Having carefully studied many different companies and their products reviews, we made the rating of the most attractive and luxury dolls according to the choice criteria: made of silicone and lifelike appearance.

If your life has become boring and monotonous, then you are looking for something new, something extra. Sex Dolls are one of the most piquant ways to add variety and excitement to your sexual life.

Last Updated: Mike Several positions in our list have been changed. Quality sex dolls do not always cost crazy money. You can choose any interesting and attractive model in different price categories. You can see a lot of positive reviews from people who have already bought these dolls and want to share their impressions. From the category of cheap silicone dolls, you can choose Mari ($899) and Natalie (~ $999) or luxurious red-headed Cassie ($899).

New feelings and emotions are always useful and interesting for any person, so such sex products are created in a very realistic design. Lifelike design and high quality is not the only fact that unites all these sex dolls. If you want a super cool model with a gentle face and a tender body, then Lana ($1,699) will be the best solution, so we’ve put her in Top 1 of Sex Dolls Under $2,000. And on the second and third place in this price category, you will find beauties with realistic appearance – Scarlett ($2,199) and Francine ($2,499).

If you want to get the best of the best, there are Harmony ($7,999) and Ange ($7,208) models. But sometimes excellent quality can be obtained for a lower price, and a life-size sex doll Olivia ($6,323) can be an excellent choice.

In this review:

Top 24 Sex Dolls for Toe-Curling Orgasms

Sex toys are already a thing of the past, while robotic sex dolls are the modern pinnacle of pleasure. Many married couples have already purchased such toys and enjoy their intimate life without jealousy or quarrels. Lonely men stopped spending nights alone: now they embrace the lifelike beauties and enjoy their affectionate company.

Your body will be eager to interact with any of the realistic dolls from the list below immediately after the first touch. Unique technologies make these products resemble real beautiful girls with delicate skin, amazing seductive figures and ability to assume different positions.

All the listed models are made of quality materials, which do not cause allergy and do not deform. Many manufacturers even use natural hair, while the dolls’ appearance is designed by most gifted artists. This TOP includes only the best and most demanded dolls, best-sellers from different categories. Regardless of the price, each model has many special advantages.

1. Harmony – Best Choice Under $8,000

If you want to spend time with a sexy blonde, this doll will help you to relax in the most luxurious way. Her beautiful face, long blond hair and slender figure with lush, attractive curves is the dream of any man.


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A married couple can also acquire this sex goddess to achieve diversity in intimate life. Harmony can do many things to satisfy one’s desire – she offers different types of sex and can assume many poses.

This doll looks like a real girl; she is gorgeous, seductive and loves sex. Any sexual fantasy can come true with this realistic beauty.

You can learn something new, get new emotions and experience a different type of pleasure – you are the master who decides what Harmony will do for you.

Harmony features:

  • Holes for different types of sex.
  • Premium price category and good quality.
  • Long blond hair for those who love blondes.
  • A beautiful attractive body with a lush bust and slender legs.
  • Average height, beautiful face and plump, seductive lips.
  • Mobile app with detailed manual.
  • Moving head, mouth and eyes.
  • Tender coating + metal skeleton with bending inserts.

2. Ange

A sex doll is a great way to relax and to experience a new type of pleasure. If you want to try something new and diversify your intimate life, Ange will be your perfect choice.


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(more photos are available)

Feel the smoothness of her skin and firmness of her breasts. The beauty looks very realistic; you will like this body and her humble character. Invite her to spend a night with you and you won’t forget or regret this.

Many married couples buy sex dolls to add piquancy to their relationships. Imagine how this beauty with Asian appearance will lie in your bed. Try new poses and realize all your erotic dreams.

This wonderful toy will not only serve as your sexual partner, she will also become a good friend. Spend time together in the bathroom or watch a movie on the sofa – Ange is created not only for sex.

Ange features:

  • High-quality silicone + metal skeleton.
  • Premium price category, light weight.
  • Beautiful face with Asian appearance, soft small breast and slender waist.
  • Flexible body and different poses.
  • Customer can change many details of the default design.
  • Different types of sex (there are all holes).

3. Olivia

This vivid stylish blonde will now be your sexual partner. Her beautiful body and amazing face will make your nights incredible. She can’t be called a simple sex doll, it’s almost a real girl who loves and wants only you.


