Thick girls don’t always look bad; many of them have very attractive bodies. Many men got excited and want to spend a night with such beautiful women, so they choose this type of sex dolls. Many companies offer a large selection of such models with different types of plumpness.

If you are still looking for an intimate toy of your dreams and have already looked through many online stores, then we have prepared for you an excellent review of very best chubby sex dolls that are very seductive and affordable. Look at their outstanding qualities and choose your lush sex goddess.

Last Updated: Mike Several positions in our list have been changed. Perfect plump beauty Gabriella is on the first place, because this beauty will give you a lot of incredible sexual emotions. At the second position is Dominique, because this lush body will take you to the pinnacle of pleasure. The third place of our rating goes to Zara, her dark-skinned thick body opens a new type of erotic satisfaction.

Why Gabriella is Top 1?

This model received the first position in our rating not only because of the luxurious body with lush forms. We also looked at the face, hair, coating material and frame, price and reviews on various sites. You can bend the frame; inside there is a strong steel skeleton.

Those who prefer fat girls chose this doll for intimate entertainment and were pleasantly surprised by the realism of its smooth material. The body of the intimate toy is very soft and elastic; you will like its behavior and natural movements during sexual contact.

In this review:

Top 10 Thick Sex Dolls to Satisfy Your Erotic Dreams

Could a woman with magnificent forms has an attractive body, could she seduces and excites any man? Not all women can be too thick, all of them are beautiful, so some sex dolls look incredibly seductive. Choose a model according to your requirements and intimate desires – you can experience absolutely wonderful erotic pleasure.

In our ranking, you will find different products from this category of intimate goods. Each item boasts great design and good materials. You will love their realistic appearance and exciting lush figures. Each doll has a small description and a link to the online store to make it easier for you to find the perfect sex goddess.

Each our rating is a thorough research of various online platforms, including forums, review sites, stores and catalogs. We study every sex doll and scrutinize its benefits and shortcomings to give you only the most useful information for making the right choice. More details about the selected is available via the link; you can also make an order there.

1. Gabriella – Plump Sexy Blonde

This sex doll has a big ass, thin waist and beautiful face. If you like long-haired blondes with magnificent forms, then this beauty will give you many unforgettable nights. Her luxurious body has a medium breast size and a big booty. The coating material is very smooth and realistic.


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Gabriella has a strong steel skeleton inside, but there are also special inserts to bend the toy’s body and limbs. Choose any pose and realize your erotic fantasies any time you want. This item has three holes for different types of sex so that you can get complete satisfaction and a great orgasm.

This lush body will appeal to many men who experience excitement from magnificent female forms. You can take care of her long hair; this beauty looks great with any hairstyle. If you prefer blondes, make Gabriella your erotic temptress – she will fulfill all your wishes.

Gabriella is about:

  • Good price for high-quality coating and steel skeleton.
  • The material is hypoallergenic and resistant to high temperatures.
  • Three holes for different types of sex.
  • You can change some parts of the product design.
  • Blonde with long hair, big booty and slim waist.

2. Dominique – You Will Enjoy Time With Her

Do you like the magnificent female body because this type implies a huge chest and big ass? Then meet Dominique. This luxurious beauty will appeal to even the most sophisticated users. Her sweet face looks very attractive, and her body demands tenderness and lots of sex.


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A thick figure cannot be repulsive, just have a look at these seductive forms! Dominique can assume different positions to give her man a real pleasure. You will not forget the night with this intimate toy, because it will be one of the best sex acts in your life.

This doll has a more voluptuous body than the previous item, and this difference makes it so unique. Plump girls are not terrible at all, they can look very beautiful and this model proves it. Look at her beautiful soft breast; don’t you want to touch it right now?

Dominique will provide:

    • Big breast and huge buttocks.
    • Three holes for anal, oral and vaginal sex.
    • Some design changes are available.
    • Realistic material TPE and solid steel skeleton with inserts.
    • Bestseller by many criteria.

