Fleshlight is without a doubt the most popular brand of male masturbators. Even if you haven’t been looking for a male masturbator in the past, chances are that you’ve at least heard about it, since it’s common for people to call any male masturbator a “Fleshlight” even if it was produced by a totally different manufacturer.

A Fleshlight can be used to treat Death Grip Syndrome as well as Premature Ejaculation. It can be used together with your partner to add even more variety to your bedroom play. Having two girls blow you off is a fantasy that very few of us will ever experience, but having your girlfriend suck your balls while she uses a Turbo Thrust on you is something very real and quite pleasant. All you need to do is order a single unit only, and in no time you’ll find yourself building your own Fleshlight collection.

Last Updated: Mike Several positions in our list have been changed. Below, you’ll be able to find a table, which contains the finest examples of the Fleshlight products to date. If you don’t know where to begin, these are the products you should definitely look at.

1. HeavenlyCheck PriceExtremely Delicious Tightness
2. Elsa Jean TastyCheck PriceThe Most Pleasurable Experience
3. Stoya DestroyaCheck PriceThe most mind-blowing orgasms
4. Flight PilotCheck PriceGreat intensity for smaller guys
5. Quickshot VantageCheck PriceThe best masturbator when traveling

Fleshlight is hands down one of the best male masturbators that you can purchase. It is both durable and pleasant to touch. It offers an incredible variety of options and the line is constantly expanding. Whether you’re big or small, young or old, this toy can become your trusty companion that will never let you down (or have a headache).

In this review:

TOP 40 Fleshlight Products for Amazing Sexual Satisfaction

Many masturbator models under this brand have different types of holes, so that buyers can choose the type of sexual stimulation. The device may have the appearance of an anal, vaginal or oral opening.

Intensity of such a product is determined by the amount of stimulation it can provide and how quickly you will be able to reach an orgasm with it. It is one of the primary factors you should consider before making your choice. To get the maximum pleasure from your experience, you should choose a sleeve that matches the sensitivity of your penis.

1. Heavenly – Extremely Delicious Tightness

This sleeve is definitely not for the faint of heart, as it shrinks to a tunnel less than 0.3 of an inch (around 0.7 cm) in diameter shortly after the entrance, resulting in a very, very tight fit. This particular element of the product’s structure does provide a lot of unique sensations, but not everyone will be comfortable with such a tight experience.

Heavenly Designs

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(more photos are available)

However, if you can get past the tunnel, you’ll be rewarded by the lotus node that provides exquisite stimulation for your cock head and simulates penetration in a very realistic manner. All in all, this sleeve is a very interesting option, but make sure you’re okay with such a tight fit because otherwise you won’t be able to enjoy what Jessica Drake Heavenly has to offer.

Jessica Drake Heavenly features:

  • Reasonable price and excellent texture design
  • A copy of an American porn actress’ vagina
  • Wonderful sexual sensations (using lube)
  • Elastic material for better penetration and care
  • The shell and sleeve are removable
  • Comfort washing and long life term
  • Bright pink color looks very attractive and gentle

2. Elsa Jean Tasty – The Most Pleasurable Experience

Those who appreciate tightness will be extremely happy to experience Tasty, a sleeve that is all about intensity. Right from the start, this sleeve dedicated to Elsa Jean wows you with its tight and stimulating texture. Because you don’t have to wait to get right into the intense part, Tasty is a great choice for men with all sizes of penises, even shorter ones.

Elsa Jean Tasty

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(more photos are available)

This masturbation sleeve features cross-ribs, long ribs, and bubbly numbs that will successfully bring you to the edge. In combination with impressive tightness, it’s likely that you won’t last a long time. Overall, it has everything that a great sleeve should have.

Tasty offers the following advantages:

  • Excellent tightness.
  • Great for men with shorter penises.
  • Numerous structural elements and plenty of variety.

3. Stoya Destroya – Mind-Blowing Orgasms for You!

The overall consensus is that Destroya offers the most intense experience out of the whole line of products. Its entrance is nice and tight and as you move through it, the sensations change constantly. The little ‘fangs’ provide a lot of stimulation, especially the longer ones located in the second chamber.

Stoya Destroya Incredible Orgasm

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(more photos are available)

Destroya is a tight sleeve with a very tight section between the entrance and the second fanged chamber. If your glans is very sensitive or if you have a huge package down there, your best bet would be to steer clear of this toy, because sensations might be too overwhelming.

Destroya is a shape that gets a perfect score for everything except realism and easy cleaning. What else can a man ask for? If your dick is too sensitive, you can use it to build up your stamina. If you’re a veteran of masturbation and you’re desensitized, Destroya will provide more the enough pleasure to satisfy you. It is a perfect choice for a beginner ready for a wild ride that Fleshlights can offer.

Just taking a look at the inside structure of this sleeve can make you want to take a deep breath. Once you’re past the rather narrow entrance (which is an exact mold of the porn star Stoya’s pussy, by the way), you are presented with some moderate bumps, but that’s only a warm-up.

The real fun lies ahead in the second chamber adorned with something that looks like fangs. The following chambers are also filled with elongated bumps, which are best described as fangs, but without any sharp tips, of course. They create a pretty tight fit with some very intense stimulation, so this Fleshlight could be your ultimate stamina trainer for months and years to come.

Destroya will provide:

  • Great price and the best reviews.
  • Nice smooth material and unusual shape of the texture.
  • Maximum enjoyment and safety.
  • Convenient case for use and storage.
  • Elastic inner part is removable for washing.
  • Natural color like real skin.
  • Impeccable design of the vagina.

4. Flight Pilot – Great Intensity for Smaller Guys

Another option in the Flight series is called Pilot and it is an excellent model for those who want an effective and discreet masturbator that they can easily take with them while traveling. What is more, those who don’t have long penises will find that this toy, which is shorter than standard ones, is just what they need.

Flight Pilot

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(more photos are available)

This sleeve comes in a stylish case that looks almost like an art piece and is quite discreet. The Flight Pilot sleeve is rightly referred to as Mini-Destroya, as its texture is similar to the intense and incredibly popular Stoya (Destroya) sleeve, although more compact. Not far from the entrance, the user will be stimulated by long-stemmed bumps. After that, there is a short constriction that follows into the main chamber, which is essentially a circle filled with rectangular bumps. After that, there are even more bumps and a small cross-ribs section. Flight Pilot can be viewed as an excellent adaptation of Destroya for men with smaller penises.

Flight Pilot masturbation insert provides such advantages:

  • Intensity and rich variety in short length;
  • Perfect for smaller penises;
  • Stylish case design;
  • Great for traveling;

5. Quickshot Vantage – Transparent, Tight and Naughty

Quickshot Vantage is just what you need if you want to get quick relief and want to have your pleasure toy with you wherever you decide to travel. This versatile sex toy is perfect for men with different-sized penises, as it works regardless of the girth and length. Thanks to the fact that it has an open design, it can be cleaned effortlessly. Out of all the options on the market, Quickhost Vantage is the best one for traveling.

