While Victoria’s Secret designers are working on new panty models, we would like to suggest something completely cool which you might never heard of. We are pretty sure you’ve got a whole collection of various models and types from thongs to classic briefs, and thus we would like to present the vibrating panties – to please yourself whenever and wherever you want, with or without a partner.

They consist of panties and a vibrator that goes into a panty pocket to massage your clit. Not going to lie – the massaging effect gives is thrilling. Just consider all the films like the moment from the Ugly Truth with vibropanties. There is probably no woman who can hold herself from moaning with sensations brought by the pleasuring buzzes and pulsations.

We chose 20 best vibrating toys with various functions and speeds. The ranking includes the newest and most loved models. Each vibrator model features a smooth coating, usually, medical-grade silicon to ensure safety for your skin. They combine everything you can require – great quality, fascinating design and easy use.

Last Updated: Jane Several positions in our list have been changed to reflect the latest developments. The best model is Fifty Shades Freed. It is an ultimate bestseller purchased by many women and men who want to get new sexual experience. The second on the list is Lovense Lush, which will prove that distance is not a problem and you will get the same orgasm like with your partner. And the third place goes to Lovehoney Seduce Me – it is very technologically advanced model that is extremely sensitive to sounds, it will give you amazing erotic emotions.

In this review:

Top 20 Vibrating Panties Designs to Choose

Each vibrating panties model was created to stimulate your vaginal muscles on the inner or outer sides of your vagina. Some can provide dual stimulation. Vibes come with lacy panties, some care products for you to try, instructions and either batteries or a USB charger.

Our list has vibrating panties in various price categories, the best ones are around 90$ per item, which is sort of expensive, but undoubtedly worth it. However, don’t let that cost to put you down: as you will go on reading, you’ll find cheaper ones. On the other hand, cheaper does not equal worse it this case, as all the items were carefully handpicked for the list. These sex toys will enhance your sexual excitement and double your orgasms!

1. Fifty Shades Freed – a Hollywood Satisfaction Level

This ultimate vibrating panties bestseller will instantly turn your sexual life into a well-known fifty shades romance. Fifty Shades Freed will transfer you right to Christian Grey’s notorious red room of craziness; you will not want to leave it. Take your sensations onto the wild side with your partner by bringing in this amazing model and letting them control stimulations. Trust us, these vibrating panties are worth every dollar!

Freed vibrating panties

Check Price on LoveHoney.com

(more photos are available)

The package will deliver the vibrating panties in a discrete luxury package. Inside you will find a powerful remote control with a range of around eight meters that will give you plenty of room for experiments. But what makes it so good is a clitoral suction function which replicates actual sucking during cunnilingus. The toy covers a significant area to activate all your sensitive spots.

Imagine how wet you can get while being teased by a powerful motor with 8 modes and 12 speeds for a customized stimulation. You can play with either low or high pressure stimulations, depending on what you like. Among many standard vibration patterns, these panties offer some unusual ones like waving or bouncing pulsations.

Take control of your orgasms or let your partner do it for you during foreplay. Also note the waterproof super smooth velvety silicone which you can safely play with even in water. Fifty Shades Freed is definitely the one to take you to the next level of pleasure.

Fifty Shades is about:

  • one year of warranty
  • silky texture
  • 10×1 cm length
  • USB charge
  • whisper-quiet vibrator
  • will be your favorite

2. Lovense Lush 2 – Wow Effect During Masturbation

If you are away from your lover or having a long-distance relationship, there is a high-tech solution for giving her pleasure. Lovense Lush is a modern vibrator, which is eagerly purchased by couples. Moreover, this is the first vibrator to work in conjunction with common high-tech devices. Once synced with other devices via the Internet, the distance won’t restrict you from satisfying your partner.

Lovense Lush 2

Check Price on Lovense.com

(more photos are available)

It looks very attractive with a motor imbedded in an egg. A pink hook with a round end will create a massaging effect which will be as intensive as you wish. The vibrator stimulates both the clitoris and the G-spot to give you extraordinary orgasms. It is easy to manage: you can switch it on and off even when it is inside your pussy. It has a USB charger with a battery enough for up to three hours of relentless pleasure after one a single charging.

As we have mentioned before, the vibrator supports Bluetooth and other iOS or Android devices. The most incredible thing which makes lovers enjoy this sex toy is the app that controls the vibrator. You can draw a pattern of any intensity in the app, and the vibe will repeat it. It can also react to sounds or share the patterns with other people. How exciting!

