G-Spot vibrators usually have a turned-up tip at the end. Their anatomical shape will allow you to stimulate the front wall of the vagina. Advanced models have a controller that helps to use the toy at many speeds and vibration modes. However, no matter how high-tech or expensive your item is, you won’t be able to stop moaning once it’s on.

We have carried out a significant research that helped us to outline top-35 amazing vibrators. According to many reliable sources, these are the bestselling toys among those women who truly appreciate the quality of their orgasms. We are sure that after reading this article, you will find your true must-have.

Last Updated: Jane Several positions in our list have been changed to reflect the latest developments. The best model is Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl, which is a luxury item that is soft to the touch and will have a special place in your collection. The second place goes to Mantric that was designed to keep excitement throughout every single session. On the third place is Lovehoney Power Play.

In this review:

Top 35 G-Spot Vibrators to Choose From

Tastes differ, just like the vibes from our list! We have selected many shapes and sizes for you to understand what’s hot on the market. There are less intense ones for gentle stimulation and a good teasing, as well as more powerful ones with the dual motors that will make you reach the climax in seconds.

An average price per item is around $70, but, naturally, it varies. Also, if you like the best, be ready to pay a hefty amount, but don’t worry – there are also good ones suitable for anyone’s budget. To get a better prospective on how to choose a perfect vibrator, don’t forget to check out the buying guide at the end of the article.

1. Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl – Worth Every Dollar!

Just like the film, which was dedicated to wild sex and pleasure, this vibe will take you through the famous red room experience and bring unforgettable sensations. Imagine yourself being in bed with a professional like this; it’s so tempting!

Greedy Girl Satisfaction Level

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(more photos are available)

The design makes it rather compact for traveling. The vibe has a flat pointed tip at the end for G-Spot stimulation. Dual motors are capable of bringing many blended orgasms into the game.

The first motor is situated in the shaft and the second one is hiding inside the rabbit, which is perfect for simultaneous stimulation. It has a huge number of 36 combinations which gives you a massive room for experiments.

The pulsations are quite powerful, and the rabbit’s ears are good for pinpoint stimulation as they are super firm. The ears can wiggle independently. Silicone coating makes the vibrator completely waterproof. Because of its significant size it can fill your pussy completely.

Overall, the vibe offers a great value for money, it is also much cheaper compared to the others. You can recharge it with a USB cable at any time of the day, one charge will be enough for an unforgettable session. This product is highly demanded, so hurry up to buy it!

Greedy Girl will provide:

  • great gift for your partner;
  • 36 vibrations;
  • discreet package;
  • USB cable;

2. Mantric – Compact and Powerful

Mantric Vibrator is one of the most unique devices on the market. It is compact as well as powerful and intended for day to day use. It is quiet and durable enough for long-lasting sessions. This G-Spot vibrator is another word for sophistication as it is highly attentive to detail. The orgasms it gives with 12 hand-picked functions are hard to describe.

Mantric Vibrator

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(more photos are available)

This vibe is powerful enough to get you to the next level, but for some of you it might be a little bit too intense. And knowing how thin is the line between an orgasm and discomfort, powerful is not always good.

Mantric Rechargeable will provide:

  • 12 pleasure settings;
  • high quality silicone;
  • USB rechargeable;

3. Lovehoney Power Play – Budget Pick

Lovehoney Power Play is just for you if you are an adventurous girl. This vibrator is ideal for people who are not quite satisfied with ordinary vibes. This G-Spot rabbit has the ideal shape, which will prevent the situation where your orgasms escape.

Power Play

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(more photos are available)

Power Play will be your pleasure guide with 10 vibration patterns and 3 rotation modes. However, this vibrator is not rechargeable. Therefore, if you are going to use it frequently, buying a bunch of rechargeable batteries will be the right option, although it will entail extra expenses in the short run.

Power Play 10 features:

  • 13 total settings;
  • waterproof surface;
  • highly flexible;

4. Fun Factory X Stronic Drei

Stronic Drei is just astonishing, it is a true essence of pleasure for all women out there. You will feel the real G-Spot sensations. While Drei’s ribs will boost the pleasure you get exponentially, realistic movements will finish you off. If you want every moment to be unforgettable, this is the vibe for you.

Fun Factory Stronic Drei

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(more photos are available)

It is one of the most expensive vibes on this list with 10 brilliant functions. Therefore, if you were looking for a cheaper option, this is not the best vibe for you to choose.

