What Kanojo Toys Can Offer?

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KanojoToys.com is a Japanese store that offers customers unique intimate toys for erotic pleasure. This is a diverse selection of products from the best Japanese manufacturers.

Items on this site are in different price categories, but the company strictly monitors the quality throughout the whole range. The key goals of this online shop are satisfying all the customer’s desires, understanding his/her requests clearly and offering the best intimate toys. Kanojo Toys is located in Tokyo; it offers unique innovative goods, while striving to develop and expand its product range.

Japan is known for its innovative achievements, so you can find the best erotic things here. The prices are not very high; some models are cheaper than in many other similar stores. The site is available in several languages, ​​so the users from different countries can comfortably browse the products of this online store.

Catalog (products)

Unlike other online stores with intimate goods, Kanojo Toys offers a wide selection of different products for adults. The shop’s catalog is often updated with new items; to browse them, there is a separate section of novelties. You can find this section on the home page of the company.

Catalog (products)

You can view all products in one place or use a guide. In the catalog, you will find sex toys, dolls, dildos, lubricants, vibrators, masturbators, role-playing and BDSM accessories and many more things.

The range also includes unique gift sets so that you can please your loved one with an original erotic gift.

Each item presented on the site has a brief description and price for the customers’ convenience. If you have questions about the goods, feel free to contact the support service.

Here you can buy an excellent sex doll and all the related things for your new beauty. Have a look at exciting clothes or special detergents to keep your toy clean.

The catalog has a special section dedicated to promotional offers. Here you will find all the products available at a discounted price. This is a great opportunity to buy a nice thing for a lower price.

Why To Choose Sex Dolls at Kanojo Toys?

This company offers excellent silicone sex dolls. They are quite realistic beauties with Asian appearance who can give a man unearthly pleasure.

There are several models in the catalog that are in the premium category – these are rather expensive items that have a built-in robotic system for moving the body, face and playing sounds.

After a thorough analysis of the site and products of this company, we can highlight the main advantages of choosing intimate toys here:

  • A diverse range of products for adults (from dildos to sexy underwear).
  • Different prices: from affordable to exclusive doll models.
  • 24-hour customer support (provided in several languages).
  • Ability to ask a question online (there is a special pop-up window on the site).
  • There is a section with promotional offers, with excellent discounts.
  • A gift guide for choosing intimate gifts for her or for him.
  • International quality guarantee for all goods.
  • Section with questions and answers on the choice, design, payment and delivery.
  • The site works in several languages for the convenience of buyers from Italy, Spain, Germany, Portugal, France, UK and America.
  • The client can choose to display different currencies from the list, so that all products in the catalog are priced in a particular currency.

Customer service

The company’s customer service operates around the clock. Experienced staff speak several languages to provide assistance to clients all over the world.

Here you can get answers to various questions: from difficulties with placing an order to payment methods or delivery information.

You can find the customer support window on the main page of the company’s website. Write a letter, use the chat or call by phone. Also, the client can fill out an online form and write his question there.

Privacy Policy

The company guarantees security of the information you enter when placing an order. If you want to make a purchase online, you’ll need to enter your personal data. The same is required when paying for your product on the site.

Privacy Policy

You can be sure that your data will not go anywhere beyond the company. Kanojo Toys has a separate section, where it offers all the necessary information about its privacy policy.

The privacy policy ensures security of your data. This company is proven and reliable; it cares about its reputation and therefore ensures customer data protection.

Affiliate program

Affiliate program is when a company offers a third party to sell the goods from its catalog. In case of Kanojo, it can be private online stores, other private businesses or merchants. Kanojo Toys will be glad to offer you a percentage from the products sold via your store.

If you are interested in becoming a partner, open the corresponding section on the site. There you will find a form to fill.

The product range of this company includes a huge variety of different adult items, so it will be a good option to generate income. The online shop takes care not only of its customers, but also of all website visitors.

Top 3 sex dolls by Kanojo Toys

1. Ange

A cute Asian girl can be yours if you like her slim body, small height and gentle beautiful face. Ange is a unique sex doll that has a built-in system for playing sounds. She has a basic set of words and can moan during sexual intercourse.


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The price category of this intimate toy is quite high, but it is a guarantee of the highest quality and the best material, which looks very tender. Inside the doll, there is a durable steel skeleton, which consists of several parts connected with joints.

The peculiarity of this product lies in the extent of effort invested into the manufacturing process – the appearance of this toy and its body is the work of modeling experts, who create a preliminary cast and think through every detail.

Each client can change some parts of the design. The Ange page features information on which design details you can change for an additional fee.

2. Sakuragi

Beautiful Sakuragi is longing for affection and love; do you want to touch her tender body? This gorgeous girl looks very realistic; she can bend her body so that you can try new erotic poses together.


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(more photos are available)

This sex doll belongs to the category of more affordable items, but recently she topped the bestseller rating. Such a beauty is loved not only by men, but also by women or married couples.

Delicate smooth skin of this intimate toy looks like real. If you like to experience new sensations, then Sakuragi will be the best choice for you. The client can choose some details of this cute girl, for example, face shape and type, pubic hair cut, vagina type, breast size and shape.

3. Yasuragi

The immaculate seductive girl with an Asian appearance is the dream of many men. Look at Yasuragi, who is impeccable and astonishingly attractive.


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(more photos are available)

This is not just a sex doll; it is an exact copy of the Japanese porn actress Yasuragi, who became popular due to adult films. Now many people who have watched these films can have this beauty in their bed.

Such a realistic girl needs thorough care, do not forget about it! At the bottom of the product description, there are additional options that are available for all customers who want to buy this amazing intimate toy.

Payment options

Orders can be paid via the website: the company accepts bank cards and some virtual payment systems. The company is expanding, so maybe in the future other payment systems will be available.

Payment options

If the customer is in Tokyo, then he can pick up his purchase directly from the office warehouse. It will cost less because you do not need to pay for shipping.

Free shipping (fast and reliable delivery)

If you open the page with the selected product, the bottom of the page will inform you about the shipping cost. There are special delivery terms for buying the goods for more than a certain amount.

The company provides international delivery to many countries, as Kanojo Toys cooperates with a wide array of popular courier services. The client can pick up his purchase from the warehouse if there is a representative office of this online store in his city.

Also, the customer will be offered delivery of the product to his home. Delivery cost is calculated individually, you will see this information at the checkout before you pay.

All goods are carefully packed in a special film or paper to guarantee safe transportation of any product you have purchased. Dolls and more fragile goods are wrapped in a porous film so as not to damage them while shipping.