Sex pillows are adult toys specifically created to enhance your sexual pleasure and help you get more out of each intercourse. They come in various shapes and allow you to assume different positions that might be difficult without them. I’ve studied these toys carefully and have made a list that I’m now ready to share with you.

Last Updated: Mike Several positions in our list have been changed. After careful consideration I’ve concluded that Liberator Ramp Combo is the very best cushion available on the market – it’s designed to lift you and your partner into a best position possible. Next comes Wedge that allows more precision and a wider range of motion. And Liberator Humphrey, with its amazing versatility, comes third on my list.

In this review:

Top 25 Sex Pillows for Pure Ecstasy

Before you pick your first pillow, you need to make sure that it comes in the exact shape you’re looking for and has all the other properties you need for best results possible. This list contains 25 cushions that are currently considered top offers available on the market. Look through it and you’ll be able to make your perfect choice.

1. Liberator Ramp Combo – Revolutionizing Your Sex Life!

Liberator Ramp Combo is presented as the greatest invention for sex since bed and this might seem like a very bold claim to make at first. However, it really does provide you with lots of new things to try out and also allows you to look at what you already know from the new angle (literally). Try this toy and you won’t be disappointed.

Liberator Ramp Combo

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With this device, your stamina will improve, your sex will last much longer and you’ll also be able to reach deeper and touch on all the sensitive spots. It’s an innovative toy that lets you get a lot of bang for its buck and is an absolutely worthy investment. Make no mistake about it – you won’t regret the money spent on it and it’s not just an ordinary pillow.

It can help you assume the best position possible and then get everything out of it – and more. Your moving bodies will be reliably supported and you’ll be able to give full attention to your partner. And what an attention it will be, with 27-degree angle that will provide precise contact and let you go in as deep as you want to.

No matter how intense or fast your sex is, Liberator Ramp Combo has got you covered, providing the needed balance at all times. The cushions can be used independently and in pair, and feature a non-stick microfiber cover that feels amazing against your skin and eliminates any possibility of irritation. Adding to that, it holds the pillows firmly together. They’re easy to clean and moisture-resistant.

What you get with Liberator Ramp Combo:

  • 2 angled pillows that help you get maximum pleasure;
  • Longer-lasting sex;
  • 27-degree angle;
  • Deep penetration;
  • Comfortable support;
  • Total satisfaction;
  • Great variety of options;
  • Made from high-density foam;
  • “Responsive Core” to support 2 bodies in any position;
  • Removable non-slip microfiber cases;
  • Easy cleaning;
  • Moisture-resistant.

2. Wedge – Say Goodbye to Limits!

Liberator Wedge lets you enjoy sex to the fullest with its 27-degree elevation angle. With this pillow, you can reach deeper and give your partner the stimulation that won’t soon be forgotten. The device provides more freedom in bed and you can make every position you’ve ever dreamed of a reality. And this applies to everyone.

Liberator Wedge

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The toy allows for a more precise contact with clitoris and makes reaching the very bottom easier. It also gives you a wider range of motion, so you’re free to experiment. Have a go at some of your wildest fantasies and let this cushion be your faithful companion on the road to absolute bliss.

A wide array of new positions becomes available to you and you can also experience what you already knew in ways you didn’t think possible. Your every sensation will be magnified. The toy can be used during the intercourse itself and while you stimulate your partner orally.

The pillow is made of textured microfibre that prevents any irritation, no matter how fast or hard you go. With it, you can break free of any limitations and forget about the word “impossible”. This innovative cushion is waterproof on one side, so you can relax completely and go all the way.

On the side of the box, you can find the diagrams that show you how Liberator Wedge can be used. It’s sturdy, adapts to your shape and size, and doesn’t take anything away from your comfort. If you’re looking to go deep and hit the G-spot without any unnecessary effort, this pillow is just a perfect toy for you.

What you can expect from Liberator Wedge:

  • Champagne foam that supports your bodies;
  • Go as fast and hard as you want;
  • Excellent for oral sex;
  • Unzippable washable covers;
  • 27-degree angle;
  • 14″ long;
  • 7″ tall;
  • Sturdiness;
  • Comfort;
  • Ease of usage.

3. Liberator Humphrey – The Pleasure You Won’t Forget!

Liberator Humphrey is a pillow equipped with sex toy mount that lets you get the best out of your vibe, wand, or suction cup dildo. It’s great for both men and women, and is equally good for coupled and solo play. No longer do you have to limit yourself to just your hands while masturbating – this device will assist you.


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Liberator is known for its innovative design and continues to constantly improve it. With this cushion, you can have truly wonderful times in bed. If you want to add something new while you go at it with your partner, you can put a dildo into specially designed slot inside. And this is just one of the ideas for making things hotter.

Massage wands, classic vibrators – take your pick. Push straight down into the slot and place the non-flared toy you want there. If you want to use a flared or suction cup device, you need to tuck the liner into the side slots and make free space for the base. To put a massage wand inside the pillow, slide the liner lengthways.