Stronic Drei is about:

  • 10 vibrations;
  • thrusting movement;
  • waterproof;

5. Happy Rabbit

Another rabbit vibe that finishes our top 3 products is a Happy G-Spot vibrator. Simply by reading the name of the model, you will instantly know for sure that never on earth you’ll get bored with the Happy vibe. It looks cute and has a truly amazing concept, which makes us, women, literally long for ordering it ASAP.

Happy Rabbit Extra Fun

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(more photos are available)

The rabbit is very easy to operate – there are two imbedded buttons on a plastic handle to switch it on and off, you can’t mess up with this one. It is quite discreet because it looks more like a toy, rather than an actual vibrator. If you don’t want to reveal your little secrets and hope to prepare for the unexpected accidents, this is the right toy for you, girl.

It has 2 separate ears, which are really flexible in case you prefer to have gradual escalation. The speeds of the rabbit’s motor are very smooth and will provide a relaxing massage for your clitoris. The vibe will spin its head and ears with great intensity, and (unlike others) it will always remain extra quiet. Overall, the functions will feel gentle and delicate.

With its flat base you can easily jump on 3 speeds and 12 patterns programmed into this vibe. The toy has significant girth and a great shape. It is good not only for internal stimulation, but for external as well, don’t be afraid to try it on your nipples!

Happy Rabbit features:

  • Rechargeable cable;
  • unique design;
  • dual motors;
  • average price;

6. Stronic Line

Have you ever thought of a purchase that can make you happy? Yes, money can buy happiness. It might not work for every aspect of your life, but it is definitely the case for this Stronic Line.

Stronic Line

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(more photos are available)

Stronic Line is one of the best quality vibes with a fully ribbed surface. You will surely feel it when you use it to get to the wonderland of the best orgasms in your life.

This all seems great, but the financial side of the things is still there. It is the most expensive vibe on our list, and sometimes you will feel that it is just too much to pay, given that at certain speeds there is much more vibration at the shaft and not enough at the tip.

Fun Factory is about:

  • good girth;
  • magnetic charger;
  • fully waterproof;

7. Lelo Gigi 2

Gigi 2 by Lelo is now more expensive-looking and yet more affordable. There are 3 color options, and it is tiny compared to the ones we have described above. It will surely fit into your bag, and you can safely carry it around.

Lelo Gigi Two

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(more photos are available)

It has a flattened tip, which means that it is great not only for reaching your G-Spot, but also for covering a large zone on any of your most sensitive areas, such as clitoris. This vibe is made for long sessions as it gives a possibility to warm yourself up and to finish off really effectively.

The toy lasts longer than the average after a single USB charging. You will stay loyal to it, because these its 8 modes are going to drive you crazy.

Lelo Gigi 2 will provide:

  • unforgettable sensations;
  • flat ending;
  • 8 functions;
  • compact size;

8. Desire Luxury

If you think that your experience is not intense enough, this is the best solution to your problem. Ergonomic design and high intensity of 8 modes and 12 patterns is your guide to the world of highest pleasure levels. It is fully waterproof, so you could enjoy it even more in a comfortable bathtub.

Desire Luxury

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(more photos are available)

However, it has problems with a charging port. It is fragile and if you break it, you are in trouble. Even though you might get away with changing it under the warranty, it will take a long time until you get it back.

Desire Luxury features:

  • 20 functions;
  • easy to use;
  • silky silicone;

9. Annabelle Knight

Compact, powerful, discreet and quiet. Does this sound promising to you? Those are probably the best words to describe Annabelle Knight. It is an ideal day to get a toy that you can carry around with you in your bag.

Annabelle Knight

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(more photos are available)

Do not think that it is not sophisticated enough with its 7 powerful functions. You will be amazed by how quickly this little vibe will make you shake in multiple orgasms.

However, as expected from a non-expensive toy, quality of the material is not that great. It just doesn’t feel as good as more expensive silicone toys. This might be a big turn off before you start playing with it.

Annabelle Knight features:

  • good intensity;
  • totally discreet;
  • 7 vibrations;

10. Lovehoney Dream Rabbit

Adults do not believe in dreams anymore. But Dream G-Spot Rabbit vibrator will prove that they are mistaken. The vibrator has 10 incredible functions, which is enough to make you satisfied.

