The Fleshlight Girls series of toys gives you a chance to imagine what it would be like having sex with your favorite erotic actresses thanks to the molds of their private parts. Fleshlights continue to occupy the leading positions among the most popular sex toys for men. This is not surprising at all considering how realistic and convenient these masturbators are.

Besides being highly pleasurable, Fleshlights can also be used to overcome some male issues, such as the notorious death grip syndrome and premature ejaculation. Regular use of these toys can build up your stamina and help you become the lover you always wanted to be. You can also add these sex toys to your play time with the partner to live through your threesome fantasies without getting any other people involved.

The variety of masturbation sleeves makes it possible for you to choose how you want to be stimulated. From gentle massaging to intense pressure and novel textures, the company has plenty of options that will leave you speechless.

Last Updated: Mike Several positions in our list have been changed. The first position is occupied by Jessica Drake (Heavenly), which is characterized by intense tightness, a variety of elements, and can also be used by men with smaller penises. Dillion Harper (Crush) is also a perfect option. And on the third place we have the iconic Stoya (Destroya), which has become popular thanks to its intense fang-like structures providing the most unique sensations.

In this review:

TOP 30 Fleshlight Girls Textures for Complete Sexual Bliss

There are no other male sex toys like Fleshlight, as the company provides you with a great combination of affordable price, pleasurable textures, and realistic materials. Regardless of your penis size and stimulation preferences, you are more than likely to find a toy that will satisfy your sexual needs perfectly.

The Fleshlight Girls series of masturbators gives you a chance to imagine having sex with your favorite erotic star. Every pussy mold is different, and the textures available on the inside offer drastically different experiences. From the soft caressing to the highest intensity levels, you can decide how you want to feel during your solo play.

1. Jessica Drake Heavenly – Extremely Delicious Tightness

The fans of tightness can rejoice as the Heavenly Fleshlight is all about a tight fit that will certainly blow your mind. This Jessica Drake toy is perfect for men with slimmer penises or those who enjoy having a truly intense experience with tightness as the main focus.

Heavenly Designs

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Once you get through the first section of this Fleshlight, you will reach a lotus node that imitates the sensation of penetration and ushers you to the tightest passage of the entire sleeve, which will definitely leave you speechless. If you like to feel a lot of pressure on your penis, Heavenly is just what you need.

Jessica Drake Heavenly provides men with such benefits:

  • Sexual satisfaction thanks to the extremely tight canal.
  • Perfect option for men with smaller and average penises.
  • Great penetration sensation in the middle.
  • Safe material that feels like skin.

2. Dillion Harper Crush – Dive into the World of Pleasure

Right from the first glance, this Fleshlight looks undeniably inviting with the mold of Dillion Harper’s pussy at its entrance. This masturbator delivers pleasure through its three chambers that follow one another to offer the most pleasurable and continual experience. The sleeve is not the tightest among those offered by the company, but it still gives plenty of stimulation.

Dillion Harper Crush masturbator

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The first chamber is rather wide, but there is a narrow canal connecting it to the second one and thus providing the necessary intensity. The goal of this toy is to bring you to the edge by means of the texture rather than overwhelming tightness.

Crush provides the following advantages:

  • Dries fairly quickly and is easy to clean
  • High-quality smooth material
  • Rich texture and no extreme tightness

3. Stoya Destroya – Mind-Blowing Orgasms for You

Destroya is currently the most popular and intense Fleshlight offered by the company. It features a mold of Stoya’s pussy at the entrance, and its unique texture is the reason why so many men choose to explore this option. Right from the start, the sleeve is tight and you get varied sensations as you move further inside. There are two main chambers, and the second one (with long ‘fangs’) provides the most intense stimulation. The main focus of this sleeve is on the elongated bumps that will massage your penis over the entire length.

Stoya Destroya most popular
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(more photos are available)

Destroya is certainly on the tight side, and its narrowest spot is between the two chambers. It is perfect for men with smaller penises and those who enjoy high levels of intensity during masturbation, so it’s certainly not an option for those who want something gentle. It can be effectively used to build up stamina and it’s a great sleeve for both beginners and experienced users alike.

Destroya has the following features:

  • Smooth material and unique design that includes ‘fangs’
  • Best-selling product with excellent reviews
  • Body-safe and practical
  • Intense stimulation of the penis
  • Perfect for men of all sizes.
  • Great mold of a pussy

4. Riley Jensen Wild

If you like it wild, this is the right masturbation sleeve for you. Those dreaming of sex with Riley Jensen can explore her exclusive texture and enjoy an excellent mold of her vagina. This particular texture starts off gently by offering a slightly wider space. It slowly becomes tighter, thus increasing the pleasure.