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(more photos are available)

Have you ever seen such a realistic model? This silicone robotic body is very gentle, you can touch it whenever you want and you will not see the difference vs. caressing a real person. Proportions of the body are perfect, this beauty looks flawless.

Her eyes are sparkling; she wants to play with you already. If you have other wishes or preferences, you can supplement the doll with different accessories and customize certain details.

Surely, some people prefer brunettes, but this blonde looks like a passionate and romantic Amazon who came to you bedroom from the jungle.

Olivia features:

  • Very beautiful face and slender body.
  • Soft silicone material.
  • Possible to choose doll details and parts.
  • Possible to have different types of sex.
  • Use only water-based lubricants.
  • The breasts are made of silicone gel.
  • Steel skeleton with inserts for bending the arms and legs.

4. Renee

There are different models of sex dolls from different price categories. If you want to get one of the best toys, then Renee will be an excellent choice.


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(more photos are available)

This luxurious blonde looks very realistic; she attracts attention with her daring look and unbridled character. Just imagine what is waiting for you in the bed this night!

Such dolls look like real girls who want only to please and give pleasure to their beloved man. Renee’s face is tender and smooth; her beautiful body and seductive forms were created for real pleasure.

With Renee in your bed, you can try new poses and experience new emotions. The body has a metal skeleton inside, but bends perfectly.

Your sexual friend will be waiting for you at home; she will become your new opportunity to get rid of sexual complexes.

Renee features:

  • Slender body and realistic seductive face.
  • Flexible robotic body with a strong metal skeleton.
  • Impeccable quality fully meets the high price.
  • Different types of sex and different poses (all the openings are there).
  • Possible to customize her breasts, vagina, face, hair and other details (for an additional price).

5. Sai

Everyone is looking for a soul mate, and feels lonely when failing to find this person. Now you will not have to go to bed alone – this sex doll will become your partner. Touch her attractive and delicate body, look at this beautiful face!


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(more photos are available)

This toy looks like a tender flower, like a beautiful princess, like an inexperienced student. You will enjoy spending time with Sai, because this wonderful beauty will give you unearthly pleasure.

You can realize any erotic fantasy. Experience true pleasure with a top-class intimate toy that meets all the quality standards and features flawless characteristics.

This is one of the most popular premium products with young and naive appearance. You will like her beautiful young body, with a slender waist, elastic buttocks and seductive breasts.

The doll is of small height to look more youthful and innocent. Don’t you want to become her teacher and show her new exciting poses?

Sai features:

  • Quality silicone + metal skeleton.
  • Affordable price and excellent quality.
  • Realistic look with a young face and seductive body.
  • Different holes for all types of sex.
  • Robotic system with sensors and moving.
  • The opportunity to get different sex poses (the body is flexible).
  • Customer can choose many details.

6. Yasuragi

Asian girls look very seductive and exotic, and one of them can now get into your bed. Just look at the beautiful face of Yasuragi! She’s a sweet, kind, gentle and attractively lifelike sex doll that can make any man happy.


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(more photos are available)

Do you like blondes? Then this doll is exactly for you. Cute forms and slender waist look very natural thanks to quality materials. The durable yet light skeleton of the girl does not add unnecessary weight.

Inside the skeleton, there are special inserts, so Yasuragi can bend her limbs. Try different positions for sex, and you will surely experience new incredible sensations and emotions.

Yasuragi is not against anything; she will obediently fulfill all your desires and intimate fantasies.

Yasuragi features:

  • Different types of sex are possible.
  • You can try different intimate poses.
  • Realistic face, slender body, large breasts and elastic buttocks.
  • Silicone material and a metal solid skeleton.
  • Asian appearance with long fair hair – many different variants of design.
  • Folding robotic body, bending fingers and moving eyes.
  • Premium price for a high-quality sex doll.

7. Pippa

This sex doll looks like a realistic young girl. She is very inexperienced and innocent, so you will need to teach her about the art of love. This doll will become your friend and your partner, she will help you feel new emotions and experience new types of pleasure from sex.