Lovehoney Dream Rabbit

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(more photos are available)

You can observe rotating beads in the shaft that will offer smooth action great for intense orgasms. As for controlling, there are 4 buttons to regulate functions, power and rotations. Even though it sound like a lot, you will quickly adapt to it.

The only thing that customers complain about is the absence of a back button on the vibration control, but it is not much of an issue. The overall design and quality are good. Once you purchase this vibe, you won’t doubt that dreams can come true.

With Dream Rabbit you’ll get:

  • 5 year warranty;
  • submersible toy surface;
  • flat base;
  • flexible rabbit ears;

11. Mona Wave

This is a fantastic, juicy and girthy vibrator, which is often purchased by females who love exotic vibrations down there. It will make you so wet, that it will slide smoothly, creating massive waves of excitement.

Lelo Mona Wave

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(more photos are available)

Mona Wave is a hybrid of rumbles and stimulations. Some of the patterns have this “wave” motion, which was uniquely designed to help those who struggle with getting a proper orgasm. Things that make it possible are the soft tip of the head and the strong motor.

The thrill of 8 settings, varying from low to high, is more than a blessing. It is all about quality. A curved ergonomic contour of this vibrating massager will bring any woman to the highest peak of bliss!

Lelo Mona features:

  • superb quality;
  • ergonomic shape;
  • USB rechargeable;
  • waving vibration mode;

12. Lelo Mona 2

This revolutionary Mona 2 is an updated version of the popular Mona massager from the Lelo collection. Unlike the previous model, it has a more powerful motor and a waterproof case. You will be able to enjoy yourself at any time, in or out of the water.

Revolutionary Lelo Mona

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(more photos are available)

The design is just gorgeous with its super silky coating and a bright color. It will bring true magic into your sex life with an amazing number of 11 powerful vibrations. The best thing about it is that it will always hit the right place and won’t slip as you penetrate.

It has a turned-up head for G-Spot area stimulation and a curved ergonomic shape for easier insertion. Because of the large area the tip covers, it allows a quicker way to a female orgasm. With an incredible 6 modes you can stimulate every nerve ending that is in charge of your climax.

Leo Mona 2 goes right inside into the opening of the vagina and gives you full control. The inbuilt remote is very easy to operate. Once it starts vibrating, it will tingle your G-Spot right from the inside of your vaginal canal, just where you want it.

This item is loved and purchased by many, and none of the customers doubted its position as a bestseller. You can order it and receive a totally discreet package within 3-5 days. You simply can’t go wrong with this sex toy.

Lelo Mona 2 is about:

  • ultimate bestseller;
  • will be your favorite;
  • high quality silicone;
  • 1 year warranty;

13. G5 Big Boss

Beware of a new realistic surprise by Fun Factory. The Boss is apparently one of their best products available. It was made to recreate the love-making process as closely as possible.

Big Bos

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(more photos are available)

It has a perfect penis shape with some relief to represent actual veins and create extra stimulation for your vaginal walls. The tip of the head is pointed right at your G-Spot. The motor has 4 patterns and 5 speeds for rubbing your most sensitive erogenous zone. The customers describe this vibe as supper intense.

The base has a shiny plastic ring that is super useful for solo sessions as makes masturbation much easier. It’s definitely your number one if you like to experiment on your own.

G5 Big Boss is about:

  • realistic design;
  • silky silicone;
  • 9 functions;
  • great intensity;

14. Womanizer InsideOut

If you haven’t discovered the Pleasure Air Technology yet, you really should try iy. This toy neither looks like anything you’ve seen before, nor feels like that. No words can describe how magical the effect is once the Womanizer is on.

Womanizer InsideOut

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(more photos are available)

Unlike other vibrators, it is highly flexible, and wherever your clitoris is, this G-Spot toy will always reach it. This is a big plus, which makes this product suitable for any body type and size. Still, the ultimate sucking function and 12 seductive settings will remain the best part of it.

The drawback is that the silicone is quite sticky; you can’t keep it on a carpet or any similar place where it can get dirty. For the money you pay, you get everything in one beautiful package: all the nozzles, cables and adapters. The set also includes a magnetic charger. The company truly wants you to enjoy their product.

Womanizer InsideOut is about:

  • touchless suction;
  • magnetic charger;
  • blended orgasms;

15. We-Vibe Rave

Adam and Eve are presenting another great offer – a G-Spot vibe with the design so simple, yet so effective! Its gentle coating, unbelievable twists and rampant strength made it extremely popular throughout many years.