Quickshot Vantage for traveling

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(more photos are available)

What is also great about this toy is its transparent material, which is not only fun but also arousing as you can see what is happening inside. Similarly to traditional Fleshlights, the walls of the toy are textured and include ribs that offer intense stimulation and will make you climax in no time.

After you are done, you can rinse the toy in clean water and it won’t take it a long time to dry thanks to its open design. This is another factor that makes it so perfect for traveling, as you don’t want to put it in your bag while it’s still wet. People with smaller penises and those who always travel should definitely have this toy in their collection.

Quickshot Vantage brings such advantages to men:

  • Compact design that is great for traveling
  • Easy-to-clean and dries quickly
  • Transparent open design
  • Suitable for men with any penis size

6. Dillion Harper Crush

Featuring a mold of Dillion Harper’s vagina, this masturbator certainly won’t leave you indifferent. Crush includes three chambers, the first one being the longest. It is on the wider side but numerous bumps provide enough stimulation for you to enjoy the ride.

Dillion Harper Crush

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(more photos are available)

The tight canal leading to the second section provides offers excellent variety and is a perfect contrast to the wide first section. This Fleshlight is not about extreme tightness but rather focuses on the structure to deliver pleasure and it definitely gets the job done.

Crush is all about such benefits:

  • Easy to clean
  • Enjoyable contrast of width and tightness
  • Top-quality realistic material
  • Excellent mold of a porn star’s vagina

7. Joanna Angel Punk

With a masturbator like Joanna Angel Punk you can forget about any sort of routine when it comes to your bedroom activities. Whether you want to play alone or use it in bed with your partner, the device is there for you and will take you all the way to an intense orgasm. The Punk texture is modeled after Joanna Angel and its ribs will massage, hug, and pull on your penis.

Joanna Angel Punk

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(more photos are available)

Don’t forget to click Butt orifice to activate the Punk texture!

The toy’s insert gives you access to seven relatively large chambers and they, along with the connection canals in between, are covered by a highly dense rib texture that consists of cross-ribs of different sizes. The sensations you’ll experience with them will be strong and interesting, and your play will become all the more satisfying and fulfilling thanks to that. The penetration is just amazing and very close to the real deal.

How exactly? Well, the device is good with shorter strokes and also hugs your base when you enter it fully. Tightness, suction, and intensity give you just what you’re looking for and make you want to keep on going and going. Not only will you be able to experience the pleasure, but you’ll also last long enough to get everything you want out of it. You won’t have to fight to hold on – your member will be caressed just right.

Be advised that the toy might feel lacking after a first few tries. Should that be the case, warm it up good before you begin and also use enough lube. Once you adjust to the device, your sessions should be off the charts. The masturbator is just incredible for long play with a consistent rhythm and overall, is an excellent purchase for both solo and coupled activities. It will leave you satisfied and drained, and you shouldn’t regret buying it.

What makes Punk so good:

  • Amazing penetration;
  • Hugs your base when you enter fully;
  • Great tightness, suction, and intensity;
  • The deeper you get, the tighter it becomes;
  • Tremendous orgasms;
  • The variation in the rings as you go in;
  • Very satisfying;
  • Excellent combination of smoothness and stimulation;
  • You can get different sensations on your every session;
  • The hugging is extremely pleasurable.

8. Ice lady

Ice Lady belongs to the series of Fleshlights and its main exciting feature is that it is made of a transparent material. Not only the case but also the actual sleeve are see-through, so you can see how your penis moves, which is highly arousing, especially if you decide to use it with your partner (they can enjoy watching you).

Ice Lady

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(more photos are available)

The insides of this sleeve feature the Crystal texture, which is extremely intensive and boasts extreme structural diversity. This sleeve includes several spherical chambers: entering them allows you to experience a great sense of penetration. Also, they create an excellent suction effect that makes the entire masturbation even more enjoyable. There are more than enough constricting sections, and the most intense one is located in the middle after a wide spherical chamber, thus offering a nice contrast. The fact that you can watch everything that happens makes the experience even more special.

Ice Lady transparent masturbator is all about such features:

  • Clear design that lets you watch your penis move inside the toy.
  • Highly stimulating sleeve with diverse textures.
  • Perfect toy for using with your partner.
  • Offers tight constrictions.

9. Mini-Lotus

This is a solid option for anyone who isn’t familiar with the world of Fleshlights yet. On the other hand, it will also pleasantly surprise experienced users who already have impressive collections in their closets. Mini Lotus is a variation on the Lotus model, but the “mini” part doesn’t really mean that it’s smaller or narrower than Lotus.

Mini Lotus model

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(more photos are available)

In fact, Mini Lotus is equally suitable for guys with larger-than-average penises and those who find themselves on the other side of the scale. This is due to the fact that the star of the show, the lotus node, is situated a lot closer to the entrance than in the classic model. Guys with larger penises can get well past the lotus node and make their way into the five identical chambers that make up the rest of the product.

The name of this product is somewhat misleading, as it’s not a miniature version of the Lotus Fleshlight. Rather, it’s a variation that is arguably even more successful than the original. The inner structure of this toy may look quite basic at first glance, but don’t be fooled: the rounded chambers provide some very pleasant sensations as they guide you towards the lotus node, which is the main attraction here.

Mini Lotus is about:

  • Realistic sleeve design
  • Reasonable price and super modern material
  • Can be used with any shell by this manufacturer
  • There can be a promotion where you can buy 2 models and receive 1 as a gift
  • Pleasant inner part for elastic penetration

10. Turbo Thrust

The Turbo Fleshlight series currently only has two entries: Ignition and Thrust, both of which aim to imitate the distinct sensations you get during oral sex. Thrust looks very sleek and somehow high-tech, with a very unusual entrance and two vibrant colors: Deep Copper and Blue Ice.

Turbo series

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(more photos are available)

Turbo Thrust feels very different from most other Fleshlight sleeves thanks to the three separate holes that are meant to simulate the lips, tongue, and throat before the actual structure begins. This design gives you a lot of room for experimenting and provides amazing sensations even if you don’t want to play around with the different entrances.

Thanks to its unique structure, Turbo Thrust is the best Fleshlight toy at the moment when it comes to stimulating blowjob experience. Once you apply plenty of lube, you can enjoy the realistic sensations provided by the sleeve and it’s definitely something you won’t be able to forget.