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(more photos are available)

Her quality silicone and metal skeleton make this doll very durable and reliable – and you will highly appreciate the tenderness of her skin. Pippa has a beautiful face with a naive look, her slender body with lush breasts and elastic buttocks will ignite the desire to take your new partner to bed.

Do not resist your desire – this intimate toy is created for entertaining and arousing nights. With Pippa, you can try all the poses from the Kama Sutra – maybe you’ve dreamed about it for a long time but could not realize these erotic fantasies.

Pippa features:

  • Light weight, innocent look.
  • Different holes for all types of sex.
  • Water-resistant make-up and coating material.
  • Silicone of superior quality, hypo-allergic.
  • Quality silicone + metal skeleton with inserts (bending body).
  • Low height, slender body, elastic buttocks, thin waist, young face and large breasts.

8. Lana – Best Choice Under $2,000

Lana is a sexy toy for different intimate games. If you want to have a reliable and faithful sexual partner or diversify your intimate life, then this lifelike doll will help you.


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(more photos are available)

Any man will like her beautiful face, short dark hair and attractive shapes. Just look at her magnificent breast and perfect waist! Lana has delicate skin and a metal skeleton that can bend.

Do you want to try different sex positions? You can do it! This doll looks very realistic, and her body is soft and resilient. If you like slender and beautiful girls, this doll will become your favorite.

The quality material does not cause allergy and does not deform, so you can take your new girlfriend and lie together in the bath with aromatic oils, candles and foam.

Lana features:

  • Quality TPE.
  • Relatively inexpensive.
  • Different types of sex and many poses.
  • Realistic material and soft, gentle body.
  • Light weight despite the metal skeleton.
  • Luxurious and beautiful face, slender body and attractive shapes.
  • Possible to choose the type of vagina, the shape of the feet and the body (for an additional price).

9. Natalie

Natalie can become your sexual partner and a reliable friend, because her pretty face and beautiful figure attract unmatched attention. You will not feel lonely if this beautiful young girl is waiting for you at home.


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(more photos are available)

Her tender skin is made of quality material, and her slender body with lush forms entices you to spend an unforgettable night of passion and tenderness with her. If you want to feel wanted, choose Natalie – she will love you forever.

The durable skeleton of the doll is made of metal, but it bends and assumes different positions. This is not just a doll; it’s a realistic beauty that is created for magic nights full of sex.

Natalie features:

  • Realistic moving body.
  • Quality material.
  • Lush breast and firm buttocks
  • Relatively small price for a sex robot.
  • Gentle beautiful face with moving parts.
  • Hypoallergenic coating, does not deform.
  • Small weight despite the strong metal skeleton.

10. Mari – Best Choice Under $1,000

This cute sex doll has attractive and seductive curves. Her beautiful eyes and appealing features make Mari look very realistic.


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(more photos are available)

The European appearance with eastern overtones is highly appreciated by many men who love girls with a strong character and bold nature.

She can become not only your sexual partner, but also a good friend. This lifelike sex doll can satisfy any of your requests and realize any erotic fantasy.

There is another important advantage, the tender silicone skin can become warmer and is perfect for taking to bed in a cold winter evening.

Mari features:

  • Quality material of the skeleton and coating.
  • Relatively inexpensive.
  • Beautiful realistic face and body.
  • Opportunity to make the body warmer.
  • Different types of sex and all kinds of poses.
  • Not tall height and slender body with lush breasts and elastic buttocks.

11. Cassie

Sex dolls are very popular goods among men. Many customers prefer Asian appearance; maybe these dolls look more youthful and attractive.


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(more photos are available)

Their childish faces with a naive look, as well as their gorgeous seductive bodies drive men crazy. Everyone wants to have such a sexual life size partner, who looks like an inexperienced young girl with a slim body.

Cassie is a low-height sex doll with pleasant appearance, realistic body and red hair. Many people call red-haired girls the most passionate, don’t you want to test this statement?

Cassie will be your partner, together you will be able to try different poses and discover new moments of utter satisfaction. Quality silicone makes the body of this intimate toy very realistic, touch it and feel tenderness of this material.

Cassie features:

  • Relatively inexpensive
  • Quality silicone + metal solid skeleton
  • Flexible body and limbs
  • Different poses and types of sex (there are all holes)
  • Possible to customize some parts (for an additional fee)
  • Low height, slender body and attractive face with Asian appearance.

