About Us

Hi there!

We, Mike and Jane Hatch, are a married couple who have been together for almost 7 years. We like to experiment and get new sexual experiences. For this reason, we try different erotic products and toys for adults. My wife and I carefully research the market of such goods and choose only the best and high-quality goods that will allow us not only to diversify our intimate life, but also to experience new types of pleasure.

The first two years were the most passionate in our married life, but then we came to the conclusion that sex could be more incredible, diverse and amazing. The desire to feel something new and unexplored rose every day; we tried different positions and techniques, but decided to focus on intimate products.

We searched various online stores and online platforms that offer products for adults. We read reviews, descriptions, studied the ratings and researched the materials used to make the toys. Our aim was and still is to create useful lists of the best products we have already bought and are going to buy.

We hope that such articles will be useful for those who want to experience incredible sexual pleasure and do not know how to make the right choice. Each product in our top is made by reliable companies that offer customers maximum satisfaction in various forms.

If you are bored and the usual sex does not give the former pleasure with and mind-blowing orgasms, please do get upset. Intimate products can stimulate your erogenous zones and be a great solution for a wonderful finale. Such toys can be used together or only by one partner.

I have a lot of male masturbators and I can say for sure that this is a unique sexual experience. My wife also uses her intimate product set, and we also enjoy using these things together. This is very exciting!

We make each rating based on our personal experience and our personal feelings. Every item has unique advantages, but I cannot say that pleasure is the same with all of them. For us, every product is a wonderful guide to the world of erotic fantasies.