Remote-control vibrator is a term describing a vibrating sex toy, which can be controlled from a distance. Wireless control allows to spice up your fun up with the partner or just to eliminate the possibility of accidently pressing the buttons when you are getting worked up. Although they are all different, there is one common feature: once you turn the vibe on, you won’t be able to stop moaning.

Last Updated: Mike Several positions in our list have been changed to reflect the latest developments. The best model according to our list is Lovense Lush, which has a powerful motor and ergonomic shape. The second place has been taken by We-Vibe Sync. The main feature of this cordless vibrator is that the lovers actually share the vibrations. While the bulbous bullet stimulates one of the partners inside, the other will feel the vibrations as when getting close. And the third place goes to the affordable Desire Luxury Love Egg.

In this review:

TOP 25 Remote Control Vibrators You Should Test

We have conducted a thorough research, paying attention to most desirable toys on the market. We have produced a top 25 list of the superb remote-control vibrators based on the carried-out investigation. All the toys on the list were chosen by many customers who tried out the vibes themselves and have outlined which one worked best for their body. After reading this article, even the pickiest person should find a product to satisfy their desire.

1. Lovense Lush 2 – Wow Effect During Masturbation

Lovense presents one of the most powerful remote controlled sex toys compatible with Bluetooth – Lush 2. This product is a perfect choice to spice up your sex life! It meets all the requirements you were looking for – from its size to the levels of vibrations. Oh, and it is available in a bright pink color.

Lovense Lush 2

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This is a product of amazing quality that will serve you for years. While the vibrating bullet hits the G-Spot almost instantly after insertion, the vibrations go right through the clit and bring mind-blowing blended orgasms into the game.

The manufacturer came up with 7 vibration patterns which go from soft murmuring to a powerful buzz that will blow your mind. The best thing about Lush 2 is that with a downloaded app you can make up your own pulsations and control the intensity. Moreover, because it is super discrete and can react to music, you can please yourself in the club or at the party.

The design is simply amazing – the vibrator’s ergonomic shape is easy to insert and won’t slip away while working. Because of the flattened outer part no one will know if it is in your panties, so it’s definitely a must-have for cheeky ones.

Unlike other vibes, this one does not lose connection during the process and is very straightforward in usage. It has a USB cable that can be easily inserted into a tiny charging port. You can safely enjoy the massaging effect in or out of the water, depending on your mood.

Buying this device will prove to be a good decision for those who are in a long-distance relationship, as your sessions won’t be limited by the distance. You will pay a reasonable price for impressive quality and advanced technology. Remember, Lush 2 is all about satisfaction.

Lovense Lush 2 features:

  • USB rechargeable
  • bestseller
  • ideal for couples
  • 7 built-in settings

2. We-Vibe Sync – for Satisfying Two Partners at Once

Great for teasing and even better for pleasing! This product has even won an award for satisfying two partners at once. You can flexibly customize We-Vibe to respond to your favorite music or produce the vibration patterns of your choice.

We-Vibe Sync

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The main feature of this cordless vibrator is that the lovers actually share the vibrations. While the bulbous bullet stimulates one of the partners inside, the other will feel the vibrations as when getting close. Synchronization is also adjustable, so you can customize every aspect of using this device together with your lover.

The vibe has a comfortable girth and is great for the G-Spot, as the motor is really intense on the higher speeds. The only issue is that the whole package is quite expensive, and it is okay if you are not willing to so much. There are plenty of other powerful remote-control vibrators with fewer things included.

We-Vibe features:

  • award-winning vibrator
  • rechargeable
  • customized modes
  • discreet case

3. Desire Luxury Love Egg Vibrator

This is a true gem for all egg vibe lovers. If you think that the usual 3 speeds and 4 patterns in not good enough, then you will not be disappointed with this little toy. It has 8 speeds and 12 patterns for you to explore. So if you were looking for something personalized, it is hard to beat this one!

Love Egg true gem

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On the other hand, this device is not very handy to remove. Unlike other love eggs, this one has a silicon tail, which tends to stretch a lot. If you had a bit of too intense time and your muscles got tensed up, you may even break it when pulling too hard.