12. Scarlett

Men prefer blondes. Probably, many of you have heard this famous phrase. Now any man can get this beautiful sex doll with long blond hair. Her pretty face and delicate skin are perfectly complemented by the lush breasts and slender legs.


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(more photos are available)

Just look at her cute eyes and wonderful body – what would you do with her? This young nymph looks like a real girl, who will humbly and submissively wait for you in bed every day.

Any married couple will be glad to diversify their intimate life with this unique toy. You do not need to make gifts or buy jewelries – just bathe her from time to time and dry with a towel.

Scarlett is an amazing sexy doll with a moving body and flawless forms; it is made of quality material that will serve you for years.

Scarlett features:

  • Moving body, fingers and eyes.
  • Light weight despite the metal skeleton.
  • Hypoallergenic and non-deforming material.
  • Lush breast, slender body, beautiful face and blond hair.
  • Possible to have different types of sex (there are all holes).
  • Relatively inexpensive model, despite its quality and realism.
  • Quality material for greater skin tenderness.

13. Francine

A beautiful black girl of average height and with a slender waist is a dream of any man. Now such a girl can be in your bed. Meet Francine, touch her delicate body and feel the elasticity of her boobs and buttocks.


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(more photos are available)

This toy can become your sex partner and help you explore new sensations. The doll looks very realistic; her body can bend to assume different poses for sex.

Her sweet face and big plump lips seduce and attract, this sexy goddess is created for love and intimate caresses. The model has different holes, so you can have different types of sex.

Francine is a lifelike sex doll that helped many couples save their marriage and diversify their intimate life.

Francine features:

  • TPE coating and bending metal skeleton.
  • Holes for different types of sex.
  • Relatively small price and good quality.
  • Lifelike luxury face.
  • Beautiful figure with an elastic belly and large breasts.
  • Perfect ebony body with different holes and different poses.

14. Miku

Miku looks very cool and this is a review for her! This is a stylish young princess who has Asian appearance and an attractive slim body. If you want to experience something incredible and try role-playing games, then this intimate toy will be the best choice.


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(more photos are available)

Look at her blue long hair – do you want to try to spend the night with an anime style girl? Many couples want to diversify their sexual relationships, so they buy Miku to help them get a new type of bright sensations.

The doll is made of quality material that does not cause allergies. It will be the best night of your life – do not deny yourself such an incredible pleasure.

You can try out new intimate poses, because the body of the doll is perfectly flexible and has a strong skeleton.

Miku features:

  • Reasonable price and quality materials.
  • Good looks and attractive body.
  • Metal inserts in a strong skeleton.
  • Beautiful long blue hair – like in anime.
  • Slim body with slim waist and medium height.
  • There are holes for all types of sex.

15. Irina

Are you tired of loneliness and want to go to bed with a seductive and sexual partner? Then Irina will be a good choice for you.


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(more photos are available)

This gorgeous tall brunette will make you happy – her slender body, attractive shapes and a pretty face strive for your touches. The doll looks very realistic, it is made of quality silicone, and its appearance is the work of experienced designers and artists.

This model is for the most demanding men, women and married couples who have lost their previous passion or want to feel new emotions. Sex with such toy is a new type of sensations.

You touch the delicate skin; feel the softness of her breasts and firmness of her buttocks. Not everyone can get so aroused with a real partner. Lifelike sex model Irina can become a new page in your intimate life.

Despite the reasonable price, the doll belongs to the premium category. Quality materials, sexy luxurious body, beautiful face, long legs – all this will make your night unforgettable and will allow you to try something new in sex.

Irina features:

  • Quality 100% silicone + metal skeleton.
  • Affordable price and excellent quality of materials.
  • Possibility to get different poses and types of sex.
  • The model is one of the most popular dolls.
  • A realistic look with a seductive luxury face and sexy body with lush curves, long legs and slender waist.

16. Alabama

A beautiful and slim girl with an attractive figure will appeal to any man – just look at Alabama. This is an erotic toy, which is made of quality materials. You need to touch this skin – it’s of best material, very gentle and smooth.


