The tongue vibrator is a type of vibrators designed to imitate oral sex. They allow people to explore their sexual desires as well as give them a viable and probably more pleasurable alternative to cunnilingus without having to date someone who can completely ruin the fun due to lack of experience or other unforeseen circumstances.

After conducting an enormous research, we have outlined the most reliable toys on the market. Our list of 20 products will help you discover all you want from a perfect tongue vibrator. We have considered only most recommended and highest-rated vibes, handpicked just for you. After reading this article, even the most demanding customer will find what they’ve been looking for!

Last Updated: Jane Several positions in our list have been changed to reflect the latest developments. The best model on our list is Fun Factory Volta, which became the world’s bestseller for its incredible quality and realistic experience. The second place goes to Red Hot Tongue, for its compact dimensions and whisper-quiet motor. And the third place goes to Sqweel Go, for its unusual concept and thousands of positive reviews.

In this review:

Top 20 Tongue Vibrator Designs to Choose From

For this top we have picked 20 tongue vibrators that can easily be called the market leaders for their outstanding characteristics. The toys below differ in the way they work, how much they cost and what color they are, but one thing they have in common – all of them will make you moan in pleasure and shake from the most torrid orgasms of your life.

An average price of the listed tongue vibrators is about 36$, which is lower than of any other vibrator type. Even the cheaper ones work as expected, but the more features you want the more you should pay. The majority of users will settle for ordinary vibes, while the pickiest ones may opt for a luxury item. At the end of the day, it will depend on what you want. To find more about how to choose your perfect vibe, see the buying guide section.

1. Fun Factory Volta – It will make you go WOW

The magnetic movement of this toy by Fun Factory is truly mesmerizing. It was made for stimulation of any of your erogenous zones, starting with ears and finishing off on your clitoris. The great benefit is that you can adjust it to suit both men and women. It will work for any level of sex toy savviness, but we highly recommend it to beginners.

Fun Factory Volta

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Its shape may surprise you as it is made to resemble two silicone petals. Sharp endings of this flower will allow you to perform pinpoint stimulation. Unlike many other tongue vibrators, this one is super easy to operate. There are only 3 buttons to control the settings, while the handle features an ergonomically shaped loop for further comfort.

Volta should definitely become your number one if you’ve beene looking for a powerful vibrator. It has 6 strong patterns and pulsations, which are quite simple to apply to any spot on your body. Even on the highest setting, the embedded motors remain extra quiet. This toy can also be considered discreet due to its compact size.

Just like any other modern sex toy, Volta boasts a USB charger that also comes in a luxurious package. You won’t have to worry about long waiting, it works twice as long as it charges. For the reasonable price you will get months and maybe years of pleasure, as this tongue vibe has amazing quality too. You simply can’t go wrong with this choice!

Fun Factory Volta will provide:

  • world’s besteller
  • travel lock function
  • 6 powerful modes
  • USB rechargeable

2. Red Hot Tongue – For some spicy experience

We all know what chili looks like, but this Red Hot chili pepper-like tongue vibe will surely spice up anyone’s sex life. It is highly demanded by couples willing to experiment. Additionally, if you are a frequent traveler, you might want to put something entertaining in your purse or suitcase. The toy has a travel lock and comes in passionate red.

Red Hot

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The Red Hot tongue vibrator is perfect for those who consider discreteness as their priority. The size of this toy is pretty small, and no one will ever understand what it actually is if you accidentally leave it on the table. It is not necessarily the quietest toy, but don’t be afraid of the sounds – you will be the loudest one.

The manufacturer outlined 10 excellent pulsations and escalations that go from soft murmur to more intense stimulations. The shaft has a flexible sharp end for unforgettable pinpoint stimulation.

Red Hot features:

  • 10 modes
  • travel lock
  • compact size
  • 100% waterproof

3. Sqweel Go – That no one will resist

If you have never had a proper cunnilingus experience before, the Sqweel Go will help you to get the best out of your sessions. This toy is mainly purchased for solo play and is great for combining it with other vibes suitable for penetration. Being one of the most purchased toys, it is capable of delivering multiple orgasms and thus can become a wonderful gift for your lover. It comes in pink, white or violet color.

Sqweel Go

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(more photos are available)

If you have never seen a wheel-like vibe before, it may seem weird at first, but who said that being different is a bad thing? The mechanism resembles a mill, and the idea behind it is to replicate the licking process as realistic as possible. Honestly, the manufacturer nailed their goals and paid attention to every single detail: the mini silicone tongues even have the size of an actual tongue.