Wild particular texture

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(more photos are available)

It’s obvious that this sex toy has cross-ribs as the main focus, and it’s certainly a great decision because they offer plenty of stimulation. Cross-ribs are available in various forms throughout the sleeve, so you can expect continuous massaging at every inch. Cleaning this sleeve is time-consuming but the pleasure makes it worth your while.

The Wild masturbator provides such benefits:

  • Beautiful and realistic pussy mold
  • A structure filled with cross-ribs
  • Soft and elastic SuperSkin material

5. Nicole Aniston Fit

Fit is a unique masturbator that comes with a range of novel structures you won’t find in other Fleshlights. This sleeve was designed as a tribute to the incredible Nicole Aniston, so it’s her pussy mold that you can see at the entrance. This sex toy includes four sections and each one of them offers a completely new experience.

Nicole Aniston Fit unique

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(more photos are available)

The prominent structures that you will find in this masturbator include ribs, bumps, grooves, and rings – all the things that make using it so much fun. Narrow passages between the chambers provide enjoyable tightness; also, these elements are great at imitating the penetration sensation.

The Fit sex toy offers the following advantages:

  • Material of the highest quality, realistic and soft
  • Intense tightness of passages
  • Numerous stimulating structures

6. Elsa Jean Tasty

There is no denial that Tasty is a narrow sleeve. If you like it truly tight then this Fleshlight dedicated to the petite Elsa Jean will become your best friend. The masturbator gets tight from the second you move through the entrance, which means that even those with smaller penises will be able to enjoy everything it has to offer.

Tasty material

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The masturbator includes nubs, elongated ribs, and cross-ribs that in combination with its considerable tightness will bring you the desired satisfaction in no time. Cleaning can become quite a tedious task but it’s something you should always expect from an intense masturbator.

Tasty is all about the following:

  • Extreme tightness for those who enjoy strong pressure
  • Elastic and soft SuperSkin material
  • Ideal for men with smaller penises

7. Eva Lovia Sugar

Sugar is as sweet as the name suggests, and it is also one of those masturbators that won’t keep you bored. Created as a tribute to Eva Lovia, it is an incredible sleeve that provides the desired satisfaction by offering a high level of variety that most men enjoy. Sugar is an exciting sex toy that includes four chambers filled with enjoyable elements, such as ribs, bumps and rings.

Eva Lovia Sugar Texture

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A tight structure awaits the user in the center of this masturbator, offering strong stimulation that is definitely unforgettable. This Eva Lovia toy embodies everything most men like about Fleshlights – plenty of variety and tightness.

Sugar provides such features as:

  • Four chambers filled with different elements
  • Intense center part for maximum pleasure
  • Material that imitates real skin effectively

8. Alexis Texas Outlaw

Unsurprisingly, Alexis Texas also received an honor of having her own exclusive texture, which was named Outlaw. The sleeve is not overwhelming or overly crazy in terms of its texture, although it is still highly enjoyable. It treats the user with a variety of elongated ribs and small bumps that are among the best structures to arouse men.

Alexis Texas Exclusive

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(more photos are available)

Outlaw is somewhere in the middle on the intensity scale but it is definitely more intense compared to real experience. There toy successfully imitates the penetration sensation thanks to its tight spots. It continues to stay one of the most popular sleeves offered by the company because of its balanced texture.

Outlaw offers the following advantages to men:

  • A moderately intense texture with bumps and ribs
  • Great penetration sensations
  • Sufficient variety
  • Incredible SuperSkin material

9. Angela White Indulge

Indulge is a fascinating Fleshlight option designed as an exclusive texture of the sexy Angela White. What makes this sleeve different from others is a canal shaped similarly to a wave – there are wider and narrow parts that alternate over the length. At the same time, the canal gets tighter and tighter the further you get inside.

Indulge is a fascinating

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(more photos are available)

The elements inside the canal include bumps that massage the shaft of your penis and bring you to an intense climax in the shortest time. Indulge is certainly the right toy for those who like a combination of sufficient tightness and stimulating bumps.

Indulge provides the following advantages to men:

  • Stimulation from massaging bumps
  • Wave-shaped canal offers varied sensations
  • Tight spots, especially towards the end
  • Top-quality body-safe material

10. Riley Reid Utopia

Utopia is an amazing Fleshlight that was designed as a tribute to the outstanding Riley Reid. The toy combines sensual stimulation and twisty tightness, and you’ll want to experience it over and over again. If you are not a fan of overwhelming textures with large and intense elements, this sleeve, filled with smaller details, will offer just the right amount of massaging for you.

