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Drive Results With a Strategic Engagement Strategy Four tactics to consider for your engagement strategy.

Hatch The Hatch Team about 2 years ago

The Storytellers Formerly Known as the Audience We have to make our stories intrinsically connect with the audience.
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Default victor ombonya community media trust (CoMeT)

Project Renewal Raises $80,000 With CauseVox and #GivingTuesday The growth of fundraising platforms and challenges has made it more important than ever for nonprofits to find that sweet spot of storytelling.

Small Rob Wu CauseVox

The Black Box If we can’t see what’s happening in our mind’s eye, we won’t feel anything. And it’s the feelings we remember first when we remember a story.
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Small Andy Goodman The Goodman Center

Your Mission Statement is Not Your Story Your stories exemplify your mission, but are not bound by it.

Small Jay Geneske The Rockefeller Foundation

Beyond the Comfort Zone: Telling Stories that Matter There’s something about the prompt “tell me a story” that makes people think more about the limitations than the possibilities.
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Small Traci E. Carpenter The Rockefeller Foundation

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