Turbo Thrust will provide:

  • The unusual design in transparent blue and bright orange
  • The toy can be a great intimate gift
  • Good price and complete package
  • The anal hole has a super texture – for amazing sensations
  • Excellent blowjob imitation

11. Fleshlight Launch

Fleshlight Launch is a device that can, without any doubt, be called one of the best interactive sex toy for men on the market. It’s automatic and can give you up to 180 strokes per minute. Lube up, sit back, and relax, while Fleshlight Launch works its magic on you. You can use almost the entire collection of brand masturbators to vary your masturbation experience (except for Flight, Ice, Turbo, Quickshot, and GO products). The Quickshot Launch version is available here.

Fleshlight Launch by Kiiroo

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(more photos are available)

Many men want to last longer and to get as much pleasure as possible. With the help of the Stamina Pack, this dream can become reality. The Fleshlight Launch toy offers its users either just the automated experience or an opportunity of getting more from the interactive world – games, webcams, videos and even virtual reality.

What is great about this device is that you can adjust the settings to get everything just right for you. With this sex toy, you can set the intensity of strokes and their speed, which means that you can create the most pleasurable experience for you. Once you get bored, you can switch things up just as easily. If you want to be in control, you can choose a manual mode and control the strokes by moving your finger up and down the sensor located on the side.

Fleshlight Launch is a rechargeable sex device, which means that it’s more eco-friendly and you don’t need to deal with batteries. This incredible device is compatible with most standard toys by Fleshlight so you can choose the option that suits you the best. Overall, the Launch toy brings your masturbation to the entirely new level with its combination of physical stimulation and visual content. It is a toy for those who are not satisfied with anything mediocre.

Fleshlight Launch is all about offering the following advantages to its users:

  • Offers the best hands-free experience.
  • Discreet and stylish design.
  • A wide variety of content for realistic experience (videos, webcams, etc.)
  • Rechargeable.
  • Compatible with most Fleshlight toys.
  • Works with VR goggles.

12. STU (Stamina Training Unit) – For Increasing Stamina and Ejaculation Control

If you want a tool that was built specifically for the job, check out the STU Fleshlight. It’s all about bumps, and it deliberately provides excessive stimulation to help you work on your sexual stamina. You can choose from two options for this sleeve: one of them is designed to imitate a pussy, while the other one keeps it simple and looks like… well, a hole. The insides of both items are completely identical, so the choice is basically a matter of aesthetic preference.

Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit

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(more photos are available)

Once you’re inside this item, there are bumps everywhere and they provide lots and lots of stimulation. The sleeve’s width doesn’t change at all, and it’s rather tight to facilitate STU’s stamina building features. This toy may not be what you’d get for fun, but it definitely does help you last longer with a real partner if you practice regularly.

STU features:

  • This item may have different holes (vagina or anus).
  • One of the most popular items in many ratings.
  • Realistic material and elastic hole.
  • Great choice for those who love anal sex.
  • May be used to satisfy gay couples.

13. Brandi Love Shameless

If you ever wanted to experience what having some backdoor fun with Brandi Love would be like, now’s your chance. It’s moulded directly from her anal orifice and features textured canal, suction control, and also discreet storage case. The insert here is skin-like and you can tailor your experience completely to your liking. Apply some water-based lubricant before you begin and get ready to feel something you won’t soon forget.

Brandi Love Shameless

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(more photos are available)

Don’t forget to click Butt orifice to activate the Shameless texture!

Ribs and nubs are there to provide added stimulation and 9″ of internal length will give enough space for most erection lengths. 0.25″ canal width offers a pleasingly tight fit and you’ll feel very close to indulging in anal sex with a real woman. The device doesn’t contain any phthalates and you can freely take it in the shower or bath with you due to it being waterproof. You aren’t confined to just your bedroom here – let your imagination run wild.

And speaking of “wild”, how about taking the toy to bed with your partner and seeing what it can add to your sexual activities? Ask them to stimulate you with it during foreplay or add it into the intercourse itself – no matter how you decide to go about using it, the masturbator will make for a great companion on your adventures. If you were looking for something that can make your play even more intense, here it is.

The device provides for a firm grasp around the shaft and works the head, too, and it’s also easy to hold. The overall feeling it provides is just amazing and the orgasm you’ll get in the end will be incredible. Plus, it doesn’t require much effort from your side to clean it, so you’ll be able to concentrate solely on your sensations and not worry yourself too much about the aftermath.

Why Brandi Love Shameless (Butt Version) is a great purchase:

  • Modeled after Brandi Love’s anal orifice;
  • Lifelike experience;
  • Ribs and nubs for added stimulation;
  • 9″ in internal length and 0.25″ in diameter;
  • Pleasingly tight fit;
  • Comes with 2 sachets of water-based lubricant;
  • Pearlescent case with easy-grip texture;
  • Suction control;
  • Phthalates-free;
  • Waterproof and easy to clean.

14. Anikka Albrite Goddess

This sleeve’s entrance is also modeled after a pussy, but this time it’s Anikka Albrite’s. At first glance, you may assume that it is quite similar to the Romi Rain’s one, because both of them have lots of bumps and a variety of structures. Yet, Goddess is actually a lot more gentle and delicate than Storm.

Anikka Albrite Goddess

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(more photos are available)

The bumps of this product are larger, so you’re mostly going to feel them as protrusions exercising pressure on your penis. The sensation is not too intense, but it’s definitely there and it gets more noticeable as you move further into the sleeve. Overall, the item is more on the tighter side, so you should definitely take that into account when deciding whether you’re likely to enjoy it or not.

Anikka Albrite is about:

  • Comfortable and realistic male masturbator with a good texture
  • A copy of the vaginal opening of a porn actress
  • Affordable price and the ability to use other sleeves
  • The elastic material makes use and care very simple

15. Nicole Aniston Fit

Fit is a structure that includes a lot of novelty elements and offers plenty of variety as you move inside it. It is a signature texture of Nicole Aniston and it definitely promises to take you on the wild ride. The sleeve has four chambers and each of them has its own distinct design, so you won’t get bored.

Nicole Aniston Fit

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(more photos are available)

The elements you will be greeted with when entering this sex toy include everything from rings and grooves to ribs and bumps. In addition to that, there are tight constrictions between chambers that work great to simulate penetration.

The Fit sex sleeve provides such advantages:

  • A lot of stimulating elements for maximum variety
  • Intense constrictions between chambers
  • Top-quality realistic material

16. Riley Jensen Wild

Wild is a sleeve that undoubtedly lives up to its name. It is an exclusive texture of Riley Jensen and thus features a mold of her incredible vagina right at the entrance. Despite being wide at the beginning, the texture of this toy offers a lot of intensity right from the start.

Riley Jensen Wild

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(more photos are available)

The most prominent structure of this Fleshlight is cross-ribs that are present in different forms all throughout the entire masturbation sleeve. They are known for their outstanding stimulation and are also often accompanied by large bumps, thus offering even more intensity.