The pillowcase is made of plush which features an “inception pocket” (or a pocket inside another pocket). It can hold the clitoral stimulator or bullet vibe in the exact spot you want. A bullet will fit perfectly in the inside pocket and a palm-sized vibrator will feel right at home in the outer pocket.

Humphrey is made of high-density foam and has a “Responsive Core”. 2 bodies are firmly supported by it and you can freely indulge into your sexual pleasures and concentrate on your sensations only. The packaging isn’t limited to the device itself – there’s also a water-resistant lining and a removable microfiber cover.

Cleaning and maintaining this toy is a breeze and you can also make double penetration a reality with it. True to its name, Liberator Humphrey does liberate you from conventions and formalities.

What Liberator Humphrey gives you:

  • Hands-free pleasure;
  • Sex toy holder;
  • Twin-pocket;
  • Made of high-density foam;
  • Removable non-slip microfiber case;
  • Easy cleaning;
  • Moisture-resistant;
  • Lightweight;

4. Flip Ramp

Liberator Flip Ramp is a sex pillow that allows you to make things truly versatile with your partner. It combines functionality and discretion, and lets you penetrate deeply. Whether you want to go down on your partner or assume the position that you’ve long fantasized about, this device has got you covered.

Flip Ramp

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It’s ideal for making your nights hotter and can also add to your decor, as it doesn’t even look like a sex toy on the outside. The device can be accessorized with a faux leather cover and it’s made of high-density foam. It won’t sink into bed, so nothing will distract you from getting the ultimate satisfaction.

Properties of Flip Ramp:

  • Comes in six different colors – velvish espresso, velvish midnight, velvish champagne, velvish platinum, velvish merlot, and velvish plum;
  • Provides lift;
  • Great for off-the-bed positions;
  • Comfort;
  • Makes for a perfect seat or ottoman;
  • The foam might feel flimsy;
  • Isn’t comfortable enough for some frames;
  • The material may be too soft for some.

5. Ramp

Liberator Ramp is absolutely perfect for performance and comfort. It lets you try any position you want and feel every touch, every movement and every stroke with comfort. It can be raised 10-14″ and also provides ergonomic support that’s achieved through angled positioning. Any position you want is available for you and ravenous orgasms await.

Liberator Ramp

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With this pillow, your movements will be accentuated and you’ll be able to experience an absolute sexual release. The pressure will be taken off your wrists and knees, and nothing will distract you from your enjoyment. The device is moisture-resistant and machine-washable, so anything that transpires will be left between just you and your partner.

Pros and cons of Ramp:

  • Comes in five different colors – microfiber midnight, microfiber sapphire, microfiber flame, microfiber chocolate, and microfiber amethyst;
  • Excellent for off-the-bed action;
  • Comfort;
  • Takes the weight off your knees and wrists;
  • Made of high-density foam;
  • Machine-washable cover;
  • Available in plus-size;
  • Might seem too firm to some;
  • Doesn’t have enough give for some;
  • Takes quite a bit of space.

6. Hipster

Liberator Hipster is perfectly curved and has them in all the right places. It follows the shape of a human body to a tee and gives you comfort and support while you indulge in passions with your partner. Your head, back and knees will be given the optimal lift and your joints will be freed of any pressure.


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The toy is great for any and all positions and can help you easily access all the sensitive spots. Your oral sessions will be prolonged and the penetration will get deeper. With your neck and back firmly supported you’ll be able to relax and give in to your sensations. The material this pillow is made from feels great against the bare skin.

Properties of Hipster:

  • Available in four different colors – velvish espresso, velvish midnight, velvish merlot, and velvish plum;
  • Multi-use Shape for relaxation;
  • High-density foam to support the body;
  • Soft microfiber;
  • Plush velvish cover;
  • Moisture-resistant;
  • No handles on the sides.

7. Jaz

Liberator Jaz is a sex cushion that allows you to make your sex beautiful. With its dense and supportive foam, you’re given a perfect lift and penetration becomes easy. With this device, you’re in perfect harmony with your partner, whether you go at in the missionary position or give it from behind.

Jaz device

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Longer oral episodes or going deeper – it’s all there for you to try. The toy has an angled pedestal which provides for new positions and adds new color to things you already know. High-density foam supports the body and also prevents sinking into bed. The microsuede cover is removable and easily cleaned, and it also feels great against your skin.

Pros and cons of Jaz by Liberator:

  • Arrives in six different colors – microsuede black, microsuede charcoal, microsuede cherry, microsuede blueberry, microsuede fuchsia, and microsuede grape;
  • Petite size;
  • High-density foam;
  • Machine-washable;
  • Moisture-resistant;
  • Zipper pull size;
  • Isn’t firm enough for some;
  • Too short of a transition to the height.

8. Heart Wedge

Liberator Heart Wedge Sex Pillow will make it possible for you to go as deep as you want and also stimulate the G-spot easier. Due to its looks, it can be used as a decorative element and your guests will not notice anything out of the ordinary. It’s covered in ultra-soft velvish material and comes in eco-friendly packaging.