Love Egg is about:

  • affordable price
  • silky silicone
  • 20 functions

4. We-Vibe Nova

If you are the type of person who has issues with non-adjustable vibrators, there is a solution – We-Vibe Nova. This remote control vibe can be considered a true finding due to its adjustable clitoral stimulation.

We-Vibe Nova

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The manufacturer provided the toy with 2 strong motors and 10 unique patterns that women totally love. A turned tip with a sharp ending can be applied for pinpoint stimulation that will ensure the maximum contact with your most pleasurable nooks.

However, it is one of the most expensive vibrators on our list. We would run out of the words if we described its high quality, but there is still a huge variety of remote control vibes, which won’t break your bank that much. We would not recommend it for the beginners, as it is too advanced to be your first toy.

We-Vibe Nova features:

  • flexible shaft
  • 10 functions
  • dual stimulation

5. Fifty Shades of Grey Relentless Egg

This device should be a must-have for romance lovers. If you adore signature items and crave for Hollywood-level satisfaction, just get it, girl. This love egg is the ideal vibe for you to use almost everywhere.

Relentless Egg romance lovers

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Unlike the majority of vibes, it combines the best characteristics. It has a discreet size, powerful pulsations and a whisper-quiet motor. The cost is not necessarily a problem when it comes to Fifty Shades.

It may feel a little weird because of the shape, but it can definitely bring undiscovered sensations to your collection. Don’t hesitate to buy it now, Relentless Egg gets sold out really fast!

Relentless Egg features:

  • 7 pleasure settings
  • 2 hours of play
  • USB port

6. Mantric Egg

If you’ve been looking for something stylish, yet incredibly good when it comes to pleasure, Mantric Egg is the thing. It is soft to the touch and features gorgeous design.

Gorgeous design Mantric Egg

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No, it doesn’t feel like a tampon, although the concept is somehow similar. The bullet is for internal usage and has an external hoop, but 7 modes and speeds are also great for any other erogenous zone. Such experience will take you to the moon and back in incredibly intense orgasm waves.

Although it is cheap, it is still a quality item. However, you won’t be able to take it into the water as Mantric is not completely waterproof. Even though you cannot experiment with it in the bath, you will truly love it on the shore.

Mantric Egg Vibrator is about:

  • great for G-Spot
  • 7 functions
  • silky surface

7. Desire Luxury

If you think that wearing thongs is hot and sexy, we can offer you something even hotter to consider. It is a remotely controlled vibrating pantie. This bullet vibe was designed for women to use it as a part of their everyday life. Just insert the device in the morning and have some fun throughout the day, when the desire strikes you.

Desire Luxury designed for women

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Beautiful lacy panties with the ties on the sides will make every woman go WOW. A huge number of 12 speeds and 8 patterns can make any girl cum in seconds after a long and passionate teasing session.

The drawback is that the Desire is not as easy to handle as expected. It tends to move around once you switch to a higher mode. Therefore, try keeping it nice and slow if you are somewhere out or doing housework.

Desire Luxury is about:

  • 20 pleasure settings
  • luxury item
  • reasonable price

8. Tracey Cox Supersex

This remote-control vibe will suit any young and desperate girl. This pretty round bullet is made for intense and precise stimulation of your clitoris. If you were looking for some outdoor fun or for a way to spark that extra desire and anticipation during your date, this is the ideal device that will make your dreams come true.

Tracey Cox remote-control vibe

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However, it has only one controlling button on the remote. You might find it sort of annoying when you are trying to find the right setting and have to scroll all the way through. In addition, the actual remote is sometimes not responsive enough.

Tracey Cox features:

  • 7 total functions
  • works up to 10 meters
  • perfect for teasing

9. Lelo Ida

If you are a wild girl who needs both clitoral and G-Spot stimulation to finally achieve an incredible orgasm, we suggest you buy a Lelo Ida remote control vibrator. The manufacturer paid attention to every single detail of its smooth and silky texture. You can use it up to 4 hours, which makes it great for long sessions.

