Anal Fleshlights are available in a large number of designs – from simple options with few or no structural elements to elaborate systems that feature several chambers and texture types. The level of tightness also varies from one model to another, so you can choose the one you want depending on how much intensity you enjoy.

Last Updated: Mike Several positions in our list have been changed. The first place goes to Heavenly texture with the most realistic anal experience. Punk (Joanna Angel), with its multi-chamber system, takes the second place on the list. Another great model is Next Level (Adriana Chechik). This Fleshlight sleeve offers a great combination of tightness and variety thanks to its structural elements.

In this review:

TOP 25 Anal Fleshlights for Explosive Orgasms

Anal Fleshlights can certainly spice up your masturbation and even your partner’s activities. In this section of the guide you will learn about the differences between the best anal sleeves offered by the company. After reading, you will be able to make an informed decision and have fun with your brand new toy in a safe and pleasant way.

1. Heavenly – Extremely Delicious Tightness

Heavenly is an insert exclusive to the porn star Jessica Drake. What makes it so incredible is that it’s one of the tightest sleeves that Fleshlight came up with. Those who enjoy experiencing the great texture and moving through tight passages will definitely appreciate this particular model. What is interesting about this toy is that its texture elements don’t repeat and are as tight as it gets.

Heavenly Pink Sleeve

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The construction of Heavenly features three chambers. The central part is the most exciting one while the third one will be fully discovered only by those endowed with above average penises. The first section includes a chamber with bumps, which then proceeds to a tight canal of only 0.28 inches wide for extremely intense pressure. The second chamber features spiral twists that end with a lotus node that creates a feeling of a new penetration. The third section includes cross-ribs and then ends with rounded bumps that grant extremely varied feelings.

Heavenly is all about:

  • Intense tightness;
  • Varied texture with maximum stimulation;
  • Works for penises with a smaller girth;

2. Punk (Joanna Angel) – The Most Pleasurable Experience

With a masturbator like Fleshlight Joanna Angel Punk you can forget about any sort of routine when it comes to your bedroom activities. Whether you want to play alone or use it in bed with your partner, the device is there for you and will take you all the way to an intense orgasm. The Punk texture is modeled after Joanna Angel and its ribs will massage, hug, and pull on your penis.

Joanna Angel Punk

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(more photos are available)

Don’t forget to click Butt orifice to activate the Punk texture!

The toy’s insert gives you access to seven relatively large chambers and they, along with the connection canals in between, are covered by a highly dense rib texture that consists of cross-ribs of different sizes. The sensations you’ll experience with them will be strong and interesting, and your play will become all the more satisfying and fulfilling thanks to that. The penetration is just amazing and very close to the real deal.

How exactly? Well, the device is good with shorter strokes and also hugs your base when you enter it fully. Tightness, suction, and intensity give you just what you’re looking for and make you want to keep on going and going. Not only will you be able to experience the pleasure, but you’ll also last long enough to get everything you want out of it. You won’t have to fight to hold on – your member will be caressed just right.

Be advised that the toy might feel lacking after a first few tries. Should that be the case, warm it up good before you begin and also use enough lube. Once you adjust to the device, your sessions should be off the charts. The masturbator is just incredible for long play with a consistent rhythm and overall, is an excellent purchase for both solo and coupled activities. It will leave you satisfied and drained, and you shouldn’t regret buying it.

What makes Punk so good:

  • Amazing penetration;
  • Hugs your base when you enter fully;
  • Great tightness, suction, and intensity;
  • The deeper you get, the tighter it becomes;
  • Tremendous orgasms;
  • The variation in the rings as you go in;
  • Very satisfying;
  • Excellent combination of smoothness and stimulation;
  • You can get different sensations on your every session;
  • The hugging is extremely pleasurable.

3. Next Level (Adriana Chechik) – Mind-Blowing Orgasms for You

This anal Fleshlight is dedicated to Adriana Chechik and the designers definitely went all out with this particular sleeve. Featuring 3 chambers and 2 transitions, this insert doesn’t repeat itself and is aimed at giving you as much pleasure as possible.

Next Level Adriana Chechik

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Don’t forget to click Butt orifice to activate the Next Level texture!