We-Vibe Rave

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(more photos are available)

The vibrator can be connected via the app and controlled by your partner. You can have a traditional thrusting session with this asymmetrical sex toy or twist it inside by guiding the bulbous area. We-Vibe has 10 speeds for you to play with.

Some customers are complaining about unreliable Bluetooth syncing, so you might have to check that the Wi-Fi has a good connectivity before the session. Be careful – the app does not support old devices that were not updated. If the connection process is successful, you can easily break the distance barriers with your We-Vibe massager.

We-Vibe Rave features:

  • 10 functions;
  • asymmetrical shape;
  • traditional experience;

16. Desire Explodes

If you are a 50 Shades of Grey fan and want a little more interaction during the reading process, this toy is the one you need. This G-Spot stimulator was meant not only for females, it can also be used in men as a prostate massager.

Desire Explodes

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(more photos are available)

Desire Explodes has a flattened tip of the head and thus covers a wide area for intense escalation. There is a total of 8 functions to make you wet. The silicone has a nice silky feel and is great when you are using it. There is only one button for controlling the toy and it is situated at the end, which makes it super easy and comfortable to operate.

The only little minus is that pulsations may be too strong for beginners, which can be a huge turn off. But if you are a more advanced user, you’ll absolutely love this toy for bringing you intense orgasms!

Desire Explodes is about:

  • 12 intensity levels;
  • 100% waterproof;
  • excellent strength;

17. Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit

Just like the Jessica Rabbit, this G-Spot vibe is making everyone go “whoa”. Its design is nice and pretty, just like any woman wants her vibe to look like. But the real benefit is that this vibrator will make you cum every time.

Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit

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(more photos are available)

10 functions were carefully chosen from the most demanded patterns of stimulation. The intensity goes from a teasing murmur up to a satisfying pulse. The vibe can snuggle your clitoris with its bunny ears able to provide independent rotation. It has a real feel shaft and easy to use multi-speed controls.

It has double motors, which means double fun. More importantly, there are no obvious drawbacks. However, if the ears were longer, the process of using it on one’s clitoris would be more satisfying.

Jessica Rabbit features:

  • rotating beads;
  • 10 vibration modes;
  • great value for money;

18. Lelo Elise 2

This beautiful premium vibrator will follow all your curves and offer thrilling external stimulation. Being splash proof, it lasts longer than average and is extra quiet. Isn’t it what you were looking for?

Lelo Elise Two

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(more photos are available)

The vibrator is made of body-safe silicone. It has many functions, but stands out with the lock-down feature. Thus, Lelo Elise 2 is the best thing you can carry with you on a plane or in any other place while traveling.

It has a total of 8 settings and two motors in one shaft for fuller and deeper stimulation from the base to the tip. However, it is expensive and is a little firm. If you don’t want to stress your budget that much, go for something else.

Lelo Elise 2 is about:

  • 8 functions;
  • perfect for traveling;
  • high quality silicone;

19. Swan Wand

If you have ever looked for some variety, consider the double-ended Swan Wand vibrator. It is the only vibrator on our list that you can insert with any side, at any angle. All you’ll have to do is to relax and get ready for some magic!

Swan Wand

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(more photos are available)

This G-Spot vibrator has two turned tips, each with an imbedded motor. The first ending is much larger than the other, so you can experiment with both and choose your favorite. Both bulbs are ergonomically shaped and offer a total of 14 vibrations!

It is also rechargeable and will last as long as the batteries would. Seriously, you can charge it for over 8 hours and won’t have to worry about doing it again after each session. You might find it a bit expensive, but honestly why would you settle for less?

Swan Wand will provide:

  • USB charger;
  • Lasts super long;
  • Can insert from both sides;

20. G-kiss Vibrator

If you think you are not surprised easily, just wait until you get your hands on a G-Kiss. This is one of the most sophisticated vibes out there. The long-lasting and incredibly intense orgasms that will come with this toy are going to blow your mind. While a specialized front massager will tickle the clitoris, your G-Spot will be under tantalizing pressure.

G-kiss Vibrator

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(more photos are available)

But nothing is ideal in our material world. The waterproofing of the toy is not as secure as it should be. It’s safer to consider it splash-proof at best.

G-kiss Vibrator features:

  • clitoral massager;
  • waterproof surface;
  • uses batteries;

21. Lovelife Cuddle

If you’ve ever thought of getting a discreet easy to use toy, which is compact enough to carry in your handbag, this is one is yours. But do not underestimate its power.