Lelo Ida G-Spot stimulation

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While ordinary rabbits will limit your nerve endings potential, but Ida will cover most of the area for stimulation. It has 6 extremely powerful modes and 2 unique sense-motion patterns for a customized play. It gives you a plenty of ways to try, with or without a partner.

Overall, customers are satisfied with the Ida vibe. However, the disadvantage is that strong vibrations can get really loud. No doubt, they are all heavenly pleasing, but beware if you are looking for something discreet.

Lelo Ida features:

  • 8 totally amazing functions
  • USB charger
  • 4 hours on one charge

10. Lyla 2

This Lelo remote control vibe has recently been updated to bring even more satisfaction! Designed by true professionals of the sex toy industry, this compact beauty can do miracles. Once you apply it to your most sensitive spots, you won’t be able to hold yourself from moaning. Lyla 2 comes in 3 colors: raven black, cerise and deep rose.

Lelo Lyla

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There is a total of 8 vibrations, and they will show their best if you put it in your panty pocket to fix it in one position to prevent ruining your orgasm. Don’t worry about the buzzing sounds – you (and anyone else) will not hear them at all. The toy is absolutely great for your clitoris, as it gently massages it until you reach the climax.

Lyla 2 comes in a luxury signature box with a manual and a remote. It is a perfect choice for those who are risky and feel daring enough to discreetly play outside. The overall concept is great: the bullet is oval-shaped and flattened to slide into your panties easier. The size of the product allows you to carry it around wherever you want, just put it in your bag and use the travel lock function.

A remote control with a set of sense-motion vibrations is what makes Lyla 2 so unique. The controller is very light, and it quickly responds when you move it. The more you move, the faster the toy moves. Get ready to shake it like you are holding maracas for an orgasmic fiesta!

Lelo Lyla 2 is about:

  • USB charger
  • luxury item
  • 8 vibration modes
  • sense-motion control

11. Lovense Amby

If you think that a vibrating bullet is not that comfortable to use, you will change your mind after trying a wonderful remote-control vibe Ambi. This innovative device is not only powerful and soft, but also features an ergonomic shape for simple use.

Lovense Amby comfortable

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Amby’s handle will ideally fit into your hand, so that you can easily penetrate yourself during the intercourse, and the vibrator will pass the pulsations to your partner.

Unfortunately, this vibrator is very delicate when it comes to charging. It has a magnetic charger, so it is easy to accidentally interrupt the charging process. The toy takes a long time to charge and never tells if it is ready to use. On the other hand, its price is affordable, and it will surely serve you for more than several years with proper care.

Lovense Amby will provide:

  • shared vibrations
  • customized patterns
  • ergonomic toy

12. The Kiiroo Pearl 2

If you are one of the people who have a partner and frequently go on business trips, this little thingy will become a perfect addition to take along when travelling. Its technology permits to set the desired patterns that will perfectly mimic your partner’s usual motions to make you feel his presence.

Kiiroo Pearl perfectly mimic

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Kiiroo is extra discreet and small, thus won’t occupy too much space. One charge guarantees an hour of worthy play. You can even sync the devices with the men’s one to enable both you and your partner to recreate actual intercourse.

The package includes only one toy, so to unleash the full potential you will have to purchase some more stuff, which can turn out quite expensive. However, it is super-efficient once you sync it with an Onyx 2.

Kiiroo Pearl 2 features:

  • discreet design
  • high quality material
  • realistic movement

13. OhMiBod Fuse

If ordinary remote-control vibes are not your piece of cake, this device will certainly catch your attention. This is a next generation remote control vibrator. If you feel adventurous, these LED indicators can make you feel like at a sex party.

LED indicators OhMiBod Fuse

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It became a special toy for customers who love some girth down there and wide clitoral area coverage too. This dual massager can be control by your partner through the app and will only disconnect when you wish so. The clitoral motor provides a great effect which doesn’t cause any burning.

The only issue some ladies may face is its considerable weight and size. Thus, the device is definitely neither discreet, nor comfortable to hold during a long penetration process.

