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British Red Cross Uses YouTube Stars to Reach Teenagers 90% of individuals surveyed after watching the videos stated they felt more confident in their ability to help administer first aid.
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Small Doug Hattaway Hattaway Communications

A Guide to YouTube
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Hatch The Hatch Team about 2 years ago

Storytelling Adventures from the Amazon: On The Ground When creating stories on a budget, planning, collaboration and flexibility are key to success.

Small Doug Hattaway Hattaway Communications

Use Stories to Build Communities That Can Be Harnessed to Act Technology provides platforms and tools but now, more than ever, social movements—online and offline—are built on the essence of our humanity.
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Small Maria Ressa Rappler

How to Incorporate Multimedia into Your Storytelling What is multimedia storytelling and why should you incorporate it into your content plan?
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Default Eric Zimmermann Hattaway Communications

What Are Archetypes and How Do I Use Them in Storytelling? Part II How to use different archetypes to appeal to your audience's aspirations

Small Kimaya Dixit Hattaway Communications

The 40/60 Content Rule: Less Time Writing, More Time Sharing 40% of your time should be spent creating content, while the remaining 60% should be spent promoting content.
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Small Garth Moore ONE

Repurposing Content: What’s Old is New Again Get extra mileage from your best stories.
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Small Jereme Bivins The Rockefeller Foundation

Mining the Mindset of a Publisher We’re all publishers now, whether we know it or not.
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Small Lara Setrakian News Deeply

How To Win Your Year-end Appeal: A Storytelling Checklist Ensure your year-end appeal meets its goals through effective storytelling.

Small Jay Geneske The Rockefeller Foundation

A Guide to Measuring Impact on YouTube
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Hatch The Hatch Team over 2 years ago

5 Stories Nonprofits Should Be Telling on Social Media Five stories that your nonprofit should be telling everywhere you do fundraising and marketing – including social media.
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Small Julia Claire Campbell J Campbell Social Marketing

Best of Storytelling 2016 2016 didn’t just bring a rollercoaster of emotional events—it brought a series of stories that tugged at different heartstrings.

Small Eliana Reyes Hattaway Communications

Greenpeace Mobilisation Lab's Campaign to Free the Arctic 30 Infusing storytelling into advocacy campaigns.
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Small Mob Lab Team The Mobilisation Lab at Greenpeace

Storytelling Adventures from the Amazon: The Beginning At the heart of your storytelling strategies are your allies.

Small Doug Hattaway Hattaway Communications

A Tale of Two Videos The difference between making a video and making an impact.
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Small Andy Goodman The Goodman Center

Allies Against Slavery Uses Storytelling to Surpass Fundraising Goal Use different mediums to broaden your audience and tell great stories.

Small Rob Wu CauseVox

Bringing the Freedom to Marry for All to the National Level Making marriage equality a reality nationwide with storytelling campaigns.

Small Jessalyn Kiesa Blue State Digital

Why the Small Stories Matter in Nonprofit Marketing Share moments of triumph and hope to fuel action from your supporters.
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Small Kim Soth Boyle Skyword, Inc.

Make Video Part of Your Nonprofit Marketing Four strategies to enhance your video marketing.

Small Britt Vogel Wired Impact

5 Storytelling Best Practices at the Heart of Humans of New York Tell more stories from the heart.
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Small Lauren Girardin

UNICEF Uses Google+ to Share Stories From the Field UNICEF virtually convened activists, bloggers and students to share stories about issues affecting the Democratic Republic of Congo.
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Small RJ Bee Hattaway Communications

The Backpack Journalist: Digital Storytelling on a Shoestring Why I left a corner office to become a backpack journalist.

Small Alexandra Christy Alexandra Christy Consulting

The Science of Storytelling What makes a story great? How much power do stories hold?
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Small Jay Geneske The Rockefeller Foundation

Video Blogging Brings Stories to Life Refugees International uses powerful videos on its blog to show the realities facing refugees around the world.
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Hatch The Hatch Team over 2 years ago