Lovelife Cuddle

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(more photos are available)

Powerful but discreet, it is enough to make your experience unforgettable with 7 available functions. Your orgasms will come one by one in an endless sequence of pleasure waves.

Unfortunately this vibe is not for everyone. It is not flexible at all, and you might experience some difficulties with accessing the maximum pleasure spots. It might be a game that is just not worth playing.

Lovelife Cuddle will provide:

  • strong motor;
  • 7 pleasure settings;
  • super discreet;

22. Pink Inspire

If you want to add some of versatility to your dream vibe, Pink Inspire is all you need. You will never get bored with a huge variety of products that are included in the package. The whole kit is easy to adjust. Customers find it useful in case you’ll want to experience two different types of orgasms with the same toy.

Pink Inspire

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(more photos are available)

The largest problem with this toy is the cost to pleasure ratio. Even though this toy is great, it is by far not the best in the value for money aspect.

Pink Inspire is about:

  • premium silicone;
  • personal massager;
  • variety of nozzles;

23. Lovehoney Power Play

This vibrator is very good for beginners or for people who are not into really girthy toys. It is simple to use and very soft to touch, which makes it ideal for the inexperienced ladies. Even though it is all soft and good to start with, do not underestimate it. Shaking orgasms will await you each time you use it.

Power Play

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(more photos are available)

Although it is a fantastic vibe with 7 functions, sometimes during the play you might accidentally change the vibration speed. This is because the buttons on the handle are too easy to press. You should definitely watch out when the game gets spicy.

Lovehoney Power Play features:

  • great power;
  • 7 functions;
  • reasonable price;

24. OhMiBod Cuddle

Many vibrators have a curve to them, but only a few are as effective as this one. Shape is one of the keys to unlock your inner pleasure. If you combine it with the right speed, you’ll create ideal conditions for sharp and more intense orgasms.

OhMiBod Cuddle

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(more photos are available)

However, there is a large problem with it. This vibrator is not really waterproof. Therefore, you will not be able to enjoy it in a more relaxing atmosphere, or make your morning shower a little bit more fun than usual.

OhMiBod Cuddle is about:

  • 7 great patterns;
  • realistic mimicking;
  • curved shape;

25. Desire Luxury

If you are seeking some new experiences and want to discover new sexual sensations, this toy is the one to go for. Its shape and flexibility are just right to give you incredibly intense playing sessions followed by unforgettable and unique orgasms made possible with 8 modes and 12 awesome patterns.

Desire Luxury sensations

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(more photos are available)

Unfortunately, this device is not particularly comfortable to handle. The actual bottom part of the toy is extremely curved, so might create some discomfort during the session when it becomes wet and slippery.

Desire Luxury will provide:

  • USB rechargeable;
  • travel lock;
  • curved flexible contour;

26. Her G-Spot Kit

This toy is not alone, it is a kit of 2 vibrators and 3 finger sleeves. At such a great price, this wonderful purchase will add some extra fun to your sex life with or without your partner. Those finger sleeves will truly shine when your loved one slides them in and tease your G-Spot.

Her G-Spot Kit

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(more photos are available)

However, because it is not a silicon vibe, it might have some quality issues. It may feel not as soft as you might expect. Don’t get us wrong – it is smooth enough, but not as premium smooth as more expensive silicone toys.

Her G-Spot Kit is about:

  • variety of sleeves;
  • nice vibrations;
  • great G-Spot stimulation;

27. Moka

When it comes to satisfaction, there are many things that people cannot agree on. But this vibe is a completely different story. It has everything you want: it is soft, powerful, waterproof and ideally shaped. Such a combination will ensure most unforgettable and pleasurable experiences of your life.

Moka powerful

Check Price on Lelo.com

(more photos are available)

Its beautifully designed whisper-quiet motor and 12 vibrations will drive you crazy. However, the downside of this truly astonishing device is that it is an expensive toy, especially in comparison with other alternatives on the market.

Moka features:

  • 12 pulsations with speeds;
  • extra silent motor;
  • discreet package;

28. The Romance Vibrator

This toy is a complete powerhouse when it comes to vibrations and getting the most out of them. Its shape together with its 7 powerful escalating patterns will insure that your desired G-spot orgasm is no longer a dream, but an achievable target. Endless and powerful orgasms will wait for you from the moment of switching this one on.