It is a portable product so you can grab it with you literally anywhere you want. Even though Sqweel can fit into your hand, don’t underestimate its power! It has 3 intense speeds and 3 patterns to open up the gates of heaven. You will also receive a USB charger and the device will arrive in a discreet package.

The whole concept of the toy is just incredible, as well as its price. It will provide the beginners with an awesome advantage, as it has only one button for controlling your satisfaction. Moreover, in case you are still unsure about your preferences in bed, you should definitely consider this tongue vibe.

Sqweel Go will provide:

  • compact size
  • reasonable price
  • 100% waterproof
  • 6 functions

4. Aria Hot Tongue

You can tell that this wonderful tongue vibrator looks just like a tongue, it replicates all the curves to increase the realistic experience. It is a bullet vibe that comes with a beautiful silicone sleeve. The bullet is safely inserted into the sleeve, and the wide base will cover a significant area for stimulation.

Aria Hot Tongue

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(more photos are available)

The real benefit of Aria Hot is that it is very easy to clean: it is relatively small, and the silicone part can be detached. There are 5 magic patterns and 5 speeds that will never cause irritation or burning on your clit. They will perfectly satisfy anyone seeking for a gentle and relaxing massage. Moreover, the surface is so smooth that you will instantly fall in love with Aria!

One charge from this tiny vibe lasts for more than one hour of satisfaction. Because the toy is small and waterproof you will be able to enjoy it in or out of the water. It will always float and never drown while turned on in a bath. This is a great feature as it will be easier to search for it.

The package comes with a USB charger so you can plug it in and charge whenever you want, there will be absolutely no worry about constantly changing the batteries. Yet the best thing about purchasing this toy is that it is super cheap. Although, it is one of the most affordable tongue vibrators on the market, it does not affect the quality of the silicone.

Aria Hot is about:

  • USB rechargeable
  • premium realistic silicone
  • popular among the beginners
  • 10 vibrations

5. Sqweel 2

We are presenting you a larger version of the famous vibe that we have mentioned previously. If you think the bigger is the better, then you should definitely stick to this choice. Just like its smaller brother, this product managed to get to the top positions because of its famous capabilities.


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This vibe has 10 rotating silicone tongues, 10 patterns and 3 speeds for your pleasure. The pulsations are much more powerful compared to the smaller version of Sqweel and make it a fantastic oral stimulator.

However, it has one significant drawback. It is battery-operated which can be a minus as sourcing big batteries is more expensive than buying smaller ones. So fs you think that this vibe is cheap, keep in mind how much the batteries will cost you in the end.

Sqweel 2 will provide:

  • 13 functions
  • beautiful design
  • 3 AAA batteries (not included)

6. Clit Kisser

The customers admit that the unique shape helps it to imitate oral sex better than many other toys. The jelly-like tongue vibrator sleeve is made of TPR and features a glittery surface. Once you remove the bullet from the sleeve, you can use it independently.

Clit Kisser

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(more photos are available)

The best thing is that the attached remote control allows you to set your hands free and just enjoy the session. Multiple vibration speeds will make the tongue incessantly flicker around your clitoris. The soft lips of the Kisser will massage your labia for double satisfaction.

It is a budget-friendly device, so the manufacturer decided to save on protection from water and exciting patterns. No doubt, it can work great as an external tongue vibe for beginners as it is quite simple to use, but discerning buyers might find it boring.

Clit Kisser is about:

  • battery-powered
  • various speeds
  • TPR made

7. Mini Marvels

If you are into girlish design and want some extreme power to make you cum in seconds, you are on the right track. You will love everything about this vibe, especially its wide flexible tip or the fact that this vibe will never bother you with unwanted sounds, as the manufacturer has made every setting extra quiet.

Mini Marvels

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(more photos are available)

The surface is covered with silky silicone and is completely waterproof, so try out 10 sexy vibrations anywhere you want. The shaft is semi-flexible, and you can probably penetrate the G-Spot. Because the technology of this toy is so advanced, it can be juiced up with the included USB charger, so you will always have this wonderful “fresh battery” feel. One charge will yield double pleasure time!

On the downside, despite it may look like a tongue it can hardly replace actual cunnilingus. The shaft is flexible, yet it is too firm for proper flickering.