The first two chambers are smaller and similar in size while the third one is the biggest. To deliver more contrasting sensations, the first chamber features large ribs, while the surface of the second one is smoother. The bumps massage your penis, making you more aroused. The second part is the smallest and features rounded nubs and elongated ribs. The path to the third chamber is where it gets really intense, as the canal narrows to 0.4 inches at the end.

The final compartment features a large rib-twister with rounded bumps. The shape of the twist allows it to wrap around your penis firmly, offering powerful thrills.

This Fleshlight provides you with:

  • Unique texture without repetitions;
  • Soft SuperSkin materials;
  • Tight passages and bumps;

4. Shameless (Brandi Love)

This sleeve by Fleshlight was created as a tribute to the amazing Brandi Love; it is her exclusive texture. This anal masturbator is rich in different textures, thus providing various sensations that will certainly feel exciting on your penis.

Shameless Brandi Love

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(more photos are available)

Don’t forget to click Butt orifice to activate the Shameless texture!

This insert consists of three sections that include various elements. In the first one, which is about 0.6 inches wide, the user will find small rounded bumps that will gently massage his penis. The following two sections are larger and both of them include grid structures that are executed differently. The middle features interwoven bars that stimulate the penis from all sides, while the final part has a combination of both nubs and bars. This solution is undeniably unique and works perfectly to get more emotions.

The Shameless is all about the following:

  • Three sections with different structures;
  • Novel grids that create varying feelings;
  • Decent tightness;

5. Tornado (Alexis Texas)

The word “realistic” is the first to come to mind when we talk about the Texas Tornado sleeve. It is an exclusive insert of Alexis Texas and it offers a great combination of pleasurable sliding and textured stimulation for better anal pressure. This particular sleeve has a continuous design that is highly enjoyable and offers rather gentle stimulation for those who don’t want a death grip on their penis.

Texas Tornado

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(more photos are available)

Don’t forget to click Butt orifice to activate the Tornado texture!

The texture of this amazing sex toy twists around the user’s penis. Instead of ribs or bumps, it features soft hollows on the inside of the spirals. Thanks to the hollows and the twisted strip, the user experiences constant change of diameters from as narrow as 0.47 inches to 0.8 inches. It is one of those sleeves that are perfect for men with both longer and shorter penises. Texas Tornado provides a realistic feel as there are no artificial obstacles on the way.

Texas Tornado provides such pros as:

  • Realistic experience thanks to the great design;
  • Gentle insertion;
  • Perfect for penises in different sizes;
  • Tight constriction;

6. Siren (Annika Albrite)

This sleeve was introduced in February 2016 and the mold of an anus is made from the famous porn star Anikka Albrite. If you have always been a fan of this actress known for her anal scenes, this option should be a no-brainer for you. As for the sleeve texture, it offers high intensity and features innovative chambers, which make it stand out from other anal masturbators.

Anikka Albrite Siren

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(more photos are available)

The beginning is lotus-shaped: wider at the beginning, then narrows down to the tight 0.6 inches and then returns to the previous width of 1.2 inches. Once you are past this part, you can experience a new structure that includes elements looking like stretched pyramids. There are also round bumps for additional stimulation. A transition to the second chamber is designed like a tight cone. The second compartment features large and pointy bumps located over three rings. The toy ends with a ribbed canal of varying width and with the tightest spot ofl 0.6 inches.

The Siren is all about:

  • Diverse feelings all throughout the sleeve;
  • Tightness;
  • Provides strong senses at the beginning and realistic at the end;

7. Mini-Lotus

Introduced back in 2009, the Mini-Lotus sleeve is a shared Fleshlight Girls texture available with a number of Fleshlight stars, such as Riley Steele, Stoya, Kayden Kross, Tori Black and many others. Because of its design that starts repeating itself at about 4.5 inches, even men who have smaller penises can fully enjoy this toy without missing anything out.

Mini-Lotus Intense

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(more photos are available)

The Mini-Lotus sleeve consists of two distinct parts. 3.5 inches at the beginning feature a lotus node and provide more variety with larger lotus-like sections. The opening is definitely tight as its diameter is only 0.4 inches. The structure of the lotus node ensures stronger vacuum suction and a more powerful feel.