Romance Vibrator

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(more photos are available)

Beware if it is important for you to keep some things in secret. It will be hard to achieve with this toy, as it is really noisy. You will be exposed if you turn on this toy while someone else is in the house and they are not supposed to know…

The Romance Vibrator is about:

  • Waterproof;
  • Takes 2 AA batteries;
  • 7 functions;

29. Power Play

Power Play offers a sophisticated vibrator shape to help you get the maximum possible satisfaction. Its ergonomic design will make it easier to manipulate the toy during the penetration process. The combination of such parameters, together with 3 speeds and 4 patterns, will leave even the most demanding customers impressed with the final result.

Power Play maximum

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(more photos are available)

Unfortunately, you will never be able to ride this toy properly due to the bulb-like base, rather than a flat one. Also, the price is suspiciously cheap, which raises questions about durability.

Power Play features:

  • black silicone;
  • 7 settings for love-making;
  • curved shaft;

30. Extra Girthy

It is sometimes extremely hard to find a vibrator that is the most suitable for you in terms of girth. Buying this rabbit vibrator is one of the best ways to solve this problem. It can be fully adjusted to what is the most comfortable for you to reach the climax fast and make it longer. It has one size that will surely fit many.

Extra Girthy

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(more photos are available)

The main drawback of the given G-Spot vibrator is its price. It sounds unreasonable to pay such amount of money when the main difference from the others is just adjustable girth. Buy it if you are looking for this particular feature in a toy.

Extra Girthy offers:

  • exotic sensations;
  • 7 patterns;
  • adjustable girth;
  • hand pump;

31. Paloqueth Silicone

Ergonomic and smooth, these two words are perfect to describe Paloqueth. It is one of the best ones on the market due to its utility. It offers 9 different vibration speeds and even more ways of using it. It can be the ideal toy to add some extra heat to your sex life with a partner, or it might be an excellent way of improving your solo experience.

Paloqueth Silicone

Check Price on Amazon.com

(more photos are available)

However, this vibrator does not give enough variety of speeds for some people: customers who prefer more powerful motors are disappointed with this toy. Therefore, it might not be as good as expected if you require many functions from your vibe.

Paloqueth Silicone features:

  • quiet motor;
  • cheap price;
  • 9 vibration modes;

32. The Butterfly Kiss

Soft and stylish, this G-Spot toy is the essence of female vibrators. Due to its construction, it is ideal for stimulating yourself simultaneously, involving your clitoris and giving you a whole new pallet of unknown sensations. Powerful and continuous orgasms will be follow taking this toy with you to a relaxing bath.

Butterfly Kiss

Check Price on LoveHoney.com

(more photos are available)

On the other hand, Butterfly Kiss has only 3 vibration speeds, which limits your imagination. It is a shame as it has a truly unique design. However, unless one of the given vibration frequencies is suitable for you, the end result will not be as good as you would expect.

The Butterfly Kiss is about:

  • 3 speeds;
  • ergonomic shape;
  • gorgeous design;

33. Triple Tickler

Triple Tickler G-Spot vibrator is perfect for wild girls who enjoy realistic sex toy designs. The vibe even has the veins on the shaft to provide extra stimulation and to ensure that every experience with the given sex toy is unforgettable. It is so cheap that will never break anyone’s budget. Tickler is all about giving pleasure.

Triple Tickler

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(more photos are available)

The main issue with this vibrator is its size. Given that Triple Tickler is 9 inches long, it cannot be classified as a discreet item. Therefore even though it is a good product, you might have some issues with storing or taking it with you somewhere.

Triple Tickler will provide:

  • significant size;
  • cheap;
  • very realistic design;

34. Doc Johnson Lucid Dream

This unusual-looking vibrator is ideal for women eager to experiment or try something exotic. Its ergonomic shape in combination with it being waterproof will help you take bathing experience to the new level. Just take it with you and enjoy the new prospects of pleasure.

Doc Johnson Lucid Dream

Check Price on LoveHoney.com

(more photos are available)

The largest drawback of Lucid Dream is its controller – a spinning wheel at the bottom of the handle. Therefore, when changing the vibration frequency you can choose the wrong one by accident when playing with your toy. Otherwise, given that it is cheap, it has a good quality and is definitely worth buying.