OhMiBod Fuse is about:

  • set your own patterns
  • app-supported
  • gift option

14. Lelo Lily 2 Luxury

Lelo is one of the big sex toy brands out there, and here is one of their masterful creations, Lily 2. This vibrator is one of the most sophisticated cordless vibrators on the market. It has a total of 8 different vibration patterns with adjustable vibration power. So, each user will find what is suitable for them the most.

Lelo Lily masterful creations

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This vibe is rather compact in size. Yet, Lily 2 is an incredible pleasure machine. It is fully waterproof and therefore you can sneak into a bathroom with it to treat yourself with some incredibly intense bathing session or really hot morning showers.

On the other hand, the vibe is advertised as a scented one, so people expect to feel a strong aroma while using it. However, it is not the case. This is a barely noticeable feature and therefore paying the stated price for the item might seem a bit of a stretch.

Lelo Lily 2 will provide:

  • 8 vibrating patterns
  • rechargeable
  • scented
  • waterproof

15. Esthesia

A G-Spot Rabbit vibrator that can be manipulated via a remote control, isn’t it everything you’ve asked for? If you are looking for something to enhance, say, your reading process or want to receive an incredible climax all by yourself, this bunny should definitely be yours. It is available in pretty pink and violet colors.


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One of the best features the manufacturer came up with is that Esthesia is whisper quiet, and thus will be discreet if you want to stay unnoticed. Luckily, you can quickly recharge it and play up to three hours. So, if you desire to have a long session of lovely pulsations and escalations, you should just go for this vibe.

An ergonomically shaped handle and a turned head of the vibe are the key factors for your unforgettable orgasms. And let’s not forget about the two powerful motors, which will ensure splendid stimulation of multiple sensitive zones. The only limit for activating those buzzes is your imagination: you can literally draw a pattern of any vibration you want using the Vibease app. The rabbit’s shaft is semi-flexible, so it can be also suitable for men.

There are only two imbedded buttons, which makes this remote control vibe really simple to operate. Because of the highly sensitive built-in antenna, it syncs easily to any of your devices and never loses connection during the session. This gadget will help you reveal the innermost secrets of your body.

Esthesia will provide:

  • whisper-quiet motor
  • 100% waterproof surface
  • G-Spot stimulation
  • high-quality silicone

16. Secrets Black Lace

If you are a hard-working individual, you deserve some relaxation with this elegant vibe. It is a set of a specially designed panties and a 5-function remote control vibrator. Hugely recommended for stylish women who like gentle stimulations on their clitoris.

Secrets Black Lace

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(more photos are available)

The best thing about this product is that it has a small pocket in the panties, so you no longer have to worry about the vibe slipping and missing the spot. It is also great for teasing and making you wet because it replicates the shape of your vagina.

Although the vibe is rather cheap, it may turn out to be expensive to run. It is thirsty for batteries, so you will have to change them constantly. Furthermore, the required batteries are not sold in an ordinary corner shop. So sometimes it will be tricky to find them.

Secrets Black Lace features:

  • plastic material
  • lacy black pants
  • 5 modes

17. Vibease Remote

If you want to feel horny even if your partner is not around, get yourself a Vibease vibrator. It is even perfect for reading audio books, as the charge lasts up to 3 hours of constant use!

Vibease Remote Control

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This sex toy is really tiny and discreet; if you leave it around, no one will identify its true purpose. Moreover, it comes with special lacy panties.

There are two buttons – an on/off switch and the pulse adjustment button. The disadvantage of this laconic design is that if you want to get to a specific setting of your choice, you’ll have to go all the way through all the others, which is a huge turn off.

However, there is a solution – just download a special app and customize your stimulations with a touch of your finger. Keep it gentle or make it jump on your clit like crazy, that’s for you will decide. Overall, it is a fun toy for adding into your collection!

Vibease is about:

  • discreet size
  • app-controlled
  • waterproof

18. OhMiBod Esca

If you were thinking that you cannot control your vibrator more than the preset speeds allow, you were wrong. This vibe enables you to be fully in charge of the toy. The main plus is that it is very simple to operate.

OhMiBod Esca simple to operate

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(more photos are available)

All you have to do is download the app and pair it up with your toy. This allows you to choose and create your own patterns and enjoy the orgasms like never before. If you like to play together, hand the control to your lover, so that both of you are involved.