The Wild sleeve provides men with such benefits:

  • Intense structure with numerous cross-ribs
  • Arousing mold of a real porn star’s vagina
  • Extremely smooth surface

17. Eva Lovia Sugar

Sugar is an exciting masturbation sleeve dedicated to Eva Lovia. It is a perfect option for men who enjoy varying patterns and don’t just want to experience a minimalistic and smooth canal. There are four chambers in this particular Fleshlight and each of them features different elements, including bumps and ribs.

Eva Lovia Sugar

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(more photos are available)

A centerpiece studded with rounded bumps is especially tight, providing the intense stimulation that everyone loges for. Sugar is among the most popular options offered by the company thanks to the combination of tightness and variety.

Sugar offers the following advantages:

  • A lot of textural variety
  • Extremely smooth and realistic SuperSkin material
  • Intense and tight middle section

18. Abigail Mac Lush

Lush is a sleeve that comes with a mold of Abigail Mac’s labia and it’s created in the best traditions of stimulating Fleshlights. The toy offers a lot of variety from the beginning till the end and its sufficient width allows you to experience them without getting numbed by the extreme tightness.

Abigail Mac Lush

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(more photos are available)

The sleeve is filled with interesting shapes in addition to the standard ribs and bumps, offering quite a unique experience. Also, the wave-like canal towards the end is highly stimulating and will be available to men with longer penises. Lush is definitely a sensual option that will allow you to climax in no time.

Lush is a sex toy that provides the following features:

  • Abundance of interesting elements
  • Suitable for penises of all sizes
  • Not overly wide or tight

19. Riley Reid Utopia

Utopia is an extremely delightful Fleshlight texture dedicated to the amazing Riley Reid. This lady texture is considered the best when it comes to offering a wonderful vaginal experience that men will surely enjoy. This particular textured sleeve has numerous structural elements that are small in size yet provide sufficient stimulation.

Riley Reid Utopia

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(more photos are available)

As opposed to having intense textures, this masturbator is all about realism and tightness. The sleeve features four chambers that get narrower as you move further. The first chamber includes three cross-ribs. In the second chamber, the user’s penis is welcomed by rings of soft bumps that point towards the center. The third chamber is the biggest one and features bumps and ribs that actively massage the penis. What is also great is that the canal gets tighter, thus intensifying the sensations as you continue moving along.

Another advantage of this texture is that despite featuring plenty of elements, it is quite easy to clean, because they are not too large. Overall, those who prefer realism will certainly find this sleeve highly enjoyable.

Riley Reid Utopia provides such features:

  • Realistic sensations.
  • Attractive vagina design.
  • Smooth skin-like material.
  • Easy-to-clean texture thanks to smaller elements.
  • One of the most highly rated sleeves.

20. Dominika C Butterfly

Butterfly is a beautiful Fleshlight dedicated to the softcore model Dominika C. It features the mold of her amazing pussy at the entrance and has plenty of fun features inside to keep you busy. The sleeve successfully combines both wider sections and tight passages, thus making your masturbation more diverse and thus stimulating.

Dominika C Butterfly

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(more photos are available)

At the beginning, you are welcomed with large nubs that slowly turn into a more fine texture. But the intensity picks up again thanks to the pointy bumps and rings. While this sleeve works for all men, those with longer penises will be able to reach the most intense final part of this sex toy.

Butterfly is all about the following:

  • Especially great for longer penises
  • Exciting changes of texture all over the length
  • Stunning pussy mold at the entrance

21. Kendra Sunderland Angel

Looking at the elaborate inner structure of this sleeve, you probably wouldn’t even think that it can provide such realistic sensations. And yet somehow it manages to deliver a very true-to-life experience, even though it might not be the most intense one.

Kendra Sunderland Angel

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(more photos are available)

The entrance is modeled after Kendra Sunderland’s labia, so realism begins at the very start. Once you start to get inside the sleeve, the long spiral near the entrance creates a nice pulling sensation. The spiral is combined with a cross-rib structure that adds a certain twist to the experience and definitely makes it more enjoyable than most spirals in other toys.

The second part of this item creates an almost identical pulling sensation, except this time it is directed counter-clockwise. Altogether, the hole is quite wide and imitates the insides of a vagina remarkably well. We recommend purchasing this item if you’re well-endowed.

The width of this product remains almost unchanged all the way, so there isn’t much stimulation coming from varying pressure on your penis. At the same time, Kendra Sunderland Fleshlight is not bland or boring at all, as it utilizes numerous different textures that are all gentle enough to provide mild, yet noticeable and pleasant sensations. This product will work great for you if you enjoy a variety of different sensations on your penis but dislike tighter products to the point of feeling uncomfortable.

Kendra Sunderland Angel is about:

  • Copy of a vagina of a luxurious and seductive porn actress
  • There is an autograph embossed on the product
  • Soft material with a gentle coating inside the texture
  • Affordable price and excellent quality
  • You can change the sleeve – the shell is standard
  • Elastic base makes washing very simple

22. Nikki Benz MVP

Those on the lookout for the variety of sensations will find MVP a highly arousing sex toy. It was created in honor of the erotic star Nikki Benz and just like this lady, it won’t leave you unsatisfied. MVP features four distinct chambers and each one of them is different in structure.

Nikki Benz MVP

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(more photos are available)

The first and third chamber are filled with bumps of different sizes while the second and fourth offer you to experience ring-shaped constrictions. The alternation between the sizes of these elements and their location makes for the unforgettable experience. It’s not surprising that MVP stands for the ‘most valuable pussy’.

MVP offers such advantages to men:

  • Excellent structural elements
  • A lot of variety
  • Amazing penetration sensations

23. Romi Rain Storm

You’re in for a wild ride if you decide to buy the Romi Rain Fleshlight sleeve. This toy consists of five very distinct sections, which look very intense because they definitely are! Of course you can only reach the final fifth section if you’re very well endowed, but it doesn’t matter since even the first four sections will give you more stimulation than most people can handle.

Romi Rain Storm

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(more photos are available)

This sleeve is part of the Fleshlight Girls series, which means that you’ll be able to enjoy the look of Romi Rain’s beautiful labia when using this toy. The downside, however, is that you can’t purchase this toy separately and have to buy it along with a hard case. This might set you back a bit more, but it’s still well worth the price.

The entrance is modeled after Romi Rain’s pussy to provide realistic experience. Inside, you will find some very diverse textures and structures that all contribute to exciting masturbation sessions. Alternating between bumps, grooves, and ribs in chambers of different width, Romi Rain Storm will definitely keep you engaged and pleased for hours.

Sensations this item can provide are very intense, so it’s a good idea to get out of the sleeve shortly before you reach an orgasm if you know your penis is going to become very sensitive afterwards. Otherwise, you might feel a certain discomfort from all the bumps and tunnels as you make your way out of the toy.