Doc Johnson Lucid Dream features:

  • multiple speeds;
  • 100% waterproof;
  • great concept;
  • firm shaft;

35. Trojan Vibrations Divine Massager

Last, but not least, this is the case where the name speaks for itself. Strong vibrations of this technologically advanced device will make it an ideal purchase to spice things up with you partner or to have some relaxing and enjoyable time alone. This is your gate to a divine world of unique and sensational orgasms.

Trojan Vibrations Divine

Check Price on Adameve.com

(more photos are available)

The main issue with this vibe is that there are only 3 vibration settings. It does not give precise control over stimulation, which sometimes might prevent you from getting an orgasm. Else, if you like long sessions which happen on a rare occasions, this should be your must-have.

Trojan Massager will provide:

  • 3 pleasure settings;
  • battery supported;
  • ribbed surface;

Additional Information on G-Spot Vibrators

Some experts deny the existence of the mysterious spot in a women’s body, while the others admit that you can only reach it with skillful stimulation. In fact, G-Spot is a cluster of nerve endings in your vagina, which does require a better pulsation compared to what you can get during the normal intercourse or fingering process. You’ll need to do something that only a vibe can do.

In a female body everything is highly individual, and if someone succeeds in finding the spot at the first attempt, the other may try to search it for hours. Thus, it is important to carefully choose your toy according to your sexual preferences.

When choosing the most suitable product, don’t forget that there are many others: in case you didn’t like the one you chose, there are still plenty of vibes for you to try. Eventually you will find “The One”!

Let’s get wet!

Sometimes you want to masturbate, but may be not turned on enough to start the process. In this case and in any other, you’ll have to apply loads of lubricant. The more you apply, the more you enjoy: lubricants are literally our saviors. However, you may try to play with your natural wetness to make penetration easier, but don’t forget about the first thing we’ve mentioned.

Lubricants are crucial when it comes to sex toys. They make everything more pleasurable and easier. They will also prevent any damage that can be caused by a vibrator (such as irritation) just by softening the inside flesh. To apply the needed amount, all you have to do is to put some drops on the vibe and cover the whole insertable part. If your sex toy has extensions, you’ll have to cover them as well.

There will be a lube sample packaged with your vibrator. You can order water-based lubricants from any certified sex toy manufacturer. You’ll have a great variety of colors, flavors and even effects. Don’t put any inorganic chemicals into your vagina as its mucous membrane is really fragile.

Batteries or USB Rechargeable

Most of vibrators on the market only come with two power options. They are either on batteries or rechargeable. So when you have decided what you want, it is time to see if it is suitable. This part will give you some guidance on which vibe to choose basing on your needs.

The most common type of vibrators is the battery powered one. It is great from many aspects, such as having no charging time. So if your toy runs out of juice during the use, just swap the batteries and you are good to keep going.

However, there are some issues. The main one being that the running cost of such vibrators is a lot higher, as you will have to purchase not only cleaning products for it. You will also need to stockpile the batteries, in case you need them. Furthermore, battery powered vibes are not so friendly with water and most of them are just splash proof.

Another main way to power those toys up is a built-in rechargeable accumulator. There are many benefits to those, the main one is not having to go to the shop to grab new batteries. Just pop your G-Spot vibe on charge and hold on for a while. Fortunately, there is a growing tendency for them to be fast-charging.

On the other hand, there is a frequent complaint from a certain category of customers, who are not really gentle when it comes to charging, that the charging ports tend to break. This of course means that once it runs out of charge, the device becomes useless. So you will either have to buy a new one, or try to replace itunder warranty, but either way it is very troublesome.

Care and Cleaning

How to use your G-spot vibe

Methods of usage will vary from one model to another. In case you’ll want to learn more about it, you can always find the manual in the package with your toy.

You should always remember that your G-Spot is located on the anterior wall of the vagina, about 4-7 cm from the entrance. It is almost impossible to spot it with your fingers. However, once the spot is under the pressure, no doubt, you will instantly feel it. If your partner finds a barely noticeable roughness that brings you some unexpected bursts of pleasure – you are on the right way!

It is much better to get to know your toy before you’ll start experimenting with your lover, just to make yourself more comfortable. Even if you are feeling cheeky, try to tease your pussy with the slow vibrations first and only then proceed to the more powerful ones. It will help you to build up strong orgasms and will certainly make you wetter. The philosophy is the more you wait, the hornier you get.