Mini Marvels will provide:

  • 1-year warranty
  • 10 settings
  • USB rechargeable
  • reasonable price

8. Dr Joel Kaplan

This tongue vibrator can make you super wet, and you will forget about the lube forever. Miracles do happen, and such an affordable price is a true blessing for those who struggle to get an orgasm. Its compact size will allow you to take it anywhere too.

Joel Kaplan

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(more photos are available)

The shaft has an extended tip, which is curved to mimic the tongue. It vibrates with 2 different speeds and can be an amazing option for teasing. If you like it rough, be patient, this massager is all about fascinating power. Foreplay will never be the same!

The great minus is that this toy looks cheap. Even though it works well, you may have to repair it from time to time. If you can afford yourself to buy a better, but more expensive toy, we suggest you do so.

Dr Joel Kaplan features:

  • 2 settings
  • great power
  • affordable price

9. Power Play

If you are very sensitive and want an intense massager that will not cause burning or other discomfort, Power Play is one of the best tongue vibrators you will find. Its fully silicone surface makes this vibe soft to the touch. The flexible shaft will adjust to your body and to anyone else’s, so you cn be confident when buying this as a gift to your lover.

Power Play massager

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(more photos are available)

There is a standard number of 3 patterns and speeds, and they are intense enough to make you reach the climax very quickly. In fact, the fewer settings you have, the more straightforward the operation is. As a result, you can focus on pleasure, not on fumbling with the controls.

The thing to keep in mind is that the cord is not long enough to allow complete freedom of movement. You will still have to keep your hands close to your vagina in order to receive a desired effect.

Power Play is about:

  • remote control
  • battery-powered
  • 3 vibrations

10. Multi Speed Flickering

This little vibe is made for women who prefer comfort. The toy not only comes in a discreet package, but also boasts compact size and accurate pinpoint stimulation. Available in hot pink, it will make you beg for more.

Multi Speed Flickering

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(more photos are available)

Because of the affordable price, which is, of course, a definite competitive advantage for any quality toy, some of high-tech functions are not available. On the other hand, unlike may remote-operated tongue vibrators, this one is totally waterproof. The remote has a nice length and is also fully covered with silicone.

The real downside of this toy is that when you use it for over an hour, your fingers, as well as your clit, are likely to get numb. Some customers with high sensitivity complain that they cannot achieve a successful the climax because of annoying buzzing.

Flickering Tongue will provide:

  • several speeds
  • remote control
  • 100% waterproof

11. Incredible Oral Tongue

The Incredible tongue vibrator will satisfy the needs of a person seeking some exotic experience. The manufacturer paid close attention to the design in order to add some sparkles to the customer’s sessions.

Incredible Oral

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(more photos are available)

This sex toy is dildo-shaped and features a bright pink color. What women are really fascinated about in this product is the ribbed surface of the vibe. Just like the tongue, this vibrator has little bumps and dots for unforgettable pleasure. There are multiple speeds that replicate the movement during the cunnilingus process.

However, this is one of the noisiest tongue vibes on our list. Be aware of that issue if you would like to stay discreet. Also, it has a limited variety of patterns and escalations, which is really a shame for such a great concept.

Incredible Oral Tongue is about:

  • dotted surface
  • great quality silicone
  • battery-powered

12. Lovehoney Tickler

This discreet intimate massager can be a good accessory for a couple’s foreplay. Imagine how thrilling it is to hand in the control over your orgasms to your partner! This little vibe will help you to do so!

Tongue Tickler

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(more photos are available)

Its small size allows you to direct the pulsations to the right places. The loop is super stretchy for any finger size and it will not loosen overtime. The device is small, yet the sensations it gives are just too good to be true. If you wanted to see your partner beg for more while shaking in an incredibly intense orgasm, then this toy will accomplish your dream.

However, if you want something more powerful, it is not the ideal choice. It is also not very good for solo play due to the fact that you will have to go through tough a tiring process to find a comfortable position to enjoy yourself.

Lovehoney Tongue Tickler features:

  • 7 pleasure settings
  • ribbed surface
  • detachable silicone sleeve

13. Lelo Ora 2

Lelo is a highly famous brand in the sex toy industry for revolutionary massagers, which literally take things to the next level. It is evident that this tongue vibrator is incredibly smart in every sense of the word. It is available in blue, purple and black.