Heart Sex Pillow

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The toy’s cover is machine-washable and isn’t difficult to clean at all. It’s moisture-proof, so you can rest easy knowing that the foam interior will be safe. And, of course, you can use it to try new positions and add some additional shade to those you already know. With this cushion, you won’t get bored easily.

Pros and cons of Heart Wedge:

  • Comes in six different colors – velvish espresso, velvish midnight, velvish champagne, velvish platinum, velvish merlot, and velvish plum;
  • A variety of positions;
  • Elevated oral;
  • Machine-washable;
  • Matches your bedding;
  • Too high and steep for some.

9. Decor Whirl

Liberator Decor Whirl allows you to enjoy your partner with style. Its dense foam supports your knees and takes the pressure off them, allowing you to remain in various positions a lot longer. It also enhances the range and strength of your forward movements, and lets you get much more out of your oral sessions.

Decor Whirl

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The toy can also be used as a regular pillow and comes in eco-friendly packaging. It’s compact and a high-density foam is used to support your body while you create memories with your partner. The velvish cover is perfect for preventing any skin irritation and it’s also removable and machine-washable.

Properties of Décor Whirl:

  • Available in six different colors – velvish espresso, velvish midnight, velvish champagne, velvish platinum, velvish merlot, and velvish plum;
  • Compact;
  • Enhanced thrusting;
  • Additional stimulation to doggy and oral;
  • High-density foam;
  • Machine-washable;
  • Not soft enough for some;
  • No pillowcase;
  • Not firm enough for some;
  • The sheets are thin;
  • The corners don’t stay put.

10. Arche Wedge

Liberator Arche Wedge can take you to new heights and bring you real ecstasy, all with ease and comfort. Whether you go at it all night or just want to have a quick session before going to sleep, this pillow will be your assistant. If you’re into oral sex, you’re in for a treat, as this device has been designed specifically for you.


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The cushion has inserts that reduce strain on your neck and back while you go south on your partner (or the same is done to you). It’s also great for sexual positioning, as it deepens the penetration angle and heightens the sensations. Reaching the G-spot has never been so easy. Adding to that, Liberator Arche Wedge will look great playing the role of a regular pillow.

Pros and cons of Arche Wedge:

  • Arrives in six different colors – velvish espresso, velvish midnight, velvish champagne, velvish platinum, velvish merlot, and velvish plum;
  • Perfect for oral pleasure;
  • Takes the pressure off your neck, back and joints;
  • Provides angles for deeper penetration and G-spot stimulation;
  • Lift for better access and stability;
  • Could be softer.

11. Wing Sex Mount

Liberator Wing Sex Toy Mount can be a perfect companion for both masturbating and showing your partner the true meaning of passionate love. It provides you with the most comfortable position possible and is great for dildos and vibes. If you try it out alone, it’s as close to the real human being as you’re going to get.

Wing Sex Mount

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When using this device with your significant other, you can make double penetration easy with it. If you don’t want to go to such heights, you can place it under your knees and make your movements smoother. There’re two places to put vibes in and you can also place the toy inside the second pocket. This is the Shape that keeps on giving.

Properties of Wing Sex Mount:

  • Comes in four different colors – velvish espresso, velvish midnight, velvish merlot, and velvish plum;
  • Can be used to enhance the effect of your other sex toys;
  • Comfortable width;
  • Great for vaginal and anal penetration;
  • Elevated platform to use during sex or oral;
  • Doesn’t fit all the toys;
  • Pretty wide for some angles;
  • Too tall for some;
  • No instruction guide;
  • Might seem small to some.

12. Black Label Wedge

Liberator Black Label Wedge is a wicked and wonderful toy that allows you to experience the sensations without holding anything back. With it, you can tie your partner down and give full exploration to restraining arts. Apart from that, it can also provide great support for missionary position and oral sex.

Black Label

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With this device, you’ll be able to try new positions without any issues and also reach deeper during those already familiar to you. If you so desire, you can add wrist cuffs to keep your lover right where you want them. Precise 27-degree angle gives the perfect tilt to the pelvis for deeper penetration and comfort.

Properties of Black Label Wedge:

  • Supportive yet comfortable;
  • Maintain positions for extended periods;
  • Strong enough to hold you up and elevated;
  • Machine-washable;
  • Moisture-resistant;
  • Might seem small to some;

13. Diamond Love

Adam & Eve Diamond Love Cushion lets you get to a whole new level of pleasure and bid farewell to position fatigue. With this pillow, you can go longer and deeper, and you won’t even need a custom sex bed for it! You’ll be able to try new, wild positions, enhance those you already know to new heights and give precise stimulation to the G-spot and also the prostate.

Diamond Love

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The device has a diamond shape and it’s not just there to be pleasing to your eyes – it also provides more height that allows you to go as deep as you want to. If you want to go oral, prepare for a relaxed session where nothing distracts you from the caresses. Whether you’re masturbating or spending quality time with your partner, this pillow is there to assist you.