The second part of this toy includes chambers that are 0.8 inches long and 1.2 inches wide. The transitions between them are only 0.4 inches, which offers more stimulation. The change between different chambers gives unmatched pleasure.

The Mini Lotus male masturbator offers:

  • Well-balanced and intense structure;
  • Great feel of penetration throughout the toy;
  • Works for shorter penises;
  • Strong vacuum for more pleasure;

8. Reign

Just as the name suggests, this anal sleeve offers truly royal sexual stimulation. It’s undoubtedly one of the most intense inserts out there and it was designed as a tribute to Nikki Benz. The texture of this sleeve is highly unique as it successfully combines tightness with numerous ribs and bumps.

Nikki Reign

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(more photos are available)

The first chamber (2 inches long) uses crossed ribs that form a grid. The next chamber comes without a transition and includes rectangular bumps arranged in rings. The narrowest diameter is just 0.6 inches. This part of the sleeve is designed to make the experience more intense by means of its numerous nubs. The following part offers intense massaging pressure with its pointy bumps. The nubs are asymmetrical and overall stimulation is off the charts. Those with larger penises can also enter the three-ring section for even more pleasure.

Reign offers you the following:

  • Great penetration senses;
  • Pleasant and intense constrictions;
  • Unique sleeve design that feels exciting;

9. Zone

This particular Fleshlight was designed as a tribute to Abella Danger and comes with a molding of her anus. Compared to other anal sleeves, this particular one stands out in that its main focus is not on tightness but rather on interesting structural elements.

Zone Abella Danger

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(more photos are available)

This insert is quite simple in terms of composition featuring two bigger chambers and a smaller one located between them. The end of the sleeve has a short transitional passage. The first chamber has a diameter of 1 inch, and the texture inside includes tiny bumps that offer gentle vibrations. The second chamber is situated between tight passages (0.6 inches) that offer an excellent penetration trill that will be repeated over and over again. The third chamber features a grid made of ribs, while its second part includes 7 large bumps that offer strong stimulation.

The toy provides such benefits:

  • Interesting structural elements;
  • Three chambers for varied senses;
  • Two especially tight spots;

10. Lust (Jenna Haze)

This is one of those anal inserts that definitely won’t leave you indifferent. It is an exclusive sleeve of Jenna Haze, a well-known porn actress, and her butthole can be seen at the entrance. The Lust sleeve doesn’t have a lot of unusual texture elements but it’s definitely tight and intense.

Jenna Haze Lust

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(more photos are available)

Lust includes three chambers, an entry passage and a tighter connection before the third compartment. The entry passage is quite tight, offering the width of 0.6 inches. The first chamber is equipped with oval-shaped bumps for additional stimulation. After you move through this chamber, you enter the narrowest spot of 0.47 inches, which is a transition to the second part of the sleeve. It has rings and bumps to stimulate your penis better. The final chamber includes long bumps and can only be reached with a long penis.

Lust provides such benefits as:

  • Intense tightness;
  • High level of stimulation despite fewer texture elements;
  • Nice suction effect;

11. Savage (Lisa Ann)

Savage is an exclusive sleeve dedicated to the porn star Lisa Ann. Similarly to other Fleshlights, it is molded after her anus and features an exclusive texture on the inside that is different from all other options out there.

Savage Lisa Ann

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(more photos are available)

In itself, the Savage sleeve is straightforward and fairly simple. It features continuous and consistent relief that offers quite intense sideways pressure thanks to the reduced width. The Savage design can be compared to a wave, and it offers varied ribs along the tunnel. The sex toy is made in such a way that its pattern continues throughout the entire sleeve.

What you get with this Fleshlight sleeve is the variety of wider and narrower ribs that form a rather interesting pattern. The diameter inside the toy varies between 0.6 and 1 inch making it quite a narrow and satisfying toy. Despite having a simple design, it is extremely pleasant and intense.

The Savage provides the following benefits:

  • Small ribs that offer plenty of stimulation;
  • Incredible SuperSkin material for maximum pleasure;
  • Design dedicated to Lisa Ann;
  • Narrow canal;

12. Entice

Introduced in 2014, this anal sleeve was designed as a tribute to the famous porn actress Angela White. It is a one-chambered unique texture that features a large spiral that extends over the entire canal. Thanks to the bumps and ribs, it offers a great combination of massage and stimulation.

