning: featuring long nubs and bumps, it will tease your penis intensely to reach a fairylike orgasm.

Cyclone X10 features:

  • a huge amount of modes and speeds;
  • connectivity with PC;
  • can be installed on any surface;
  • lack of insertable length for some users;
  • Japanese instruction only.

16. Genmu Power

Genmu Power Piston is one of the fastest masturbators on the market. It makes 240 strokes per minute – a record-breaking speed for fantastic orgasms! However, it’s not the only benefit of this model. It also has 12 massaging patterns for you to personalize experience and find the favorite masturbation style. Doesn’t this sound better than usual masturbation sessions?

Genmu Power Piston robotic piston

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(more photos are available)

This penis milking machine also boasts compactness and light weight – it’s suitable for taking on a trip, and doesn’t take much place. The construction allows for easy detachment and cleaning of the parts. The TPE onahole has a ribbed texture for intense penetration and better arousal. The unit charges by USB, and, when fully powered, works for 2 hours – enough for a couple of fantastic solo sessions.

Options of Genmu Power:

  • keeps charge for 2 hours of work;
  • 12 massaging patterns;
  • high stroking speed (240 pumps per minute);
  • no Bluetooth connectivity;
  • not convenient to hold.

17. A10 Piston SA

This penis milking machine is very mighty and powerful – as Japanese technologies tend to be. Encased in a large unit, it ensures a tight grip of user’s penis and imitates lifelike experience with high precision. There are several piston types and seven speeds to deliver mind-blowing sensations. Blowjob, handjob, oral or vaginal sex – imitate any kind of intercourse you like. You’ll definitely have much to choose from!

A10 Piston SA large unit

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(more photos are available)

The piston has a soft textured silicone vagina for pleasant penetration and realistic feel. The appetizing pussy has ribs and dots inside and delivers pulsating sensations. The unit has pretty long work time (2 hours), but it’s definitely not suitable for carrying anywhere. Instead, you should use this device at home in a relaxed atmosphere. Reliability and power are the main reasons to choose this model.

What to expect from A10 Piston SA:

  • several speeds and modes;
  • the sleeve is easy to clean;
  • sufficient insertable length (~14 cm);
  • very heavy and not convenient to use;
  • overpriced;

18. Vorze A10

This male milking machine is one of the best representatives of Japanese sex toys industry. Having a realistic tight vagina with frenzy textures inside, it allows you to reach fantastic orgasms deriving pleasure from every second spent with the device. Besides, there are several inner cup attachments to get various sensations from your stroking session. Despite being named “Cyclone,” this masturbator is 50% quieter than the original A10 Cyclone model and some other machines on the market. Don’t be afraid of disturbing your flatmates.

Vorze A10 Cyclone looks amazing

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(more photos are available)

This high-tech male milking machine has a Bluetooth module for PC connectivity. Enjoy VR, music, games, adult films, and other types of content to enhance your joy. The machine also works with the Vorze app for you to enjoy various modes and speeds of masturbation. All in all, this is a great masturbator for personalizing the user experience.

Features of Vorze A10:

  • highly customizable;
  • Bluetooth connectivity;
  • 2 hours of autonomous work;
  • easy to wash and maintain;
  • quite heavy (1.3 kg);
  • no iOS app for Vorze devices.

19. Nol Hotpis

One of the most common problems of penis milking machines is lack of heating. No one likes entering a cold vagina – it doesn’t feel like a live woman at all! The Japanese Nol Hotpis Heated Sex Machine solves this problem once and forever: it heats the unit up for you to feel like being inside real female flesh. The inner texture of the silicone vagina is covered with long nubs for maximum penetration.

Nol Hotpis automatic system

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(more photos are available)

This model is highly customizable: there are 10 speeds and 10 patterns of caressing, which means you can choose out of 100 possible masturbation styles! There’s a suction cup to place the unit whenever you need. You can either hold the machine in your hand or attach it to the wall – the angle is adjustable. To top it off, the device comes with an inbuilt audio track of sex moans to submerge you into the right atmosphere.