Riley Reid Utopia Realism

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(more photos are available)

While some sleeves out there are all about texture, this one focuses on the combination of tightness and realism. The masturbator features four chambers and they continue to get tighter and tighter as you proceed. The first chamber will greet you with cross-ribs, while the second one includes rings created from soft bumps directed to the center. In the third chamber, there are plenty of bumps and ribs to stimulate your penis shaft and head.

Similarly to other many other sleeves, it gradually gets tighter the further you get inside. Thanks to the fact that the elements in this sleeve are not too big and obstructive, it remains quite easy to clean, which is a definite bonus. If you value realism, this Riley Reid lady texture is just what you need.

The Utopia masturbator offers such advantages:

  • Smaller elements that offer realistic sensations.
  • High-quality SuperSkin material that is smooth and soft.
  • Excellent pussy mold at the entrance.
  • Gentle yet stimulating texture.
  • Easy to maintain thanks to more open space.

11. Madison Ivy Beyond

Madison Ivy is a petite porn star so it’s not surprising that she got a tight exclusive sleeve that will blow your mind in the best way possible. Each and every section of this texture has a unique way of stimulating your nerve endings. Some spots are extremely tights while others rely on sensations you get from the inner elements. As you can imagine, a combination of these factors with an excellent suction effect does the job perfectly and brings you to orgasm faster than you can imagine.

Madison Ivy petite porn

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(more photos are available)

Right in the middle, there are several cross-ribs, and their location ensures that you reach them with every stroke and get the most out of the sleeve. After the central part, you’ll have a chance to experience a range of bumps. At this point, you will definitely feel the increasing tightness. Whether you have a short penis or a long one, the pleasure is all yours with this amazing sleeve.

Madison Ivy Beyond is all about:

  • Intense tightness, especially in the second section.
  • A variety of cross-ribs, bumps, and ridges.
  • Perfect for men with smaller penises.
  • Amazing SuperSkin material.

12. Anikka Albrite Goddess

Goddess is a fitting name for a lady texture belonging to Anikka Albrite as it offers a truly heavenly experience. This amazing sleeve is all about bumps that massage every inch of the penis in a gentle yet firm way. Goddess is perfect for men who have sensitive penises and don’t enjoy extreme stimulation.

Anikka Albrite Goddess perfect

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(more photos are available)

The bumps are on the large side, thus offering the delicious pressure on the penis and making the canal a lot tighter. The sensations you will get from this masturbator are not overwhelming but they are certainly enjoyable, and men with longer penises will be able to get to the narrowest sections closer to the end. Because of its larger elements, it is quite a tight sleeve all throughout its length, which is something you should keep in mind.

The Goddess sleeve provides:

  • Arousing mold of a porn star’s pussy
  • Elastic and smooth material
  • Massaging sensation thanks to large bumps

13. Jenna Haze Obsession

Obsession is well-known for its exquisite intensity, which is one of the key reasons for men to love it so much. Created as a tribute to Jenna Haze, this sleeve is not for fans of gentle stroking, and it can become an ideal model to build your stamina. It is wide at first, but the following section with pointy bumps provides the stimulation of your dreams.

Jenna Haze Obsession for men

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The sex toy gets narrower as you move inside, and well-endowed men will get to the tightest spot. The toy may be problematic to clean, but it’s worth the trouble considering the pleasure you will experience.

Obsession is all about such benefits:

  • Excellent stamina builder
  • Intense stimulation thanks to pointy bumps
  • Can be used by men with smaller penises

14. Lisa Ann Barracuda

Barracuda is yet another unique sleeve designed by Fleshlight and created in honor of Lisa Ann. The masturbator delivers a more continuous experience based on repetition of elements. Despite this somewhat simplistic approach, it is not monotonous and you won’t get bored. There are tight spots between chambers that will keep you on edge.

Lisa Ann

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(more photos are available)

The chambers are equipped with long bumps made to face in different directions, thus offering varied sensations. Thanks to their size and shape, they offer incredible stimulation that won’t let you last for a long time. There are no pauses with this toy.

Barracuda provides such advantages:

  • Long bumps for an intense massage
  • Sufficient tightness between chambers
  • Excellent for men with short and long penises

15. Abella Danger

From the first few inches, this lady texture created in honor of Abella Danger brings on the heat. You will need plenty of lube to move through the chambers of this sleeve as it has a lot of prominent elements. The first section features bumps that massage the penis before you move to the highlight of the sleeve – an unexpected twist.

Abella Danger lady

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(more photos are available)

Because you don’t need to wait until the end for the exciting sections to start, the Danger sleeve can be used by men with shorter penises as they will still have a lot of fun. Overall, this masturbator is intensive, and its only downside is the increased cleaning time.

