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We, Mike and Jane Hatch, are a married couple who have been together for almost 3 years. My husband and I carefully research the market of toys for adults. Our aim was and still is to create useful lists of the best products we have already bought and are going to buy.

We hope that such articles will be useful for those who want to experience incredible sexual pleasure and do not know how to make the right choice.

Jane Hatch



Co-Founder & Editor
Jane Hatch is passionate about supporting women and couples in healing the blocks getting in the way of them and their full sexual expression. She is a strong believer that once one is able to embrace their sexuality fully, everything else in life becomes easier to handle. Jane also feels that training programs that complement your lifestyle will improve your quality of life.

Mike Hatch


Editor in Chief & Website Administrator
Mike Hatch is a blogger, product reviewer, and a freelance writer with 6 years of diverse experience. He also has a lot of experience with web hosting industry such as website administration and development from front-end to back-end.

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