Entice Angela White

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(more photos are available)

The elements to experience in this sleeve include a cross-rib that spirals over the entire sleeve, as well as rectangular and round bumps between the spiral loops. Intense tightness is something to be expected from anal inserts and this one is not an exception. At the beginning, the sleeve is not overly tight and for about 4 inches it stays 1.2 inches wide. At about 4.7 inches, the sleeve becomes tighter and decreases to just under an inch. In combination with all the elements, this model gives ample intensity.

The Fleshlight provides:

  • Exciting texture with several elements;
  • Gentle yet effective stimulation;
  • Works better for longer penises;

13. Wonderland

The anus mold of this exclusive sleeve belongs to none other than the famous Madison Ivy. Providing excellent stimulation, this model features an interesting continuous pattern with tightly-gripping passages. In the best anal sleeve traditions, it is narrow and extremely effective.

Wonderland Madison Ivy

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(more photos are available)

The two structures that you will experience in this toy are closely located bumps and big cross-ribs. The sleeve is not divided into distinct chambers and is rather continuous in its design with similar elements repeated in different places. The dense location of bumps implies quite intense stimulation. They also make the canal tighter – the diameter varies from 0.4 inches to one inch, which is undeniably tight. Because of its design, the sleeve is perfect for all penis lengths, as those with shorter penises won’t miss anything.

The sleeve is all about:

  • Perfect for all penis lengths;
  • Very tight;
  • Dense bumps for maximum stimulation;

14. Wonder Wave

Beginners and those who appreciate simplicity and realism will enjoy this Wonder Wave sleeve. Despite not being overly complicated, it offers plenty of stimulation and is quite popular among purists. The insert was created with the intention of offering the most realistic anal experience for men.

Wonder Wave Sleeve

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(more photos are available)

This Wonder Wave insert is not divided into parts but includes an entire row of cross-ribs created to stimulate the sides of your penis shaft. Such consistency allows for a prominent suction effect, which creates intensely pleasurable constrictions – just as in real life. Another great benefit of this particular sleeve is that it’s suitable for men with any penis lengths.

This toy may seem too simple compared to more elaborate Fleshlight options, but it definitely has its merits, such as being perfect for building up your stamina.

The sex toy offers the following advantages:

  • Tight constriction thanks to a great suction effect;
  • Works for any penis length;
  • Realistic sensations;

15. Spice

Those who enjoy truly tight masturbators will definitely be excited to give this insert a try. This Fleshlight features a model of Eva Lovia’s anus and it’s among the tightest sleeves offered by the company. If you are someone who enjoys intensity while masturbating, this is the right insert for you.

Spice Eva lovia

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(more photos are available)

Almost immediately after you enter this Fleshlight, the diameter of 1 inch drops to 0.6 inches and then slowly decreases to 0.4 inches for extremely satisfying tightness. In the middle, your penis can take a little break in a slightly more spacious compartment. In it, there are rounded bumps offering additional stimulation to your shaft and head. After this small chamber, you get to experience another texture – tight (0.4 inches) canal consisting of elongated and turned ribs that create a vortex-like shape, which will certainly bring you to the moon and back.

The sleeve provides you with:

  • Extreme tightness throughout almost the entire sleeve;
  • Works for average-sized and smaller penises;
  • Awe-inspiring feelings;

16. Booty

The Booty anal masturbator was created in honor of the amazing Christy Mack. It is an effective yet quite straightforward sleeve with several repeated chambers. When using this masturbator, a man experiences consistent widening and constriction of the passage that bring him to the edge.

Christy Mack Booty

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(more photos are available)

This particular insert features 6 chambers that are the same in their shape. The diameter of narrow passages between chambers is about 0.6 inches while the space inside the actual chamber is approximately 1 inch in diameter. With the bumps in mind, the canal becomes even tighter. Both in the transitions and inside the chambers, there are ellipse-shaped bumps. Overall, it’s an enjoyable toy, but it’s not something extraordinary.