This vibrator has a big drawback, though – It is merely splash-proof. You won’t be able to enjoy while taking a warm bath or shower. Furthermore, it makes cleaning a bit tricky because you should be very careful.

Esca is:

  • Bluetooth-supported
  • LED vibrating egg
  • App-controlled

19. Nu Vibrator

If you were looking for a stylish, yet versatile vibrator, then this is the one to purchase. It is an ultimate bullet vibrator for those who are struggling to get an orgasm. Once you put it down there, the vibrations will make you wet like never before. It can be great for a blended orgasm if you use it with a G-Spot vibe.

Strongest Remote-Control stylish

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(more photos are available)

Unluckily, the battery capacity is not that great. The full charge it will only last for 30-35 min. Sometimes, it is not enough if you are planning a full session. However, it is the best option for those who do not have much time and prefer instant gratification with 10 highly satisfying settings.

This vibe features:

  • 10 vibration modes
  • high intensity
  • smooth quality silicone

20. Lovehoney Butt Tingler

This ultimate butt plug suitable for men and women alike is the cheapest option on the list. Its shape and powerful vibrations are ideal for any sort of fun. Butt Tingler is easy to operate and insert, it hits just the right spots for maximum pleasure.

Lovehoney Butt Tingler maximum pleasure

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(more photos are available)

On the other hand, the actual vibrating bullet inside the plug is not so strong. However, it is easy to change it whenever you wish so. The charging port sticks out a lot, so read the manual thoroughly and be careful not to damage anything.

Butt Tingler is about:

  • 5 functions
  • cheap price
  • simple charging

21. B-Vibe Rimming 2

If you are into all sorts of fun, including anal stimulation, this magic set is one of the best butt plugs you can find. The remote-control butt vibe is ideal for extra teasing during intercourse.

B Vibe Rimming extra teasing

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(more photos are available)

Some customers aren’t satisfied with rimming sensations, but this topic is subjective and depends on your body. If you do not like rotating beads and 14 intense vibration patterns up your butt, just avoid this device. It is rather recommended for the advanced users.

B-Vibe is about:

  • great for anal sex
  • 14 modes
  • travel lock

22. Little Black Thong

Just like Coco Chanel’s unfading classics, toy-loving women know there’s nothing better than the Little Black Thong. The motor is very silent, yet powerful. Moreover, the device comes with sexy underwear! This is the perfect thing for a fire-hot date with your partner to create anticipation, or to have some fun in public places whenever you feel like it.

Little Black Thong classics

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(more photos are available)

Because of a simplified controlling unit, you will have to do a lot of clicking to find just the right pulsation. On the other hand, it works on a long distance and is waterproof. Trust us, such a great price and quality is the best orgasm recipe.

Little Thong features:

  • 10 functions
  • lacy floral thong
  • quiet motor

23. Alive Vibrator

The Alive remote-control vibe literally buzzes into life in seconds. If you decided to join the whirl of incredibly intense orgasms, this is the right vibe for the job. We highly recommend it for the beginners as it is easy to operate and has a decent variety of 10 functions.

Alive Vibrator Love Egg

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(more photos are available)

The vibe is battery-powered. Therefore, the running cost of the device can be high given that this device drains batteries very quickly. Furthermore, the waterproof seal of the device can easily be damaged while changing the batteries, so try to be gentle.

Alive is about:

  • 10 modes
  • oval shape
  • good for beginners

24. Cupid’s Perfect

If you want to keep your secrets, this quiet and powerful vibe will be your best friend. Incredibly powerful yet soft, 6 vibrating modes will blow your mind from the first pulse. The best thing is that the remote looks like a key chain and won’t cause any suspicion.

Cupids Perfect powerful vibe

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(more photos are available)

However, the wiring of the toy is not very good. The fact that you can connect and disconnect the vibe whenever you need it is clever, but this device tends to disconnect at the most inappropriate moments, which is a huge disappointment.