The texture will not bring any discomfort once you insert it; the pressure it will simultaneously give to two of your most tender spots will only increase the speed of your climax. Despite its size, you will barely notice its presence in your panties, which will allow a truly exciting experience in public places!

Lovense Lush features:

  • telecontrol
  • dual stimulation
  • supports your devices
  • perfect for couples

3. Lovehoney Seduce Me – Feel the Wonderful Finish

This type of model is for those who prefer more fancy lingerie than just simple thongs to feel more sexy. It has a fantastic quality suspender belt and a wireless rechargeable remote control for the vibe. The manufacturer used a velvety texture to get a maximum pleasure during the friction. Sounds yummy!

Lovehoney Seduce Me

Check Price on LoveHoney.com

(more photos are available)

The toy size obviously is universal and there’s no doubt you can fit it inside of any panties with a pocket you have. It has an oblong cylinder shape and sometimes can roll from one side to another to stimulate your clit from all possible angles. However, loud vibrations can be an issue in case you are planning a session in public. It has 10 different patterns and 6 speeds for you to play with.

Having this kind of stimulation variety actually allows you to find out what you are more into and what your partner should do during the intercourse to help you reach an orgasm. This Seduce Me vibe is highly recommended by many customers.

Seduce me features:

  • customer’s choice
  • sexy lingerie
  • many vibration levels
  • suspender belt

4. Lelo Lyla 2

This Lelo Lyla 2 vibrator meets all the important criteria of a sex toy because of the velvet-like texture of the bullet, its compact size and its nice color. A long range will let your hands remain free, while you are receiving fantastic pleasure! Still, the best part about this particular model, which totally differentiates it from the others, is a remote control.

Lelo Lyla 2

Check Price on Lelo.com

(more photos are available)

Anything you or your partner will do with the remote control will be reflected on the bullet. The remote vibrates together with the bullet which may bring some extra pleasure into the game. Shaking or circulating it will change the intensity of the pulsations. The toy covers a wide stimulation area and has various modes which can start off with a soft intensity up to a medium-high one.

Incredible sensations will increase during the penetration and the blood supply to the nerve endings will intensify, resulting in an increased ability to experience orgasms. It is perfect for women who struggle to reach the climax.

Lelo Lyla 2 is about:

  • soft vibrations
  • sensitive remote control
  • one fits many

5. Love Rider

Love Rider is made for girls who would like to have some privacy while pleasuring themselves, since this vibrator’s motor is super quiet and discrete. The currently available colors are pink, violet or black. It has a soft vibrating bulb which is sewed into the panty that reminds of a penis and is super easy to insert into the vagina if you apply some lubricant.

Love Rider

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(more photos are available)

Compared to others, it is a much simpler ergonomic innovative design that can either be inserted into the vagina or be used for clit stimulation. The drawback of this can be the fact that some do not like having a dildo in for too long, which actually makes sense to most women. You can play with it on a date night or enhance any special occasion to create some extra tension around. It is often sold out, so hurry up to order it!

Love Rider is about:

  • no movement during the session
  • using it in the water
  • silent vibrations

6. Lovehoney Hot Date

This one is all about the thong, but nothing like you see in other stores. A hot pink bow that can be adjusted to any size mixed with black lace at the front – extraordinary panties for special customers. However, it is necessary to note that these vibrating panties are just like the Lovehoney Seduce Me model and have the same price.

Hot Date Thong

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(more photos are available)

Do not worry about the functions, they stayed the same as well – 10 patterns and 6 speed variations for your sessions. It’s just the question of what you prefer more – a wild pink thong or a suspender belt. In fact this particular type allows more freedom as it has fewer straps that might be uncomfortable while walking, but still remains sexy with that extraordinary design. The choice is up to you.

Lovehoney Hot Date will provide:

  • beautiful bow
  • two colors
  • less straps
  • one size

7. Venus Butterfly

Another twin of a famous violet butterfly can brilliantly fit into your collection. An amazing pink silicone butterfly with a transparent glittery shell. You may ask how does this product benefit you. Well, Lovehoney offers to get this product for a much lower price and with a remote control.

Wireless Venus Butterfly by Lovehoney

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(more photos are available)

If that doesn’t convince you to purchase it, then take a look at a ridged surface of this magical toy. Now it has wider pink adaptable wings to give your labia some extra incitement. The straps can be fixed with a button hidden on the inner side to prevent the steel from touching your skin. You can tantalize your senses with 10 superb intensity options including 3 rate modes and 7 patterns.