The Booty insert offers you such benefits as:

  • Quite tight passages;
  • Wave-like senses from widening and constriction;
  • Good for penises in any sizes;

17. Euphoria

This anal Fleshlight called Euphoria was created as a tribute to the young Riley Reid. This type of a sleeve is undeniably exciting and has one of a kind texture that fans of Fleshlights will definitely appreciate and enjoy. It’s not just about extreme tightness but rather about giving the most diverse experience.

Riley Euphoria

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(more photos are available)

This particular anal sleeve is made from three almost identical chambers. The beginning of the sleeve is similar to a lotus node, but it’s wider. Then you enter the first chamber, which is almost 3.5 inches long. What is interesting about the chambers of this toy is that they are wider on each end and their central part is tighter (0.8 inches) for more intense emotions. And transitions between the chambers are deliciously narrow. The textured walls with ribs and bumps offer even more pleasure.

The Euphoria can please men with:

  • Excellent variety of texture.
  • Great constriction between chambers.
  • Feeling of tight penetration.

18. Epic

Epic is a Fleshlight texture dedicated and exclusive to the one and only Stoya. It has a nice selection of structural novelties to keep you excited and occupied. The anal sleeve includes a selection of different parts and each of them has something new to offer.

Epic Stoya

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(more photos are available)

The creator of Epic certainly knew that tightness is important in any anal insert. On average, the diameter of the canal fluctuates between 0.6 to 0.8 inches while the tightest spot is right in the middle and is only 0.4 inches. The structures change fast and they definitely work great in combination with one another. The textural elements include ribs, grids, twists and other shapes aimed at making your experience epic, just as the name suggest.

This particular sleeve has such advantages:

  • Great variety of stimulating elements;
  • Nice tightness all throughout;
  • Gentle yet intense;

19. Super Tight

Super Tight is in the Fleshlights Classics collection and this anal sleeve is as minimalistic as it gets. The insert was created for people who value realism and do not enjoy excessive textures. It is satisfyingly narrow, just like any anal masturbator should be.

Super Tight collection

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(more photos are available)

The Super Tight toy doesn’t have any bumps or ribs, and it is not divided into chambers. It is a long completely smooth canal of approximately 0.6 inches in diameter throughout the entire length. The pleasure you can get from this toy comes from sufficient tightness and friction against the smooth SuperSkin material. It offers lower stimulation compared to other options, but it can be a great toy for beginners.

Super Tight is all about:

  • Smooth and fairly tight for enjoyable stimulation;
  • Extremely easy to clean;
  • Great for beginners;

20. Mischief

The Mischief anal sleeve was created as a tribute to Kimmy Granger, one of the new Fleshlight Girls. It is quite a straightforward yet highly effective sleeve that is all about ribs. The ribs in this sleeve are of different sizes and, what is more, they have a special twist.

Mischief Kimmy Granger

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(more photos are available)

Despite offering the same structure over the entire surface, the texture gets more variety thanks to its twist and how the diameter changes inside the canal. This effect is achieved thanks to the different height of structural elements (from 0.6 inches to 1 inch). Stimulation comes mostly from the edges of large ribs and varying diameters, thus making your masturbation a lot more exciting.

The Mischief provides men with the following features:

  • Continuous and tight experience;
  • Can be used by men with all penis lengths;
  • Vibrating senses thanks to the ribs;

21. Perfect

This particular anal sleeve is dedicated to the newest member of Fleshlight Girls – Lena the Plug (LTP). This texture includes two large sections that are filled with stimulating elements to help you achieve an amazing orgasm without even trying.

Perfect Lena

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(more photos are available)

The first section of this anal insert is a conic chamber equipped with a number of smaller ribs and bumps that look similar to wheels. Just like in many other Fleshlights, there is a transitional passage, and quite a tight one at that. In the second half of the sleeve, you will discover a relatively wide canal with larger cross-ribs and nubs that are perfect for massaging your penis. Overall, this sleeve has everything it needs to be a great sex toy.

The Perfect anal sleeve offers the following features:

  • Bumps and ribs that create intense senses;
  • Well-balanced shape;
  • Decent tightness in combination with the elements;

22. Velvet

The exciting Velvet sleeve was created as a tribute to the incredible Ana Foxxx. Naturally, the entrance is modelled after Ana’s butthole. This sleeve was created in the best traditions of anal Fleshlights, offering repeating patterns and plenty of constriction for your penis.