Cupid’s Perfect features:

  • cheap price
  • 6 functions
  • multi-functioning remote

25. Lovehoney Venus Butterfly

This cute design of a remote-control vibrator in a form of a butterfly can accomplish your best and dirtiest fantasies. The adjustable belt is easy to fix on your thigh and attach the silicon vibe to your clit. Even when you activate one of 10 massage modes, the bullet won’t slip.

Lovehoney Venus Butterfly

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(more photos are available)

The main drawback is that this vibe has a wire connected remote. It is not so comfortable for a vibrator, because you should think of a way to thread it through your clothes and hide the remote in an accessible place, so it is more suitable for home use.

Venus will provide:

  • adjustable straps
  • 10 stimulations
  • flexible butterfly sleeve

Additional Information on Remote Control Vibrators

We have hand-picked many different types of remotely controlled vibrators, starting from bullet vibrators and going all the way to butt plugs. Some of them are perfect for foreplay with your loved one, while the others are good at making women moan and shaking them in endless orgasmic waves.

An average price of the items on our list is about $90. However, if you want to get the best vibe, prepare to pay a lot more than the average. However, there are some incredibly good vibrators for a bargain price, so you’ll not have to pay a fortune for a decent device, if you know what to look at. To get a better understanding of how to choose a vibrator, check out the buying guide section below.

Types of remote-control vibes

When we talk about sex toy types, there are many different sizes and colors, as well as different function sets. This part of the guide will outline the main groups of the remotely controlled vibrators.

Currently, the most impressive type is the long-distance remote control vibrator. These toys are so incredible that you can manipulate every pattern and beat that they make from any part of the world. All you have to do is download the app on your phone and start exploring.

It is incredible once you get used to it, as it permits to stimulate your partner even when you are away. The largest bonus of this is that you can be sure that no matter where you are, your partner will not miss her daily share of orgasms. If your work involves a lot of traveling, it is the go-to solution. When on a business trip, you can still play with your loved one.

However, those vibrators tend to be very expensive due to the fact that they are just coming into the market. Therefore, it is somehow tricky to get your hands on such high-tech devices. Although it is totally worth the effort.

There are also wireless remote vibes. Those are similar to normal vibrators, yet the remote is wireless and executed as a separate piece. They tend to be very satisfying due to their soft silicone material and vibration patterns, which give you incredible mind-blowing orgasms.

Furthermore, this type is free of the largest drawback of such sex toys – buttons on the actual device. There is nothing worse than accidentally changing your desired pattern midway through your session. With this vibe, you can just set the desired pattern, put the remote control aside and enjoy it without the risk of changing the vibration speed or power.

Alas, if your remote is out of juice, there is no way to turn the toy on, even if the toy is fully charged. Therefore, you would need to either go and buy new batteries or wait until the remote charges up. As a result, you might lose the desire, and the fun will be spoiled.

In addition, those remotes are not very powerful. Therefore, in case you were looking for something that can be used from a distance of more than 10 meters, it is not the best option for you.

Another type is wired remote control toys. Those are the most common type on the market, due to the fact that they have been invented a long time ago. Having said that, it is important to outline that this type or vibrators is the most reliable one; it will give you everything you wanted from your sex toys such as quality and efficiency.

However, these devices are not as comfortable to use as the wireless alternatives. The wire can get in your way during the session or it might break half way and there will be no way for you to fix it. This is a common problem with wires as they tend to fail with use. And given the certain design nuances of a large share of such toys, it is often impossible to replace the wire.

Using remote control vibrators for men

This section will explain all the possibilities of using a remote-control vibrator for pleasing males. Let’s start with anatomy. The prostate is a gland which is a part of male reproduction cycle. Its gentle stimulation might help the man to experience a more intense orgasm or get to the ejaculation point through prostate stimulation only.

There is a wide variety of remote-control vibrators, which include special prostate stimulators. Therefore, it is possible to use the stated type of vibrators on a man safely. With a specialized device you can experience incredible and intense sensations from prostate stimulation. And oh my, they are unforgettable.

However, some precautions must be taken. First of all if you have never had any anal interaction, you should read all the safety recommendations. This will ensure that you would not hurt yourself and avoid calling the ambulance.