Nol Hotpis offers:

  • automatic warming;
  • 10 speeds and patterns;
  • suction cup;
  • not heavy;
  • no case for discreet storage;
  • can be too wide for a penis with small girth;

20. Men’s SOM

Now when you’re already acquainted with SOM automatic masturbators, you know how fast they can be. But did you know that SOM rockets also come with different versions of ‘masturbators’ – in this case, your dick is massaged by a silicone hand! If you find feeling someone’s hand wrapped around your penis arousing, consider this model.

Men’s SOM different versions

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(more photos are available)

It features adjustable thrusting power (80-110 movements per minute) helping you to reach the climax in a jiffy. The unit is placed between the user’s thighs. Its height is adjustable for different angles – you can use it while sitting or lying. Simply apply some water-based lube on your shaft, switch this thing on, and enjoy dreamlike pleasure on your way to a mind-blowing orgasm. Enjoy hand masturbation being hand-free!

Men’s SOM is all about:

  • fast adjustable thrusting;
  • reliable and durable Japanese design;
  • easy to clean;
  • not convenient to use if you like standing;
  • no vibration;
  • no Bluetooth connectivity;
  • overpriced;

21. Infinity Spiral

While the vast majority of male milking machines are based on pitching motions, this masturbator goes off the beaten track and rotates triggers around the user’s penis instead. Featuring eight types of rotation and spinning, it embraces your member tightly and teases it with numerous nubs. That’s the experience you’ve never had before! Enjoy a revolutionary approach to masturbation – Infinity Spiral sex machine will be your source of endless pleasure.

Infinity Spiral eight types of rotation

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(more photos are available)

The model boasts stylish design and compact size – it’s very easy to carry with yourself or store at home. Yet, thanks to 23 cm overall length, it accommodates a penis of any size. The speed and modes are controlled with two simple buttons, and the device is very easy to wash. There’s USB connectivity to enjoy your favorite adult content. What else to wish for?

Infinity Spiral has such options:

  • enough insertable length;
  • rotation mode for new masturbation sensations;
  • USB connectivity;
  • easy to store discreetly;
  • no air release for suction control;
  • no vibration.

22. Genmu Oral Air

If you’re in search of a gadget for lifelike blowjob experience, pay utmost attention to the masturbator by Genmu. This penis milking machine was made to imitate the mouth insides – there’s even a tongue in the onahole. Its slightly ribbed texture teases and caresses the user’s member for delicate and yet intense ecstatic sensations. In one click of a button, you can switch between five different modes.

Genmu Oral Air ultra-realistic sex

Check Price on KanojoToys.com

(more photos are available)

The masturbator boasts very sleek, stylish and compact design – take it on a trip or hide in a drawer – no prying eyes around. The insides are easily removed for simple cleaning and maintenance. The battery is enough for 1 hour of work, and it charges quickly via a USB cable. Powerful, lightweight, original – that’s what this automatic masturbator is about.

Genmu Oral Air features:

  • great imitation of blowjob experience thanks to the realistic texture;
  • optimal price;
  • lightweight and compact;
  • 9 cm insertable length;
  • only 1 hour of work;
  • lack of textures;

23. Rising Violet

This device would be a great option for novices who want to get their feet wet in the ocean of masturbation experience. Non-expensive and simple in use, The Rising Violet Automatic Powered Masturbator provides basic masturbation features and five stroking modes. All you need to do is just lube your shaft and get inside! Speed is controlled in one click.

Rising Violet very compact

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(more photos are available)

This model is very compact – it can be stored in a small drawer. Besides, cleaning is a no-brainer: simply remove the sleeve and wash it under the tap water. The silicone vagina has lady’s orifice and nubs for extra pleasure. Use this device to get acquainted with automatic masturbators and boost your stamina.

Features of Rising Violet:

  • compact and lightweight;
  • cheap;
  • several patterns;
  • no Bluetooth connectivity;
  • lack of insertable length;
  • AA batteries are required.