Lelo sex toy

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(more photos are available)

The whole concept of this luxurious item is truly mesmerizing. It features an ergonomic shape and an inside loop for an easier operation. There is a total of 10 pulsations that were carefully chosen by specialists. Ora 2 can help you to discover your body’s abilities.

The problem is that Ora 2 is super expensive. In case you dislike this Lelo’s tongue vibrator for whatever reason, it will feel like a tremendous loss – both emotionally and financially. Surely, it can serve you for years to come, but still think twice before buying it.

Lelo Ora 2 will provide:

  • award-winning sex toy
  • 10 vibrations
  • 100% waterproof

14. Lickity Split

Lickity Split is perfect for anyone who needs buzzing clitoral stimulation to bring them to an orgasm. This tongue vibrator is wrapped in a soft bumpy texture and comes in pale pink. Lickity has a gorgeous design, any woman would like to own it!

Lickity Split

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(more photos are available)

It also has extremely powerful pulsations for you to hold right against the clit. You will easily manage to operate the buttons, which have two symbolic indicators. All you have to do is to enjoy the concentrated vibrations at the tip of the vibrator.

The drawback is that some may find the intensity too high, especially in combination with the bumps. Although the shaft is firm, you won’t be able to penetrate yourself with it at all. We do not recommend it for beginners, unless you want to spoil all the experience of having a tongue vibe.

Lickity Split features:

  • dotted texture
  • multiple speeds
  • high quality silicone

15. Marvelous Flicker

If you’ve ever wished your partner’s tongue to penetrate deeper and flick faster during oral sex, here is the mini solution for your big problem. It is curved like a tongue and has a thick layer of silicone to prevent any irritation.

Marvelous Flicker

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(more photos are available)

It is fitted with a bulbous handle and if you really want to, you can use both ends of the toy. You will quickly get used to operating this device, as it has only 2 embedded buttons. You can safely take it to the shower for an explosive water play experience.

Getting used to this vibrator should not be a problem, it was made to fit and satisfy everyone who gets it. However, when you will be charging your toy, you will notice how long it takes for the vibe to get enough energy to work properly.

Marvelous Flicker is about:

  • 10 vibration modes
  • 100% waterproof
  • USB rechargeable

16. Red Hot Ember

Try diving into your deepest oral sex fantasy with Red Hot Ember in your hands – this will take you to the next level of incredible pleasure! It is definitely a must-have for those who don’t like bulky toys. This tongue vibrator will allow you to cycle through 10 various speeds and modes. Teasing yourself with this fragile toy will feel super sexy.

Red Hot Ember

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(more photos are available)

The drawback of this product is that it can slip during the session due to its miniature size. Sometimes, it can get loud on the highest vibration speeds. If this is an issue, there is no way you should purchase this item.

Red Hot Ember features:

  • 10 functions
  • small size
  • 100% waterproof

17. Unrelenting Flutter Vibrator

If you are a true fan of oral stimulation, then we have found something special you should take a closer look at. This vibrator is an incredibly powerful toy with a tongue-like tip for precise clitoral stimulation. The word “unsatisfied” will no longer exist for you with this vibe. It is going to give you such torrid and bright orgasms, you will go to heaven.

Unrelenting Flutter

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(more photos are available)

On the other hand, this vibrator is not the best option for the beginners. It is neither discreet, nor quiet. If you are someone who only started experimenting with sex toys, then this vibe is a bit too complicated. If used improperly it will only cause discomfort and even pain.

Unrelenting Flutter will provide:

  • Multiple speeds
  • Battery powered
  • Waterproof

18. Tongue Tied

When thinking of tongue vibes, this is the toy you should picture. It would not require any further explanation. It is another tongue-like vibrator with a nice and comfortable handle designed in such a way that it is touching just the right spots. If this vibrator will not make you scream in climax and beg for more, then probably nothing will.

Tied Vibrator

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(more photos are available)

However, this Tongue Tied can be way too powerful for more delicate ladies. It is in fact so powerful that it can make your clit go numb, and no one wants that to happen. Unfortunately, sensitive users should avoid such toys, even if they are highly desperate about trying them out.

Tongue Tied is about:

  • Waterproof
  • 8 modes
  • Rechargeable

19. Power Buddies

If you doubt the effectiveness of unusually-shaped vibrators, then we are here to prove you wrong. Despite its weird looks, this compact little beasty is incredibly powerful, whisper-quiet and discreet. Once you try it out, you will never abandon it. The sensations you’ll experience are going to be phenomenal, and the orgasms will become much more intense.