Pros and cons of Diamond Love:

  • Comfortable support;
  • Made of dense foam;
  • 20″ long, 14″ wide and 7″ tall;
  • Includes detailed instructions;
  • Machine-washable cover;
  • Could be thicker in diameter;
  • Not for people of small height;
  • Could be awkward to stay on;
  • Too small for some;
  • Tends to move around on you.

14. Inflatable Position

This cushion allows you to achieve the positions you didn’t even think were possible and makes them all even more sweet and satisfying. The toy inflates quickly and easily, and it can support you without sinking into bed. It’s equipped with sure-grip handles and velvety surface – this lets you stay in one place and gives you unparalleled comfort and freedom.

Inflatable Position

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It doesn’t matter how you want to get intimate with your partner – the pillow is there to assist you and make your wildest dreams a reality. It can support your back, hips, chest and more, and only you decide how you’re going to use it next. The penetration becomes deeper, your sensations increase greatly and an amazing sexual release awaits you in the end.

Properties of Inflatable Position:

  • No batteries required;
  • The texture is soft against the skin;
  • Great for all types of positions;
  • Doesn’t deflate even after several uses;
  • Firm;
  • The material isn’t good enough for some;
  • May be hard to blow up;
  • Might seem uncomfortable to some;
  • May be hard to keep the balance;
  • Too wide for some.

15. Jaz Motion

Liberator Jaz Motion Rocking Sex Position Cushion is a dual-sided toy that lets you bring great pleasure to your partner and also increase your own sensations. It’s wedge-shaped and won’t let you down (literally) – even if you go really hard and fast. The pillow lifts you and your partner, and allows you to get the most out of every position you try.

Jaz Motion Rocking Sex Position

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No matter how far the throes of passion take you, this device is there to give you all the necessary support and prevent all possible distractions. Concentrate on your significant other and your significant other only, and forget about anything else. Simply lay the pillow on any flat surface and you’re good to go and find new horizons.

Features of Jaz Motion:

  • Comfortable;
  • Great shape;
  • Easy to clean;
  • Good size;
  • Helps you assume difficult positions;
  • Attracts lint;
  • Doesn’t rock.

16. Black Label Sex

Liberator Black Label Sex Position Ramp Set lets you escape the routines and look at your sexual rituals from new angles. In literal sense – with this device, you can achieve positions you didn’t even think possible and get more out of those you already know. Your sex life becomes greatly enhanced and new colors get added to your passion.

Black Label Sex

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(more photos are available)

The pillow provides ergonomic support and also has 4 tie-up connector points. This means no limits to your opportunities and you being able to try things that you had only previously seen in Kamasutra. There’re also 2 plush wrist/ankle cuffs and a blindfold that can add even more to your sexual experiments.

Pros and cons Black Label Sex:

  • Easier position play;
  • Made of high-density foam;
  • Great for oral sex;
  • Easily washable;
  • 33″ long and 11.5″ tall at highest point;
  • Can be somewhat hard to store;

17. Liberator Bonbon

Liberator Bonbon is a soft and supportive sex pillow that can help you reach tremendous orgasms, both by yourself and with your partner. You won’t even have to use your hands – place your other toy in that perfect position and let yourself relax and unwind. This will be something you’ll want to repeat over and over again.


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Just like all Liberator cushions, this one is made from high-density foam and also has a “Responsive Core”. With it, you can go hard and fast, without restraining yourself and the device will still be able to hold you both. The toy comes with a removable microfibre cover and water-resistant lining, so you can clean it without any problems once you’re done.

Properties of Liberator Bonbon:

  • Sex toy mount adds versatility;
  • Suitable for dildos and vibrators with or without a flared base;
  • Made from high-density foam;
  • Easy cleaning;
  • Moisture-resistant;
  • Not long enough for some;
  • No adjustability;
  • A bit slick on carpet without the velvet cover;
  • No second cover for storage;

18. Axis Magic Wand

Liberator Axis Magic Wand Toy Mount is a sex cushion that will truly add some magic to your bedroom rituals. It’s expertly designed and allows you to get hands-free orgasms at your own leisure. The complete control and freedom are offered to you, and indulging in your sexual fantasies has never been so easy and hassle-free.

Axis Magic Wand

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(more photos are available)

No assembly is required, so you can get to trying these new positions out right then and there. Explore your body while on your own or ask your partner to join on the fun – the device is great for both of these scenarios. To begin, push your Magic Wand into the open-ended slot, leave its head out and pull the cord through the other end to plug in.

Properties of Axis Magic Wand:

  • Great for both solo and coupled play;
  • Amazing support;
  • Deeper penetration and increased sensations;
  • Machine-washable;
  • Moisture-proof;
  • Might be too low for some;
  • Difficult to use for people of short height;
  • Might be too hard for some;
  • The shape doesn’t fit everyone;
  • Far too wide for some.