 Velvet Ana Foxxx

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(more photos are available)

The Velvet insert includes a pattern featuring indentations and bumps to make your penis vibrate with delicious pleasure. One side of the texture consists of bumps while another offers a row of indentations of the same size. This combination of elements creates a wave-like structure that effectively stimulates your penis. The diameter in the entire toy is from 0.6 to 0.8 inches depending on where you measure it.

This sleeve provides you with such advantages as:

  • Consistent surface all throughout;
  • Wave-like texture that feels like vibrations;
  • Tightness;
  • Dark-colored design;

23. Treat

Treat is a sleeve texture exclusive to Elsa Jean, so it’s her anus mold you can see right at the beginning of the sleeve. Treat is undoubtedly an exciting toy that offers sufficient tightness with interesting structures that feel fresh and new.

Treat Elsa Jean

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(more photos are available)

This particular sleeve is all about three excellent chambers connected with two tight transitions. Each of the chambers is different and ensures that the thrills are not repeated throughout the tunnel and work together well. The first chamber has rolls and ridges that turn into softer bumps in the transitional section. The tightest spot of the next compartment is only 0.6 inches, which ensures amazing sensations. This Fleshlight ends with large elongated nubs and the final chamber, which is quite an unusual decision compared to other sleeves.

This sex toy offers such advantages as:

  • Exciting structures and tight passages;
  • Excellent constriction;
  • Plenty of variety;
  • Works for both shorter and longer penises;

24. Karma

Another sleeve that should definitely be on the list is Karma. It is dedicated to Lana Rhoades and, of course, comes with a molding of her butthole for your pleasure. In its design, this particular insert is quite classical, as it has repeating structures and includes cross-ribs, which so many men find enjoyable.

Karma Lana Rhoades

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(more photos are available)

This Fleshlight is made of three parts that are the same in their design. Each section starts with cross-ribs and then transforms into a chamber-like space studded with bumps. Despite the repeated structure, they still offer enough variety as you move through the different ribs and nubs and then enter a constricting passage. The tightest spot of this sleeve is 0.4 inches, which works in combination with other elements to offer great intensity.

The Karma sleeve from Fleshlight has the following:

  • Combination of variety and repetition;
  • Ribs, nubs, and tightness;
  • Can be used on any size of the penis;

25. Supreme

Supreme is an interesting sleeve that is exclusive to the popular adult actress Kayden Kross. It definitely cannot be considered a typical anal Fleshlight, because it doesn’t provide a repetition of elements and is focused on bringing more diversity.

Supreme Kayden Kross

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(more photos are available)

The sleeve features five sections that contain various impressive structures. The insert starts with quite a wide first chamber that slowly tightens to 0.8 inches and contains elongated ribs. The second section features narrow cross-ribs that grant an impression of gentle vibration spreading along the penis. The third chamber is made to be the most intense, as it includes a number of large nubs. This Fleshlight begins gently and offers more intense stimulation starting from the middle; its diameter is 0.6 inches.

The anal sleeve provides men with such features:

  • Unique composition;
  • Intense stimulation by ribs and nubs;
  • Soft at first and gets more intense in the middle;

Additional Information on Anal Fleshlights

Male masturbators available today make it possible for you to enjoy sexual satisfaction without even having a partner. Masturbating with just your hands cannot be compared to the intense stimulation that you can experience with the help of anal Fleshlights. Made using the famous SuperSkin material, they don’t just simulate anal sex but actually take it to the next level.

In this section of the guide we will provide answers to some of the most widely asked questions about anal Fleshlights. If you are not sure which anal sleeve to pick, you will definitely find it useful. Obviously, you want your sex toy to last for a long time, which is why we will also provide information on how to take care of it.

What Is An Anal Fleshlight Sex Toy?

Fleshlight is a brand known for creating extremely realistic anal and vaginal sleeve toys. One of the biggest reasons for the popularity of these toys is their realistic material SuperSkin. This material is incredibly smooth, soft, and has been designed to imitate tactile sensations from real skin.