Venus Butterfly by Lovehoney will provide:

  • realistic sensations
  • best budget item
  • highly demanded among lesbians
  • totally discreet

8. Ohmibod Club Vibe 2. Oh!

If you got used to receiving pleasure from listening to music or clubbing, why not get a pulsed stimulation on your pussy in sync with the music you like? With an award winning discreet wearable music vibrator panties you will get unforgettable sensations!

Ohmibod Club Vibe 2. Oh!

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(more photos are available)

Inside of a luxury storage bag it has a wireless remote control with a special microphone to sync the music waves with clitoris vibrations. It may sound complex, but you will easily get used to it. The vibe is super sensitive to the environment that you are surrounded by and it brings even more fun if switched in public! You will be satisfied by both Ohmibod vibrating panties and your favorite music at the same time! Become the queen of the dance floor with your orgasming moves.

The toy features pink silicone on the top and black on the rest of its surface; the smooth material helps it to easily slide into your panties. You can either choose a club or manual mode; and unlike other vibrators, once inserted in a panty pocket, it will never move away from the spot where you left it! The manual mode lets you experience all standard patterns, as well as to customize them, which makes it way better than an ordinary panties vibrator.

Its uniquely designed bump on one end will increase intensity of vibrations and won’t disturb you when walking or sitting, so you can use it anywhere. Don’t worry about the noise it makes once switched on: Ohmibod is made in a way that no one will notice you wearing it, and it also comes with a one size lace panties.

Ohmibod Club Vibe 2 provides:

  • pulses to music rhythms
  • waterproof material
  • 5 various modes
  • ergonomic shape

9. Vibrating Panty

These hot pink lace panties have a super light silicon vibrator and a plastic wireless remote control.

Eve’s 12-function vibe was designed to replicate natural vagina curves to prevent any discomfort during the usage. The panties are quite elastic and also adjustable, thus they will surely fit you. You simply can’t go wrong with this model.

Eve's Rechargeable Vibrating Panty

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(more photos are available)

As its unique design flexes with your movement, you can turn your fantasies into reality. Eve’s vibe is actually really small and super intense, it gives you just the right amount of pressure to cum in seconds. Although it is very comfortable to wear pretty much anywhere you want, because of its size it can fit in any thong you wearing and no one will notice. The product also comes with a five year warranty so it is just worth getting it.

Eve’s vibrating panty is about:

  • 5 year warranty
  • tiny size
  • extreme intensity
  • realistic curves

10. Black Lace Thong

These vibrating panties will look super sexy on you, especially with the bows on the sides, which you can adjust to your size. This lacy underwear will give your look a sense of innocence. The vibe itself has a silky velvety texture, which feels so smooth when it touches your skin.

Desire Luxury Rechargeable Remote Control Panty Vibrator

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(more photos are available)

This piece of underwear has a major plus because both the remote control and the vibrator are covered with a thick layer of silicone that reliably protects the electronics from water. Because all the details (apart from the panty) are waterproof, it is the best vibrator to play in water. Twelve powerful functions with eight modes can deliver very deep and rumbling orgasms. Buy it if you are feeling cheeky, but keep in mind that it is not the top choice for the beginners.

Desire Luxury Vibrating Panty is:

  • waterproof
  • nice texture
  • USB charger
  • travel lock in a package

11. OhMiBod Club Vibe

Enjoying OhMiBod devices so far? You never knew they could get even better. The third mode was added to a brand new version and now you can try to club, groove and tease on your clitoris with just one device!

OhMiBod Club Vibe 3.OH Panty

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(more photos are available)

It has a microphone that reacts to the surrounding sounds and like in the previous version you can select five pulsation patterns in the groove mode. But the tease is a huge turn on: the longer you press the button, the more desirable the climax will be. The vibrating panty also received some shape modifications. Now it comes in a lighter and more compact design. For the desert, the company prepared a super silent stimulation mode, so you can become wet in absolutely discreet way.

OhMiBod Club Vibe 3 features:

  • Privacy Pouch
  • remote control
  • great for going out

12. 10 Functions Fantasy Panty

We would highly recommend this product for those who prefer classics. The panties are made of vinyl, which will make you look like a sexy latex doll. There is a hole inside the outer part of the thongs where you should insert the vibrating egg. The plug on the inner side is covered with pleasure nubs to give even more stimulation.