Danger has the following features:

  • Intensive from the very beginning
  • High level of diversity
  • Recommended for shorter and longer penises

16. Asa Akira Dragon

Despite its intimidating name, Dragon is a sleeve for those who prefer gentler and slower stimulation. This masturbator is an exclusive lady texture of Asa Akira and offers a continuous rather wide canal, which works better for men with larger penises. The entire surface of this toy is covered with ribs that effectively imitate the realistic experience and the way female muscles move during sex.

Asa Akira Dragon

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(more photos are available)

While the width of this toy varies in different spots, it never gets too tight. The bumps and ridges in this masturbator softly massage the penis and allow you to drag out the climax and enjoy every inch of the toy to the fullest.

Asa Akira Dragon offers such pros as:

  • Amazing mold of Asa Akira’s pussy
  • Gentle stimulation
  • Suitable toy for men with larger penises
  • Easy-to-clean structure

17. Adriana Chechik Empress

This masturbator sleeve is more than likely to bring you to the moon and back thanks to its interesting structure. It is dedicated to the beautiful Adriana Chechik and, being a lady texture, it comes with a mold of her vagina. Empress is one of those toys that are not divided into chambers. It features a continuous canal, which makes this toy perfect for men of all sizes as they won’t miss out on all the fun.

Adriana Chechik Empress

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(more photos are available)

The toy doesn’t make you wait and starts off with a high level of intensity right at the entrance. It boasts a spiral design that includes numerous ribs that actively stimulate the entire penis. The varying location of these ribs and their vortex-like shape make the experience even more pleasurable. There is not a lot of variety, although it doesn’t prevent the toy from being stimulating and also easy to clean.

The Empress sleeve offers such pros as:

  • Works for men regardless of their size
  • Continuous stimulation of the penis
  • Easy-to-clean thanks to the shape of the canal

18. Brandi Love Heartthrob

Heartthrob was created as a dedication to Brandi Love and is undoubtedly a powerful sleeve when it comes to stimulation. Its tight-fitting elements and continuous design make it so that you won’t have a single moment to take a break.

Heartthrob powerful sleeve

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(more photos are available)

Heartthrob is one of those textures that can be recommended to both men with longer and shorter penises – it’s fun for everyone! The sleeve is based on using twisted shapes and has ridges that provide amazing sensations similar to actual vaginal muscles.

Heartthrob is all about:

  • Fun twisted shape for great stimulation
  • Considerable tightness
  • Easy-to-clean canal

19. Kendra Sunderland Angel

When it comes to the texture, there is definitely a lot happening in the Angel masturbator created in honor of Kendra Sunderland. At the same time, the sensations you get from the toy are on the realistic side and not overwhelmingly intense. The structures inside include spirals that go in different directions, cross-ribs, and bumps that you will experience close to the end.

Kendra Sunderland Masturbator

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(more photos are available)

Despite the fact that there are no spots of significant tightness, the sleeve doesn’t get boring thanks to its varied surface. Still, the Angel masturbator works better for men with thicker penises because it doesn’t get narrow towards the end.

Kendra Sunderland Angel offers such advantages to men:

  • Elastic sleeve that is soft and skin-like
  • Moderate tightness of the canal
  • A large variety of structures

20. Nikki Benz MVP

If you wonder what MVP stands for, the answer is ‘most valuable pussy’ and there is a good reason why this sleeve bears this name. Dedicated to the one and only Nikki Benz, the MVP sleeve is divided into four chambers that allow men to get different sensations. The contrast between them is what allows you not to get bored and reach a powerful orgasm fast.

Good Nikki Benz MVP

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(more photos are available)

As for design, the creators decided to fill the first and third sections with different-sized bumps to massage your penis. The second and fourth chambers provide constrictions, which are definitely welcomed after the bumps of the previous chambers. The MVP works on contrast and is never monotonous.

MVP provides such features to males:

  • Great combination of different chambers
  • High level of variety
  • Excellent sensation of penetration thanks to the structures

21. Tera Patrick Tease

Tease is a delightful masturbator by Fleshlight equipped with a signed mold of Tera Patrick’s vagina, which allows you to fantasize what it’s like to have sex with her. The masturbator is tight from the very beginning and offers four sections for you to explore. The first chamber is filled with cross-ribs and when you move through a tight transition, you get to the second one filled with bumps that massage the penis.

Tera Patrick Tease fantasize

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(more photos are available)

Those with long penises will also get to experience bumps and ribs at the end of the sleeve but, generally, it is a versatile masturbator that can do wonders regardless of the penis size. It is tight and exciting, just like you want a sleeve to be.

