Affiliate Disclosure

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On this page, we provide additional details on how this website’s content is created, how we cooperate with product companies and manufacturers, and more. This information is made public due to us wanting our website to be in accordance with the FTC’s “Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising”. 16 CFR, Part 255 takes part in different affiliate programs. Each time an affiliate link is used to purchase a product, we get a commission from that buy (at no additional cost to the buyer). This, in turn, allows us to receive a profit from our website.

Receiving Free Products

When we do our reviews, we usually receive the product for free in exchange for us considering writing a review (in certain cases, where it’s specifically mentioned, we might only provide a collection of opinions published by customers on other sources). Us getting a product from a company or a manufacturer doesn’t mean us publishing a review. This webpage wasn’t started to blackball companies or products. If we think a sex device doesn’t live up to our standards, we don’t write a review on it. Our reviews reflect our opinion on the toy (and we do our best to provide you with the most objective information possible, instead of simply saying that certain devices are the best). We thereby let you know that the following devices were received by us free of charge:



Affiliate Links

Our reviews contain what’s known as “affiliate links.” Basically, if you click on the link and buy a sex toy through it, we get a commission. This doesn’t increase the price for you in any way. It only means that the sale’s origin is tracked back to our webpage. In certain cases, we provide a coupon for a device to track the source of a sale with it, for which we are then compensated.

Not every company pays a commission, so to be fully transparent for people reading our reviews, below we disclose the list of firms with whom we have a direct affiliate relationship (either through direct link or coupons we provide). These products/firms are:










Adding to that, we might link to general e-commerce pages where we get an affiliate commission. It should be noted that we don’t have a direct relationship with the company that makes the product (for example, we link to a specific sex device on and receive a commission, and this is only a relationship with AdamEve and we don’t have any ties with that sex device company). These other, general e-commerce pages include:, .etc