10 Functions Remote Control Vibrating Panty

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(more photos are available)

The toy has a remote with a significant range, so your partner can safely move around the room. The vibe itself will give you 10 nothing-like-you-felt-before sensations with patterns that tend to either go fast or slow, so you gotta play with it to find out which are best for your pussy. Also, when you open the box, you will find a free sleeping mask to add some bdsm element to the game.

Just set up the whole thing once and enjoy it for as much as you wish to.

10 functions panty is about:

  • includes the batteries
  • use it in the water
  • dual stimulation

13. Little Black Thong

Exclusive design of Little Black Thong will satisfy every woman who cares about her looks. These are thongs with satin ties that will finish a perfect elegant look under your little black dress. Don’t be afraid to stroll down the street with the bullet vibe on. This model is simply impressive – the vibe is barely noticeable as it is no longer than your finger, so tiny!

Little Black Thong

Check Price on Adameve.com

(more photos are available)

Ten exciting vibrations that will bring you a long awaited orgasm will never let you down with deep and shallow thrusts. If you decide to go outside with them, keep in mind that the more powerful the chosen pattern is, the louder it gets. The other plus of this vibe is that it is simple to handle. Control your enjoyment with a simple one button remote control. Coco Chanel would have loved it too.

Little Black Thong features:

  • waterproof plastic
  • long lasting battery
  • one size panties

14. Neon Panty

If you are young and wild or want to feel like that, buy these neon color panties. They are absolutely crotchless and have a special pocket to hold the vibrator near your clitoris so it doesn’t slip. You can totally use them during the intercourse and the panties will stay in their place, you won’t need to hold them. Wearing them can be a bit too much for the public, but why not go for it on crazy parties?

Neon Vibrating Crotchless Panty & Pasties Set

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(more photos are available)

The vibrator is pretty standard and because of the panty shape, it will be right at the tip of your clitoris, just where you want it to be. The disadvantage of these vibrating panties is the vibrator: it is quite average. However, if your clitoris is sensitive, it will push you to achieve the most incredible orgasm. The vibration it gives can be described more like a caress rather than buzzing. Don’t forget that this model won’t press on any spots you don’t want it to.

Vibrating Crotchless panty and pasties set is:

  • absolutely crotchless
  • neon colors
  • best for parties

15. Adrian Lastic

Just by looking at this toy you will understand it’s like something from the other planet. Majority of the female buyers admit that it not only looks like that, but also feels in the same way. The vibe has plenty of patterns to choose from – 10 various modes for amazing and tingling sensations.

Adrian Lastic Mr. Hook Extra Quiet Panty Vibrator

Check Price on Lovehoney.com

(more photos are available)

It comes in a form of a hook that underwent some art procedures and was released as an ultimate orgasmic tool for women. Because of the oval-shaped end, it fabulously sits just where you need. It doesn’t have any issues, but some women consider this model too weird and complicated.

But that just doesn’t count when you realize that Mr. Hook has two motors, which means that it is twice as quiet as ordinary vibropanties. Moreover, what differentiates this one is mutual stimulation that you get during the session, as the pressure level is even on both the spots. This vibrator will show you new horizons in sex, buy it and explore truly extraterrestrial orgasms.

Adrian Lastic Mr. Hook is about:

  • stylish harness
  • USB rechargeable
  • splendid orgasms
  • incredibly quiet vibrations

16. Remote Control 20 Functions

Women who never felt or struggled with reaching the climax, this is the vibrator you should get. It is truly worth buying in your case. The manufacturer considered all possible rhythms of pulsations that can get a woman to orgasm and came up with 20 exquisite patterns, which makes it the most functional vibrator on our list. The hot leopard thongs are included with the vibe.

Remote Control 20 Functions

Check Price on Lovehoney.com

(more photos are available)

No wonder why women scream when the toy is turned on in their panties. It will bring lots of pleasure making your partner wet with this sexy discrete toy. Noting can spice it up like having a remote control, pointing at your partner and pushing the button somewhere in a restaurant. The power for something so small is great enough to make you squirt!

20 functions will provide:

  • loads of modes
  • great variations
  • a huge turn on

17. LoveHoney Tie-Side Vibrating Panties

The amazing Hot Date Thong is very popular among young women who love to experiment. Another way to entertain yourself is floral lace thongs with pink satin straps. Discover new surprising sensations with this ergonomic vibrator that stimulates the most sensitive spots of your erogenous zones.