Tease sex toy brings the following features:

  • Intensely tight spots for more pleasure
  • Great combination of ribs and prominent bumps
  • Intense right from the start, so it works for shorter penises too

22. Dominika C Butterfly

Dominika C is a softcore star, and Butterfly is her exclusive Fleshlight that comes with a mold of her vagina. The sleeve has a well-balanced design that combines both wider and narrower parts to facilitate your pleasure. It offers plenty of diversity, which is always a bonus when it comes to masturbation.

Dominika C Butterfly sleeve

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(more photos are available)

Right at the start, there are big nubs that transform into smoother structures, thus giving a relief to your penis. After this section, you will get to rings and pointy nubs that raise the temperature once again. The most stimulating parts are closer to the end and are thus accessible only to men with longer penises.

Butterfly provides such features as:

  • Great combination of tighter and wider parts
  • Better suited for men with longer penises
  • Plenty of variety in textures

23. Tori Black Torrid

Bumps on bumps are the way this masturbator can be described in three words. Created as an exclusive lady texture of Tori Black, this intense masturbation sleeve offers you a wide variety of bumps that will definitely bring you to the climax. You’ll need plenty of lube to cover the surface of the sleeve, then you can expect to experience an unbelievably arousing massage over the entire length of your penis.

Tori Black Torrid Bumps

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(more photos are available)

This sleeve comes with five chambers that have narrow passages between them to achieve a high level of stimulation. Torrid is not a minimalistic sleeve; it is great for those who enjoy a thorough massage.

Torrid masturbation sleeve offers such features:

  • Narrow transitions from one chamber to another
  • Rich texture filled with numerous bumps
  • Stimulation with no breaks

24. Christy Mack Attack

Attack is not as scary as it sounds, as it is a rather moderate sleeve in terms of intensity. It is a texture of the amazing Christy Mack, and it is filled with bumps, narrow spots, and other elements that make it so enjoyable. This Fleshlight is perfect for men who love a feeling of penetrating a vagina, because the shape of this sleeve imitates this experience perfectly.

Christy Mack

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(more photos are available)

Attack provides an excellent suction effect with increased vacuum due to having more open space. Overall, it’s a well-designed sleeve with a number of advantages.

Christy Mack Attack offers the following pros:

  • Excellent imitation of penetration
  • Fairly easy to clean
  • Highly realistic Superskin surface

25. Veronica Rodriguez Caliente

Caliente is an awesome masturbator that was designed to represent Veronica Rodriguez. Naturally, the sleeve is fitted with a mold of her gorgeous pussy and plenty of exciting sections to keep you busy. The toy has a steady composition and recurring patterns that include rounded bulges and elongated bumps.

Caliente Naturally

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(more photos are available)

You will be able to move quickly through the canal, thus achieving excellent stimulation. If you are someone who enjoys a more smooth and continuous stimulation, this Veronica Rodriguez’ masturbator should be highly appealing for you. Another advantage of this toy that it can be cleaned quite quickly; it also dries without taking too much time.

Caliente has the following advantages:

  • Continuous stimulation with no breaks
  • Fairly easy-to-clean sleeve
  • Incredible SuperSkin material
  • Works for penises of any size

26. Janice Griffith Eden

Besides having an awesome texture on the inside, Eden is a sleeve that immediately attracts attention thanks to its darker color. Featuring a mold of Janice Griffith’s pussy, it’s an inviting Fleshlight that has a lot to offer to its users. It is similar to anal sleeves created by the company because it is highly intense and tight.

Janice Griffith Eden sleeves

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(more photos are available)

When using this masturbator, you will experience plenty of variety, as there are 5 sections that include different exciting elements. In the beginning, you will move past rounded massaging nubs. Then, there are bigger squared structures to offer more stimulation. What is more, a lotus node and the following constriction will make everything even hotter.

The sleeve has such features as:

  • Beautiful dark shade of the material.
  • Bumps and tight transitions.
  • High level of intensity.

27. Ana Foxxx Silk

Ana Foxxx Silk is a sleeve that really stands out thanks to its beautiful dark color. It brings you larger sections of elements, thus creating a more continuous experience instead of switching things too often. There is an intensive constriction before you get to the middle and it ensures that the stimulation doesn’t get mundane.

Ana Foxxx Silk

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(more photos are available)

The fact that there is more open space towards the end creates a nice vacuum that definitely contributes to the pleasurable sensation and a great suction effect. Because of its repeating quality, Silk is a sleeve that can be successfully used by men of all sizes.

Silk is a sleeve that has such features:

  • Beautiful dark color of the sleeve
  • Great suction effect
  • Repeating patterns that work for any penises

28. Kayden Kross Ultimate

Ultimate is on the more simple and straightforward side compared to more elaborate variants of masturbators. This exclusive lady texture of Kayden Kross has a wide section with rounded bumps at the beginning, but the level of tightness increases as you move further inside it.