A Fleshlight toy features a SuperSkin sleeve placed in a hard plastic case. When we talk about an anal Fleshlight, its entrance is made to resemble an anus. Whether the toy imitates an anus or a pussy, it is extremely realistic and arousing. The hard case has a cap on each end. One cap is used to cover the entrance of the sleeve when you are not using it, while the other one is made to adjust the level of suction offered by the toy.

The overall principle of how Fleshlights work is the same, but the inner design of the sleeve, which comes in contact with the penis can differ dramatically. Some anal sleeves provide experience extremely similar to what you would experience having anal sex in real life while other sleeves, such as the famous Destroya, provide significantly more intense pleasure.

Besides delivering pleasure, anal Fleshlights can be effective when dealing with the death grip syndrome and, in some cases, can even help with premature ejaculation by training your stamina. You can pick and choose the design that seems most appealing and suitable to your particular needs.

Anal Fleshlights are generally on the tighter side, which is one of the reasons why they are so popular among men. The soft and realistic material of these toys makes the entire experience highly enjoyable, while the design is just a matter of personal sensitivity and preferences.

Benefits of Fleshlight

Most people associate Fleshlight purely with pleasure. While it’s true that they can offer extremely intense satisfaction when you masturbate, they also provide men with a number of other benefits:

1) Overcome Death Grip Syndrome

Not many people realize how much pressure they actually put on their penis when masturbating by gripping it too hard. By doing this continuously, sometimes for years, men can easily desensitize the glans of their penis and develop a problem, which is referred to as a death grip syndrome.

You don’t see any problems when masturbating. But when you start having sex with a partner, you are likely to notice that their anus or vagina simply doesn’t provide as much stimulation as you can get with your hand. You may even be shocked to realize that you cannot orgasm through penetrative sex, which can become quite frustrating. In more severe cases, men notice that they are not even able to stay hard while having sex, which can become a real problem.

Luckily, this is not a permanent issue and it’s something that can be reversed with some deliberate practice. While you can just stop masturbating for good and switch to having sex until you get used to how it feels, you will probably notice that this is extremely difficult to do. Having sex and not getting an orgasm for a while seems like torture.

An anal Fleshlight can help you overcome this unfortunate obstacle. The way you can use it for this issue is quite simple. You should stop masturbating with your hands and get yourself a Fleshlight with a stimulating design to help you have an orgasm. Even if you choose a tight sleeve, the tension is significantly less compared to what you can achieve with your hand.

When you finally get an orgasm using this sex toy, you can select a sleeve that offers less stimulation. As a result, you will be able to get an orgasm while having sex with your partner.

What you should keep in mind when using a male masturbator is that even a very tight pussy of a real woman will offer less stimulation compared to a toy. It’s a good idea to also slow down slightly when thrusting into a Fleshlight, because when having sex with a woman you won’t be able to move as fast as you can when using a sex toy.

2) Deal with Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation is something that a lot of men struggle with, especially as they get older. In a number of situations, it’s possible to get great results and overcome the problem of premature ejaculation with the help of an anal Fleshlight. It should be said that it’s possible to cure this condition if it hasn’t developed due to nerve damage or severe trauma. The gist of this method is to provide a lot of intense stimulation with a masturbator, thus training the body to last longer with a real woman.

From the available options, you should choose a highly-stimulating Fleshlight sleeve and use it to masturbate once or twice a day. Another important point is that you should avoid indulging in any erotic content, such as porn, magazines, etc., as all of these will make you more aroused and defeat the purpose of the training.

Choosing the perfect sleeve

Anal Fleshlight is one of those excellent toys that can work both for straight and gay men. Just as the name suggests, the outside part of the masturbator is made to look like an anus, but the actual sleeve on the inside can be different depending on your preferences.

The Classic Pink is an original sleeve and it is the most straightforward and affordable option. This type of a Fleshlight sleeve has a cylindrical chamber with no additional twists and details. It provides less stimulation compared to more advanced options, but it can be perfect for those who want to gradually overcome the death grip syndrome and as the first sleeve for beginners.

The most exciting and top-rated anal sleeves offered by the company include Mini-Lotus, Siren, Savage, and others. You will definitely be able to find one or more items that will bring you the desired satisfaction.

A great idea is to purchase a Turbo Thrust or a Turbo Ignition Fleshlight to get the most reliable hard case. And, when you have it, you can pick an anal sleeve that seems the most appealing to you.

