Let us help you choose the Best Sex Toys for Couples!

While the sex between you and your partner can always be the source of love and enjoyment, there may also come a time when you will become a little less enthusiastic about it. Picking a good sex toy for couples can take some time and effort, but the end result will be oh so worth it...

Best Sex Toys for Couples

What Kind of Sex Toy Should You Choose?

The sex toy can greatly improve your sensations and make your nights (and days) wilder. They’re great if you’re single and they also come in handy when you’re going at it with your partner. And if your other half is away for the time being, you don’t have to limit yourself to just your hands. What’s more, there’re long-distance toys available, so you can still play together.

Cock Rings

Cock Rings

Top 20 Cock Rings
Vibrating Panties

Vibrating Panties

Top 25 Vibrating Panties
Sex Pillows

Sex Pillows

Top 25 Sex Pillows

There’re literally thousands of devices available for you to buy and finding the one for you might take some time. Every man is different, so the experience is going to be different as well. Still, you’re going to get new sexual sensations and will be able to customize them completely to your liking. And some of them can also be beneficial for your health.

Ratings & Comparisons

More than 100 sex toys have been examined to pick out the best ones and make top lists. A good device can be your faithful companion during your sexual adventures. It can aid you in getting the ultimate satisfaction and you can also share the joy with your other half.

Using the masturbator can also help you understand your partner better. Play with them, try different techniques and then apply your knowledge during the intercourse itself.

And who said the devices should be left out of it? Use them however you see fit and the results might just surpass your expectations.


  • Your health can be improved – avoid prostate cancer, prostatitis and other diseases;
  • Extend the length of your intercourse;
  • New sexual experiences;
  • More diversity, whether you’re single or in relationship;
  • Get over the side effects from medication quicker.


  • Potential damage if not used correctly;
  • Skin irritation, abrasions, rashes, and sores in case of overuse;
  • The chemicals on and in some sex toys can leak out;
  • Sex devices aren’t well regulated;
  • Some “real feel” and “jelly” toys are toxic.

Note: Some sex toys can be used with no erection.

Long-Distance Sex Toys

Long-Distance Sex Toys

Top 30 Long-Distance Sex Toys
Anal Lubes

Lubes for Fleshlight

Top 24 Lubes for Fleshlight
Hands-Free Masturbators

Male Masturbators

Top 40 Male Masturbators


We have selected the most popular quality products for men’s relaxation, through careful analysis of many of the most popular masturbator brands.

Each intimate product has its own characteristics, pros and cons. To see the difference, it is best to compare the key characteristics, which users evaluate when choosing. At first glance, such products have excellent qualities, but this is not quite true, if we study them in detail.

Pocket Pussy vs Fleshlight

TPE vs Silicone

Mike and Jane

Hi there!

We, Mike and Jane Hatch, are a married couple who have been together for almost 3 years. My husband and I carefully research the market of toys for adults and choose only the ones that will allow us not only to diversify our intimate life, but also to experience new types of pleasure.

We searched various online stores and online platforms that offer products for adults. We read reviews, descriptions, studied the ratings and researched the materials used to make the toys.

Our aim was and still is to create useful lists of the best products we have already bought and are going to buy. We hope that such articles will be useful for those who want to experience incredible sexual pleasure and do not know how to make the right choice.

We make each rating based on our personal experience and our personal feelings. Every item has unique advantages, but I cannot say that pleasure is the same with all of them. For us, every product is a wonderful guide to the world of erotic fantasies.

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