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(more photos are available)

The company made the doll’s face very realistic – this is a beautiful young princess who wants love and affection. Her luxurious body and medium height can be called the standard of beauty.

If you do not have enough sex or your intimate life has become very boring, then Alabama will become the best entertainment options. Many people buy such dolls not only for wonderful entertainment, but also for getting rid of loneliness.

Intimate toy will be your opportunity to feel new sensations and try new poses without fear of rejection or ridicule.

Alabama features:

  • Acceptable price.
  • Metal skeleton and inserts for flexing the body and limbs.
  • High-quality coating material.
  • Realistic face and seductive body.
  • Opportunity to choose some design elements.
  • Different types of sex and different poses.

17. Dominique

This unique sex doll was created to please real connoisseurs of top-quality intimate toys. The design is impeccable, the body coating is very gentle and soft, while her appearance is the result of hard work performed by experienced artists and designers.


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(more photos are available)

This toy will not only relieve your boredom; it will complement your sex life and add many new vivid emotions. If you like lush forms and want to experience new sensations and realize your innermost erotic fantasies, then this sexy life-size doll will be the best choice.

The price of the product fully corresponds to its high quality and stunning design. Medium height of this doll, along with her huge breasts and big buttocks, will give you unforgettable pleasure.

The skeleton is equipped with special inserts that allow the doll’s body and limbs to bend. Just look at the face of this beautiful brunette – she wants to spend a night in your bed.

Dominique features:

  • Hypoallergenic material does not deform.
  • Metal skeleton with inserts for doll flexibility.
  • The coating material is high quality silicone.
  • Opportunity to have different types of sex.
  • Wonderful appearance and size: beautiful face and attractive body with lush forms.

18. Gabriella

An attractive girl with big breasts and big buttocks is an erotic fantasy of many men. Not everyone can find cool live partner and many people have to spend their nights alone.


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(more photos are available)

No need to be lonely anymore: Gabriella will engage you into night-time pleasure. This is a beautiful sex doll with a very realistic appearance. Her attractive face with playful eyes can drive men mad.

The seductive sexual body is very soft and tender thanks to the quality TPE material. This doll cannot be called a toy; it looks like a living girl. If you are tired of monotonous sex and you don’t feel the former excitement, spend a night with Gabriella.

This intimate toy will raise new emotions in you; it will help you feel new pleasures.

Sex with a doll differs from sex with a woman, but here you become dominant and you decide what you will do with your partner.

Gabriella features:

  • Beautiful blonde hair, attractive face and seductive figure.
  • Relatively small price, light weight.
  • High-quality TPE + metal skeleton.
  • Opportunity to change some elements of design.
  • Flexible body and different poses.
  • Different types of sex (there are all holes).

19. Jennifer

Slim beautiful blonde with an attractive young body will give you an unforgettable night of love.


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(more photos are available)

This beauty has a sporty body and an attractive sweet face – you will like to touch this soft skin and seductive breasts.

This intimate toy can bend into any position; it has all the holes for anal, vaginal and oral sex to give you a lot of different pleasures. Try a new type of pleasure – contact with a doll is different from having sex with a girl.

This is absolute satisfaction, new pleasure and an opportunity to realize all your hidden erotic fantasies. Jennifer is a unique beauty with a fit body; she loves to give pleasure and will be your submissive partner.

Jennifer features:

  • Different types of sex.
  • Nice attractive face.
  • Relatively low price.
  • Durable metal skeleton.
  • High-quality coating material.
  • Beautiful sporty body and short stature.
  • Inserts inside the skeleton for flexing the body and limbs.
  • Ability to change some design elements.

20. Destiny

Many men would like to have sex with a girl of African appearance. This seductive sex doll Destiny makes all your intimate desires come true. The toy looks very realistic, her pretty face and slender body will please any man who wants to try something special and experience new sensations. Destiny is not just a doll, it’s a young beautiful girl with a bending body and delicate skin made of high-quality TPE. Such a sexual partner will also become a reliable friend. Destiny can even help a married couple to diversify their intimate life and try something new in sex. Just touch this immaculate body and feel the growing desire.


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(more photos are available)

Destiny features:

  • Unusual appearance, beautiful face and body.
  • Quality material of the solid skeleton and coating.
  • Relatively small price despite unique realism.
  • Possible to have different types of sex in various positions.
  • Slim body and stylish short hairstyle.
  • African appearance.