Lovehoney Hot Date

Check Price on Lovehoney.com

(more photos are available)

You will be able to customize 10 vibrating modes to give your clitoris a powerful pulse, just how you prefer it. The model itself is very similar to the Seduce Me model. The only disadvantage of this model is similarity to other vibrating panties, which makes it less unique. The silicone case will give the vibe some extra sensual touch while you masturbate. It will also prevent any kind of unwanted friction or irritation. Move freely with your Hot Date on!

LoveHoney Tie-Side Vibrating Panties is about:

  • good for sensitive skin
  • 10 vibrations
  • floral lace panties

18. Secret Lace Thong

It’s normal for sex to be noisy and intense. Thus we came to buzzy and high-powered devices. It’s good to have something that small to recreate the desire which connects partners during sex. If you can relate, this purchase is just perfect with a pink lace thong that looks like Victoria’s Secret!

Secrets Remote Control 5 Function Vibrating Lace Thong

Check Price on Lovehoney.com

(more photos are available)

The vibrator is quite standard, but has impressively strong pressure. It features 3 intense speeds and 2 pulsation patterns. The best part of it is the motor, which provides direct stimulation with its angles that you can push inside if you like pinpoint and rough clitoral stimulation. To explore how far the energy of the toy goes, you should really try it yourself. Unfortunately, these vibrating panties do not have as many functions as they could. However, even these few vibrations will put you through various dimensions of joy at a relatively small cost.

Secret Lace Thong will provide:

  • sexy thong
  • super powerful
  • easy to use

19. Entice Juliette

This panty teaser got its name for a reason. It has a selection of 7 different speeds for you and all of them are pretty intense. In some way it is similar to Fifty Shades Freed due to exquisite stimulation and attention to detail. Seriously, just take a look at it – a remote with an LED? This device with its high-quality silicone definitely has some luxurious note in it.

Entice Juliette Remote Control Panty Teaser

Check Price on Amazon.com

(more photos are available)

This vibe actually lasts longer than any other and can suit either those who like long sessions or those who just hate charging their devices all the time. You won’t need a manual to figure things out as this vibe is very straightforward to use. It will be a great choice if you want to spice things up in bed. It can also be a great gift for a lady. I mean, why not?

Entice Juliette features:

  • great gift
  • average price
  • long lasting battery
  • expensive look

20. My Secret Screaming

Feel the rush of excitement with this amazing set of a tiny vibe that looks like a trinket, stylish black ring and pink lacy panties! The panties come in different colors and have to be tied up on the side. This sexy set will leave you begging to be untied as soon as you’ll turn the toy on.

My Secret Screaming O Vibrating Panty Set

Check Price on Adameve.com

(more photos are available)

There is a whole room of imagination for you with this ring as everyone will see, but no one will find out about your little secret. You can chose from many levels of intensity and escalations by simply pressing the ring button. The only drawback is that if you lose the ring, you will not be able to play with the vibrating pantries anymore. There is a range of 10 delicious vibrations that will massage your clit as much as you like. The longer you play with it, the more powerful rumbling orgasms you’ll get in return.

My Secret Screaming O features:

  • extraordinary remote control
  • pink or red panty
  • stretches to your size

Additional Information on Vibrating Panties

First things first: before you purchase any sex toy, you have to consider a list of things. These are size, speeds, levels of stimulation and so on. If you don’t, you might be disappointed with the delivered product and will regret wasting your time and money. Your decision should be based on the result you want to get from the toy. So we recommend reading our buying guide to better grasp the idea of what you might like. Then just choose from our Top-25 amazing vibrators.

Why should you try it

The vibrator can be extremely helpful for any woman to explore her body and increase the frequency of her orgasms. Can’t reach that desirable climax at the end of the intercourse? No problem, find your level of intensity by trying some of the best vibes and apply the selected device to the most sensitive spot on your clitoris and voila!

Masturbate how you want

The most comfortable way of controlling your orgasms is by using the remote. Of course, not everyone can afford to spend money on expensive high-tech vibrators, but you’ll surely find great options that fit into your budget.

You will not have to use your hands all the time, just when you switch the device on and off. If you are lucky enough to buy the one with a long-range remote or a toy with internet/Bluetooth access, you can pass the control to your partner. Be aware that the vibrators are waterproof, but not all the remotes can boast this feature.

How to choose one in a million

Our team has researched many reliable sources to outline the best devices for your sessions. The article is also based on customer reviews which helped us to understand which vibrators are most satisfying. We simply crossed out the vibes that were criticized by many.