Romi Rain Storm features:

  • Good price for a high-quality intimate toy
  • Soft realistic material with a seductive texture
  • Many bright emotions – the vagina is a copy of Romi Rain’s pussy
  • Removable sleeve
  • Ease of use and care
  • Pleasant sensations during penetration and incredible orgasm
  • Requires using a lubricant

24. Riley Reid Euphoria

Euphoria is toy dedicated to Riley Reid. The entrance to this model is tight, but once you get through that short area, you’ll start experiencing some pretty intense sensations from the unique structures inside. The repeating patterns of this sleeve make it an ideal option even for men with shorter penises as they won’t miss out on any exciting features.

Riley Reid Euphoria

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(more photos are available)

Euphoria has three similar chambers with walls covered in wide cross-ribs to create a very unique and distinct sensation. The chambers are wider at the exit and narrower in the middle, imitating the natural movement of muscles during sex and promoting the realism of this sleeve. The constricting parts between chambers work great when it comes to imitating penetration and thus offer additional pleasure and contrast. Thanks to these features, it is rightly considered the best anal sleeve out there.

Despite having plenty of interesting elements, the open spaces inside the toy make it quite easy to clean compared to some other choices offered by the company. This exclusive masturbator is certainly worth a try if you appreciate great stimulation.

Riley Reid Euphoria is about:

  • Reasonable price for two types of models
  • Realistic exterior texture and unusual design
  • You can use other items with this shell
  • Very narrow and tight hole for anal stimulation

25. Tori Black Torrid

Designed as a tribute to the erotic star Tori Black, this masturbation sleeve focuses on pleasure you can get from bumps. Torrid’s intensity is certainly high thanks to the bumps of different shapes and sizes located over the entire length. Because each chamber is filled with numerous bumps, you need a lot of lube. And be prepared for intense stimulation with no breaks.

Tori Black Torrid

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(more photos are available)

There are five chambers in this sleeve, and they are divided by tight constrictions, thus offering even more pleasure. Torrid is undoubtedly a rich sex toy that will leave you speechless whenever you use it.

Torrid masturbation sleeve provides such features:

  • Extremely bumpy texture.
  • High level of stimulation all throughout.
  • Tight constrictions between chambers.

26. Joanna Angel Misfit

Misfit is one of those Fleshlights that prove that simplicity doesn’t always mean lack of stimulation. This sleeve is designed as a tribute to Joanna Angel and despite not being filled with extreme textures, it has plenty of changes to keep you excited. The sleeve has a balanced design that switches from being wider at the beginning to a tight spiral while you move further into its structure.

Joanna Angel Misfit

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(more photos are available)

The ribbed parts and bumps offer stimulation that will give you an orgasm in no time, while the middle section simulates the penetration sensation – a truly enjoyable experience. Thanks to its more open design, the toy is also easy to clean.

Misfit is all about:

  • Balanced texture with enough variety
  • Excellent penetration sensation in the middle
  • Easy to take care of and maintain

27. Alexis Texas Outlaw

Outlaw was created as an exclusive lady texture of Alexis Texas and it’s certainly a sleeve that deserves your attention. When it comes to its intensity, the toy is on the moderate side but it’s definitely extremely enjoyable. It provides men with small bumpy elements and longitudinal ribs that are known for making a penis extremely sensitive.

Alexis Texas Outlaw

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(more photos are available)

Outlaw is close to providing realistic experience but it certainly is more on the intense side. There are several tight spots in this sleeve that effectively imitate penetration, which is highly arousing for most men.

Outlaw provides males with such features:

  • A combination of ribs and bumps
  • Several spots that simulate penetration
  • Experience that is close to realistic

28. Adriana Chechik Empress

Empress is a delicious sleeve dedicated to the amazing Adriana Chechik known for her intense performances. This lady texture differs from many others in that it has a continuous design not divided into chambers. It starts off strong and continuous to be intense right until the end.

Adriana Chechik Empress

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(more photos are available)

The spiral texture includes a large number of ribs that massage the entire length of the penis. The ribs are located in different places, thus creating a vortex of pleasure for your manhood. While it doesn’t provide a lot of variety, it is still a highly stimulating toy that is also easy to clean thanks to its design.

The Empress masturbation sleeve is all about:

  • Intense stimulation over the entire length
  • Easy to clean thanks to its design
  • Perfect for men with all penis sizes

29. Jenna Haze Obsession

The word “intensity” is not intense enough to describe the Obsession sleeve, as it’s definitely one of those toys that won’t let you last a long time. Obsession is dedicated to Jenna Haze and is for men who appreciate truly strong sensations. It starts with a wide chamber, which quickly changes into a texture filled with tightly located pointy bumps, which are not for the faint-hearted.

Jenna Haze Obsession

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(more photos are available)

Obsession becomes tighter and tighter as you move further inside, and men with longer penises will be able to reach extreme tightness. Besides delivering pleasure, this toy can become an excellent stamina builder.

Obsession offers the following advantages:

  • Extremely stimulating bumpy texture
  • Continuous design, which makes it perfect for any men
  • Can be used to build stamina.

30. Lisa Ann Barracuda

Barracuda is an interesting texture by Fleshlight that is dedicated to the porn star Lisa Ann. Despite its continuous design that features only one repeating element, the intensity of this sleeve is off the charts. The entire sleeve is divided into chambers and there is a tight constriction between them.

Lisa Ann Barracuda

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(more photos are available)

Both chambers are filled with elongated bumps, but the difference is that these groups of bumps face in different directions. Being large and protruding, such bumps offer an intense massaging sensation that is incomparable to anything else you can experience. If you crave intensity with no breaks, Barracuda provides just that.

Barracuda is all about such features:

  • Incredibly intense stimulation
  • Soft and smooth material
  • Works for penises of all sizes

31. Christy Mack Attack

Despite its intimidating name, Attack is quite a comfortable sleeve that still manages to provide you with stimulation that you obviously desire. This exclusive lady texture dedicated to Christy Mack is all about combining of constrictions, bumps and additional elements.

Christy Mack Attack

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(more photos are available)

Attack is an especially perfect option for men who enjoy penetration sensations and those who like strong suction when masturbating. The design of this masturbation sleeve with its open spaces ensures that there is better vacuum and thus even more delicious stimulation.

Attack is a sleeve that offers such advantages:

  • Strong suction
  • Great penetration sensations thanks to the shapes
  • Easier to clean compared to other options
  • Realistic SuperSkin material

32. Angela White Indulge

Indulge is undeniably a unique texture in its design, which is what makes it stand out from other Fleshlight products. It is an option dedicated to the one and only Angela White and it’s certainly the one you want to explore. Its canal has a wave-like shape filled with bumps of different sizes, from large to small.

Angela White Indulge

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(more photos are available)

There is plenty of tightness between the chambers of this toy, but it’s not the only feature the sleeve focuses on. The sleeve begins with a wide canal, which gradually gets tighter as you move in. If you are a fan of intense massaging, this toy is just what you need in your arsenal.