21. Bridgette

Sex dolls with a Japanese appearance attract men more than the European-looking ones. Not everyone has an opportunity to get acquainted with a Japanese girl and to have sex with her. To do this, opt for Bridgette – a beauty with Japanese appearance.


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(more photos are available)

The model looks very nice, her sweet mouth and a young almost childlike face evoke the desire to become her master. Now you can also become a teacher for this realistic doll with a very beautiful appearance. Her low height and seductive body will give you not just a night of incredible pleasure, but also new uncharted emotions.

Sex with this toy make you think of a new erotic fantasy, which you will want to realize right away. Bridgette is ready to take off her dress; maybe you want to help her to do it?

Touch her tender skin and look at her sexy body. Put a lot of foam in a warm bath – today you will be there not alone.

Bridgette features:

  • Beautiful body with sweet boobs and a slender waist.
  • Young face with big eyes and pouting lips.
  • Possibility to have oral, vaginal and anal sex.
  • Different poses – bending skeleton made of durable material.
  • Coating material of the doll is high-quality silicone.
  • One of the most popular models in this price category.
  • Small height and light weight, despite the steel frame.
  • The material is hypoallergenic, resistant to water.

22. Wakana

According to many reviews, a realistic doll can replace a real girl. She will not ask you for an expensive gift, will not go hysterical, cheat on you or behave badly. This is the perfect partner that will become your friend.


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(more photos are available)

You can try new erotic poses, realize some fantasies or indulge in role-playing. Wakana will be your innocent, affectionate student, so teach her all the intricacies of sex. This model is made of quality silicone, it’s nice to touch.

Every detail is developed by specialists with astounding precision. To make the pleasure more real, the doll has different openings for anal, vaginal and oral sex.

The tender beautiful face of a young girl looks very natural; her thoughtful kind gaze will please any man who is very tired at work. Every day you will be waiting for a sweet affectionate and submissive girl to realize all your intimate dreams.

Wakana features:

  • Different types of sex and different poses.
  • High-quality silicone coating.
  • Lush breasts, beautiful young face, kind gaze, slender body and elastic buttocks.
  • A metal skeleton and a bending body.
  • Light weight despite the metal base.

23. Ahri

Maybe you want to experiment with this tall beauty? This girl loves to give pleasure; she can make you her hero. The toy is made of quality silicone; she is very beautiful and quite realistic.


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(more photos are available)

Don’t you want to have this red-headed princess in your bed? This night will not be boring. The doll is tall, it boasts a slender body and an attractive figure. You will enjoy spending the nights with this hot temptress.

Put her in your bed and you will feel the passion washing over you in waves. This girl can diversify the intimate life of even the most shy, tired and bored people. This intimate toy is sometimes bought by women or couples.

The doll has perfect outlook and type of figure, so she can meet any demands. Now you can play a crucial role in this exciting sexual romance.

Ahri features:

  • Quality silicone and steel skeleton with moving inserts.
  • Beautiful appearance and attractive body.
  • All holes for different types of sex.
  • The material does not cause allergies and does not deform in water.
  • Comparatively inexpensive price.
  • Ability to customize the head (eyes and hair color).

24. Auburn

Did you know that redhead girls are the most romantic and passionate? Look at this slim and pretty beauty with a beautiful body and a realistic face – you do not want to leave the bedroom.


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(more photos are available)

This princess will please you and give you many moments of love and impeccable breathtaking sex. You do not want to be lonely and be at home without a couple, then Auburn will become your friend, partner and faith seductress in bed.

Such an immaculate doll can be a better choice than a real girl – she doesn’t have headaches, she doesn’t want gifts and will not go hysteric. She wants to love you and will only ask for reciprocity and a lot of caress.

Auburn is the best choice in terms of price, quality and realism. Just touch this delicate skin, isn’t it so very smooth?

Auburn features:

  • Acceptable price.
  • Impeccable realistic appearance.
  • All openings for different types of sex.
  • Medium tall, slim body with attractive shapes.
  • Quality material of the solid skeleton and cover.
  • Seductive red hair for those who love bold beauties.
  • Ability to get different poses (bending skeleton).

