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Need Some Inspiration? Begin at the Beginning... For these organizations, the "creation story" is a great place to begin talking about their work, but there's a larger value here as well.
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Small Andy Goodman The Goodman Center

The Storytelling Sleuth: Using Data Science to Make Your Case Three non-profits that utilize data to tell stories.
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Small Robin Deutsch Edwards DataKind

Taming the Measurement Monster When measurement is built into the process from the very beginning, it can help you deploy your stories in a more effective way.
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Default Robert Medina The Aspen Institute

Making Time for Story I know we’re all on board for storytelling, but really, who has the time?
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Small Jay Geneske The Rockefeller Foundation

Stop Telling Your Whole Story — And Other Tips From The Video Trenches Creating videos teaches us several lessons about effective storytelling. Here are six of the most important.
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Default Liz Norton Stone Soup Films

Beyond the Comfort Zone: Telling Stories that Matter There’s something about the prompt “tell me a story” that makes people think more about the limitations than the possibilities.
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Small Traci E. Carpenter The Rockefeller Foundation

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