Power Buddies

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(more photos are available)

On the other hand, with it being so powerful it drains juice from the batteries really fast. After several uses you will have to change them. In addition, you have only one vibration setting. If it doesn’t suit you, the thing will become useless.

Power Buddies is about:

  • Single speed
  • Discreet size
  • Waterproof

20. Tongue Star

Last but not least comes the Tongue Star vibrator. It has many alternative uses, but you are more likely to use it with a partner, unless you know how to perform a cunnilingus on yourself. The professionals created this product to fit into the partner’s mouth. The textured roller is supposed to add extra stimulation to your private parts.

Tongue Star

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(more photos are available)

It does not replace the tongue, but it works with it perfectly. In the end, you will have only one speed of the Star vibe and an unlimited imagination of your lover! The issue is that some partners will be uncomfortable with having constant pulsations on their lower teeth, so very long sessions are unlikely.

Tongue Star features:

  • battery-powered
  • waterproof
  • cheap

Additional Information on Tongue Vibrators

Did you know that nearly 75% of women need clitoral stimulation and are unable to orgasm through sex alone? That’s a sad fact, ladies and gentlemen. It should be the first reason for you to go and buy yourself or your partner a brand-new tongue vibrator. Sex toys are getting more powerful; they are also getting cheaper while being made with better materials. You can easily find the needed items on our list.

Tips to Consider
Purchasing a vibrator is one of the key steps on your way to incredible orgasms. The further steps imply many aspects from how to use the vibe to how much lubricant it requires. Taking care of your toy is also essential, because it is not only a question of hygiene, but an important aspect that determines how long your product will last. All of that will be explained in a great detail in our guide.

  • If you deem yourself a person who cares about your health, then you SHOULD ALWAYS clean your vibe before and after each use. It is one of the most important aspects of maintaining your vibrator and your intimate health. Timely washing will prevent you from contracting any diseases or having any bacteria multiply down there.
  • You should always buy a toy you think is the best for you. Choosing a toy is really crucial and since you cannot test them, buy something that sounds appealing.
  • It is always a debate whether to buy a battery powered toy or a rechargeable one. In the end you will need to make up your mind and decide how and where you will use your toy.
  • Any toy should be pleasant to touch, but when you take it further, there are certain materials that just feel nicer than others. Therefore, prior to making a purchase, try to find more about its material and check how it feels on your skin.
  • If you’ve purchased the toy for using in bed with your partner, take some time and get to know your vibe first.
  • Read the guide carefully and choose wisely.

Cleaning Your Vibe

Cleaning a toy is the most responsible step to take care of it correctly. It is also very important for your own personal hygiene and health. This type of vibrators is one of the easiest to clean, however it is not something you have to take easy. This guide will provide a brief overview of washing techniques and products you can use to keep your vibe good to go any time you want.

If you are one of the people who cannot get enough from a single orgasm, you can obviously keep using the toy to get more. However, in case you pause your session and will perhaps resume it later, then the ideal strategy is be to clean the vibe with antibacterial sex toy wipes.

This method consists of taking a wipe from the pack, cleaning your vibe carefully and then letting it dry for a couple of minutes. After you think it is ready, you are good to go any time you want. This method ensures quick and easy cleaning. Furthermore, the toy will be ready whenever you are.

In addition, it is very discreet, as you will only have to throw away a used wipe. There are no visible differences between specialized and ordinary wet wipes. It means that no one will know your little secret.

On the other hand, this method cannot be called perfect in terms of caring for your toy for a long time; it is a temporary method. You will still have to give your vibe a proper cleaning once in a while. Therefore, wipes cannot be used on their own and purchasing other cleaning products is still required.

An alternative way to keep your toy pristine is old school washing. For this method you should use specialized sex toy soap. Once your session is over, put your vibe under running water, then apply the soap, wash it carefully and rinse it off. Then let your vibrator to dry on the air and store it in a cool place.

This method is by far the best in terms of quality of the results as well as ease of the actual process. Furthermore, it is deemed to be the safest one, since the detergent you use is guaranteed not to damage the toy’s coating. It means that the device will stay in good condition longer.

However, it is also time-consuming, because the toys usually take too much time to dry fully. In case they are not fully dry before you put them away, there is a fat chance of it to get infested with some harmful bacteria that will breed in moist conditions.