24. REV 1000

If you need a small and easy-to-handle automatic masturbator, this one might be the right thing. REV 1000 has a very ergonomic design that makes it perfect for beginners and advanced users alike. The masturbator features seven speeds and seven patterns, which is enough for personalizing your experience and jerking off exactly the way you like.

REV1000 Rotating Rechargeable

Check Price on Lovehoney.com

(more photos are available)

It has a textured silicone vagina with numerous bumps – you’ll get enormous pleasure from every inch of this sleeve. By the way, it’s easy to remove and clean. The device is mostly recommended for men with small members due to its low insertable length. The machine is great for playing with balls and penis head, and allows getting different sensations depending on the taken position. Good news: the multi-country adaptor makes it great for taking on a trip.

Features of REV 1000:

  • 7 speeds and 7 modes for rich masturbation experience;
  • very intense penetration thanks to the onahole texture;
  • easy to clean and transport;
  • only 40 minutes of working time;
  • no Bluetooth connectivity;
  • very short.

Additional Information on Male Milking Machines

Let’s be sincere: masturbation isn’t viewed as something obscene anymore – it’s a part of the male life. All our desires, including sexual ones, should be respected. Unfortunately, not all men are lucky with a partner, and many lack normal sexual life for some reason. It doesn’t matter whether you have a lover or not, sometimes you need some kind of physical and emotional reloading, and masturbation is a way out. It’s scientifically proved to be good for health, as well.

But what if going solo isn’t as exciting as it used to be? You won’t doubt that every man would like to have some lifelike blowjob experience, and that’s what penis milking machines are created for. What the heck is that, and how can it change your masturbation experience?

What is a penis milking machine?

Also known as ‘cock milking machines’, these are devices that massage the user’s penis by intense revolving motions. It’s very similar to blowjob with one exception: no partner is needed. You’d be surprised, but the idea of a penis milking machine is borrowed from modern farming technology!

Such devices features an electric motor that drives a rotating arm connected to a piston. The piston is connected to a receiver with a tube – it pushes air in and out. The pressure inside creates sucking power. Thus, when the penis is drawn in, it’s massaged and stimulated to reach a quick and intense orgasm. The vast majority of cock milking machines allow the user to adjust suction intensity and speed.

Penis milking machines come in different sizes, and each device boasts its own technology and pattern – it’s easy to pick a suitable model because the choice is wide. Some models are plugged in a socket, so you don’t have to charge them, but some units aren’t compatible with overseas sockets, so you should check this out before taking one on a trip. Models with USB connection are the most convenient ones.


A cock milking machine has a lot of advantages over pocket vaginas and other similar gadgets:

  • It has an ergonomically designed handle for a better hold;
  • It brings amazing sensations regardless of what speed you choose;
  • No manual pumping required (except if you want to);
  • Can be used without hands;
  • Has different sleeve sizes for men with different penis girth and length.

Overall, a penis milking machine provides a wider gamut of experiences and feelings than any other sex toy with manual control. An automatic masturbator allows to personalize the experience and adjust speed and patterns to get maximum joy.

Masturbators vs automatic male milking machines

Electric masturbators jerk you off without any effort applied. Inner surfaces of Japanese models are usually shaped to mimic vaginal/butt sex and are, therefore, rather uniform. They lack such creative inner elements like ribs, buds or fangs – the things that make a man’s skin crawl with pleasure. Commonly called “sex simulators”, automated male milking machines feel more like a vagina or tongue, they’re soft and smooth.

Blowjob machines can be both manual and automated, but they have various surfaces that tickle, twist and stimulate your penis intensely. There’s a huge choice of machines for discerning users – they feature silicone vaginas with ribs and buds. There are many suction modes, which are completely adjustable. In addition, numerous models have a mouth-shaped orifice or pussy lips.

The difference might be insignificant, but masturbation is a very personal experience, so every detail matters. Models that look like a penis pump and are preferred by many men might appear to be completely unsuitable for you.

