What RealDoll Can Offer?

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RealDoll.com is an online shop with premium quality intimate toys. Here you can buy the best models made of the most modern materials. Each doll is a unique work of designers, created through careful preliminary development of a three-dimensional model and making a plaster cast.

These products are distinguished with care of every detail? so that you can get a realistic and flawless intimate product. Photos of products you can find in the catalog on the site, you will see that each toy is very similar to a living person. This company respects each client, therefore, uses an individual approach to each order.

RealDoll Website

RealDoll offers a large selection of different toys for sex, as well as accessories and individual components. The price category is fully consistent with high quality of the used materials.

Catalog (products)

The catalog of this online store includes different models of dolls (for men and women), a selection of parts and other accessories for genuine pleasure. The company replenishes its range often, but each model is a real work of art.

Catalog (products)

The realism of every detail surprises and delights. Such toys will introduce wonderful variety into your intimate life. Many couples buy these dolls for their role-playing games.

The store offers premium quality products only; all of them are unique and you cannot find them on other Internet resources – only through the affiliate program.

The catalog consists of ready-made dolls, but the client can change the details. It may be a different head with a different body, a different type of figure, eye color or feet shape. Each buyer has an opportunity to create the beauty of his dreams and to spend many unforgettable nights with her.

The site has a user-friendly interface, and some models are located in a moving window. It’s recommended to browse the catalog without clicking on a specific section with dolls.

Prices for goods vary from 6,000 to 9,000 dollars. The dolls are not only designers’ masterpieces, they also incorporate most advanced technology: the model can have a robotic system to reproduce sounds, speech and moans. This is not a sex toy, but a realistic person who will fulfill all your wishes.

All doll models are equipped with artificial intelligence. Manage your toy via a special application on your smartphone. Your beauty will move, change facial expressions and speak phrases – her possibilities are fairly primitive, but still very cool for an erotic toy.

Why To Choose Sex Dolls at RealDoll?

Not many buyers buy dolls via unknown stores, but the RealDoll maintains the reputation. The company develops and creates new amazing models every day.

Sex toys of this company are sold to many countries of the world so that customers can find a suitable model for themselves everywhere. The advantages of such dolls are as follows:

  • Luxury premium-quality models.
  • Impeccable modern materials.
  • Each product is created through a three-dimensional modeling of the whole body.
  • Ability to change the design of the selected toy (for an additional fee).
  • Primitive artificial intelligence, control the doll with a smartphone.
  • There are models where you can choose the character type in the settings: your beauty can be modest, jealous, kind or capricious.
  • High price, but absolutely perfect design with built-in movement, speech, facial expressions and gestures systems.
  • Every day, the company’s specialists are developing new models of sex robots with artificial intelligence and impeccable characteristics a mobile application.

Customer service

The client can get support at any convenient time and in any preferable way. This may be a phone call, online chat, the place of product distribution (warehouse) or the nearest consultation point that can be found on the map.

All company’s contacts are indicated on the website, in a special section at the bottom of the main page. You can also send an e-mail and get a professional answer soon.

Experienced RealDoll employees will answer all your questions about the company’s products, about usage, storage and maintenance of their intimate goods. You can get assistance with placing an order if you have difficulties while choosing other parts for your beauty.

Privacy Policy

The company receives your personal data when you place an order. RealDoll provides a guarantee that your data will not leak to other sources and will not be used for personal purposes.

The company guarantees safety of your data, including phone number or email address. All customer data is stored in a secure database on the company’s own server. Your data will be used only when placing an order and upon delivery of your goods. No third person will see your personal data.

If you have changed your personal data before making a purchase (for example, you have changed your name, address or phone number), inform the company via a personal letter.

Top 3 sex dolls by RealDoll

1. Harmony

This slim realistic seductress will grant you unearthly pleasure. Harmony has a luxurious body with big breasts and elastic buttocks. This beautiful blonde looks great, you won’t want to leave your bedroom.


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(more photos are available)

Harmony is one of the top-selling dolls from this company; many people want to experience a new type of pleasure with this stunning sex toy. Its cost is fully consistent with its high quality materials and realistic appearance.

With this beauty you can try different role-playing games, diversify your love life and experience new emotions.

2. Olivia

If you like fashionable chic blondes, Olivia will be the best choice for you. This is not just a toy, this is a realistic girl with a flawless body. She will love only you and you will enjoy having sex with this submissive beauty.


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(more photos are available)

This product is made of the most modern and high-quality materials, which do not cause allergies and do not deform. Your beauty will be able to take a bath with you: add candles and aromatic oils for greater romance.

If you want Olivia to be with you for many years, do not forget to wash her with special care products. You can choose any dress and underwear your princess has in her wardrobe.

3. Renee

Beautiful girl Rene has a slim body and an attractive face. Such dolls are extensively popular, because many people want to buy the best. This intimate toy will give you many unforgettable nights.


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(more photos are available)

Feel her tender skin, this is a realistic material that does not cause allergies and does not deform. The doll has a strong skeleton, so you can bend her body and try new erotic poses.

Rene is a seductive princess, who will become an unforgettable gift even for a married couple. Such beauties are bought not only by men, but also by women. Everyone wants to try new fun.

Payment options

Checkout and payment can be done online. Choose any convenient payment method – bank cards and certain e-wallets. RealDoll works on extending its capabilities to offer the most comfortable payment method for every client.

Payment options

If you have difficulties with the paying for the order, you can contact the support service. If you want to change some details of your doll, the total amount of the order will be shown on the final payment stage.

Affiliate program

The company offers an affiliate program for other online stores or distributors. This is a special system where you will be the third person between the client and RealDoll. If you are interested in such a partnership, fill out a small form in the appropriate section of the website.

Dolls of this brand are sold worldwide. This is not always a direct sale; most often, the products are distributed under an affiliate program via various online stores.

Free shipping (fast and reliable delivery)

Delivery of goods is carried out to different cities of the world, except for some countries. Each product is packaged with utmost care. First, the doll is wrapped in several layers of cellophane, not the whole body, but each limb separately.

Then the packaged goods are placed in a wooden box to secure your purchase in the process of transportation and delivery. Dolls have a robotic system, so their packaging is done with great care.