Kayden Kross simple

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(more photos are available)

Thanks to the more spacious canal with few elements in the way, the masturbator is quite easy to clean, which is always something people want to hear. Ultimate is not recommended for men with shorter or slimmer penises because the tight section starts towards the end and there is a risk to miss most of the experience this sleeve has to offer.

The masturbator provides such features as:

  • Easy to clean thanks to the open design
  • Recommended for men with larger penises
  • Delivers great suction effect
  • Simple yet effective

29. Lena Paul Nymph

The Nymph sleeve designed as a tribute to Lena Paul is a toy that can be characterized as moderately intense. It offers a ton of variety in its structure and an exciting combination of simple ribs and bumps of different shapes. The masturbator has consistent patterns in its arsenal and throws some interesting elements in for even more spice.

Nymph sleeve designed

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(more photos are available)

In terms of tightness, this masturbator is unlikely to shock you, because its focus is more on interesting and unique shapes rather than wowing you with narrow passages. It is an ideal variant for men who enjoy pleasurable stimulation but don’t want to be completely overwhelmed to the point of getting numb. Overall, it is a rich and entertaining option for your solo play.

Nymph is a masturbator that has such features as:

  • Several innovative structures
  • Moderate tightness
  • Works for different penis girths and lengths

30. Lana Rhoades Destiny

Destiny is quite a universal Fleshlight: there is nothing extreme about its design. Dedicated to the erotic star Lana Rhoades, the sex toy includes four chambers – the first one is wider, while the following three offer more tightness. The stimulation starts right at the entrance and becomes more intense as you move forward. What is great is that even men with short penises can get plenty of enjoyable sensations.

Lana Rhoades Destiny extreme

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(more photos are available)

The main structures in the sleeve are rectangular bumps, and the middle section will satisfy men with a tight narrowing with ribs. Destiny has a well-balanced structure that makes it a popular toy among men.

Destiny provides men with such benefits:

  • Stimulating texture with bumps and ribs
  • Can be used by men with shorter penises
  • Narrowing part in the middle for more intensity
  • High-quality material.

Additional Information on Fleshlight

This section includes essential information concerning Fleshlights and how to take care of them properly so that they continue to bring pleasure for many years. There are some crucial things you need to keep in mind once you invest in a masturbation sleeve, so that it doesn’t get damaged. You will also discover the benefits of these sex toys, as they have more to offer than just sexual satisfaction. This comprehensive guide will offer you all the answers you need.

What is Fleshlight?

Fleshlight is a famous brand of sex toys known for exclusive Fleshlight masturbation sleeves that have been popular among men for years. Since its appearance back in the 90s, the brand gained fame due to the patented material that successfully imitates real human skin. The material was named SuperSkin and it continues to draw men to Fleshlights, as these toys as realistic as it gets. SuperSkin is smooth, soft, and when you combine it with lube, it is just what you need for sexual pleasure.

A typical Fleshlight toy has two main parts – a SuperSkin sleeve and a plastic case around it. It’s possible to choose an entrance shape of the sleeve depending on your preferences – a mouth, an anus, or a pussy. On the case, you will find two caps: the one at the bottom is to adjust the intensity of suction, while the upper one protects the entrance from dirt.

The company offers a wide variety of sleeve textures. You can choose smooth realistic canals or pick something more interesting, such a masturbator with numerous bumps, ridges and other innovative elements. Such sex toys do not have a goal of imitating the feeling of entering a real vagina. They aim at bringing the experience to a completely new level.

Abundance of Fleshlight options

Selecting a Fleshlight may seem like quite an overwhelming task because of how many amazing options are out there. Fortunately, there are plenty of reviews available and you can figure out which sleeve will work best for your particular needs. Each masturbator is unique and there are a number of criteria that you can use to decide which one will be better for you, including textural elements, tightness, etc.

There’s no Fleshlight that will be perfect for each and every man, because everyone has different preferences when it comes to the intensity of stimulation; factors such as penis length and girth also play their roles. With the help of our reviews, it will be much easier to make the right decision.

Fleshlight Girls – the series of your dreams

It’s more than likely that you fantasized about your favorite erotic stars while watching porn. With the help of the Fleshlight Girls series, you can get closer to this dream: each masturbator in this line comes with a mold of a porn star’s pussy. All molds are signed by the corresponding actresses and feel and look like the real deal.

Beautiful Fleshlight Girls

When it comes to the inside textures of these sleeves, they differ from one another and you can always find the right combination of elements for you, even though no two men are the same. Whether you have a small penis or a large one, the company made sure that you have enough models to satisfy your needs.