Is it safe for users?

Once you slide this device onto your dick, you’ll understand its absolute safe. The material of the sleeve is pretty much like real skin and depending on the size of the gadget you pick, it’s sufficiently big to accommodate your penis and keep it tight without blocking blood circulation. There’s only one thing you should be aware of – enough lube. Without it, no wonders will ever happen.

Isn’t it too large?

Despite looking huge, classic masturbators aren’t so enormous that you wouldn’t be able fit them into your baggage. You can hide such a device in a sock cabinet or take it with you on a trip – it won’t take more space than a towel. Yet, some advanced models are shipped with a case that includes the unit, connection wires, tubes, brushes for cleaning, and so much more. The vast majority of Japanese units are intended for use at home – they have massive constructions. Choose a penis milking machine according to the amount of space you want it to take.

Who do we recommend this product to?

A penis milking machine would be great for anybody searching for:

  • hands-free masturbation approach
  • personalization and customization
  • strong male masturbator
  • stiff erection while jerking off

It would also be interesting for users practicing BDSM.

You are NOT likely to enjoy using a penis milking machine if you don’t like suction combined with movement.


Sex toys are made of a wide assortment of materials, from TPE and different polymers to glass, metal, and skin-safe silicone. If you have skin sensitivities or hypersensitivities, opt for silicone models. Avoid porous materials that can collect microscopic organisms or cause infection. On the other hand, you can always use a condom with most sex toys. Be aware that a condom might possibly decrease the sensations, particularly if the toy is textured.

While silicone is hypoallergenic, it doesn’t always feel real. Search for a toy that is produced using medical-grade silicone or some kind of original skin-like material if that matters for you. There are many models that stay safe for all skin types yet deliver astonishing sensations. Do not buy a milking machines containing phthalates – this is a harmful chemical component that can cause rash and itching. Latex is also a very allergic material.


Joy from sex toys is an abstract thing. Not all features are for everyone. Don’t like vibrations? Choose a toy that has suction mode adjustment as its essential element. If you’re a hunter for hot, unusual sensations, buy a masturbator with Bluetooth connectivity and remote control. If you intend to bring your toys into the shower or pool, buy a waterproof model. Automatic masturbators are usually equipped with massaging elements, but if you’d rather use something simple, purchase a minimalistic model.

The following features should be considered:

  • Bluetooth/VR compatibility – This feature should be considered if you have VR glasses and appropriate software.
  • Adjustable speed settings – Controlling the penis massage speed is awesome because it allows to personalize the experience.
  • Pulsation and vibes – Having an extra source of stimulation would be great for men in need of intense stimulation and new sensations. However, in automatic masturbators they’re usually unrealistic and may spoil your experience. Combining suction, friction and vibes can be too much for your penis.
  • Motion Sensing technology – This function turns the machine on or adjusts friction/speed settings according to your movements – this option may be unnecessary if you don’t mind pushing a few buttons (not much an effort considering that the rest is being done for you, right?).
  • Synchronization with music – This feature allows you to enjoy endless rhythms and modes, but only if you listen to certain music and buy a decent toy. If you like techno and dance music, that might be fun!
  • Adjustable suction – This feature is present in the vast majority of male milking machines. You can control the strength of suction, but some models require certain skills and coordination. Otherwise, you might have your penis damaged by too much suction. Automatic panels are the choice best for lazy users, as changing these settings can indeed be hard.
  • Remote controls – That’s a suitable option for couples. Your partner will be able to play with you and surprise you by the next move. If you go solo, a remote control model is a waste of money.
  • Downloadable apps – Well, it would be a nice addition to the inbuilt modes and features, though no one wants to put his fingers on a smartphone when there’s lube around. It simply distracts the user from the process. Mobile apps should rather be used by a couple.


The sturdiness of your male milking machine is as vital as anything else, particularly when you intend to utilize it regularly. Thus, purchasing a rechargeable toy can make it easier to play frequently without wasting money on batteries. However, it’s not a problem with wired masturbators. Of course, it’s important to check the device’s construction and materials – they should be reliable and long-lasting.