Care and Cleaning

If you have invested in a high-quality anal Fleshlight, you obviously want it to last you for as long as possible. For this reason, it is essential to know how to properly use it and maintain in the best condition.

Preparing for First Use

Before using your Fleshlight sleeve for the first time, don’t forget to consider some very important things described below. It can be extremely tempting to just take the toy out of the package and insert your penis in it immediately, but that’s the wrong way to do it.

When your Fleshlight sex toy arrives, it is covered with a layer of special powder designed to protect the delicate material. If you accidentally use this toy while it is still powdered, it’s nothing to be afraid of, as it is skin-safe (irritation is still possible though). Therefore, you should remove it properly to get the best experience.

Once you get your freshly purchased sex toy, wash it with plenty of cold water. Then wipe it with isopropyl alcohol and wash for the second time in warmer water. After taking these steps you can be confident that you will get as much pleasure as intended by the manufacturer.

Before Each Playtime

Fleshlight is quite a straightforward toy and there is nothing special that you should do to get mind-blowing sensations. At the same time, you should take the following steps to achieve the intended results:

  • Get the desirable level of suction by adjusting the smaller cap on the toy. You can experiment and find out what works for you.
  • Submerge your Fleshlight sleeve in warm water to warm up the material for most realistic experience. Remember to never use hot water, as it can damage SuperSkin.
  • Another important step is using plenty of water-based lube.

Just find the lubricant that works for you, but stay away from any silicone-based options. A lot of men are unsure about how much lube they should use. Actually, it depends on your personal preferences and how tight your anal Fleshlight is. If it’s your first time with a toy, you should use more rather than less.

Similarly to the toys made of silicone, SuperSkin sleeves should not come in contact with silicone-based or oil-based lubes. The reason is that the interaction between these products will damage the toy. A water-based lubricant should be more than enough, and you can reapply it at any moment as needed.

Maintaining Your Sex Toy

Taking good care of your anal Fleshlight should be your priority if you want it to last. Here are the things that you should do on a regular basis to make sure your toy stays clean:

  • Once you are finished using your toy, take it apart and wash in cold water to make sure it’s clean and all the lube is removed. After that, leave it to dry before assembling. It is better to use a special stand designed for this purpose to help your toy retain its shape.
  • When your toy is completely dry, powder it with cornstarch or special Renewing Powder to make sure it doesn’t become sticky.
  • After 5 uses you need to clean your sex toy with isopropyl alcohol to eliminate any bacteria. Another option is to purchase a cleaning product for sex toys, such as Fleshlight Wash.

Tricks and Tips for Using

Tip #1

If you have children or guests coming over, it may not be enough to just hide your anal Fleshlight in your bedside drawer at home. Besides locking your toy up somewhere in your room, some of the creative places in which you can keep it include:

  • Duct taping it under your furniture, such as your bed.
  • Keeping it in a box where you store items that are not used regularly.
  • Keeping it in your laundry basket or a gym bag under dirty clothes.
  • Placing it in one of your boots if the size allows.

Tip #2

If you want to save some money, you should know that there is no real need to invest in renewing powder by Fleshlight – it is just plain cornstarch.

Tip #3

As it was mentioned, applying cornstarch is important but it can also be extremely messy. To make sure that this powder doesn’t get all over your room, you can use such tricks:

  • Take a thin sock and make it shorter by cutting off the part that goes on your ankle.
  • Put several spoons of cornstarch inside and secure this ball with a band on top.
  • Use this sock to pat the cornstarch into the sleeve.


Fleshlight is undoubtedly the best and most popular masturbator for men. Numerous designs of sleeves offer you a lot of variety so you can select the options that will deliver the most pleasure. Regardless of your size, age, or sexual orientation, you can purchase an anal Fleshlight that is more than likely to satisfy you.

Besides helping you achieve orgasms, this type of a toy can be useful when dealing with premature ejaculation or death grip syndrome. What is also great is that you can use it on your own or with your partner to spice things up and try something new. For instance, your partner can stimulate your testicles while using a Fleshlight on your shaft.

Just order an excellent anal sleeve from Fleshlight and you will not regret this decision.