Furthermore, there is a chance that you can accidentally open up the charging port when washing. The water will damage the electronics inside, and it will be the end of the story. Therefore, you should pay extra attention when washing a toy with this method.

Another viable cleaning strategy for any sex toy is to use a cleaning spray. The process is pretty simple: just wipe your toy dry, then you spray it well with the cleaning product. Leave it for a minute and then remove the spray with either tissues or water. Then leave it to dry.

This is a great way of cleaning for toys with hard to reach places. You will only have to dispense the spray for several times, and the cleaning product will do the rest. Just don’t forget to remove it afterwards. Furthermore, this method tends to be the best in terms of cleaning without leaving your bedroom.

However, there are some issues with this method too. The first one being that the spray will have to be completely removed. Otherwise it might get into you and cause some discomfort or burning. Furthermore, the spray might cause damage to the furniture if not removed properly.

In addition, this method cannot be used on its own. This is due to the fact that although it is very satisfying, it is not as good as soap cleaning. In addition, you should use it carefully – wiping too hard might damage the silicon coating of the toy if it is too thin.

Another way of cleaning is using normal soap and water. This method works the same as using a specialized sex toy wash. It is a very handy method as you will always have some hand wash in your house.

Unluckily, non-specialized detergents can damage the silicone coating of the toy. Therefore, the toy will be in a much poorer condition after several washes compared to the ones which were washed with specialized products. It can be a one-off wash with normal soap, if its an emergency. Using it constantly is a bad idea, though.

Types of Tongue Vibrators

There are multiple types of tongue vibrators and just like with any other sex toy, all of them are good in their way. This part of the guide will highlight the main types and tell you a little bit about each one.

Currently, the most interesting model is rotational tongue vibrators. They look like a series of tongue-shaped silicone fins on a wheel. But once it is turned on, your will never look at with doubt again.

The rotating silicone tongues will be gently slapping your clit until you reach the climax. It will feel like something you’ve never experienced before and with enough lube it is probably even better than cunnilingus.

If you like your toy to have a nice grip, then you will not be disappointed if you choose a rotational tongue vibe. This type tends to have very comfortable silicone-covered handles to ensure even more control over the situation, as well as mitigating any discomfort you might experience with a slippery handle.

On the other hand, this type of vibrators is very hard to maintain properly. This is due to the fact that the structure of the toy makes it hard to clean and some dirt might be gather at the base of the tongues and in other places that are out of reach.

Furthermore, the sensations that it gives might be more distractive than pleasing for some people. This is due to the fact that the sensitivity of the clit is different for everyone, but unlike conventional vibrators, these stimulate gentle slapping rather than vibration.

Another intriguing model is a vibrating tongue nozzle. You can put a vibrator on your tongue, and it becomes a vibrator. It is incredible and unexplainable what you feel when a real vibrating tongue first touches your clit, it is something you will never be able to forget.

It is a great way to spice up sex life with your partner. This vibe will enhance your feelings from oral sex by more than 200%. Your orgasms will come faster, and they will be more intense than before. And you can give your partner the same pleasure too.

However, this type of toys is only viable as an addition to sex life with a partner and not as a way of getting the pleasure on your own. This means that unless you have someone to play with, it is not very useful.

Furthermore, your tongue might hurt after long use of the vibe, or you can temporary lose your sensitivity. It is not worth it, unless it is a short session. In case you want more, there may be some unpleasant consequences.

There are also tongue-shaped vibrators. They were created in order to simulate oral sex, but it is even better than what the real cunnilingus feels like. The vibrations and the textures of these toys are awesome, while the end result can be described with three words: ‘endless, intense orgasms.’

If you have ever wanted to be completely in charge during the oral sex experience, then this is the ideal toy for you. It is shaped to replicate the anatomical shape of the tongue. Such unusual design allows you to do whatever you want and what you have ever dreamed of.

Furthermore, with it being a vibrator, you will only be able to place it and move it by hand, but you will also choose the degree of ‘buzzing’. And, to be honest, nothing about oral sex feels better than what you can do with those vibes.

On the other hand, it will require you to hold it. Sometimes there is an incredibly strong temptation to start playing with your nipples or your pussy during the fun. However, you cannot really do so and that is a shame as you will not be able to experience a full range of pleasure.