Using your vibe as a man

Some will argue that it is impossible for a man to use any kind of vibe, because they believe that it is solely a female’s product. We will strongly disagree with this statement. It is absolutely normal if you are willing to try a G-Spot vibrator on yourself, but it is important to understand where you can use it. The most popular option is the prostate.

From the medical side of things, prostate is a small gland which is one of the most important organs in the male reproduction system. It is responsible for producing semen and carrying it from the testicles to the urethra during the ejaculation process. Therefore, it requires a very soft and accurate stimulation.

So the main question is whether you can use the G-spot vibe for prostate stimulation. The answer is yes, but you should be very gentle. The usage principle is the same as on the nipples or clitoris. However, there is a large variety of specialized male prostate vibrators. As a result it would be much better to use those in order to achieve maximum satisfaction, because it is easier to adjust them to your body type.

We would not recommend using the G-Spot vibes for the anal sex that much, because a turned tip can cause discomfort. But in case you do, it is important to have in mind some precautions relevant for any anal sex: use lots of lube and be gentle.

Cleaning your sex toy

Like with any other sex toy, you want to make sure that your G-Spot vibe is always clean. Therefore, before and after each session you will have to perform a cleaning procedure to ensure that everything is sterile. If you follow our simple steps or an included manual, the product will serve you much longer.

The first and easiest way to clean your vibrator is to use antibacterial sex toy wipes. You can pop into your nearest sex shop or order some online beforehand. It is as simple as it gets, just grab a tissue from the pack, wipe the whole shaft, repeat if necessary, and then just let it dry. This is also the best way to clean any non-waterproof vibes.

The second option is a sex toy cleaning spray. With this one things might get a little trickier. First of all, before using that method, make sure that your rechargeable toy is washable. In case the toy is not waterproof, make sure that the charging port is sealed safely. Even if you can safely use the toy in water, be careful with the USB port. After cleaning just wipe it and let it dry.

If the toy is on batteries, make sure that is has a rubber seal that protects the area from any water getting inside. If everything is safe, then just wash it in the same way as rechargeable ones, try to avoid the battery area if possible. Let it dry.

Again, cleaning your toy is crucial to prevent any bacteria from entering your vagina. You probably don’t want to get a yeast infection. Never use ordinary soap because it will destroy a sensitive silicone surface.

Tricks and Tips for Using

  • Always wash the toy before and after use;
  • Blended orgasms can be achieved by using more than one vibe. It will happen if you put one vibrating toy on your clitoris and insert another inside;
  • Apply direct pressure to your clitoris, also try to do so from different angles;
  • Store it in a dry and cool place. Don’t keep it near a hot place, because the toy’s coating can melt;
  • Flat base of the G-Spot vibrator will allow you to ride it whenever you wish;
  • To warm up the toy before the session put it in warm water and wipe it thoroughly;
  • Hiding your toy is easy, just find an isolated place in your house that no one will ever want to explore;

Learning to squirt

Just like the G-Spot, squirting exists. Moreover, every woman can squirt, and if you think you can’t – you just don’t know how. Be aware that it may feel like you are going to pee, but rather than holding it in, try to sort of push it. The session including the warm up may take a long time to reach the desirable effect, so just be patient – it is normal.

Also, prepare some waterproof material as you won’t believe how much fluid can come out of your body! Stroking the G-Spot can make you ejaculate, but to do so, you’ll have to create a lot of manual stimulation beforehand. Don’t worry if you won’t get it straight away, success is the result of learning.

First of all, the more you relax, the faster you get an orgasm and the more delicious it will feel. Apply a generous amount of lube before you start the penetration. Introduce the toy to yourself or your partner with vibrations switched off.

You should start nice and slow by pressing and scraping across the vaginal wall. Rather than starting off with strong vibrations, try to build up the pressure from low to high and hold the intensity on the same level throughout the intercourse. Once constant stimulation on the G-Spot is achieved, a strong orgasm will follow. In case this doesn’t happen try to add clitoral stimulation.


Having read the article, you are now aware of our top G-Spot vibrator list. You have seen hand-picked options which have been considered the best. This article made you aware of all main positives and negatives of each product. It is now up to you to decide which one to choose.

But before you do so it is essential that you do not push yourself too far and consider all the tips and recommendations from the buying guide. As have been mentioned already, sex toys are personal, so keep all the fun and pleasure to yourself or hand over the control to your partner. Owning a sex toy is something that will help you to explore your sexuality and desires. It will help you understand your body better, so choose wisely.