3. Zara – Beauty With Lush Body

A black curvaceous brunette can seduce any man who loves exotic and piquant pleasures. This coating material feels very realistic, while the model is one of the most popular ones in the category. A thick sex doll will give you a lot of erotic pleasure.


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You can purchase this intimate toy at an affordable price that fully corresponds to the quality of used materials. The face looks quite natural with beautiful generous lips and big eyes. The body is quite lush: big breasts, thin waist and huge booty. Zara seduces with every curve of her body, do not miss the opportunity to experience this wonderful pleasure.

Zara features:

  • Lush body with big breasts and huge buttocks.
  • Reasonable price for the excellent base material and coating.
  • Dark skin for those who love African looks.
  • Long dark hair and very plump lips (with a hole).

4. Kasandra

A beautiful girl with a magnificent body can be yours if you want to buy your first sex doll. Kasandra looks very realistic; her beautiful face perfectly complements the luxurious shapes for your enjoyment. Spend time with this long-haired princess and you will forget about everything else.


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The price is fully consistent with high quality of the materials; it becomes clear after you touch the toy for the first time. The coating is very smooth and imitates real skin; inside, there is a durable steel skeleton that has flexible inserts and limbs. Bend the body of this beauty and try out lots of erotic poses.

Kasandra can realize all your intimate fantasies; this sex doll is made for amazing male pleasure and impeccable orgasms. You can choose certain details, but this product looks great in its original appearance. Her figure excites and attracts with its appetizing forms.

Kasandra is about:

  • Beautiful tender face with long hair.
  • Seductive body with lush ass and big breasts.
  • Steel skeleton and high-quality TPE.
  • Ability to change some details of the design.
  • You can get different types of sex in different intimate poses.
  • An excellent choice for the first purchase of this product type.

5. Cherry

Sex doll that has a sweet name – Cherry. She can be very sexy and give you unforgettable satisfaction. This product is made of the highest quality materials to satisfy any customer’s requests.


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Try different sexual poses or take a bath together – your beauty’s coating is resistant to high temperatures and does not cause allergies. Cherry can become more than just an intimate toy, she can be a kind, gentle friend who will lie next to you in your bed.

This product was chosen as one of the most realistic options for the most sophisticated users. If you like fat girls, Cherry will be a good choice. Her big booty and large breasts look very seductive, as well as her attractive and playful face.

Cherry will provide:

  • Wonderful satisfaction with a terrific orgasm.
  • Reasonable price for a good intimate pastime.
  • Sexy body with lush forms.
  • You can change some details.

6. Dale

A thick girl can have a very big ass. Take Dale for example. Her forms look very realistic: short hair, bright cute face, huge booty and small breasts. This type of figure is very popular in the real world – now such beauty can be yours to make all your erotic wishes come true.


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This sex doll will allow to fulfill all your sexual fantasies – her body is very flexible. Don’t be afraid to bend your new intimate toy, it is made of good material (the steel skeleton is very durable). Bend her body and try different poses from Kama Sutra – the pleasure will be awesome.

Many men love a magnificent female body because it evokes special delight and excitement. Dale’s thick legs can appeal to those who want a lush body with small breasts. The material will ensure complete realism of sex, so you can get a wonderful finale.

Dale features:

  • Big hips and fat legs, small breasts.
  • Realistic coating and steel skeleton with bending inserts.
  • Good price for a beautiful intimate toy.
  • The material does not cause allergies.
  • There are three holes for all types of sex.
  • Some parts of the design can be changed.

7. Hazel

A magnificent body is not necessarily fat. It can feature attractive and exciting forms like Hazel has. Her huge breasts and magnificent hips can give you many unforgettable nights in different poses. The doll has a bending body, so unleash all your erotic desires and fulfill every single fantasy with her.


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This beauty with dark hair is made of quality materials that do not cause allergies and do not deform. Don’t forget to wash your sex toy and enjoy a stunning orgasm every day.