Additional Information on Sex Dolls

Sex dolls are the most unique intimate toys. It is worth remembering that this is a product that needs careful selection and detailed studying before purchase. Read the reviews study the information and compare several of the most popular life size models – this will help you make the right choice.

There are cases when people bought not one, but three or four dolls and none was the perfect variant. Material and lifelike appearance are not the only criteria for the correct selection of such a toy.

What is a sex doll and how to choose it?

In the 17th century, Dutch sailors satisfied their desire with the help of sex dolls, but other historians think that these toys appeared much earlier. At that time, the dolls had a different appearance, and the material was different. Surely, they were not as realistic as the modern models using top-notch technologies.

Models differ in height, face type, hair color, body type, weight and other criteria. Most often, the weight of such a product does not exceed 37-40 kg. These are pretty light toys, despite the solid metal skeleton.

There are two types of material of which these sexy beauties are made: TPE and silicone. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Even the cheapest dolls (up to $1000) are made of silicone, but there are fake poor-quality materials too.

Many experts recommend studying the reviews to learn about the most popular models. It will allow you to see what other people are buying and read their positive or negative feedback. This is important and useful, and that is why such top lists as this one are based on ratings and opinions of real customers.

How do sex dolls work?

This is probably an obvious and simple question. But this product can be of two types: with a removable or a built-in vagina. One type is an ordinary sex doll with a different set of parts for realistic pleasure, the other is a more versatile type, the vagina can be removed and used as a masturbator.

The dolls have bending bodies, which allow them to take any pose. This is a good solution for those who like to experiment in bed and want to try new positions.

These toys have a durable coating, so the doll can lie in a warm bath in a romantic atmosphere. The coating material does not cause allergies, but each model needs thorough care.

How to take care of such intimate products?

As you guessed, the toy must be clean (in all places). After each intimate contact, you need to wash all its openings so that there is no moisture and no discharge left there. Otherwise, it can cause dangerous fungal growth.

Companies creating and selling these intimate toys have special care products. You can buy a full set or wash your beauty with regular soap. It is very important – do not forget to wipe the doll with a dry towel, because it is impossible that some parts are still wet.

The doll’s hair can natural or artificial – it must also be washed. You can use a regular shampoo, but do not forget to dry the hair with a hair dryer.

After use, many doll owners put them in a bag or their original packaging and then take them away to the closet. But others leave the dolls on a couch or a chair so that the house does not look empty and lonely.

In this case, it will be a laborious task to wash the surface of the toy before intimate contact, since the open space allows dust to fall on the doll.

Should you use a lubricant?

Many owners do not know that silicone coating is not slippery. To have sex with a doll, you need to use lubricants. These basic intimate products can be purchased at any sex store or come with the doll.

Many user reviews state that condoms can be a good substitute for the lubricant; moreover, using condoms will increase safety of the contact and will make penetration easier and more pleasant.

How to store the doll?

If you do not want to leave your beauty on a chair or couch, there is another solution. This may be the packaging, in which the product was delivered or a hook. An ordinary metal hook is located near the neck; it allows you to hang the doll in a closet or on a hanger, like your jacket or coat.

You can pack your model into cellophane before putting it away to the closet. This will protect the product from external factors, including dust.

You can put your doll on a chair, but this option is not available for all models. The fact is that the skeleton can be quite heavy and prevent the toy from sitting or standing without additional fixation.

There are special constructions that keep such items in place. For instance, a high metal pole and a few clips. But you can put pillows on both sides of the doll as well.

It is also important to take into account the temperature and light. Heat and direct sunlight can deform the coating of the product and change its color. Many owners leave their beauties in bed – maybe this is one of the simplest options.


The price of sex toys can’t always accurately reflect the quality of your purchase – it is not only material, but also the work of designers, artists and sculptors. Many dolls are exclusive and are designed using individual 3D models.

Every buyer wants to get a perfect item with excellent performance and body. Many companies provide an opportunity to change some elements in the design, so that the client can create a beautiful girl from his erotic dreams. No one will be alone and can realize all his intimate fantasies with the help of these perfect toys for adults.

This top is divided into several categories so that you can quickly find out the necessary prices and see the best models with the most realistic design.