In addition, when using this type of vibrator, some people find it difficult to get to that wow spot due to the shape of the toy. Sometimes it goes just fine, and you will get to your orgasm, but sometimes you will get endlessly close and never climax.

Using Tongue Vibrators for Men

As a male you can still use this type of vibrators, although not as efficient as women do. It will not feel like real oral sex, but will still be pleasant. It is definitely not a good idea to use this type of vibrators to stimulate the prostate, as not only they are not designed for it, but it is actually not safe to insert this type of toys in your anus.

Furthermore, you can use wearable tongue vibes with your partner: you both can put them on during your oral sex and experience incredible and indescribable pleasure from stimulation each other.

Batteries or rechargeable?

If you have ever considered buying a vibrator, then this is the question you should have asked yourself. And it is one of the main criteria to consider during the choice-making process. Any vibrator should fit your lifestyle and your habits. Therefore, when you think about how your toy should be powered, consider your own preferences.

The most commonly used method to power tongue vibrators is batteries. This is also the most popular option, because such devices tend to be cheaper than their rechargeable alternatives. Therefore, they are more affordable and easier to replace, in case you break one.

In addition, they tend to be more suitable for people who forget to put their stuff on charge. And if this vibe runs out of juice during your sessions, just swap the batteries and that’s it, you can keep enjoying it for as long as you want.

However, the running cost of such vibrators tends to be high. If you use such a device frequently, you have to purchase batteries often. And sometimes it can add a considerable cost to your monthly spending.

Furthermore, this type of vibrators sometimes tends to have questionable waterproofing. If you are not careful when changing the batteries, you can damage the rubber water isolation seal. In this case the toy will likely die when you wash it next time. Therefore, it is better to classify such toys as splash proof as opposed to waterproof.

Alternatively, you can use a rechargeable vibrator. Those tend to be more powerful, as rechargeable batteries give more power output. Furthermore, they tend to be more modern and therefore you will find better quality materials used for the coating as well as more satisfying patterns and speeds.

This type of vibrators is very cheap to run, as charging will only add something like one dollar to your electricity bill. They tend to last longer as well, because rechargeable batteries have better power storage capacity than disposable ones.

On the other hand, it will not be such a great choice for people who want a discreet vibe. During charging, it will have to be out somewhere where you have a socket. And it can be easily noticed by someone who have entered your room, or by your partner.

Another downside of rechargeable batteries is the price. The rechargeable vibrators tend to be much more expensive than their non-rechargeable competitors. This is due to the fact that they are much more complex to produce and require rather sophisticated wiring to be deemed safe.

How to Use The Tongue Vibrators

Once you have decided which toy is the most appealing to you, it is time to get to know how to use a vibrator in such a way that your dreams about endless torrid orgasms come true. In this part of the guide we will talk about general tips on how to improve your vibrator experience.

First of all, understand how your toy works. After purchasing your vibe, take some time and read the manual, explore the settings without any contact with your intimate parts. This will give you a better understanding of the speeds and power it has.

Check out if your vibe is waterproof. It is really important, not only in choosing the cleaning strategy, but also in determining whether you can take some relaxing sessions in your bathtub with it.

Furthermore, do not rush strait onto using your vibe. Get turned on first! It is really important in order to have a pleasant experience with your toy. Remember that the wrong mindset can ruin the whole experience with your electronic friend.

Try it and see how much contact with the toy you prefer. When it comes to this, there is no such thing as too much or too little. It is very subjective, and you will have to determine your perfect point through trial and error.

Again, never rush or push yourself too far. This toy is now yours and no one will take it from you. Getting to your pleasure is a short road, but you still have to take it slow to achieve the best results. And never forget to use plenty of lube with it, as it will enhance the feelings and make it safer.

Those simple steps will help you on your way to the most intense orgasms. However, do not just believe what you read. Take it slow and see how you feel. Your body is the ultimate judge in this case.


After reading the article and seeing our hand-picked top 20, it is now up to you to decide which one you like the most based on all the positives and negatives described. All the toys on the list have shipping time of about 3-5 days.

Having said that, also consider how comfortable you are with sex toys. If you are just starting to explore, it is no good to take a toy which is more suitable for experienced people only. You should always remember that improper use of vibrators will always cause you discomfort, not pleasure.

Most of the vibes listed above will have a certain way for you to use them, but the location is really up to you. Explore and find the best place in your house, where you and your vibe will have the most fun. Never limit yourself to the bedroom, be inventive, and always take care of yourself.