If you have not bought a sex doll yet, this model will be an excellent choice for the first purchase. Her luxurious body looks very realistic; you will enjoy this type of sexual satisfaction. You will be the master of the situation, and Hazel will meekly fulfill all your erotic desires.

Hazel is about:

  • Reasonable price and beautiful appearance.
  • Slim body with big breast and big buttocks.
  • Seductive brunette with long hair and a bending body.
  • There are all holes for oral, anal and vaginal sex.
  • Anti-allergenic coating material + solid steel skeleton.

8. Farah

Do you like blue-eyed brunettes? Then Farah will be glad to spend time with you. Her lush ass and big breasts will attract men who prefer curvaceous girls. Such a well-endowed beauty will make your night incredible and you’ll easily have a stunning orgasm or two.


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Sex with a doll is different from sex with a real girl. You fully control the process and everything will be done according to satisfy your every whim. You decide what position you will try today, maybe you want to try them all? The body of this intimate toy has inserts in the skeleton so that you can bend it as you wish.

Farah is a quality product made of modern materials. It’s very cool to have your own love slave and do different erotic things with her. It will not be boring, and such goods are bought even by married couples.

Farah will provide:

  • Quality material and realistic appearance.
  • Seductive body with big breasts and huge elastic booty.
  • Excellent price for amazing erotic sensations.
  • Three holes for all types of sex.
  • Bending skeleton and excellent delicate coating.

9. Vivian

A luxurious body can be slim but with a big bossom and large hips. Many men find such forms very seductive, because they like this generous softness and elasticity of the female body. If you want such a sex doll, look at Vivian.


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This beautiful attractive brunette can be your goddess of erotic pleasure. Her solid skeleton is made of steel and allows you to have sex in any pose in order to feel maximum satisfaction. Many people buy such goods for the sake of new sensations in order to diversify their intimate life.

Have you already dreamed of how you will spend the night with this beauty? Add a little imagination and it will be an unforgettable time. This doll can excite even the most sophisticated customers, who try new intimate toys every day. This smooth body will allow you to experience a stunning orgasm and you will be on the top of ecstasy.

Vivian features:

  • Beautiful long-haired brunette with a gorgeous body.
  • Very realistic design and reasonable price.
  • High-quality coating materials and durable inner base.
  • There are three holes.
  • Some parts can be changed.
  • Hypoallergenic coating.

10. Sabrina

A sexy blonde with lush body and full lips will give you unearthly pleasure. If you like this type of figure, do not lose the chance to spend a night with Sabrina. Her gentle body and attractive forms will allow you to get maximum erotic satisfaction.


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This doll is made of excellent materials, and its design is very realistic. It will be a great choice for the first purchase of a sex doll. Medium-sized breasts, slim waist and lush booty – it will be an unforgettable time full of sweet fantasies. The steel skeleton can take any pose so you’ll not feel bored.

If your intimate life has become dull and monotonous, then Sabrina will be able to add a little piquancy. This beautiful body will give you a lot of erotic pleasures allowing all your sexual fantasies to come true. This will be a new experience, because this type of sex gives you absolute control over the situation, and your doll will be submissive and humble in bed.

Sabrina is about:

  • Reasonable price and quality material of the skeleton and coating.
  • Beautiful blonde with a slim waist and lush buttocks.
  • Smooth body, looks like real.
  • Opportunity to try all poses.
  • The material does not cause allergies and does not deform.
  • You can make this purchase as the first intimate product to experience oral, anal and vaginal sex.

Additional Information

Only a thorough overview of all positions in the market of intimate goods will help to make a useful and informative rating, which will be a good source of data. You can get more specific data in this area of ​​goods; learn the main advantages, useful tips for buying and description of different sex dolls with magnificent bodies.

Each product has its pros and cons, and appearance is an obvious criterion for different buyers. Some of them pay more attention to price and quality, while others look only at the appearance and various add-ons. It is important to consider all choice criteria in order to make the right purchase and then to use it for a long time.

