Attractive forest elves look fabulous and realistic. You will want to spend time with a magic sex doll that looks like a real forest elf. Such models can be very attractive, with a luxurious body and an exquisitely beautiful face.

Look at these wonderful forest princesses and their reviews; each of them is a quality product for the most hidden erotic fantasies. The dolls’ components are strong and hypoallergenic, so you can be sure of their high quality and safety.

Last Updated: Mike Several positions in our list have been changed. The most dream-like one in the top list is Bella ($1,999) and the most lifelike one is Snow ($1,599). In terms of value for money, Nina ($1,599) is the best available choice.

In this review:

Top 8 Elf Sex Dolls That May Create a Sexy Fantasy Scene in a Bedroom

In many legends, elves symbolize purity and nature. Now this innocent beauty can appear in your bedroom. Come up with an amazing story and make any fairytale come true – every night will become magical.

Play role games with your partner and invite this doll. It will complement your intimate life and make it more piquant. Every elf in the top looks very tempting; their impeccable gentle and soft bodies wait for your touch.

Have you already planned how to spend this night? It’s time to open a new page of an exciting erotic fairytale.

1. Bella – Best Overall Choice

Bella is a beautiful forest princess who has an attractive body and a fantastic face. This doll is made of quality materials and has a durable metal skeleton. If you want to try role-playing games then invite this elf to your bed.


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Bella will help you to realize your most hidden erotic fantasies – she knows how to give a man real satisfaction.

The coating is made of soft TPE; you will like to touch the doll’s elastic bossom and seductive hips. The model looks great; this princess will give you many nights of love.

You may want to try new erotic poses – a strong skeleton allows you to bend the limbs of the toy. You will remember every night spent with beautiful Bella.

Bella features:

  • Relatively low price.
  • Attractive fantastic look and wonderful body.
  • The ability to get different poses.
  • There are all holes for different types of sex.
  • Durable skeleton and quality coating material.

2. Snow – Runner Up

An attractive fragile blonde with elf ears and a fairy’s body will be your obedient partner this night. Do not miss the opportunity to give yourself a fairytale, try new sensations and touch the delicate skin of this doll.


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Her quality materials and the work of experienced artists made Snow very realistic and seductive. If you like girls with a slender body and an attractive figure, then Snow will be happy to give you pleasure.

Her impeccable young face looks very natural, and her body is soft and durable – go touch her breasts and her slender waist.

This review shows that the doll will be an excellent choice for sexual games. Try to offer Snow to your partner, and you will surely like this role-playing activity. Don’t think that such products are vulgar; it’s a simple intimate toy that looks very natural.

There is nothing wrong in diversifying your intimate life and exploring new uncharted emotions.

Snow features:

  • Affordable price
  • Different types of sex (there are all holes)
  • Quality silicone, metal skeleton
  • Bending skeleton (inserts in a metal base)
  • Possible to select some details in the design (for an additional fee)
  • Amazing design, a beautiful face and an attractive body with seductive shapes
  • The material does not cause allergies; it can be washed, does not deform

3. Nina – Also Good

Nina is a unique sex doll of the elven persuasion. Her big elongated ears and slightly futuristic face make her very magical. But her body does look fabulous.


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Huge breasts and a thin waist, elastic hips and slender legs – you won’t want to listen to fables, you’ll want to tell her your own story. Try to diversify your intimate emotions with lifelike Nina.

This princess of elves will be your seducer and your slave. Do you want to lure to your bed a beautiful elf that is waiting for your caresses and really wants to give you unearthly fantastic satisfaction?

Nina looks flawless; she will be a wonderful addition to any role-playing game. If your married life has become boring and sex does not yield the former pleasure, try to spend a night with Nina – maybe it will return the previous passion and excitement to you and your partner.

Nina features:

  • Big boobs, slender legs and waist, elastic buttocks.
  • Quality material with a metal base.
  • Flexible body for different positions.
  • Fabulous appearance (angel elf).
  • Low height and long fair hair.
  • Relatively inexpensive price, despite good quality.
  • All holes for oral, anal and vaginal sex.

4. Maeva

A beautiful young nymph looks like a princess of elves. You want to spend time with her and feel incredible pleasure.


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This doll is created not only for role-playing games; it will be your fairy friend, who will always be there. You need not be alone-read this review, now you will spend your nights with new emotions and sensations.

Everyone dreams of seeing a fairy-tale beauty with magnificent forms, a wonderful face and complaisant character in his bed. Such an elf will fulfill all your desires and help realize all the erotic fantasies.

The sex doll looks very realistic; it is made of quality materials. You will love her delicate body, feel new emotions.

Maeva is a new opportunity to add piquancy to your intimate life. Many men dream of such a charming nymph, so they can become a hero and a prince for her.

Maeva features:

  • Flexible parts of the body.
  • Relatively low price.
  • Quality material TPE + steel skeleton.
  • The opportunity to get different types of sex and try new poses.
  • Beautiful fairy-tale face, slender body with lush breasts, lightweight doll.
  • Easy to wash (the material is water-resistant, hypoallergic and non-deformable).

5. Elf doll

This is a gentle refined beauty with a stunning young body is an erotic fantasy of any man. A sex doll can look very lifelike, but this unique model with the elf appearance will surprise you.