19. Red Faux Leather

With Liberator Red Faux Leather Sex Position Wedge, you can master pretty much any sexual position and make your fun times truly memorable. No longer do you have to adhere to a routine and just move back and forth until it ends – if your sex life has become stagnant, this toy is just what you need to greatly spice it up.

Red Faux Leather

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(more photos are available)

The pillow is expertly crafted and can support two bodies at once without any issue. It possesses a 27-degree angle and adds new colors to anything you want to try, be it oral sex, deep penetration or precise G-spot stimulation. The device also comes with removable covers and position suggestions, so everything is there for you to begin your sexual adventures.

Red Faux Leather offers:

  • Sloping wedge for a wide array of sexual positions;
  • Made of high-density foam;
  • 27-degree angle;
  • Easy cleaning;
  • 14″ long and 7″ tall at highest point;
  • Squishes down after a while;
  • Not big enough for some;
  • Might be too wide for some;
  • The foam quality isn’t good enough for some;
  • Slides up towards the headboard during strenuous activity;

20. Jaz Mini

Liberator Jaz Mini is actually a smaller version of Liberator Ramp. For some, it might be easier to use and it provides a great alternative to larger toys. It’s going to be an excellent addition to your collection and new positions will become readily available to you. Plus, it’s based on the sex furniture used by George Clooney in Burn After Reading.

Jaz Mini collection

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(more photos are available)

With this pillow, you can achieve better clit stimulation and also penetrate deeper. Want to reach the G-spot or stimulate the prostate? No problem. Your knees and other body parts will be relieved of stress and you’ll be able to go on longer. And if you just want to have some rest, you can use this toy as a regular cushion.

Pros and cons of Jaz Mini:

  • 15″ wide, 13″ long and 6″ high;
  • Charcoal color;
  • High quality;
  • Machine-washable;
  • Moisture-proof;
  • Not big enough for some.

21. Toughage Inflatable

Toughage Inflatable Triangle Sex Pillow lets you get a better angle and get more intimate with your partner. Touch, explore and relax with this toy, and see your favorite positions in a different light. No longer will you become tired, as your hips, back and other body parts will be firmly supported.

Toughage Inflatable

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(more photos are available)

The toy can be used as a sex position pillow, sex hold pillow and sex furniture for couples. Whether you go at it softly or having your wildest night ever, the cushion provides the needed support and you can feel comfortable in any position you choose. And this is the key word here – comfort, in anything you choose to do in bed.

Properties of Toughage Inflatable:

  • Lets you last longer;
  • Saves your energy;
  • Makes it easy to find the G-spot;
  • Variety of positions;
  • Comfort and relaxation;
  • Might be difficult to blow up;
  • The pump included doesn’t do a good enough job;
  • Dildos won’t fit;
  • Not big enough for some;
  • Sturdier than it looks.

22. Sex Position Pillow

Sex Position Pillow is a tremendous toy that allows the couples to relax and give in to their sensations. With it, you can reach a true sexual ecstasy and achieve an ultimate release. Forget about being tired or having to adjust the position because of your limbs going numb. The device is also great if one of you (or you both) has back problems.

Position Pillow

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(more photos are available)

The pillow is great for sex and it’s also comfortable, smooth and soft. It’s safe and hygienic, so you can forget about any unnecessary distractions and give in to lust. The angle will be just right, the penetration will be deep and your body will not be strained. And if you don’t want to use it as a sex toy, you can just leave it in the room and then lie on it.

Pros and cons of Sex Position Pillow:

  • Great new positions;
  • High quality;
  • Comfort;
  • Super soft velour cover;
  • Waterproof;
  • Not big enough for some;

23. Toughage Long Pillow

Toughage Inflatable Sex Position Long Pillow provides you with the support and comfort, and is especially great when you give your partner love from behind. With this cushion, you’ll be able to last longer and your body will not be easily tired. The penetration will become more relaxed and any additional strain will be eliminated.

Toughage Long

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(more photos are available)

The toy is there to assist you and make things even more pleasurable and comfortable. You can use it for any kind of sex, including anal and oral, and it can also assist you in double penetration – there’s a hole that you can put a long dildo into. The pillow is shaped like a cylinder and your partner can rest the body if needed.

Properties of Toughage Long Pillow:

  • Try a lot of new positions;
  • Elevation;
  • Last longer;
  • Great support;
  • Long-shaped;
  • The dildo hole is not particularly girthy;
  • The outside material gets dirty easily;
  • Hard to clean;

24. Dominix Deluxe

Dominix Deluxe Inflatable Sex Position Ramp is a device that will help you hold your favorite positions for much longer. With it, you can assume and maintain them all without any unnecessary strain. Forget about needing the rest before the orgasm comes – this toy is there to make all this a thing of the past.

Dominix Deluxe

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(more photos are available)

The cushion is equipped with a couple of sturdy loops that you can attach your choice of restraints to. This makes it a perfect bondage accessory and you can make your nights even more diverse with it. The device is wedge-shaped and thus, your partner’s pelvis can be lifted, which makes precise stimulation and the ultimate orgasmic release possible.