Advantages of Thick Models

Such sex dolls have lush forms, it could be very big breasts or large booty. You’ll like to touch this tight and soft skin to feel incredible excitement. You can also find plump beauties or items with a thin waist and big ass. These products look very attractive, because they are made of life-like materials and have a solid base.

Not all men like slim girls. Such figures are standard, although many companies take into account different whims and requests of their customers, so they create different figures for any taste. Fat intimate toys can give you many incredible emotions and utter satisfaction with the purchase.

Care and Cleanup

Such products need special care and washing of all parts of the body. Experts advise washing the doll before and after use in order to increase safety of contact with male genitals. Most often, each item has a care kit that goes with the product.

Care takes some time, so you need to be ready for this. Take warm water and soap (if you do not have a special detergent for washing such materials), gently wash all the body and internal parts, and then dry everything with a towel. It is better to choose a cotton one.

Why you should trust us

Our rating is an careful analysis of the intimate toys market conducted in order to choose the best of the best products for you. We’ve read reviews of customers who had already purchased such products and shared their impressions. We’ve also explored different websites and want to note that not all online resources offer sex dolls directly from the manufacturer.

Each intimate toy in our rating features the most realistic appearance, different additions, affordable price and quality materials that were used for creating each part of the body. Here there are only the most proven goods, and the manufacturers give warranty for their products.

Some common flaws

Any product may have certain disadvantages or minor flaws. Of course, it’s not about factory defects or serious design problems, these are insignificant lacks or peculiarities, which, nevertheless, every client should know when buying a sex doll.

  • Not all dolls have natural hair. If the material is really natural, you’ll need another 15-20 minutes to wash and dry it.
  • Most often, the product package includes a set of related products: care products, a hairbrush, underwear and/or other things. Sometimes your purchase may consist of the doll only (you’ll have to buy other things separately).
  • Not all intimate toys of this type have holes for vaginal, oral and anal sex. A vaginal orifice is a must, but as for others – it’s better to check this aspect before buying.
  • If you want a more natural sex doll with different built-in robotic parts and systems, be ready to give more than 7,000-8,000 dollars.
  • The price does not depend on quality of the materials; there are many other factors for this. TPE can cost as much as a silicone coating, or one can be more expensive than the other.

Materials and structure

Such products are made of quality materials because they come into direct contact with skin and genitals. Every detail is carefully checked, and the whole design is made as realistic as possible. People buy such dolls for sexual satisfaction, so all the used parts must be of the highest level.

Not all companies use TPE for such toys; sometimes it can be silicone with a special texture for greater smoothness. The inner part (the product frame) is a durable steel skeleton that adds strength to these beauties. For added resistance to wear, the manufacturers use non-alloy steel.

How sex dolls are made?

The skeleton is created first, it is a basis of the product, which determines the height of the future toy. Then a pre-work part is made at the factory, sometimes it can be a 3D model of a doll with all the details and components of the design.

Then a special mold is created, which imitates the figure and limbs. The mold is then filled with the selected material. The products are assembled manually, because each element is to be carefully attached to the base. All dolls are tested after completion. The finished product must be durable, reliable, beautiful and safe.

Some companies use templates for making bodies, while others can create the design according to individual customer requests. This service costs more, but you get a realistic sex toy with the desired appearance.

If the model has a robotic system, all components are inserted into the side parts of the doll. Each wire and cable is installed in a less mobile place to prevent damage when the toy is bent. Robotic beauties can do lots of erotic things, but the manufacturing process takes more time.


Each company makes different models of such products, but they all want to make the most realistic design to increase the attractiveness of sex dolls. The brands offer different types of shapes, different skin colors and nationalities, so that every client could find the goddess from his erotic dreams.

As the statistics shows, the most popular appearance of intimate dolls is Asian. Such beauties look very naive, gentle and modest. Their hair can be real (the price will be higher) or artificial. A very smooth material is used for the coating, and inside there is a steel skeleton.


The design of the models can be very diverse, from skinny slim girls to lush beauties with large shapes. Any client will find a suitable item to realize his sexual fantasies. Couples buy more realistic designs to make their intimate life more interesting.