In addition, general anal interaction rules include using a lot of lube during penetration because your anus cannot generate any lube itself, so a well lubricated toy will cause less discomfort. There are some butt plugs on our list and they are far more suited for anal insertion than clitoral vibrators. Keep the toy well-cleaned to reduce the possibility of getting an infection.

Furthermore, you should inspect the toy before starting the session. This should be done in order to prevent any internal scratches or damage when using the stimulator. It will also prevent any odd hair or any other stuff getting inside along the vibe during the intercourse.

Batteries or rechargeable

This is the most debatable point on our list. It is always a question when you buy a vibrator: should you go for a rechargeable or for a battery-powered model. All of the options will be explained in this section.

Batteries only are mostly used in the vibrators that have a wire connection between the vibrator and the remote. And the remote powers the vibrator via the wires. Those have their own pluses and minuses.

Firstly, this type of powering a vibrator tends to be more useful for people who often forget to charge stuff. If it runs out of juice, you just pop the new batteries into the toy, and you can keep enjoying the process without any time lags.

In addition, it is much more discreet than using the rechargeable types as it will prevent you from getting into some uncomfortable situations. Such as someone entering your room while you have your vibe on charge – it is not a very nice feeling, believe me.

However, this type of powering has its own drawbacks. The main is that the running cost of these vibrators tends to be much higher than on any other options available on the market. Obviously, you will have to buy batteries each time your device runs out of charge instead of paying an extra dollar in your monthly electricity bill.

Furthermore, most of the battery powered vibrators have a lower waterproof rating, and you might damage the water isolation when you change the batteries. In addition, most if the battery powered vibes tend to have wired remotes, which are not as comfortable to use as other types of vibrators.

Another option in terms of powering your vibrator is using both. In this scenario the remote is powered by the batteries and the vibrator is rechargeable. This type of vibrators is the most abundant on the market of the remotely controlled toys. As any other thing in the world, it has its positives and negatives.

This type of vibrators is easy to run, because the batteries are only power up the remote and last for a long time. The actual vibrator can be recharged when needed. This setup is the most comfortable to use for the majority of people out there. In addition, it is the most satisfying type in terms of controlling. Just put the vibe in, set the required pattern and vibration frequency, then put the remote away and let the toy do the rest until you orgasm.

However, this setup has its drawbacks. The largest being that in case you do not ensure that the charging port is perfectly closed and no water can get in, the device can be ruined when you wash it.

To date, the most advanced setup is having the both things rechargeable. In the given case, the role of the remote is taken by your phone. This is very handy to control the vibrations via your phone’s app. It gives you much more precise tuning, and you can make your toy vibrate as fast or slow as you want to the nearest hertz.

However, these devices are usually connected to one device only, and in case you lost your phone, it is not so simple to re-link it to another. Furthermore, if you forget to charge your phone, then you’ll have no remote and the toy will simply be useless.

Tricks and Tips for Using

People use remote control vibrators for plenty of reasons, one of them being that the only way a man can get involved into a woman’s vibrator experience is by controlling the remote. Having this type of sex toy is not only exciting, but also provides couples with a unique opportunity to get pleasure discreetly and secretly from a certain distance.

Having purchased your vibrator, you now have to understand how to keep it well maintained and how to get the most out of it. Reading this buying guide will help you to get a better understanding of how to achieve everything stated above and a little more!

  • ALWAYS wash your vibrator. If you wonder why even bother, then you would be surprised by what happens if you don’t. First of all, there is a possibility of getting a yeast infection. In addition, the better you maintain your toy, the longer will it last. So, to keep it clean, wash the toy before and after use.
  • You should consider which type of the vibrator is the most suitable for you. Sometimes it just feels right to follow the intuition.
  • Make up your mind on which power source is the most convenient for you, USB charging or disposable batteries.
  • Even if you’ve never had a sex toy, you would know that in order for a vibrator to feel nice, it should not only have a good variety of functions, but also be pleasant to touch.
  • The cordless vibes give you a lot of freedom due to the wireless control, which you can try out anywhere you want. Therefore, start exploring new places in your house – the ones you have never considered for love-making.
  • Get to know the toy before introducing it into your sex life with the partner.
  • Read our guide and choose what is best for you.