Features of Dominix Deluxe:

  • Flocked for non-slip;
  • Raises the pelvis of the receiving partner;
  • 2 strong loops for restraints;
  • Maintain various positions for longer;
  • Easy transportation;
  • Picks up fluff quickly;
  • Hard to clean properly.

25. Hipster Gearbag

The sex is great, but you also need to be practical when it comes to it. To help you store all of your favorite toys, Liberator provides a Gearbag. Your devices will be kept clean and pristine, and the bag itself looks like a sports bag, so you can even keep it in the open. Of course, it’s best to store it under the bed to be able to quickly access everything you need for your bedroom games.

Hipster Gearbag

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(more photos are available)

The bag doesn’t take up much room and is actually the size of a small suitcase. It’s made of nylon, the quality is great and it’s also very comfortable. All in all, it does an excellent job of storing your sexual devices and making sure your pets won’t get a hold of them.

Pros and cons of Hipster Gearbag:

  • Great quality;
  • Comfortable;
  • Good size;
  • Keeps the toys from getting dirty;
  • The carry handle is on the top of the cover.

Additional Information on Sex Pillows

The sex is not only something that allows you to get sexual release or conceive a child. It also lets you explore your body, know your partner better and let go of all the stresses of the day. Not to mention expressing the love and affection – you’re very close to another person and can physically show what it means for you that you’re together.

Doing that allows for a deeper penetration and can make things more interesting in general. But what if you want more mobility and stamina while having sex? If only there was a pillow that could help you achieve that. And you don’t have to look any further. There actually is.

But even things as beautiful as this can lose its luster and become repetitive. The positions are all discovered, the process turns into a routine and the orgasm in the end is the only bright spot that keeps you going and stops you from abandoning everything halfway through. This is certainly something you need to avoid.

Maybe you need a little help from the outside. It doesn’t mean committing adultery – buy a sex toy and use it to spice things up in your bedroom. With new sensations becoming available to you, the spark will return and be as bright as ever. One of the devices that can help you achieve just that is the sex pillow.

What It Is and What It Does

A toy such as this is specifically designed to enhance your sexual intercourse and it’s typically firm, so that it’s able to hold both you and your partner. Some cushions have a high-density urethane core that allows to add softness to the firm support. They come in various shapes – apart from traditional ones, there’re ramp-shaped, prism-shaped, wedge-shaped and other devices.

Such variety isn’t just there for the looks – depending on what your pillow looks like, you can achieve various positions that would otherwise have been difficult. And if one (or both) of the partners has bad back or arthritis, they can be used to make things easier for you.

The common use of a sex cushion is making penetration deeper. It also lets you achieve various angles that otherwise might not have been possible and allows you to get more out of your every intercourse. And your partner will feel you even better, letting you in as deep as you could possibly go.

The devices of this kind are generally easy to clean and make it easier to achieve cosmic orgasms without any unnecessary effort. Plus, they relieve your joints of all the stress, so you’ll be able to stay in one position longer and won’t have to change it just because you have become tired.

Each toy has its own properties and is perfect for the particular set of your desires. If you want to give the G-spot precise stimulation while you’re on top, use the wedge pillow. The ramp one is going to be great for oral. If you want to use several devices at the same time, you need a cushion that has a special insert for them.

Whatever you goal is, there’s one thing you can be certain about. Your sex will become easier and more enjoyable, and you will also have the benefit of an added variety. And if you just want to relax, you can use the toy as a regular pillow. The best part is, it won’t even look out of ordinary in your room due to its discreet design.

A More Detailed Look

Now let’s have a look at what sex cushions can give you and what the best shapes are for each particular situation. Armed with this knowledge, you’ll be able to get the most out of your new devices.


This type of pillow lets you prop up your partner and makes it easier to penetrate them deeply and stimulate their sensitive spots. Most of these have an almost 30-degree angle and there will be nothing stopping you from going as deep as you want to go.


They’re basically the larger modifications of the wedges and give support to the entire back. They’re excellent for doggy and missionary positions, and also provide great angle for reaching the G-spot. Plus, the receiving partner will have the strain taken off the back.


The devices such as this give you support and comfort and are really great for making the love to your partner from the back. They also increase your stamina and eliminate any and all strain. And this is also just what you need if you want to go oral.

The pillow’s shape can generally be seen from the image on the box – what you see is what you get here. Still, it’s best to also read the label, because pictures can sometimes provide you with false information.


Apart from the shape, perfect cushion should also provide the right size for you. A lot of the toys are made to suit all body types, but they’re still different in size, so that’s something you need to keep in mind.

You don’t want to find yourself (or your partner) slipping off it or it simply not being big enough to make things comfortable. Storing large pillows can also be a problem, so if you don’t have enough room, it’s best to go for smaller ones.


The cushion should be able to sustain all types of sex and all the tempos. Whether you go soft and slow, or hard and wild, it has to provide the needed support and be able to withstand all the abuse.