Like any product, sex dolls can also have different additions. It can be a built-in robotic system that produces different sounds, phrases and helps the doll to move her body. There are improved models with artificial intelligence, they are controlled by a smartphone and react to the owner’s touch.

Modern technologies allow improving such beauties to the point when they look just like living girls. The movements of their eyes, mouth, limbs, as well as reaction to touching or heating the body – all this is perfectly possible. Japanese companies and their sex robots can surprise you with their amazing abilities.


Online orders most often include delivery. If you are worried about getting your doll without deformation, rest assured – the dolls do not have fragile parts. The steel skeleton is durable, and the coating material does not deform even under considerable pressure.

If you doubt reliability of the transport company, order an additional box that will preserve your purchase from damage in almost any circumstances. Each model is packed in wrapping paper; all the limbs are also wrapped in a special material.


Order is made online, it is very fast. You need to specify your private information and payment method. Many stores offer different methods of payment for purchases. You are also free to provide comments about your model, such as information about changing some details. You will see the total amount below.


Ordering a sex doll on the site is very convenient. Not all the companies offer free shipping, but if you purchase goods in their store for a specific amount, you can get all the products delivered for free.

Most often, delivery takes about two weeks. This time is standard, but some dolls come to the client earlier, and some go longer. It depends on courier services that send your goods from one place to another. Write down your purchase number and you will be able to track the status of your purchase and its location.


There are different price categories of sex dolls. Companies try to attract customers, so they offer different promotions and discounts. A high-quality intimate toy can have an affordable price; you can find an excellent realistic beauty for 2000-2400 dollars. It will be a good choice! You can also choose some design changes (paid service).

If you are looking for a super modern sex model, then you can choose a robotic doll with a built-in motion and sound system. Such products cost from 7000 dollars, but you will be pleasantly surprised by these almost real toys.

Different online stores can be reliable or not. That is, choose proven sites that will not deceive you in the process of purchasing goods. Our rating is composed only from products of popular and reliable stores.


Ways of using such intimate toys are quite different. In addition to a hole for vaginal penetration, some models can feature holes for oral and anal sex. This is very cool if you want maximum satisfaction and different sensations.

Such products are made from quality materials, so all types of sex are completely safe for the user. Many customers buy such beauties not only for sex, but also for creating coziness at home (if they are alone).

There are many stories when men bought dolls, then bought them clothes, jewelry and various beautiful things. They simply cared for this toy as if it was a living person. It can be called strange, but people want to love someone and avoid loneliness.

How it works?

Before using the sex toy for its direct purpose, you need to wash all its holes. This is important because dust can get on the product every day, not just after transportation. Your doll is made for sex, so carefully wash its holes before and after use.

Warm up

The material of the doll does not have internal heating (it is quite a rare feature). You want to get pleasant emotions, so the material should not be cold. There are special devices for heating such sex toys or you can just place it in warm water (washing the doll along the way).


Such products can be cleaned with special detergents that may be included with the doll. If there is only a doll in the box, then use soap (without fragrances, cream or flavors). Wash your beauty before and after sex with warm water and soap.


After each wash, the doll needs to be dried. Every detail should be dry, including hair, limb flexion points and, of course, internal holes. Do not use a terry towel or hair dryer – use a simple cotton towel. It will absorb the moisture better and will not leave lint on the surface and inner parts of the product.

Tips to Consider

There are some simple tips for easy selection of sex dolls. These are simple recommendations that every customer should know. Such tips will be useful to those who want to buy a doll for the first time or for those who do not know how to make the right choice among a wide range of products in various stores.

  • Price does not always affect the quality.
  • Not all dolls have three penetration holes (you need to look at the description).
  • All additional changes in the design are paid.
  • Use a lubricant or condom.
  • Not all items can be used in water. You need to consider this if you do not want to get skin irritation or damage the product.
  • Care and washing are very important, because the bacteria can spoil your beauty.

Choose a toy with a removable vagina, this will allow you to use this part as a separate masturbator.