Care and Cleaning

In order to decide how to clean your sex toy, think about when you are going to use it next. This is because some cleaning methods might require more time than others. In addition, different vibes have various maintenance processes depending on their properties.

Initially, if you think that you might pause your session for some reason, but will continue soon, you still have to clean your toy. This time you can use special antibacterial wipes. This way, you will keep the product clean, while also minimizing the cleaning time.

The contact with the liquid is minimized here, and the antibacterial formula of the wipes does the job very well. Furthermore, this way of cleaning your sex toys is ideal for non-waterproof gadgets. You can also apply this strategy in case you are unsure how well isolated the item is.

However, please ensure that the wipes you use are applicable to sex products. Those will have a special cleaning substance on them, which will not damage the silicone or other materials of the toy. You can buy it in the sex shop or online, but prior to use read the instructions carefully.

Another way of cleaning is to use normal soap and running water. Overall, this method has its place and people tend to clean this way. The process consists of washing the toy with some warm tap water, putting the soap on it and rinsing it again. Letting it dry on the air afterwards.

Unfortunately, this method is not ideal for the toys. The normal soap damages the coating with its chemical components. Moreover, soap can get stuck in the pores of your toy and thus there will be a chance of damaging the vaginal microflora. So try to use this method only in case you do not have anything else to wash the vibe with.

Another safe option is applying a special anti-bacterial sex toy soap. The process behind washing it this way is the same as with normal soap. However, the washing liquid is not harmful for the coating as well as for your microflora. Therefore, it is a more sophisticated way of taking a good care of the product. Do not forget to let it dry on the air after washing.

If you think that washing your toy this way is not for you, you can get a sex toys cleansing spray. These sprays are designed to clean sex toys without any contact with water. After use, take some dry wipes and wipe your device. Then spray the detergent all over the vibrator, let it stay for about a minute and then wipe it with a dry napkin again. Let it dry on the air for some time after cleaning.

How you use remote-control vibrators?

Once you have made up your mind about which one to choose, you will have to learn how to use them properly, so that all your wet dreams can become real. In this section you will see a brief description of all the important steps you have to take to reach the orgasm.

First of all, learn how exactly your vibrator works. During your first play, take some time and see all the features it can offer you, before choosing your preferred one. This way you will understand how to maximize your pleasure in different situations and places.

Next you will have to determine if the vibrator is a waterproof device. If yes, then you can use it in a bath yourself, or even with a partner to make your bathing experience unforgettable and relaxing.

Furthermore, remember that when it comes to vibes, you must not rush. Relax, you will have to be in a good mindset and wet enough to prevent any irritation. This is a crucial step, because otherwise you won’t get the most out of the experience, or it can completely turn you off and ruin the rest of the day.

In addition, you will have to determine how much contact with the toy is optimal for you. If you use sufficient lube, which is another important factor, the effect will be highly pleasing. Try to play with your natural wetness first, then cover the toy with the lubricant, as well as yourself. Don’t start with higher speeds, build up your orgasms gradually.

You should to be gentle. If you do not use enough lube or you are too rough, there is a possibility that you might damage the mucous membrane and fragile vaginal walls. Go slow and get well-lubed, these are the golden rules to prevent you from hurting yourself or having a bad time.

This small collection of tips will help you to understand all the basic procedures behind an ideal time with your sex toy. If you are mindful of what you do and are not pushing yourself too far, then any vibrator experience can lead you to incredible orgasms.


Having read the article, you are now aware of what the remote-control vibrators are and what you can experience with them. The hand-picked list of our favorites tells both positives and negatives of the selected toys. The average time of your online order to arrive at your destination is 3-5 days.

Once you get to the point when you choose the toy, make sure it is suitable for you. Do not think that if you are an unexperienced person, it will be fine to buy something not suited for the beginners. Always be mindful and take precautions.

If you go for any of the devices on the list, you should not limit yourself to their conventional use. Be creative and explore your sexuality. Obviously, never do anything dangerous or harmful to your body, those toys are solely for pleasure.