Elf doll

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You will try new poses, feel new emotions and sensations. This young lady will become your princess, so you can become her prince charming! You can realize all your intimate dreams and experience a new type of pleasure.

Sex with a doll can become a new page of your erotic pleasure. This model looks like a realistic girl, although she does not ask for gifts and diamonds – she wants only your love and caress.

Her beautiful face with a seductive body will take you to a land of fantasy and fairy tales. Such toys help married couples recover their former passion and real excitement.

Quality silicone makes the body tender and pleasant – you will not want to leave the bed. Show this young and sweet princess the fairytale world of sex, where the main goal is to get unlimited pleasure.

Elf doll features:

  • Light weight, despite the metal frame.
  • Blonde with long beautiful hair.
  • Big breasts, slender waist and firm buttocks.
  • Flexible parts of the body – different poses for sex.
  • Inexpensive price and high-quality silicone with a steel skeleton.
  • Doll with the appearance of an elf looks like a forest princess.
  • Attractive young body with an innocent face of a charming beauty.

6. Eleraith

A seductress with a young body and a gentle face will make your night unforgettable. You won’t go to sleep without an erotic adventure – you won’t sleep until the very morning. Look at this young girl – what do you want to do with her?


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Do you want to realize your erotic fantasies and embark onto a romantic journey in a fairytale country? This sexy doll will show you a new world; she will help to explore new sensations and emotions.

Try something new because the elf is very attractive with its fantastic appearance. Such toys can also serve as a good choice for women who dream of magic sex, where they can become a teacher for a young inexperienced girl.

Married couples can also buy this excellent doll to make their intimate life more diverse and unusual. You will like her pleasant body made of high-quality TPE. It is better than silicone – just touch her very tender skin.

Eleraith will be happy to give you pleasure; she will show you the world of elves and many intimate poses.

Eleraith features:

  • The material is of high quality.
  • Light weight with steel skeleton.
  • All the limbs and body can bend to try new poses.
  • Lovely young woman with an attractive figure.
  • There are all the holes for anal, oral and vaginal sex.
  • The doll is the most popular among lesbians in the category.
  • There is an opportunity to choose some details of the doll’s design.

7. Siofra

If you want to try sex with a princess of the elves, then this doll model was created just for you. Her beautiful young face with an attractive body, big breasts and slender waist will wake a wave of passion and desire you in.


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Go on, spend a night with this young elf, she is waiting for your love and affection. Siofra looks very realistic, her soft body and gentle skin will please any man.

This amazing doll will be an excellent addition for couples to diversify their intimate life, add a touch of piquancy and new emotions. Many women also buy such dolls to beat loneliness and to experience a new type of pleasure.

Siofra looks like a real girl, her attractive appearance and quality materials are the work of experienced professionals. According to this review, sex with her will be a new experience, a new page in your life.

Siofra features:

  • Slim, thin body with large breasts.
  • Opportunity to get different types of sex.
  • Quality TPE + steel skeleton.
  • Inserts to bend the body and limbs.
  • Popular model among married couples.
  • Cute young face with dark long hair.

8. Gadriel

A gorgeous sexy lifelike elf with red hair and funny ears will turn your night into a fairytale full of erotic fantasies, new exciting poses and emotions.


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This unique doll arrived from a fantasy country, where everyone knows a lot about the art of love. Maybe you want to show her something new or, alternatively, she will do everything she can just for you.

This toy looks very magical and perfect, its quality coating is made of good gentle silicone, and its appearance is the work of experienced designers and artists. Such a doll will help you to relax and experience a new type of excitation and enjoyment.

Do not miss your chance to give yourself a night of incredible sex with Gadriel. Look at her beautiful face and feel softness of her body and elasticity of her big breasts. You will like to touch her skin and caress her intimate zones.

The price of this model fully corresponds to the high quality of the materials, so you can be sure in its reliability.

Gadriel features:

  • Quality coating material
  • Metal skeleton with folding inserts
  • Affordable price and excellent quality
  • Possible to get different erotic poses
  • Lush breasts, thin waist and elastic buttocks.
  • Wonderful appearance with bright red hair.
  • There are all the necessary openings for oral, anal and vaginal sex.

A Few Things To Consider

Life size sex dolls are popular toys that will allow you to diversify your erotic dreams and experience a new type of pleasure. But this product – like any other – has its own nuances, which are to be studied in order to buy the right thing:

  • Material. Most often, lifelike dolls are made of one of two types of silicone: the usual type and TPE. Both of these materials do not deform and are safe for contact with skin. But any material needs care so make sure that your beauty is always be clean.
  • Design. Many reviews show product photos. This may be an unusual presentation or a particular image. It must be remembered that many companies choose clothes only for the photo session, and in many cases none of the shown accessories will be included with the item.
  • Additions. You can choose any design details of your beauty, from the color of your eyes or skin to the type of vagina and shape of the pubic hair.
  • Packaging. Each company delivers the product on time and carefully packages each limb. But customers can order a durable box at an additional charge – just to make sure.
  • Price. Dolls can vary in prices – it does not always depend on its material. You can find a very realistic beauty under 1000 dollars. But there are incredible intimate toys with a robotic system, which can cost from 8 thousand dollars.