Let’s talk about the size

As you have read before, there are many sizes that either stay on the surface near your clitoris, or the ones that go inside for giving a G-spot stimulation. The size matters because the smaller ones are more discrete in terms of traveling or hiding in your purse or pockets. However, the larger ones bring another type of orgasms to the game. If you are considering a vibrator solely for home use, grab a larger one.

How to turn off vibrating panties

In case you want to switch the vibrator off, you will either have to physically take it out to press or turn the control switch. When it comes to remote controls, it’s super simple – just press the button. We would recommend reading how to handle the remote before trying it out.

Charging your panties

How long your vibrator will last depends purely on its battery type. The first type of vibes is rechargeable and includes a USB port. One charge will fully cover approximately one or two sessions (from one to two hours of a non-stop work). It has its benefits as once it starts to run out of energy, the display will notify about it, so you won’t have to run to the closest shop to get some batteries. They are probably best for women who playing with themselves often.

The other type of vibes require disposable batteries. The good thing is that usually they come in package and will last for a significant amount of time without any recharging needed. But once they run out, there’s nothing you can do. You have to keep some spare batteries for such situations. If you are more into rare sessions, that’s your type.

Wireless control

To use or not to use: that is the question. Don’t get me wrong, the vibrators without the remote are also great! The remote just makes your session much easier to control. There are plenty of remotes as you’ve previously seen.

You can choose some conspiracy remotes like the ring-shaped one, but to be honest – pretty much all of them look like a computer mouse. They also differ by range. It does matter if the partners want to move around during the foreplay, but if you have solo sessions, distance shouldn’t bother you.

Each remote comes with a manual, but if you like to get straight to the point – buy ones that have just one or two buttons so you don’t get confused. The advanced devices offer many buttons for exclusive pleasures, and you’d better read the manual to avoid missing something important.

Where can you use them

Literally anywhere! Turn on your imagination, there’s nothing that can stop you. All the panties are discreet and can’t be seen as you move or sit. The only issue is that they will make you super wet.

That’s just a sexy fact which you have to keep in mind when going on a date or to the cinema. Be aware that some vibrators from the list do make audible noise, so if you are going out, choose the most silent one to avoid awkward situations. Outside or inside the house – just put them on!

Hiding the panties

No one can tell the difference between normal and vibrating panties just by looking at them. If you really care about your little secret – buy a small vibrator and put it in a safe place or keep it in your purse. Trust us, no one will dare to rummage in a woman’s purse.

Cleaning your toy

You should know that hygiene is crucial for any sex toy. Taking good care of the vibe will make it serve you longer. Cleaning vibrators is necessary and doesn’t take too long. All you have to do is to wash the vibe under the water jet and apply some cleaning spray that you can order online.

Don’t use soap, as it can damage the top coating. To dry the vibrator, wipe it up with a soft towel. Usually your sex toy comes with two liquids and a powder for special cleaning purposes. Wash your panties in a normal washing machine (don’t forget to take out all the electronic devices first).

Make your own panty toy

If specialized toys do not fit into your budget, there are plenty of cheap vibes out there which you can put into your panties for a massage. Almost every panties have a pocket inside. They are a bit different, but still can fit a tiny vibrator.

How to warm up the vibe

A warm toy will bring way more pleasure than a cold one. All vibrators from our list are 100% waterproof, so to heat up the vibe, simply put it under a hot water and wipe it before use.

Try to base your choice on your previous experience, on your preferences in bed. If you are struggling with this question, ask your partner to help. Vibrating panties can connect you even more as a couple, both of you will enjoy the play.

Tips to consider

Vibrating panties are one of the most purchased toys, providing hours of pleasure and lots of interesting opportunities. There are ones that come with vibrators for insertion and ones that don’t. Right now we will give you some ground for reflection, you should have a vision of what it’s like to own this kind of a sex toy.

  • To make your first experience great, make sure you have a fully charged or unused batteries.
  • Make sure that you don’t forget to wash the vibrating part to prevent infection.
  • Try running a vibrator on different parts of your body, such as nipples. Find your erogenous zones.
  • If you are planning to use vibrating panties with a partner, try getting used to it first.
  • Apply some lube to make it wetter and enjoy it even more.


It is also a great gift for your loved ones, they will appreciate your attempt to bright up the sexual life with vibrating panties. She will notice that you care about her getting pleasure in bed. As you now know, there’s such a great variety of products with great quality, so you just can’t make a mistake. Always remember, there is nothing wrong with trying something new. It would be such a sexy move to order a panty vibrator for you or your lover. Never limit your imagination!