To see if your pillow is durable or not, look at the stitching (the threads should be strong; even better when it’s hand-stitched), the weight (weighty toys can withstand more pressure), the stuffing (the best devices are stuffed with foam, gel, or cotton) and the covering (in case your potential purchase has a robust outer covering combining synthetic polyester, nylon, or cotton, everything should be fine).

Weight Capacity

A good cushion should be able to hold both you and your partner without any issue. The weight capacity is usually mentioned on the box, so it’s advised to look at it thoroughly before buying.

If the information isn’t clear enough, it’s best to contact the seller. And one more detail – the larger the pillow is, the more weight it’s able to hold. Although this isn’t always the case, so it’s suggested to ask to be sure.


You’re buying a sex device to increase your sensations and find new ways of sexually expressing yourself, right? Well, it needs to provide you with additional flexibility and mobility, and also twist and fold into several shapes. Some of them even have toy holders that make things even more exciting.

Having several pillows (all in various shapes) is the best way to make sure you’re getting the absolute most out of them. Keep in mind that manufacturers will often give you a discount if you purchase numerous cushions.


You shouldn’t base your cushion choice just on it being soft enough – for that, a blanket can be used. Instead, you need to make certain you and your partner aren’t allergic to certain materials.

The toy’s label usually tells you what it’s made of, so pay close attention to it before paying. If you can’t find this information, get in touch with the manufacturer and ask all the questions you have.


It’s best to make an investment into something that will last you a long time and won’t break during one of your hot nights. The price depends on all the aforementioned attributes, so study your options carefully and pick the one best suited for you. There really is no need to buy a cushion that you aren’t going to use to the fullest.

Pros and Cons

Sex can be a lot of fun and you can add to it in a lot of different ways. There’s no need to confine yourself to just one position or only do it in a certain tempo – you decide how you’re going to go about it and your fantasy is basically the only limit here. One of the ways that can help you get more out of your fun times is using a pillow.

  • The sex lasts longer and the penetration gets deeper;
  • Variable angles and lots of new positions;
  • Easy to clean;
  • Your limbs are relieved of the stress;


  • Can take quite a bit of space;
  • Some toys might be too steep for some;
  • Might be awkward to use;
  • May be hard to inflate;

Care and Clean Up

Keeping your cushions clean doesn’t usually require much. If your night has really gone hot and you ended up leaving some stains on the covers, fear not. They’re machine-washable and will be as good as new very soon. And you’ll be able to go down and dirty over and over again.

Adding to that, there’re special sex blankets available on the market. They’re made with a specific purpose of keeping things clean while you go at it with your partner or alone, so you can also buy one of these if you don’t want your pillows reflecting what you’ve been doing with them. Antibacterial soap with warm water also gives great results. Gently scrub clean and there you go.

Tricks and Tips for Using

You don’t have to confine yourself to a routine when using a sex pillow. Do this to make sure you get everything out of it:

  • Use two cushions at once;
  • Try different angles – adjust to your liking;
  • Put it under your partner’s backside or stomach;
  • Put it under your knees or hands;
  • Try getting a hands-free orgasm;
  • Use dildos, vibrators and wands;
  • Twist it in various shapes;
  • Experiment.

Regular Pillow and Sex Pillow: Differences

After reading all this, you might have a question – why do you need to buy a special cushion when you can just use the regular one? As it often happens, the devil is in the details. Sure, your partner can just raise the hips and make the penetration deeper that way. But why settle for something? There’s no need to limit your scope when it comes to sex.

Sure, using the regular pillow is satisfying as well, but the toys help you achieve new things and allow you to quickly adjust them to your liking. Want a steeper angle? Go for it. Want to have a specific shape for maximum pleasure? It’s possible as well. Just want some extra help that’s always there for you? Look no further – your sex cushion is there and ready to go.

It provides that little something that may not even be noticeable until you give special attention to it. But the effects it gives can definitely be felt. Deeper penetration. You getting less tired. More positions. Longer oral sessions. Take your pick and name it – it’s all there, waiting for you to be discovered and explored.

The special pillows give you and your partner much more than simply support the back and they’re an excellent investment, lasting you a long time and giving you a wide array of new things to try out. They change the way the positions feel – even those that you have tried hundreds of times. The G-spot or P-spot will be easier to hit. And oral sex will no longer give you neck pains, as the partner’s body will be raised up.

This is the difference between the toys and the regular cushions. In a way, it’s the same as when you decide whether or not you should use lubricant – sure, things will be just as great without it, but if you do go with it, they will be even smoother. So there it is. The sex pillow can be a great enhancer to your sex life and you won’t regret using it.

Various Moves

It may sometimes be difficult to pull off this certain move or assume that specific pose that you’ve dreamed about for a long time. You might get tired. Your limbs can become sore. Your body just doesn’t want to bend that way. This is where sex cushions come to the rescue. They make things easier and open up new possibilities to you.

In a way, it can be compared to sports training. Sure, you can achieve great results using just your own body and doing various exercises that don’t involve any lifting. But you can get so much more if you use additional equipment. The toys help you achieve more in bed and make your sensations stronger, leading to ravenous orgasms in the end.