Realism vs Intensity

Everyone is different and while some prefer to be completely overwhelmed and taken into another world when it comes to the stimulation, others like it to be more realistic. Fleshlight took all these preferences into consideration, which is why no masturbator in the Girls series are unique.

For instance, those who want to be taken on a wild ride may want to go for Destroya or Beyond. At the same time, men who like a softer and gentler approach can opt for Dragon or Angel. It should be mentioned that the penis size also influences the level of intensity you experience with each toy. Men with slimmer penises may find certain sleeves, such as Heavenly, perfect for them, while men with thick organs won’t be able to use them comfortably. Your choice should depend on your personal sensitivity and size.

Which sleeves should beginners choose?

For beginners, personal preferences play a huge role in this question. If you have never experienced intense stimulation before and you don’t know how you will like it, stay on the safe side and go for options of moderate intensity.

At the same time, if you are determined to get as much as you can and you know that you can handle it, why not go for something more exciting? It’s important to remember to always use plenty of lube and not choose extremely tight sleeves if you are a really big guy.

Maintenance and Care

It may seem obvious how to properly use your Fleshlight, but there are actually some things you may be unaware of. From choosing the right lube to cleaning your masturbator, here you will find the information that will help you maintain your favorite sex toy.

What to know before your first use

After you get your packaging with a brand new Fleshlight, it’s only natural that you want to give it a try without hesitation. However, there is a step that you should definitely take to ensure that you can get the pleasure you desire and zero uncomfortable sensations.

Fleshlights are not meant to be used straight out of the box. Each and every new toy that is sent out by a company is covered in a protective layer of powder that is designed to keep the SuperSkin material in its top condition. The powder ensures that the material doesn’t get too sticky, which can lead to the opening to get closed.

It should be mentioned that the powder is completely safe for the body, but it will inevitably make your experience less enjoyable. For this reason, the first thing you should do is wash your new toy in cold water and then gently wipe it with isopropyl alcohol. If you plan to use it immediately, you should warm it up in warm water. Remember never to wash your masturbation sleeve in hot water.

What are the advantages of Fleshlights?

As it turns out, Fleshlights are not just about getting sexual satisfaction whenever you don’t have a partner or want to enjoy your solo time. There are some other benefits that you can get from these toys.

Treatment of death grip syndrome

Masturbation is a highly individual experience and all men know what can work best for them. The problem is that in search of the intense sensations, a lot of men don’t notice the strength of their own grip on the penis because they are so in the moment. When such a strong grip is done frequently, the penis glans becomes desensitized and men experience a problem called a death grip syndrome.

This issue can go unnoticed for a while if a man continues to masturbate and not have sex with a partner. The problem becomes apparent when a man is unable to reach a climax through penetrative sex because a vagina cannot offer as much pressure a hand. With a death grip syndrome, some men are unable to reach orgasm unless they use their hand while others even lose their erection in the process.

It is certainly an unfortunate issue, but fortunately, it can be fixed. In most cases, those experiencing a death grip syndrome are recommended to stop masturbating and only have sex for as long as needed to reverse the process. As you can imagine, this solution is not the best because you are unlikely to get an orgasm for a while.

Another way to go about this situation is to use a sleeve with a rich texture (such as Destroya) and not use your hands. You will be able to have an orgasm without putting intense pressure on your penis with your hands. After some time, it is a good idea to switch to a less stimulating sleeve and the one that is not too tight. In this way, you will be able to get rid of your death drip syndrome without driving yourself crazy with unsatisfied sexual urges.

Curing premature ejaculation

Another problem that can often be treated with the help of a Fleshlight is premature ejaculation. In a lot of cases, premature ejaculation is not caused by a physical health issue but rather by the extreme sensitivity of a penis to stimulation. In this situation, a Fleshlight can become the right solution to the problem.

All you need to do if you suffer from this problem is to invest in a masturbation sleeve that has an intense texture and use it to masturbate twice a day. The goal of this daily practice is to obviously last longer which is why you should not be using any arousing materials (magazines, videos, etc.), as they defeat the point of this experience.

How to Clean Your Fleshlight

To avoid any health problems, you should always keep your masturbator clean. Also, doing this helps maintain the material and ensures that it stays as smooth and realistic as when you first purchased it.

Steps to take before first-time use

Before using for the first time and before each use, you should prepare your Fleshlight so that you get the most pleasurable experience.

  • Submerge the sleeve in warm water. A real vagina is warm, especially when properly aroused, so it’s only natural that you want to heat up your toy to the nice temperature. For this purpose, you should use warm water (never above 110°F or 45°C) and simply place the sleeve in it for several minutes. Hot water should not be used as you will damage the material.
  • Use a small cap on the plastic case to adjust the suction level. It all depends on your size and preferences so you can experiment.
  • Apply a sufficient amount of water-based lube on the entrance or your penis before you start masturbating.