Indulge is all about such benefits as:

  • Unique wave-like design with bumps
  • Intense massaging sensation
  • Plenty of tightness at the end

33. Lisa Ann Savage (Butt Version)

Savage’ is just the right word to describe how men would want to explore Lisa Ann’s backdoor. This Fleshlight texture is truly amazing, as it doesn’t just offer a very intense stimulation and orgasms of the highest quality, it is also incredibly realistic. All this makes Savage a top candidate for the best realistic anal experience ever.

Lisa Ann Savage

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(more photos are available)

The texture of the Savage sleeve is fairly simple; though no one who tested this sleeve would call it monotonous. The texture features long and firm longitudinal ribs placed in a zigzag pattern as well as short cross-ribs that form a wave-like structure. The interplay of these two patterns brings pleasure through the firm rubbing sensation of the large ribs and gentle vibration of the small ones.

Unfortunately, the multitude of small grooves make this texture pretty tough to clean after you’re all done. However, it is a small price to pay considering how much fun you can derive from it. Nevertheless, the average cleaning time of this texture is comparable to the majority of other sleeves, due to the generally wider diameter and quick drying time.

Savage offers you:

  • Very intense and realistic anal experience
  • Vibrating sensation generated by small ribs
  • Powerful, drawn-out orgasms

34. Asa Akira Dragon

This sleeve is going to be ideal for guys with large penises, or those who enjoy slow, gentle sensations that build up to provide a mind-bending orgasm. If you lack patience, this toy may not work for you, because it is not exactly the most stimulating one out there.

Asa Akira Dragon

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(more photos are available)

Asa Akira Dragon consists of a single chamber that has slightly varying width to simulate the natural tightening of the muscles during sex. The inside texture of the sleeve is a spiral with ridges and bumps that only stand out moderately. This results in a very gentle stimulation that may not even be noticeable at first, but grows to be quite intense and can be enjoyed for quite a long time before reaching an orgasm.

Asa Akira Dragon features:

  • Copy of a popular Asian porn model’s vagina
  • Reasonable price and realistic material
  • Ability to change the sleeves, the shell is standard for all items
  • Natural color of human skin
  • Pleasant sensations from the smooth coating

35. Tera Patrick Twisted

If you’re more into anal sex, you can find a couple of Fleshlights to suit your needs, too. The Tera Patrick Twisted looks pretty simple and maybe even boring, but don’t let that basic look fool you. The swirling structure provides an easy entrance and then immediately starts pulling you in, imitating anal penetration extremely well.

Tera Patrick Twisted

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(more photos are available)

The sleeve gets noticeably wider in the second quarter, but its second half gets narrower with every inch, which results in a very intense and stimulating experience. The suction this product creates is truly outstanding, which also affects the overall intensity. The cherry on top is that this texture is extremely easy to clean.

Tera Patrick will provide:

  • White color of the shell and ability to use other sleeves
  • Vaginal and anus openings (optional)
  • One price for any design
  • Quality material and pleasant coating
  • Elastic base for taut effect
  • Easy to wash and easy to use

36. Misty Stones Bump-n-Grind

Bump-N-Grind is definitely a fun texture that is worth exploring. It is dedicated to Misty Stones and is available in a beautiful brown color, which is also one of the features that make it stand out. This masturbation toy is focused on the vortex-like shapes, which are certainly highly stimulating.

Misty Stones Bump-n-Grind

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(more photos are available)

The transition passages between the vortexes are filled with structures that make the experience more pleasurable. The design of this particular sleeve is on the more realistic side, so there are no crazy elements that disturb this realism. It is pleasant and sufficiently intensive with a great suction effect.

Bump-N-Grind provides such benefits:

  • Realistic sensations
  • Excellent suction effect
  • Brown color of the sleeve

37. Riley Steele Nipple Alley

Nipple Alley is quite a simple and effective Fleshlight that features a mold of Riley Steele’s vagina at the entrance. Just as the name suggests, Nipple Alley includes textural elements that are similar to nipples in their shape. The entire length of the sleeve, which has a continuous design with no chambers, is filled with bumps that massage the penis as you move in and out.

Riley Steele Nipple Alley

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(more photos are available)

While the sleeve doesn’t offer much variety, it is still a popular texture that has a significant advantage – it is easy to clean and dries quite quickly. The bumps are an excellent element for stimulation and will bring you to an orgasm.

Nipple Alley is all about:

  • Accommodates any penis sizes
  • Extremely easy to maintain
  • Sufficiently intense

38. Lana Rhoades Destiny

Destiny is an exciting texture created to honor the famous adult star, Lana Rhoades. Thanks to how the chambers are arranged in this toy, it works for men of most sizes and offers truly unforgettable experience. Similarly to a number of other sleeves, it starts off gently and continues to get more intense as you move along.

Lana Rhoades Destiny

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(more photos are available)

In this sleeve, you will be stimulated by bumps, and the narrowing part in the middle with cross-ribs will ensure pleasurable tightness. While it works for most men, Destiny is especially suitable for men with thicker penises as it’s not too tight.

Destiny gives men such advantages as:

  • Top-quality and smooth material
  • Quite easy-to-clean texture
  • Large bumps and tight spots in the middle
  • Works for penises of most sizes

39. Kayden Kross Ultimate

Ultimate is an exclusive texture that was created as a tribute to Kayden Kross. It is an extremely diverse masturbation sleeve that will allow you to experience pleasure to the fullest. All chambers of this sleeve, except the one in the middle, are filled with ribs or bumps, thus you can expect the highest level of intensity.

Ultimate elaborate variant

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(more photos are available)

In the center section, the sleeve gets especially tight while offering you a break from highly textured walls. It is definitely a welcomed change that makes the experience more interesting and offers a bit of relief from the intensity while remaining sufficiently stimulating.

Ultimate provides the following benefits:

  • Easy-to-clean despite its texture
  • Plenty of variety
  • Nice spot in the middle
  • Amazingly realistic material

40. Fleshskins Blue Ice

Fleshskins Blue Ice is not just a different texture offered by the company, but rather a toy that is a part of a completely new series. When you look at the price, you will definitely be surprised at how affordable it is but yeah, that’s for real. This masturbation toy has everything you may need to have incredible masturbation experience, and it is rather affordable.

Fleshskins Blue Ice

Check Price on Fleshlight.com

(more photos are available)

What makes it different from the standard Fleshlight is that you don’t actually need a case to use this sleeve. All you should do is take the sleeve and use it directly on your penis. The sleeve includes four holes on the sides for your fingers, so you can hold it tightly. You can easily control the tightness by simply adjusting how you hold the toy.

The sleeve is on the shorter side so you can hold it comfortably. What is more, its smaller size allows you to take the device with you while traveling. The inside texture is highly stimulating thanks to the three sections that include cross ribs and nubs. Overall, it’s certainly a great product for its price.