When searching for a decent sex toy, mind the price. No one wants to get ripped off, yet you won’t find a decent toy if you’re a scrounger. Count to spend a sum in the range of $100 to $300 for a top-rated masturbator. Consider it as an investment in your perfect sexual life, and only spend the cash in case you’re certain the toy will last long.

Also, consider that masturbators require extra items to work well: lube, toy cleaner, Internet connection for remote control models and so forth. Thus, the final price of an automatic masturbator might increase to several hundred dollars. Expensive? Yes, but nothing else can deliver you such experience as these things.

Will you play solo or with a partner?

It’s absolutely normal to purchase a sex toy that you intend to use without anyone else, however, if you need a masturbator to give you both a buzz, search for couple-friendly models. Pay attention to things like remote controls, long-distance interfaces, Bluetooth, and so on. That will allow your partner to tease and play with you – the results of experiments might exceed your expectations by a mile. All in all, you would prefer both of you reach a mind-boggling climax, wouldn’t you?

If you go solo, Bluetooth connectivity and suchlike don’t matter so much. This may save you some cash at first, but it’ll definitely restrict functionality later on. Think about the long haul advantages of an automatic masturbator when considering its value. Will you play with another person, and, if yes, does the item offer anything to keep them excited, too?

Level of discretion

Before you rush to order a masturbator, you should understand that its overall size has little to do with how discreet it might be when you store it. While some models come with a special discreet case that doesn’t evoke any suspicions, many don’t. Besides, if the toy has a few connections it could be hard to keep it away.

Before purchasing anything, ensure you have enough room in your home to store it when it’s not being used. Particularly in case you’re choosing such an intimate and delicate thing as a masturbator. If you buy a machine that doesn’t feature a case, it’s better to find a dedicated compartment to avoid embarrassment in the future.

Sound and loudness

You cannot find a totally silent masturbator – all in all, frictions and engine buzz will accompany your solo session in any case. However, some models are less noisy than others (about 45 dB is quiet enough to play solo without disturbing the others). If the manufacturer doesn’t indicate loudness in decibels, read customer reviews to find out how loud a penis milking machine is.


There’s nothing worse than buying a masturbator and realizing it’s not large enough to accommodate your penis. Don’t let sex shop sellers misinform you by saying ‘it’s a one-size model’. An automatic masturbator cannot be versatile – men have different penis lengths and sizes. As a rule, most blowjob machines come in two or three size variations – choose accordingly.

Tricks and Tips for Using

To reduce complications and experience only positive emotions, follow user tips thoroughly. Appropriate use is essential to guarantee safety.

Pro tip 1: Reach proper erection first

Male milking machines are generally intended to work most effectively on a fully erected member. A man should prepare himself by jerking off or watching porn for his penis to reach a hard on before having the machine appended to it.

Pro tip 2: Make it comfortable

Similarly, as with any sexual experience, individual comfort is essential for pleasure. It might take a little experimentation to find what feels better. Some prefer using a penis milking machine while standing/sitting/lying down, and so on. Different positions mean different experience – try to find a perfect approach.

Also, don’t forget to create a relaxing atmosphere: ensure subtle lighting, play porn or your favorite erotic videos. Do what turns you on.

Try different breathing techniques! Of course, a worthy male milking machine makes masturbation a breathtaking process, but surprisingly, inhaling and exhaling in a correct way will help you to reach the finish line faster and even intensify your pleasure.

Pro tip 3: Warm up the sleeve

Many automatic masturbators lack temperature control. You don’t want to insert your member in a cold piece of rubber, do you? It will only kill the arousal. To prepare the device, warm the silicone sleeve in a hot towel. Put your dick inside the sleeve when it’s warm enough (don’t burn yourself).