Things to remember about lube

Lubricant is an important part of using Fleshlight. A lot of people wonder what kind of lube they can use with a masturbation sleeve and the answer is only water-based one. This option doesn’t interact with the SuperSkin material and it means that it won’t negatively affect it. You should avoid using oil-based or silicone-based lubricants because they will inevitably affect the material and your toy won’t last you as long as you want.

When it comes to the amount of lube that you need, it depends on your sensations and also how textured the Fleshlight is. More intense sleeves require more lube because it will get trapped in all the grooves and bumps while with smoother canals you have to use less product. Also, if you use an extremely tight sleeve, you will need to apply plenty of lube on your penis before you insert it inside to ensure that you get comfortable sensations.

After several masturbations, you will definitely figure out just how much lube you need to use with your toy.

How to maintain your toy?

It’s not enough to just purchase a toy and use it to have fun, it’s also equally as important to take care of it so that it doesn’t get damaged and you don’t contract any infections after using it. Some people may think that there is no need to wash your sleeve properly if you are the only one using it, but this is certainly not the case. Here’s how to maintain your sleeve:

  • Take the Superskin sleeve out of the case and wash it with cold water after each use.
  • Make sure that it’s completely dry before you assemble everything together. You can either leave it to dry on a towel or use a stand.
  • Another step you shouldn’t miss is wiping the sleeve from all sides with isopropyl alcohol. This should be done after 4-5 uses of the masturbator.
  • After the toy is fully dry to the touch, you need to cover it with a thin layer of cornstarch or Renewing Powder created by Fleshlight. This step is crucial and ensures that the material doesn’t get too sticky. It’s important to remember that talc cannot be used for this purpose, as it absorbs too much moisture and will make your cracked and stiff over time.

Tips and Tricks

Tip #1

Fleshlights can be used as excellent stamina builders. Once you invest in an intense sleeve that can take you to the edge in a matter of minutes, you can train yourself to drag out the climax. You should think about something that doesn’t arouse you in order to switch focus when you feel like you are getting close. With regular practice, you will be able to last with a real woman for a really long time because the sensations you will get won’t be nearly as extreme as you get from a masturbator.

Tip #2

There is no need to invest in any fancy renewing powders for your sleeve. All you should do is use plain cornstarch and apply a thin layer of this product on your toy once you are done using it.

Tip #3

If you decide to save your money and use cornstarch to maintain your toy, you should understand that the process can become extremely messy. Those who plan on using their toys regularly should definitely think about how they will apply cornstarch without it getting all over the room. Here is a trick that you can use to avoid covering your entire place in cornstarch:

  • Take a sock that is new and thin.
  • If it isn’t already short, you should cut off the upper part and just have a section that goes on your foot.
  • Take several spoons of cornstarch and put them inside this little sock bag.
  • Take a rubber band and secure the top part.
  • Pat it gently against your toy to apply the powder.
  • Place this sock bag in a box or a plastic bag when you are done.

Tip #4

If you are like most people, you don’t want anyone finding your sex toy in your house. Luckily, Fleshlight is not an extremely large toy and you can hide it quite easily without anyone stumbling upon it when they visit your place. Some creative hiding spots include the following:

  • Hide your Fleshlight at the bottom of a basket where you keep your dirty clothes before laundry.
  • A great option is to tape your toy under your bed. Just make sure that no one wants to clean your room for you.
  • Hide your toy in a neutral box and use tape to seal it. It’s unlikely that anyone will open it without your permission.
  • You can keep your toy in one of the boots that you don’t wear if you can fit it there.

You should keep in mind that the most important step is to ensure that your toy is out of reach of children and pets when you hide it at home.


Fleshlight Girls makes dreams come true and gives a chance to experience ultimate sexual bliss while also imagining what it would be like to have fun with favorite porn stars. A large number of sleeves in this category provide all the variety you may need so that your masturbation doesn’t get boring or monotonous. You can pick and choose to ultimately build an entire collection of toys that guarantee true satisfaction.

Masturbation sleeves are extremely convenient, as they don’t require any preparation except some lube, and you can take them with you wherever you go. The material from which the sleeves are made is highly realistic but the textures are generally more exciting and arousing than what you can experience with a real woman.

In addition to the pleasure aspect, you can use your toys to improve your stamina and learn how to last longer in bed. Even the unfortunate death grip syndrome can be fixed with the help of these handy masturbators. The combination of value and price of these toys is simply unmatched.