The advantages of Blue Ice include the following:

  • Compact design with stimulating texture inside
  • Low price compared to the standard options
  • Adjusting the tightness with your hand

Additional Details on Fleshlight

This part of the guide is dedicated to answering all the questions related to Fleshlights that you might have. Whether you’re just thinking of buying one and wondering how it might feel in comparison to a real pussy or if you already bought one and need additional information on how to care for it and where to hide it; all these questions and more will be answered below.

What is a Fleshlight and How Does It Work?

In essence, it is a brand of artificial vaginas. This brand was founded in the 90s and became wildly popular due to the unique material used in their products. This material, so-called SuperSkin, imitates the feel of real-life skin and is very pleasant to touch.

A standard unit consists of a hard plastic case and a sleeve. The entrance imitates a pussy, anus, or mouth. This imitation is very lifelike especially if you take a look at the Fleshlight Girls series. The hard case has two caps. One large cap protects the toy when you store it; a smaller cap on the other end of the case is used to regulate suction that the toy provides.

Some Fleshlight items provide stimulation that is very close to how a real pussy feels; however, not everyone is a fan of realism, which is why sleeves such as Destroya are dominating the sales charts. Such products feel nothing like a real pussy, ass or throat. They were designed to provide a man with maximum pleasure and that is exactly what they do.

Choosing the Perfect Fleshlight Sleeve

With the number of sleeves available today, there is no possible way to try them all unless you are a very dedicated connoisseur of male masturbators. This is why the only option available to you is to rely on other people’s opinion. Thankfully, there is a ton of reviews on such models available online.

Don’t fret, however; you won’t have to read pages upon pages of reviews before you can buy a good masturbator. We did the job for you and compiled all this information into one single guide. Overall, there is no such thing as the best Fleshlight. Preferences differ, and as long as you don’t buy Original or Super Tight sleeves, you’re good to go.

Now, without further ado, let us introduce you to the world of wonderful sensations this company has to offer.

What makes this pocket pussy so unique that their brand name became a generic trademark? We can name three things off the top of the head:

  1. Premium-class quality
  2. A huge selection of items and hard cases
  3. Ingenuous marketing strategy

Are You a Fan of Realism?

If you want your experience with a Fleshlight to be as realistic as possible, you’re probably going to love the textures we’ve picked. Depending on your preferences, you can opt for sleeves that aim to imitate the sensations from anal or vaginal sex.

You may think that all a realistic male masturbator has to do is try to simulate the inside of the respective organ. It is partly true, but a lot more is actually going on inside these toys. Different textures, chambers, ridges, and nodes inside these Fleshlight sleeves all provide slightly different sensations, even if they all have a common main purpose.

Now let’s take a closer look at a couple of goods that can help you enjoy the perks of vaginal or anal sex even if you don’t have a partner (or if they are currently unavailable).

Best Fleshlight Girls

The Fleshlight Girls series is perfect for those who dream of having sex with their favorite porn star. Since the chances of actually hooking up with that girl are pretty slim for most of us, there’s another, much more realistic option to try: a Fleshlight sleeve. Modeled after the pussies and butts of over fifty hottest and most popular adult movie stars, these toys are often quite innovative and rely on exciting inner textures to deliver amazing sensations.

Nothing Beats a Good Blowjob

It’s one thing to imitate the sensations you get during anal or vaginal sex, but what about simulating a blowjob? That may seem impossible to achieve, and yet there are several Fleshlight sleeves that can do just that. Obviously, these sleeves don’t exactly feel like a real human mouth, but they come very close to that. And then again, there’s the added benefit of no teeth that could accidentally scratch your dick.

Tight Like a Virgin

Very tight items are not going to be a great option for everyone, since adding more pressure doesn’t always correlate with the amount of pleasure you’re going to get. However, if you’re open to a little bit of experimentation, or you already enjoy a high intensity Fleshlight sleeve, these tight ones may be just the right thing for you.

Also, it would be wise to get a tight sleeve if your penis girth is below average, as many regular textures might not be stimulating enough for a guy with a small penis. Thankfully, unlike with a real pussy, you can actually choose the tightness you prefer.

Sleeves for Beginners

We have already seen many Fleshlights that can be a great fit for an experienced user who knows what he wants and expects from the toy. But what if you’re new to the game and don’t really have any preferences just yet? Don’t worry, as there are some such toys that are very well-suited for beginners and can help you understand what you need in a Fleshlight.

So, unless your penis deviates from the average length and girth significantly, take a look at our Beginner Fleshlight picks to help you choose your very first texture.

When you’re in a Mood for Something Soft and Gentle

Sometimes you just want to relax and don’t get overstimulated, or maybe you have a sensitive penis and feel kind of overwhelmed by the toys you’ve tried so far. No problem, because the range of Fleshlight textures includes models with mild textures that won’t give you overly intense sensations. However, you don’t want to just grab any gentle-looking sleeve because it may turn out to be boring.

Starting a Fleshlight Collection

So you are finally ready order your very own Fleshlight, but where to begin?

Starting Collection

First of all, do NOT buy Classic Pink Lady. It might be the cheapest version that uses a full-sized case, but it is not worth it. It uses the Original sleeve which was the first one to be developed. Just like the Super Tight sleeve (which also should be avoided), it consists of a single cylindrical chamber and provides little stimulation, no variation, and poor suction effect.

In our humble opinion, your best option is to buy a Turbo Thrust Fleshlight and then use its hard case for new sleeves when you decide to start building up your collection. When buying new textures, we recommend using the 2 + 1 special offer available on the official website. The best part is that when using this promo, you can order the top-rated Destroya, Heavenly and Mini-Lotus sleeves.

This way, you’ll end up with a hard case and four top-notch sleeves.

Proper Use, Maintenance and Care

Using a Fleshlight for the Very First Time

So you’ve mustered up the courage to order your very own Fleshlight, the package has been shipped to you, and you just can’t wait to find out what all the fuss is about. Hold your horses, cowboy! Just like with a real woman, you cannot rush things; otherwise you risk feeling disappointed by your very first experience. And we wouldn’t want that to happen now, would we?

Many people try using their Fleshlight right out of the box, which is actually a mistake. Before being sent to you, this toy was covered by a special powder to protect its SuperSkin material. This powder is completely safe if it comes in contact with the human skin, but it can reduce the pleasure you derive from your first experience.

In order to remove this protective powder, simply wash your Fleshlight with cold water, then wipe it with isopropyl alcohol, and then wash it again with lukewarm water. This will ensure that your first time will be as pleasurable as it can be. Also, keep in mind that some sleeves can provide a very unique experience and it may take you some time to really appreciate it.

Benefits of a Fleshlight

You might be surprised to find out, but there are several significant benefits to be gained from using a Fleshlight.