Pro tip 4: Dream and fantasize

Male milking machines are also about dreaming and role playing. When going solo, a lot of men like envisioning lady’s hands, lips or vagina enclosing the penis. A man may imagine his partner’s presence or get engaged in dirty talk while the machine is working. Some men may enjoy BDSM too, imagining themselves being forced to use a penis milking machine. Using a penis milking machine together with a partner can add some zest to relationships as well.

Pro tip 5: Expect soreness

Even when used appropriately, numerous penis draining machines cause some soreness or aching in the penis; this is particularly likely amid the new uses. One of the most valuable tips is to get a special penis cream and use it regularly. Products with moisturizing components, for instance, shea butter and vitamin E can help to reduce soreness. Other creams contain a wide scope of different nutrients, for example, A, B5, C and D, and improve overall health of the penis skin, making it ready to withstand any motions made by an automatic masturbator.

Pro tip 6: Use the appropriate type of lube

It’s important because without a lubricant, a masturbator can become simply dangerous for your member. If you have a silicone or skin-like masturbator, do not use silicone-based lube! It will only make the material sticky or damage it. Water-based lubricant is the best option for any penis milking machine, and it can be cleaned easily.

Apply the lube on penis before starting. When you use enough lubricant, it enters the sleeve flawlessly and painlessly. Prepare a few paper towels, as well: you don’t want to touch anything with your sticky hands once the process is finished.

Pro tip 7: Try edging to prolong your solo session

If you want to make your masturbation session much longer, try the start-and-stop method – it’s great for training stamina. Edging (e.g. orgasm control) prolongs pleasure and helps men to perform better in bed when it comes to real sexual intercourse.

Start masturbating with a penis milking machine until you reach the edge of ejaculation, and turn the device off. Then start it again and increase speed until you’re ready to come, then turn it off again. You can repeat this process as often as you like, but it’s better to finish and cum in the end.

Pro tip 8: Master the speed control first

Some male milking machines develop a very fast pace which might be harmful for penis. Besides, too fast masturbation can make the process a torture rather than pleasure. Unfortunately, smooth speed control isn’t present in all automatic masturbators – some should be used cautiously. When you try a new masturbator, start with slow modes and change them gradually, one by one, to find out which speed is the most comfortable for you. It might take some time, but it’s better safe than sorry. Do not start your solo session at a high speed – warm it up!

Pro tip 9: Keep your gadget clean

Once you’ve finished your solo session, make sure to clean the sleeve properly – don’t leave lube inside because it’s the place where bacteria and infections might develop. Put the masturbator out of the case and wash it with warm tap water and some hand soap. Do NOT use any harsh chemicals – you simply don’t need them, and they can deteriorate the material. There are also special masturbator cleaners present on the market. Samples are already included in the kit, and it won’t hurt to buy some extra cleaner.

After cleaning, leave the sleeve to dry totally – it might take some time with silicone and skin-like models. Use a paper towel to accelerate the process. Some models might require powdering afterward because it prolongs the service life (powder is sold in adult toy stores, too).

Pro tip 10: Use it with your partner!

Who said that automatic masturbators are made for lonely men only? If you have a partner and you both seek new mind-blowing sensations, let him/her tease you – buy a penis milking machine with remote control. This way, you’ll never know the next mode and pattern taken, which will only add to your arousal. Don’t be afraid of experimenting. Otherwise, how would you understand which things appeal to your body and soul?

Now when you know the nuts and bolts of penis milking machines and ways to use them efficiently, let’s get down to summing the things up.


The model adult toys market appeals to any user, and if you find that usual textured masturbators aren’t as satisfactory as they used to be, it’s time to upgrade. An automatic male milking machine is the key to fantastic hands-free masturbation experience that allows users to enjoy maximum intensity of sexual stimulation.

To guarantee trouble-free, absolutely joyful masturbation experience for you, we have analyzed the market and picked up twenty awesome penis milking machines with great features. To select the best models, we took into consideration:

  • size and power;
  • set of features;
  • modes and speeds;
  • price.

Hopefully, these detailed reviews will help you to make the right choice and buy a perfect model to level up your solo experience.