Even if it seems that you can’t assume certain positions no matter how hard you try, you shouldn’t give up easily. Try adjusting the angle or changing the shape of your pillow. You might just get the configuration that will provide you with the results you’ve been looking for.

The longer you use the cushion, the more experienced you get and the more becomes available to you. It can be used in both coupled and solo play, and you don’t have to limit yourself to just one. Take numerous toys to bed with you and pull off some different, exotic moves that will leave you speechless and eager for more.

Your every intercourse will have new colors added to it and you no longer will have to settle for less when you clearly want to get more. Even if you’re single at the moment, you can learn a lot about your body and then share this knowledge with the person you begin a new relationship with.

And if you’ve been together for a long time, well, nothing’s stopping you from getting to know each other even better. Your sex life will be improved, you’ll get to know your partner from different angles and the routine will be eliminated. So get that Kamasutra ready.

Or maybe you just want to add more depth to positions you already know and love. Well, how about heightening the missionary position with the pillow? Your partner’s hips will be lifted and both of you will be able to get more as a result. Want to do it from the side and get even deeper? Go at it. The cushion is comfortable and soft, and can be used for long periods of time.

No longer will you have to search for the G-spot. Now you’ll be able to reach it with much less effort and your partner will feel the difference right away. No matter which position you want to try, the toy will assist you in getting more out of it. The total satisfaction awaits you and you’re the one who decides how you’re going to go about reaching it.

The toys often have a 27-degree angle that provide the lift needed and make things even more personal between you two. The bigger they are, the more comfort they give, but know that they may be difficult to store in this case.

Various Positions

  • Put a wedge under your hips to take the stress off your hands and knees. You can get on the cushion with your full weight and your hips won’t dip too low. Adding to that, you can rest on your elbows;
  • If you do it missionary style, raise your partner’s backside and hips towards you, while you kneel or lie. For even deeper penetration, put the pillow on the edge of the bed;
  • Place the toy under your thighs and knees to raise your legs. This will allow you to go deeper and stimulate the sensitive spots. Put a wedge under your partner’s hips and backside for additional elevation. You put your elbows on the pillow on either side of your partner’s thighs;
  • A pillow can also be straddled for you to grind against it or a previously inserted device. You can do it on your own or let your partner be the observer;
  • Let your partner sit on the chair, place your head on the pillow and give them the amazing oral sex. The cushion is great for holding up your head and is gentle on the neck.


A good sex pillow can make all the difference in your sex life and can help you give your partner tremendous pleasure. Plus, you’ll be able to experience things that you have only fantasized about before and nothing will be off limits. Your mobility will be increased and your stamina will improve as well. And you eventually won’t even need a cushion to last longer in certain positions.

The fatigue will become a thing of the past, as neither you nor your partner will have to hold one another up for the entire duration of the intercourse. Your nights will get as wild as they ever were and you’ll forget about being bored during your bedroom games. It doesn’t matter if you’re on top or on bottom – the toy will make the difference either way.

They’re presented in wide variety and it may take some time before you find the one you need. Don’t be discouraged if your first attempt doesn’t yield the needed result. Keep searching and you’ll eventually find the one you’ve been looking for. And once you’re there, you won’t look back.

A lot of the pillows are very similar, but it still doesn’t mean they’re completely identical. Some, of course, are so good that you can see it just by looking at them, but there’re also those that need to be experienced to truly understand what they’re capable of. Some of the advertisements can be a bit misleading, but reputable manufacturers are always ready to provide you with answers to all the questions you might have.

Keep in mind that most of the cushions can’t be returned once you expose them. If you have any doubts about the properties or the quality, don’t make a purchase until you’re absolutely certain. Otherwise, you’ll just end up wasting your money.

To figure out which toy is going to be the best for you and your significant other, think about all the ways you’re going to be using it. If you aren’t going to go for something outrageous, a square device will be excellent for you. Rounded pillows provide additional comfort. And abstract-shaped ones or wedges take the limits off everything and make it possible to do whatever you like.

Sex cushion has one undeniable quality to it – it allows you to get creative. You don’t have to only use it in bed – take it to the floor, go at it on the chair, make sweet love on the table or in the armchair. The possibilities are endless. You’ll be able to experiment and your sex will become more comfortable. Even if you’re taller or shorter than your partner.

Some toys are even made with memory foam, so you won’t have to adjust them over and over again. They’re usually encased in cover and can be made from microfiber or suede, being soft on the touch. As you can see, the pillows don’t give you any discomfort and there’s nothing intimidating about them.

Some companies offer you to customize the material and color. Things can be done completely to your liking, so you’ll have the toy that reflects your character and expresses your personality.

Bottom line is, sex pillows are great toys both for all sorts of experiments or enhancing things between you and your partner. They aren’t difficult to maintain, keeping them clean is usually easy and you can also use them as regular furniture. The companies that focus on cushions of this kind are Liberator, Love Bumper, Utimi, InteVision, and Toughage.