Cures Death Grip Syndrome

When masturbating, people don’t really pay attention to the strength of their grip since the penis doesn’t have any pressure receptors. This causes people to use too much force, which overtime desensitizes their glans. People call this condition a Death Grip Syndrome (DGS).

Having DGS doesn’t really affect you until you switch from masturbation to actual sex. At that point, you’ll be surprised to find out that you can’t reach an orgasm no matter how hard you try. You might not be able to even have a hard on for long enough to satisfy your partner.

Don’t worry though, this process is reversible. It might seem that the easiest way to get rid of this condition is to stop masturbating completely, have sex, and hope that sooner or later you’ll finally have an orgasm. In reality, however, this approach will drive you mad with desire: you’ll only be thinking of how to finally reach an orgasm.

A Fleshlight can easily solve this problem. Choose a sleeve that provides a lot of stimulation (such as Destroya) and use only it to bring yourself to orgasm (forget about using your hands). Even the tightest product will still provide a lot less stimulation than your “death grip.” Once you can easily orgasm with a tight item, switch to a texture that provides even less stimulation.

Just remember that even the tightest real pussy provides less stimulation than any of these toys. Also, the speed with which you can thrust into a woman is nowhere near as fast as you can move a pocket pussy.

Cures Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is a problem that many people face. Curing premature ejaculation with a Fleshlight might not be as easy as getting rid of Death Grip Syndrome, but it is still possible in some cases. If a premature ejaculation is not caused by a mental trauma or nerve damage, you can gradually get rid of this condition by using more stimulation than you need.

All you have to do is purchase a Stamina Training Unit or another very intense sleeve and jerk off at least twice a day. Also, when masturbating, don’t watch anything that can increase your arousal. Thus, porn videos, dirty magazines, and fantasies about a cute girl who lives down the street are a no-no.

Care and cleaning

Before use

In order to get the maximum out of your Fleshlight, there is a couple of things you have to do before each session.

  1. Bathe your toy in warm water. This will heat up the sleeve and make your experience more enjoyable. Never use water that is too hot (above 45°C or 113°F) to warm up your pocket pussy; otherwise, you risk damaging SuperSkin and/or burning yourself.
  2. Adjust the small cap that regulates suction. Different shapes may need different levels of suction to be the most pleasant.
  3. Apply plenty of water-based lubricant and you’re good to go.

People often ask how much lube they should use. There is no straight forward answer because it depends not only on the brand of the lubricant you’re going to use, but also on tightness and texture of your Fleshlight sleeve. If you bought a new tight and intense toy, you may want to apply more lubricant than you’re used to.

Never apply any type of oil or silicone-based lubricant to SuperSkin if you don’t want it to get severely damaged. Just pick any type of water-based lubricant you like. Unfortunately, unlike with a real pussy, you cannot do without a lubricant. So if you were wondering whether you need lube for your Fleshlight, the answer is a definite “yes.”

Regular Care

For a sex toy, this product is pretty expensive, so it would be wise to take good care of it to make it last as long as possible. Here is what you have to do to keep it in ‘good health’:

  1. Disassemble and wash it in cold water after every time you use it. Then leave it out to dry (preferably on a special stand) before reassembling it.
  2. Use isopropyl alcohol to wash it after every 5 uses. This will kill any germs that may live in it. A wash spray will also do the trick.
  3. Apply special Renewing Powder or cornstarch on your Fleshlight after it is completely dry. This will prevent SuperSkin from feeling sticky.

No matter how logical it may seem to use talc instead of Renewing Powder or cornstarch, it is a very bad idea. Talc absorbs too much water and will make the SuperSkin too dry and stiff.

Tips and Tricks

What to Do When You’re a Big Guy?

If you’re a larger guy with a big penis, you’ll probably want to stay away from the sleeves in the intense section. You might be happy using a regular Fleshlights since they are normally very soft and flexible on the inside, but if you always end up finding them a little too snug or even uncomfortable, you may need one of the products designed specifically for such cases.

Build Up Your Stamina!

It’s likely that you only want to get a Fleshlight to have some fun with it, and that’s understandable. Yet, there’s also something very practical and smart you can do: train yourself to develop better stamina. This will help you immensely when you have sex in real life, and it’ll be a lot easier for you to impress your partner if you have already worked on your skills using some of the most stimulating sleeves.

Tip #1

Fleshlight Renewing Powder is actually just regular cornstarch. Therefore, there is no need to pay more, as you can simply buy some cornstarch in a corner shop or order it on Amazon.

Tip #2

Applying cornstarch to your Fleshlight can be really messy, and since you have to do it after each use, it can become a real chore to do. Here is what you have to do to prevent cornstarch from flying all over the place when you use it:

  1. Take a new thin sock.
  2. Cut off the ankle part so that you’re left with just the part that goes on your foot.
  3. Put 4 spoonfuls of cornstarch into the sock and use a tight rubber band to close the top.
  4. Apply the cornstarch on the sleeve by patting it with this sock.
  5. Store this sock in a plastic bag after you have finished using it.

Tip #3

If your mother-in-law is coming over, you might want to read a few tips on how to hide your Fleshlight. Since this sex toy is not exactly small, you have to be really creative lest you find yourself in a very embarrassing situation. Here are a few places where you can hide your pocket pussy from prying eyes:

  • Stick it in your gym bag and make sure that a couple of “ripe” items of clothing are sitting above it. Unless your mother-in-law will want to do some laundry, your secret is safe.
  • Use duct tape to stick it under the bed.
  • If you have big feet, place it in one of your work boots.

Or… simply place it into your bedside drawer. And if someone does find it and starts asking questions, just tell them that it is they who should be embarrassed, since they were the ones snooping in your belongings. You do have the right to personal life.


People who founded this company did one thing that guaranteed their success. They’ve made the experience more personal by using molds of real-life porn actresses to create their products. This made it easier for men to fantasize about their favorite porn stars as they could actually see and feel their pussies in real life.

This brings us to our next question: “Does a Fleshlight feel better than a real-life pussy?” Well, that depends. Are you very aroused by your sexual partner? Does she make you feel loved and wanted? Does she moan and beg for you to fuck her harder? If your answer is “yes,” then of course a real-life girl will feel much better than a toy, simply because you’ll be horny as hell.

Unfortunately, very few women actually bother to do that. Some lucky guys will experience it at the start of their relationships, but as the time goes on sex becomes a routine and passion dwindles to nothing. Humping your overweight wife’s pussy stretched out by two kids that you didn’t really want isn’t going to be nearly as satisfying as jerking off with a Fleshlight to your favorite porn.

This is the number one reason why male masturbators are so popular. And this is the reason why we have thoroughly studied the market to find out which sleeves/textures are the best and how to get the best deal for your money. It is long overdue that you found sexual release that you deserve.